Grace Amah Biography, Net Worth, Career, Age, Family & Awards

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Grace Amah Biography and et Worth
Grace Amah Biography

Grace Amah Biography

Beautiful Nigerian actress, Grace Amah is an indigen of Ebunwana-Etta, a small town in Ebonyi State. She was born on the 23rd of February 1986 in Lagos State, Nigeria. Grace Amah got her first role at the age of 13 in the 1999movie “Chain Reaction”. Since then, she has gained massive recognition in both films and television shows.

Profile Information

Basic Info

Profile Details
Full Name: Grace Amah
Age: 34 Years
Nationality: Nigerian
Place of Birth: Lagos
Education: University of Lagos
State/Region: Ebonyi State
Marital Status: Divorce
Spouse: Simeon Okoro
Net Worth: $120k
Profession: Actress, Model, and TV Personality

Aside from being featured in over 160 Nollywood movies, Grace was also a cast member of a popular television series that ran on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) from 2002 to 2003. Grace Amah Came to the limelight when she was featured in Teco Benson’s Blockbuster Movie Titled “Elastic limit” and her role in the Nigerian TV series “Super Story (one bad apple)”.

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Grace Amah is currently a single mother of one (A Boy). She published pictures of her kid at some point in 2014 and announced that she was expecting a boy. In her own words, she said:

If I am a single mother, I have not breached any law. For now, I am happy with my son and comfortable

Background Information

Grace Amah hails from Ebunwana-Etta, a small village in Ebonyi state in the southeastern part of Nigeria, although she was born and raised in Lagos.

Movie Career

Grace Amah began her acting career when she was thirteen years old in 1999 when she appeared in the film “Chains Reaction,” produced by Louis Isikaku. She is very attractive, flexible, imaginative, and adaptable.

Popular Movies Producers and Directors have confirmed Grace Amah’s versatility in role-playing. She’s a professional in both action and romantic roles and often collaborates with other professional actors and actresses.

She first gained international attention for her appearance in the Nigerian blockbuster film “Elastic Limit,” which was produced and directed by Teco Benson. She also appeared in the Nigerian famous television series “Super Story (one Bad Apple).”

Grace Amah hasn’t appeared in movies for some time now. It is not surprising that she took a break from acting after becoming a mother, considering the challenge of combining family and work at the same time.

Several honors and nominations have been bestowed upon her for her acting abilities; she has appeared in more than 150 Nollywood films to date.

Educational Background

Her elementary and secondary schooling was done in Lagos, Nigeria. The elementary school she attended in Yaba, Lagos, was the Yaba model primary school, where she received her first school certificate.

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After that, she attended Stadium High School in Surulere, Lagos State, where she received her West African Senior Secondary Certificate. There, she earned a bachelor’s degree in art and design from Lagos State University.

Grace Amah’s net worth

Grace Amah’s net worth is estimated at $120,000. She is a very popular actress, who gets paid a lot of money to feature in movies.

As Grace Amah is so talented, she gets a lot of movie roles. She is also a model and a TV personality.

Movies, Nominations, and Awards

Grace has gotten a lot of nominations and awards for her movie roles in the industry :

Most promising actress in Nigeria at the Africa movie academy awards.

Over 150 movies have been credited to her name, some of Grace Amah’s movies are:

  1. Gangster
  2. Paradise
  3. Society Lady
  4. Atlanta series
  5. Super story (one bad apple)
  6. Elastic limit
  7. Chains
  8. Last wedding
  9. Day of Atonement
  10. and more…