A Demon’s Bride (Synopsis)[Completed]


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Written by Authoress Passion.

** Story Synopsis **

“No, I can’t do it” She said and sat on the ground with an angry expression.

The man said nothing, he took his golden cup which had diamonds around it and drank from it.

He raised two fingers up into the air and swiped them to the right, she stood up then her blouse fell.

She covered her breast, he swiped his fingers to the left and her bra fell.

The other men in the room laughed and stared at her with lust, she cried and covered her naked breasts.

He later swiped his fingers to the right and her pants fell off and she covered her lower area.

He dropped the cup on the table and stared at her with so much coldness he could freeze the sun.

“You have two options, one, get on the pole and please my companions or I’ll let each man have your body for half an hour each” He said and licked his lips.

She stared at him and cried bitterly, what did she do to deserve such treatment?

“Your time is running out Red Velvet, and so is my patience” He said with a charming smile.

She shaked uncontrollably as she stared at the man wearing a neat tailored suit which curved around his body perfectly.

Years ago there was a woman named Emerald Velvet, a spell caster, she was the most beautiful woman back in her time.

Then a day came when Lucifer and a few of his strongest demons decided to go on earth and cause chaos for all living beings.

Fortunately Emerald and her squad fought them until her and Lucifer’s right hand man was left.

She had only one spell left but it couldn’t work on Lucifer, so she casted it on his second in command.

A big mirror appeared and an invisible hand pulled in Satan’s second in command.

Lucifer who sees him as a brother tried pulling him out but it was too late, he turned to face Emerald but unfortunately she had vanished.

** Fast Forward **

The moment she set eyes on her new house she felt drawn to it as if it was calling her name.

The house was inexplicably beautiful, she walked in immediately.

Few days passed and she decided to search through the house, she went down to the basement and looked through the dusty boxes.

Then she found a mirror, the most beautiful mirror she’s ever seen.

The mirror was almost twice her size and the edges were gold, it was such a work of art.

She called a neighbor to help her put the mirror in her room, that night she fell asleep staring at it.

** Fast Forward **

She was walking on the road one day when she saw that a house in her neighborhood had burnt down.

She went to the scene and looked around, she saw an old woman being carried out.

Before the woman was put into the ambulance she grabbed Red’s hand and looked at her.

“The mirror…. Stay away from the mirror….” The old woman said and coughed.

Red stared at the woman wondering what she was talking about.

“Leave the house…. Don’t touch the mirror Red… He’s going to hurt you…” The woman said and tears left her eyes.

“Who’s going to hurt me, what’s his name tell me?” Red asked desperately.

The woman squeezed her hand tighter and pulled her closer.

“Red…. He’s there… He’s there, don’t touch the mirror…. Stay away from it. Leave,the,house” The woman said with her last breath.

Everyone stared in shock, the old woman used her last breath to warn the girl whom she’s never met before about the house she lives in, why would she do that?

But… By the time Red found out what the woman meant……


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A Demon’s Bride Episode 1

Today, marks exactly 100 years he’s been trapped inside the mirror, he groaned loudly and hit the walls.

A deep gutteral growl left his throat as he paced around the room from left to right.

He was imprisoned inside this mirror 100 years ago today, He’s never seen the outside world since.

Now, when a demon has been on earth/another realm basically far away from its natural habitat for 100 years plus.

You automatically can’t go back to your quarts so yeah he’s now stuck on earth for the rest of his life.

He slashed the wall with his elongated tail and sat on a chair, he got back up feeling restless.

“One… Hundred… Years….” He said, his eyes turned fully black with anger burning inside his body.

“We’ll be released soon……” One of his two demons whispered to him and he froze.

“There’s a way to leave here” The second whispered to him, he sat down and went into deep thought.

“What exactly are you two speaking of?” He asked, his voice was bone chilling.

“The house…… We need to sell the house…” The demon whispered and he growled at it.

“How do I do that?” The man asked and his demon chuckled in a pretty scary way.

“The woman, Miss Irene who always comes here…. Try calling her” The demon said and the man snarled at it.

“We can’t leave… But there are ways to do things, such as making people do it for you… Call her” The demon said again.

He groaned and closed his eyes, and enchanting sound came from his lips… The sound looked like yellow smoke.

The smoke managed to pass through the mirror, the smoke slithered around until it found the woman and went inside her.

She stood up off her seat and went to the house, she opened the door and made her way into the dusty basement.

She saw the mirror, it was covered with a big dusty curtain and was wrapped in chains.

She fell to her knees and bowed to the man at the other side, he smiled sweetly and spoke.

“Now what should I do?” He asked his demon.

“There’s a girl…. She’s the last living Velvet, Red Velvet is her name…. You must lure her here” His demon said.

“Irene…… I have a job for you….” He spoke to the woman, she smiled as she listened to his sweet voice.

Miss Irene is a woman who sells houses, people always buy her houses cause they are clean and amazing.

This house is also hers but for some reason she thought it didn’t look good enough to be sold, this house has been here for around 20 years now.

The mirror however, that mirror has been all over the place, no one knows it was here and no one knows how it got there.

Irene nodded her head and went to clean the place so it would be more appealing to people’s eyes.

She went outside when she was done and some beautiful pictures of it.

Then she posted it up on line with the description “House For Sale”.

Then he and and his demons laughed as they awaited there victim or shall I say…. Bride.

At Home

“Red! Can you pass me the flower?” Miss Velvet yelled from inside the kitchen.

Her daughter sprinted off the couch and ran inside, she rapidly took the flour from the cupboard and gave it to her mother.

“Thanks dear and what are you doing?” Miss Velvet asked when she noticed her daughter reading a book.

“I’m trying to master a shape shifting spell” Red said and began reading the centuries year old book.

“Red… Go put the book down you’ve just graduated from college why are focusing on these things?” Her mother asked.

“I know mom, I have a job already I just need to but a house now” Red whined like a child.

“Dear your 24 years old when you stop acting childish and start acting like a woman?” Her mother asked and faced the bowl.

“Mom I do act like a grown woman” She said with an eye roll.

“No you act like a lady teenager, whenever your at hime instead of helping you either spell books all day or you just eat and sleep” her mother said and she gasped.

“That’s very disrespectful mommy” She said and hip bumped her mother.

Miss Velvet threw flour in her face and she ran off while her mother laughed wholeheartedly.

Let’s get introduced to our main character, her name is Red Velvet and she’s the last of the Velvet’s.

Her father passed away ten years ago and since then she’s been living with her mother.

Her parents were actually married, her mother isn’t a member of the Velvet clan but her father was.

When Red was born she had beautiful red hair, just like her great grandmother’s hair.

Her eyes we’re also deep blue and in other words she was extremely beautiful.

So because of her hair color they decided to name her Red, just like Red Velvet.

Inside The Room

She entered inside of her room while chuckling to herself, then her happy expression faded when she thought about the fact that she’s 24 and doesn’t have a house.

She went to the bathroom and washed off her face then dried it, she sat on her bed not knowing what to do.

Then she took up her phone and began scrolling, then she cane across something.

It was someone selling a house at a cheap price, only $300, she smiled and scrolled through the pictures.

It was such a beautiful and elegant house, how can someone sell it so cheaply?

She shrieked and dialed the number on her phone, she’s just found her new home.

:telephone_receiver:Hello its the Real Estate Agency Manager speaking​:telephone_receiver: A woman said when the call was received.

:telephone_receiver:Uhh hi, my name is Red Velvet and I’m interested in that 2 floorage house your selling​:telephone_receiver: Red said over the phone.

:telephone_receiver:Red Velvet? Thats an uncommon name, well if you are interested then i’ll send you a form to fill out​:telephone_receiver: The woman said.

:telephone_receiver:Oh ok, i’ll send the money then​:telephone_receiver: Red said and the woman chuckled.

:telephone_receiver:Ok Red Velvet see you soon​:telephone_receiver: With that the phone beeped and the line went dead.

A smile tugged on Red’s lips as she thought about the fact that she’ll have her own house soon.

Unfortunately, her dream house will soon become a house full of Nightmares.

** At Night **

She was eating dinner when her phone beeped, it was a notification.

She checked it and saw that it was the details for the house located in Salem community.

She immediately began typing the necessary things, the real estate manager then send her a message saying she should meet her at the house tomorrow evening.

She smiled and accepted the offer, the woman then sent her a few pictures of the house and just couldn’t stop scrolling.

It was surely breathtaking, she smiled and sent the $300 dollars to the woman and she got a message saying that she got the money.

Smiling she put away her phone and continued to eat, her mother noticed her expression and stared at her.

“Red why are you smiling so much? Who are you talking to?” Her mother asked.

“Mother, I just bought a house” Red said and squealed happily, her mothers stomach suddenly churned.

“Dear… Why did you just go and buy a house do you even know the back story if it?” Her mother asked.

“(Rolls) Mom calm down, you know how long I’ve wanted a house for myself and now I’ve finally found one” she said.

“I know I know, its just that I prefer you being here with me yunno, where your safe from dangerous spirits” Her mother explained.

Red Velvet laughed at her mother then kissed her head.

“Calm down mom, I’m a spell caster and the last living Velvet remember” Red said then went to her room.

Mrs. Velvet took up her phone and searched it, she found the pics if the house.

It was surely beautiful but she help but feel as if she knows the house, or maybe she’s seen it before she doesn’t remember. :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake:


Hmm…. Who’s this mysterious demon and what does he want with our Red Velvet??

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A Demon’s Bride Episode 2

Red’s eyes flying open as the morning sun tickles her face, she groaned and turned to the side.

Then she got off the bed remembering that the real estate woman asked to meet her at her new house’s location.

She squealed happily and dashed into the shower, Lucky for her she’s not working today so she can go meet the woman.

When she got in she took her red toothbrush and squeezed toothpaste on it then began brushing her teeth and tongue.

When she was done brushing her mouth she spit out the paste and washed out everything, she wad left with white teeth a pink tongue and a heart warming smile.

She tooth off stretchy shorts she was wearing, then her bra, then her panty and stepped into the shower.

She turned it on and let the water wash off her body first before grabbing her hair shampoo and conditioner.

She washed her hair thoroughly and inhaled the sweet fragrance, when she was done she rinsed it properly to avoid soap going into her eyes.

Then she grabbed her cherry body wash which is clear ted in color with sprinkles in the mixter.

She poured some onto her neck and let it slowly run down her body parts, she dropped some all over before closing the lid and putting it down.

She picked up her sponge and began scrubbing her body, she scrubbed each part cleanly and carefully.

She took extra precautions for her Vulva because the skin there is very tender, when she was done she let the water wash away all the soap.

When she was done she turned the water off and stepped out with water still dropping off her body.

She took a red towel and began drying her body, then she took another and wrapped it around her hair.

She put her dirty clothing in a near my basket so she can wash them later on then stepped out the bathroom.

She sat down and took up her blow dryer, she unwrapped the towel from her head and began drying it and combing it at the same time.

When she was done her hair was dry and very fluffy as usual, then she moved to her body, after also drying it she took a nice cotton panty and wore it on.

Then she took up a black bra but threw it back down, its a no bra day today, instead she went a took a blouse with short sleeves.

It was greenish blue in color and it was quite sparkly, she put it and obviously her nippled were very much visible.

She huffed and grabbed a red ripped jean pants then put it on as well, the pants hugged her body perfectly.

Then she took a matching greenish blueish shoe and wore it, she also applied some accessories to her body to avoid odor.

She also oiled her hair, combed it out and applied some clear lips gloss, she smiled then took her traveling stuff and head downstairs.

** Kitchen **

As usual Red found her mother in the kitchen making breakfast, her mother smiled the moment she saw her red head daughter.

“And who is this extremely beautiful young lady” Her mother teased and winked.

She laughed loudly and hugged her mother as if she’ll never see her again.

“So, I suppose your going to inspect your new home eh?” Her mother asked and she nodded.

“Mommy you can with me if you want there’s enough space for both of us” Red suggested but Mrs. Velvet shook her head.

“No my darling, you’d a grown woman now you’ll need your own space to do what you please” Her mother replied and she rolled her eyes.

“Ok mom I’ll see you later” She said and kissed her mothers cheek, then she grabbed a basket of Red Velvet cookies and ran out.

“Red! You crazy girl!” Her mother yelled and tried chasing her but Rec had long gone.

Mrs. Velvet chuckled and went back inside, today she has a meeting with the other spell casters.

** On The Street **

As Red walked on the street she ate the cookies, by the time she reached the bus stop the cookies were all done.

She sat by the seat and waited for maybe a cab or bus to come, she really doesn’t want to be late.

While she waited someone suddenly slumped next to her, she turned only to see River her friend.

“Oh my gosh Red… I am stuffed I just had the box McDonald’s burger ever” River exclaimed and rubbed her tummy.

Red covered her face and laughed, her friend loves more than life itself.

“Why are you laughing at me Red? And by the way where the hell are you going lookin’ like that?” River asked as she examined he outfit.

“Ohh, River I’m going to a real estate agency manager, I just bought a house at a cheap price” Red said in excitement.

“Yeaaah but looking like that? No your not young to no frickin real estate crap Red Velvet how dare you get a man without my permission?” River said with a frown.

Red laughed loudly and held her stomach, River’s frown got deeper as Red laughed.

“No river I didn’t get a boyfriend, how about you come with me to see what’s up?” Red suggested.

“And you think I’m letting you go all alone?” River asked and Red chuckled lightly.

“By the way Red, when’s the party keeping?” River asked and Red arched her eye brow in confusion.

“Party? What party are you talking about River?” Red asked and River rolled her eyes.

“Don’t tell me you weren’t planning on keeping a party? You have to keep a party Ref why are you so old schooled!?” River said.

“Pfft old school? I’m not old school I’ll have a big party as soon as I settle in and have a free day off work” Red replied and River hugged her tightly.

Just then the bus stopped and the two ladies hopped on, they paid the bus driver and took there seats next to each other.

** House Premises **

The bus finally stopped after the 40 minute drive which felt like 2 hours, River and Red immediately stepped off.

“Ok so where do we go from now?” River asked as she looked around the strange but quiet neighborhood.

“I have a map on my phone let’s go” Red said and began walking, River shifted her pants and followed closely behind.

The GPS map on her phone took both of them to a small looking house, Ref smiled and walked up to it.

River sat on a chair while Red walked to to the door bell and rang it.

A woman in her late 40’s appeared at the door and glanced at the two girls, she gave them a quizzical look.

“Hi miss, uhh I’m Red Velvet and I’m here for you to show me the house” Red said with a bright smile.

“What are you talking about? I never sold any house to you” The woman said and two girls frowned deeply.

“Yes you did, I’m Red Velvet and you sold me a house for $300 dollars” Red said and the woman shook her head.

“Oh no sweety I never sold you a house for that low price, you must be mistaken” The woman said and the girls began glaring at her.

Red took out her phone and began showing the woman all the things they discussed yesterday.

“Look ma’am, we signed a deal for this house. You sent me the form and I filled it out. I also paid you the $300 you requested lady now show me my house or I’m calling the police” Ref threatened.

The woman looked at the information the girl provided an truly the house was sold to her.

“Hehe I’m sorry for the inconvenience ma’am my name is Irene would you like to come in?” Irene said awkwardly.

“No ma’am, show me my house now” Red demanded, Irene nodded and locked her door then led the girls to the house.

** House Premises **

Red gasped when she saw the house, it was even more beautiful up close.

“Well Red Velvet do you like your new home?” Miss Irene asked and Red nodded in agreement.

“Well its your house you can move in whenever you like, heres the keys” Miss Irene said and gave her the keys.

Meanwhile down in the basement trapped inside the mirror the demon smiled with satisfaction as he listened to there muffled conversation. :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake:

TO BE CONTINUED……. Lord jesus Red don’t go there please do not go there the hot demon is waiting for you girl run​:person_facepalming:t2::female_sign:

A Demon’s Bride Episode 3

After that encounter Miss Irene left the two girls to explore the house which they immediately did.

Red used the key and opened the house, they walked in and was met with an empty place.

River suddenly squealed loudly and Red flinched and faced her, the two girls frowned deeply at each other before River took out her phone.

:telephone_receiver:Cassie girl Red Velvet will be having a party at her new house are you coming?:telephone_receiver: River said and Red widened her eyes.

River was about to continue her conversation when Red grabbed the phone away and hung up the call.

“Velvet what the hell are you doing!!?” River yelled and grabbed her phone away from Ref who looked pissed.

“What’s wrong with you River? You can’t just go ahead and tell people I’m throwing a party” Red said and River rolled her eyes.

“I’m just trying to get lots of people to come here I mean look at the place its beautiful and has so much space” River said dramatically.

“River, I have nothing to start the party as yet and as you said the place is beautiful and spacious but nothing is here” Red gave her a lucid explanation.

“Not only that but we’ll need food, furniture, appliances, drinks and so much more things and i don’t even know when I’ll end up keeping the party” Red said with a sigh.

River stood there and blinked her eyes rapidly, Red is correct there’s nothing here and they haven’t even searched the whole place as yet.

“Yeah your probably, how about we go upstairs?” River suggested and Red smiled brightly.

The two girls walked around the place searching for the stack of stairs before finally finding it.

They smiled impishly before ascending the flight of stares, the place seemed still dusty even though it looks clean.

They landed on the second floor and looked around the place, there was only one hallway which led to a balcony.

A few doors were on either sides of the hall, those are rooms, they continued walking until they were at the end.

They stared at the room’s door in a questionable manner and thought that maybe this is the master bed room.

Red twisted the lock and it opened, the room was also empty but surprisingly there was a small table there.

“This has got to be the biggest bed room” River exclaimed and Red nodded her heard in agreement.

They gave the room a few more glances before stepping out going to explore different parts of the building.

They searched all the other rooms and basically the house has 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms.

Red and River got bored and decided to head back downstairs, they went into the kitchen.

It wasn’t bad either both the girls actually liked it, they looked around for an hour more before leaving.

Red made sure to lock her new houses door before leaving, nothing is there to steal but she still doesn’t want any unwanted guests.

Not known to anyone, there was already an unwanted guest and it seems that he’s the man of the house.

He stays trapped on the other side of the mirror waiting patiently for her to break it so he could be set free and let loose terror know living beings.

** Sometime Later **

The girls went to a fast for restaurant after they left the house.

They ate to there satisfaction before party ways, River went to some party while Red went home to tell her mother about the place.

She was on her way home when suddenly someone shouted her name from afar, she turned to see who’s disturbing her and saw Kyle one of her friends.

“Hey Red Velvet or should i say cake” Kyle teased and she rolled her eyes, Kyle and her friend River are currently dating.

“Com’ on Kyle stop with the nicknames you know I don’t like it” Red said and he laughed.

“Ok ok have you seen my baby River?” He asked and pouted like a kid, Red flicked his forehead.

“Ouch Velvet what was that for?” He asked and rubbed his head, Red pointed her finger at his face and be stared at it.

“Hey! Silly boy don’t act like act like baby around me I know that you and River are freaks” Red said.

Kyle’s face heated up and he smile shyly at Red, she chuckled and patted his shoulder.

“River and I just went to inspect my new house…” Kyle didn’t let her finish cause his excitement took over his body.

“You bought a new house!!” Kyle screamed and Red quickly covered his mouth, a few people were passing and gave the skeptical looks.

Ref just smiled politely at them, when they finally passed she glared at Kyle then took her hand off his mouth.

“What is wrong with you Kyle? You want everyone to know I bought a house?” Red said.

“Sorry Velvet I’m just so excited, aren’t you like going to throw a party?” He asked and she face palmed herself.

“Yes I’m having a party but the house needs to be set up first, I’m moving in tomorrow evening” Red said and Kyle smiled.

“Ok Red just tell me when the party will be keepin’ I’ll definitely go, bye now” Kyle said and gave Red a friendly hug before leaving.

** At Home **

Red walked in and met her mother with around 6 other people sitting, chatting and reading.

“Good evening” she greeted an everyone’s attention landed on her, they all turned smiled brightly.

“Red Velvet, your just as Beautiful as your great grand mother Emerald Velvet” A woman in her 60’s said.

“Come dear come sit with us” A man in his 40’s said, she smiled and took a seat on the couch.

“So Red Velvet, we’ve mastered a new spell today” Red’s mom said and her eyes went with shock.

“Oh gosh really? What spell is it how does it go?” She asked curiously and everyone chuckled.

“Its the Evanesco spell” Her mother said and she tilted her head to the side, she’s never heard of this one before.

“(Chuckles) Its a spell which you can make things disappear” Another and Red smiled brightly.

“Can I see it please?” She begged and her mother smiled, from her hair she pulled out her wooden wond then pointed it at a vase.

She stared at the vase for a few seconds until it disappeared in thin air then re appeared beside Red.

Everyone in the room clapped with satisfaction, Red was so happy that she forgot to tell her mother that she’ll be moving out.

“Oh mom… I went to the house today with River and it’s absolutely beautiful, I’ll be moving out tomorrow” She said and the happy era faded out.

They all exchange questionable glances and Red frowned quite deeply.

“Your… Moving out tomorrow?” One of the spell casters asked and Red smiled happily.

“Well uhh… We can’t stop you and please be careful, and don’t buy unknown mirrors…” Her mother whispered the last word.

“Mirror? What about a mirror?” Red asked and her mother shook her head.

Red shrugged and bid them goodbye then went to her room, they all exchanged worried glances.

“We can’t stop her” Mrs. Velvet said and they nodded.

“Let’s hope to god that she doesn’t find that cursed mirror” A woman said.

“Cause if she does…… We won’t be able to save her…. From him” a man said and a tear slipped from Red’s mothers eye.

“May god protect her from that evil demon, only god could save her” Her mother said and they all nodded in agreement. :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake:

TO BE CONTINUED…… Red drop the goddamn house don’t go there the demon will torture oh lord

A Demon’s Bride Episode 4

“Ok ma’am that’s the last of the boxes” A hefty man said to Red as he dusted off his dirty palms.

“Ok uhh, here’s your money as promised” Red said and took some money from her purse.

He stared at the money skeptical way before clicking his tongue and giving her a warm charming smile.

“Thanks ma’am it was nice doing business with you, good luck with your new house” The man said and walked out.

She waved at the men as they went out, then she sat on a box and smiled.

River and Kyle were just busy eating pizza, she got up and began glaring hard at the two mortals.

“What? What’d we do now?” River asked and Red frowned deeply at her then she sighed.

“Will you two drop the damn food and come help me? I thought you two were here to help?” Red said.

“Ok ok we’re coming” River said and closed the pizza box, Kyle also stood up and moved towards a box.

Finally she had moved into her new house even though her mother isn’t too excited about that place.

She also managed to but a few pieces of furniture for cheap prices to put in the place.

“Red Velvet where’s this supposed to go!?” Kyle yelled as he lifted a colorful vase.

“Put it over there on the table!” She yelled back, he nodded and carried the vase to the table to lay it there.

She took up a big box which contained books in it and began taking it upstairs in her big bedroom.

When the men bought the stuff here they all actually cleaned up the place until it was completely spotless.

Red struggled with the box until finally she reached her room, the door was already open so she just walked in.

She put the box down on the ground and went back down for another.

Within half an hour they were able to bring all the boxes with separate stuff for different areas in the house.

Now its time to unload the boxes and decorate, but first the beds need to be taken there.

The doorbell rang and a man in his early 20’s stood there with a bright smile and a box of champagne.

“Hi I’m Christopher and it seems your my new neighbor” He said with a nice smile.

“Oh uhh yeah I’m the new neighbor, my name is Red Velvet” Red introduced herself to him.

“Red Velvet? Wow that’s such a unique and amazing name, can’t believe I actually met someone who’s named after popular dessert” Christopher said and Red chuckled.

“I know I know people tell me that all the time” Ted said with a playful eye roll.

“Oh really? Well your name is quite lovely, here this is a friendly gift” He said and handed her the bottle of champagne.

“Aww,you shouldn’t have” Red said as she stared at the bottle of Champagne.

River came and grabbed the bottle, opened it then poured drinks for her and Kyle.

Red’s mouth dropped, Christopher laughed as he saw River and Kyle do a toast.

“Anyways uhh, you look like you need some health with your stuff I can lend a hand yunno” Christopher offered.

“Oh no its…” River didn’t actually let Red finish her statement when she barged in.

“Oh yes yes we could use the extra hands absolutely sir you are such a good Samaritan” River said and began pulling him in.

Red face palmed herself, why are all the people she hands out with are psychotic.

Her phone suddenly vibrated from her pocket, she took it out only to see her mother calling.

:telephone_receiver:Hey mom wassup?:telephone_receiver: Red said when she picked up the call.

:telephone_receiver:Oh nothing much dear just calling to check up on you, are you sure you want to stay there?:telephone_receiver: Mrs. Velvet asked.

:telephone_receiver:Yes mom I do want to stay here and I’ve told you this like a thousand times already​:telephone_receiver: Red said.

:telephone_receiver:Ok ok Red, just please be careful. Just because we haven’t detected anymore demons on the crystal ball for a few years now doesn’t mean that they’ve all disappeared​:telephone_receiver:

:telephone_receiver:Mom I know I know, besides mother we are spell casters we can always cast a spell on any demon who messes with us​:telephone_receiver:

:telephone_receiver:That’s true dear, but its been years since we’ve actually fought with any demon and a demon’s powers never stops getting stronger​:telephone_receiver:

:telephone_receiver:Mother what are you talking about?:telephone_receiver:

:telephone_receiver:Hmm, well I think its time you should know. Honey, your great grandmother Emerald Velvet was the greatest spell caster in history. On one specific day Lucifer and his troops came to earth to cause chaos but she and her friends killed all of them and imprisoned one… That one was almost as strong as Lucifer. He couldn’t be killed so she had no choice but to lock him away. She cursed him to spend the rest of his life behind a mirror but….:telephone_receiver: her mother trailed off.

:telephone_receiver:But what mother what?:telephone_receiver: Red asked eager to know what else happened.

:telephone_receiver:Each spell can be broken, whether its a kiss or another spell or even a hair brush… The only way to break Emerald’s spell is if one of the Velvet’s break the mirror. Your the last living Velvet Red your the only one who can set that monster free… So please be careful​:telephone_receiver:

:telephone_receiver:Really mom? Do you think I’m that dumb to set a demon free?:telephone_receiver:

:telephone_receiver:I know sweetheart, I’m just telling you that, that demon is powerful and extremely powerful, and the hatred in his heart for the Velvet’s I’m sure has reached its limits. If you should by any chance accidentally break the mirror and set him free…. Nothing good will come from it dear, be very careful and cautious of your surroundings​:telephone_receiver:

:telephone_receiver:Ok ok mother i get stay away from mirrors a demon dislikes me blah blah blah ok I’ll speak with you later ok mom bye i love you​:telephone_receiver: Red said.

:telephone_receiver:Ok sweety I love you too, have fun and good luck​:telephone_receiver: Mrs. Velvet said and Red cut the call.

She honestly doesn’t believe a word her mother says, she’s just making up some crazy story to make her move back in.

Red knows that demons do exists but a demon trapped in a mirror?

What is this a Micheal Jackson song? Red thigh and chuckled lightly to herself.

At around 5:00 pm they all finally managed to get the place arranged and decorated.

The 4 people stood in the living room and looked around, the place looks exotic.

“Well Red Velvet this place surly looks beautiful, anyways I have to head home see you another time” Christopher said and bid everyone goodbye.

River and Kyle also bid there goodbyes and left Red alone in the house.

She doesn’t have light yet cause they cable guy needs to come and deal with all that stuff so for tonight she’ll be using a candle or a lamp.

** Basement **

He sat on his chair thrumming his fingers impatiently awaiting his victims arrival.

“Why won’t that b*tch come down here? Why’s she taking so long?” He growled out.

“Patience young Master patience, she’ll come I’m sure of that” one his demons whispered.

“You said we would be released soon, why’s this taking so long or are you two bone heads lying to me?” He said raising his voice.

“Woah woah woah calm down Tiger, we’re not lying, you should think about your revenge instead of worrying about the day you’ll be released” His other demon said.

He sat back on his chair with a big from on his face, truly he didn’t exactly plot his revenge.

“Ah ha! I have the perfect idea!” His second demon said, he raised a brow anticipating what his demon will say next.

“(Chuckles) What if we tie her soul to us?” He said and the man thought for a while.

“Tie her soul to a demon? How will that help anything?” He asked in annoyance.

“Here’s the plan…. On the day she releases you, marry her and tie her soul to you making her yours for eternity. She can’t untie her soul only demons know the secrets to that. Her mother and other spell casters will come running and try to battle with us immediately they find out. We’ll be too weak to fight so if we tie Red Velvet’s soul to you, if you die she dies too” The demon spoke.

The man smiled it satisfaction, that’s the smartest plan He’s ever heard in history.

For those whom it may concern, when a demon has been imprisoned for more that 80 years there powers actually increase every ten years but when they get released they become weak.

It’ll take them a few days to gain there full strength back so if he should fight the spell casters they’ll win.

“And after we do that……” He said as a smirked formed on his cherry lips.

“After that, we do whatever we want with her, turn her into a slave, a maid, a wh*re, a slut, we’ll do anything we please” The demon said.

They all laughed in an evil manner, when the laughter died down he lay his head back on his seat and closed his eyes.

“Red Velvet…. You’ll soon become, A Demon’s Bride!” With that he took a small nap.

** Few Days Later **

“Hey Velvet!” Kevin yelled when he sighted Red heading towards the bus stop.

“Humph, Kevin what do you I’m in no mood for your crap” Red said with an annoyed look.

Kevin works alongside Red in a small company, He’s one of her may admires who’s been trying to catch her attention for months now.

“Red please, just a date, just one date nothing else” he begged with puppy eyes.

“Kev I said…” He didn’t let her finish.

“Red Velvet please, nothing else but that! I swear to god I’ll stop bothering you” He begged.

“Fine whatever but it can’t be tomorrow cause I’m throwing so bye” she said and went into the bus.

He jumped in joy, finally she accepted to go out with him.

Some time later she finally reached home, after she changed and ate she became bored.

Then she remembered that she didn’t quite get to explore the basement.

Basements are always filled with amazing things so with that thought she managed to find hee way there.

She also took a flash light with her, she twisted the old lock and opened the door.

A swarm of moths greeted her and she fanned them away, her pure blooded scent tickled the demons nose and he smiled maliciously.

His grin stretched from eat yo eat and his abnormally long black tongue stuck out tasting the air.

His eyes turned pitch black and he laughed like the monster he is just waiting for her. :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake:

TO BE CONTINUED…… May god bless your soul Red, I tried, like I really tried with you but damn…. Your more hard headed than I am

A Demon’s Bride Episode 5

Red shun the light down the dark and dusty basement, she wasn’t scared I mean why would she a ghost knows much better than to mess with a spell caster.

She walked down the stairs as she did the wooden old stairs creaked as she step down.

Soon enough she finally reach an found a few dusty boxes, she smiled and moved to one.

She stooped down in a squat position and began going through the box she put the flash light on a chest so she found what she was doing.

She went through the box and didn’t find much interesting things, only a few books, she took two of them.

Then she moved to another box and this time she found something which looks like a kings robe.

She put it on and stood like a royal family member with her chin held high up in the sky.

She giggled to her self and began walking around the place searching through every single box.

She didn’t find a lot of nice things, what she did find was a few books, the kings robe, an old pair of shades and a few toy cars.

She packed her stuff in a small box and was about leaving when she caught something from the corner of her eye.

She turned and saw a big rectangular shaped thing just standing there in the corner.

Oddly it had chains all around it which looked pretty rusty and the chains the thing was wrapped with something like a very thing grey silk sheet and foil paper.

She doesn’t know why but something kept pulling her to the mirror while something pulled her away from it.

In the end she ended up dropping her box and walking to it, she touched it and looked at her hand.

It was covered in thick layers of dust, she left her stuff, ran upstairs for a 24 inch Industrial Heavy Duty Bolt Chain Lock Cutting Tool.

She stared at the chains with a devilish grin, she put the chain cutter over one of the chains the locked it.

She squeezed the handles and it cut, she continued doing that until everything managed to be cut.

She dropped the chain cutter on the floor and let it lay beside the cut up old rusty chains.

She touched the big sheep and slowly began pulling it off, it was so heavy and so dusty she had to use a box to stand on and a mask.

Within 15 minutes of trying she finally managed to pull it off and she gasped almost falling off from the box she was on.

It was the most beautiful and elegant mirror she’s ever lay eyes on.

It was twice her size and the sides were gold with diamonds at each edge of it.

Despite the dusty sheet which was on it the mirror looked brand new.

She touched it and smiled as she stared back at her reflection, she began modeling in the mirror checking out her body.

The demon on the other side of the mirror smiled, he can’t see her but he knows she’s there.

Her scent is everywhere, he stood floating in the air with his horns now out as he waited for her to just crack the darn mirror.

She looked at the mirror for a few more seconds before going off to find Christopher so he can help her with the mirror. * * She opened her main door and walked outside, the cold evening wind brushed her skin.

She smiled, the wind is so cool when it touches this time of evening.

Red locked her door and made her way over to Christopher’s house.

She knocked onto the door and he answered it with a bright smile on his face.

“Hey Red Velvet wassup!” He asked as he came out to meet her.

“Chris… I just found the most beautiful mirror in my basement ever” She said looking excited.

Christopher arched his brow in a funny way as he looked at her, she laughed at his crazy expression.

“Chris can you come help me with it?” She asked with puppy dog eyes.

“(Chuckles) Of course anything for you” he said and winked playfully at her. * * “Geez Red you have such a dusty basement yeesh” Chris said as he fanned away the dust.

“Come On Chris” She said and pulled him towards the mirror, he gasped loudly when he saw the mirror.

“Wow…. This is so beautiful Red Velvet oh my god!” Christopher exclaimed loudly.

The demon from the other side frowned deeply, why did his Fiance bring another man into there house?

She’s so shameless, what type of wife will she be then?

“How the hell did you manage to even find this mirror?” Chris asked as he touched the surface of the abnormally clean and shiny mirror.

The demon growled and touched the mirror but was severely burnt by it, He’s tried many times to touch the mirror but this is always the result.

“She dares bring another man into our home? Since she wants to be a wh*re I’ll surely treat her like one” He said enraged.

“You know you should he more patient Master Zeke” One of the demons in him said and he roared at them.

“I’ve been patient for one hundred years, I don’t think I’ve got much patience left inside of me” Zeke said feeling frustrated.

“Be calm Master Zeke, our time is neat I can feel it, just wait a little longer, why don’t you take a nap you seem tired” the demon said.

“Hmm” He simply hummed and took a seat on his chair, he threw his head back thinking about all the things he’ll do when he gets out.

“Well Christopher I was just searching through the place for treasure and I found this beauty” Red explained.

“Come on now Chris help me take it to my room” Red said, Chris nodded and both of them lifted the mirror. * * “Where should we put it?” Chris asked.

“Over there” Red said and they went and put the mirror down, it was exactly in front of her bed.

“You have a beautiful mirror…” Chris didn’t finish, his alarm beeped indicating that its time for his night work.

He bid Red goodbye and left, she sat on her bed and stared at the mirror, she took a white towel and wiped it over.

“Hmm, you’re so beautiful haha” Red said, after she cleaned the mirror, she later went downstairs for something to eat.

After dinner she went back to her room and kept staring at the mirror, eventually she fell asleep while staring at the mirror.

:cherries::ice_cream:Party Day​:ice_cream::cherries:

Finally its the day everyone is waiting for, the day when Red celebrates the fact that she has a new home.

River, Kyle, Chris and a couple more of her friends are at her house decorating.

She’s currently on her way to the supermarket, as she walked on the road she from a distance that smoke filled the air.

She walked up the road faster and realized that a house has burnt down.

She walked to the scene and stood by the roadside with everyone else watching the firefighters put out the raging fire.

Not long after a woman was being carried out of the place, she had a mask over her face and hee eyed were closed.

She also looked really old, when the stretcher reached to where Red was the woman suddenly grabbed Red’s hand.

Red was actually standing before the ambulance with a few people when the woman did this.

She coughed and forcefully took off her mask, she looked up at Red with a horrible expression.

“The mirror…. Stay away from the mirror….” The old woman said and coughed.

Red stared at the woman wondering what she was talking about.

“Leave the house…. Don’t touch the mirror Red… He’s going to hurt you…” The woman said and tears left her eyes.

“Who’s going to hurt me, what’s his name tell me?” Red asked desperately.

The woman squeezed her hand tighter and pulled her closer.

“Red…. He’s there… He’s there, don’t touch the mirror…. Stay away from it. Leave,the,house” The woman said with her last breath.

Everyone stared in shock, the old woman used her last breath to warn the girl whom she’s never met before about the house she lives in, why would she do that?

Everyone started whispering and Red just fled the scene not wanting to be questioned. * * “” Leave the house…. Don’t touch the mirror Red… He’s going to hurt you… “” Red kept thinking about what the old woman said.

Who’s he? Who’s going to hurt her? And what’s any if this got to do with the mirror?

Hmm, maybe she’s one of her mothers fellow spell casters and also believes in that crappy story.

With her hands in her pocket she stepped into the supermarket and took a trolly.

Just then her phone rang, she checked the caller ID to see it was Kevin calling.

:telephone_receiver:Kevin what the hell do you want?:telephone_receiver: she asked in annoyance as she picked up some stuff.

:telephone_receiver:Oh high Red, I hope your having a beautiful evening. I just want to say that I’ve heard about your party and I’ll be passing though​:telephone_receiver: He said and she rolled her eyes.

:telephone_receiver:Is that seriously the reason why your here annoying my soul?:telephone_receiver: She asked as she picked up two cases of beer.

:telephone_receiver:Oh uhh, well kinda and umm…. Are we still on for tomorrow? I’ve already got a reservation for us​:telephone_receiver: he said softly.

:telephone_receiver:You did what?:telephone_receiver:

:telephone_receiver:I booked a table for us at ABC FOODS RESTAURANT​:telephone_receiver: he said.

Red pursed her lips, shes heard of this place and has always wanted to have dinner there.

:telephone_receiver:Well then, thanks for doing that, I have to now I’m kinda busy​:telephone_receiver:

:telephone_receiver:Ok Red see you tonight at the party I love you​:telephone_receiver: he said and cut the call.

“Love? Ha, men and there bull shit” Red said as she picked up the remaining items from her list.

She played for everything and head home, River and Kyle actually helped her prepare the foods.

Earlier this week she and River actually sent out invites to all the people they know.

In total they’ll be 20 people plus them which 24 that will be attending the party.

“Ok, now we’ll just wait for our gues……” River was saying when the doorbell rang, she rushed to open the door when King and Queen walked in.

“Hey where’s Red Velvet” King said as soon as he entered.

“Your so annoying and disrespectful yunno king” His sister said.

“I’m the King of annoyance while you’d the Queen of mean” King said as he winked at his sister.

Red immediately rushed to the twins, they smiled and both hugged her then took seats.

“Now its time to get this party started!!” Kyle yelled and turned the music on.

By 6:00 pm exactly all the guest has already arrived and people started acting crazy and having fun like never before.

But then some people began going off to separate quarters to do god knows what.

The other 9 people decided to go up to Red’s room and play a few crazy games but before they began everyone started complimenting Red for having such a mirror.

“Wow where’d you buy that mirror?” King asked and Red chuckled.

“It came with the house silly I can’t possibly afford to but something like this”

“Ohh so you stole it?” Queen asked and everyone bursted into laughter.

“No I didn’t steal ok I found it and finding something and keeping it isn’t stealing” Red said and Queen pinched her ear.

“Crazy girl I never taught you how to steal did I?” Queen said and let go of her ear.

“Ouch Queen!!” Red whined and Queen rolled her eyes in a playful manner.

“That is one good looking a** mirror!” A guy exclaimed while walking to Red.

He tripped and knocked her over, Chris caught her by the waist but by then Red’s elbow had already collided with the mirror cracking it from side to side.

The demon stood up smelling the fresh scent of freedom, he smiled evilly. :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake:

TO BE CONTINUED…… Oh my… Oh no, oh no, oh no oh no oh no!! Zeke don’t dare lay your hands on Red!!

A Demon’s Bride Episode 6

“Oh my god Red your elbow is bleeding!” River exclaimed when she saw the blood dripping from Red’s elbow.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry” the guy who knocked her over apologized sincerely.

“No its ok, I shouldn’t of been in the way in the first place” Red said with a smile.

The door burst open and Kevin walked in with a first aid kit, he began dressing her wound.

“You ok now Red?” He asked softly when he was finished bandaging her elbow.

“I…I’m fine, thanks” She said and pulled a strain of her hair behind her ear.

They were so engrossed in what happened to Red that no one payed any attention to the mirror.

Suddenly something broke, they turned and saw the same guy who made Red fall staring behind them with a horrid look.

He was so scared that the beer from his hand fell and shattered across the floor.

“T…t…t…the m…mirror!” He stuttered and pointed behind him, everyone turned and also stepped back in fright.

The mirror, it was changing, from the bottom coming up grey and black smoke appeared in it and soon covered the whole thing.

“Red, what’s happening to your mirror?” River asked as she clutched onto him tightly.

“I…I…i don’t know, it didn’t look like this a minute ago” she said as she also held onto Kevin fearfully.

Suddenly a hand popped through the mirror and everyone screamed, the hand looked like it belonged to a man with flawless skin.

He turned his hand as if he’s feeling the air, then slowly the hand came closer as if someone was coming out.

And that’s what happened, from the mirror, a handsome man emerged.

He had silky shiny golden blonde hair and glowing sparkling pink eyes, he was quite tall and had wide shoulders.

He stepped out and looked around, he sniffed the air and smiled showing his beautiful smile which can make any girl go weak.

He rolled back his shoulders and massaged his neck, then his head snapped around to stare at them in and inhuman manner.

Technically, his sinister gaze was directly on Red, out of nowhere the man began floating making everyone back up to the wall.

He threw his head back and his once slender and flawless fingers turned to 6 inch long black claws.

His wide and beautiful forehead grew red and black horns on each side.

And also, a black long tail appeared on his behind and it wrapped around his right leg.

He bought back his gaze onto them and his once charming smile turned to an ear to ear grin.

His once perfectly put together teeth turned scattered and sharp, each was around two inches long.

From his back also emerged black wings, he went back to the and stared at them.

His once pink eyes turned pitch black with only a small red light shining in them both.

Then he let out and inhuman roar making his presence known, this man is Satan’s companion who had been imprisoned for 100 years.

He’s now free and he has an never ending appetite for human flesh and a hatred which he carried for the Velvet’s for 100 years.

“Red… Velvet…” He called, his voice sounded as if three men with incredibly deep voices spoke at the same time.

He snapped his fingers and all hee friends eyes turned completely white, even the ones in the other rooms.

One after the other they all went downstairs, got into there separate vehicles and went home, he also made sure to wipe there memory.

Now Red and the demon Zeke were the only ones who were left in the whole house.

All windows and doors shut on there on there own and he put the whole house on silent making sure no one would here what’s going to happen.

“Hello Red Velvet, happy to see me my love?” He asked as he drew closer.

“Stay away from me demon!” She yelled and tried casting a spell but it was useless.

She’s not as experienced as the other spell casters so whatever she does won’t affect him.

“Oh sweety, that’s not how you greet your husband to be” he said and his already messed up smile grew wider.

“What do you want from me you monster!?” She asked, he laughed loudly.

Within the blink if an eye Zeke was back in his human form looking as charming as ever.

“100 years ago today, your b*tch or a great grandma imprisoned me in that mirror, do you even know how that feels?” He said an turned to face the mirror.

“She did the right thing, you demons wanted to disrupt the peace of the earth. You deserve whatever happened to you bastard!” She said.

He turned to her with his eyes now containing a blazing fire, he stared at her then looked at the wall and smirked.

He raised his hand and flung her into the wall without even moving or touching her.

Then he slammed her into the other side of the wall, he did this for a few minutes before slamming her into the wall before him.

Red fell to the ground holding her body and groaning loudly in pain, the demon smiled with satisfaction.

In a flash Red was thrown to the wall again and Zeke had his hand wrapped around her neck tightly.

“Humans are weak, they deserve to die. Demons are the ultimate beings and we should be ruling over everything. You know nothing child” he spoke, his words were just as dark as his eyes.

He threw her on the bed and invisible hands held her down in place.

Candles immediately appeared all over the place and the electronic lights went out.

Red’s blouse began tearing on its own going straight down to the end, then her torn shirt came open exposing her C cupped breast hiding inside her bra.

“Wha…what are you going to do to me?” She asked panicking as he came closer.

“Our wedding ceremony of course” he replied nonchalantly.

He drew his claws again and began drawing some symbols on her chest making her bleed.

She couldn’t scream cause he tied her mouth with a cloth, when he was done he sank his claws into her wrist and placed a bowl under it making her blood drain out.

He placed the bowl on a table before cutting his wrist and making blood go inside.

He chanted something then a Cobra appeared in his hand, he squeezed the snakes body and its venom fell into the bowl.

He mixed it and it turned pitch black, he forcibly opened Red’s mouth pouring half the mixter inside making her swallow it.

Then he drank the rest, pain engulfed them both as there souls combined, after a few minutes of them both groaning the pain went away.

“What did you do to me?” She asked with her eyes getting a bit red.

“I married you, that’s how demons get married, were like mates, we are one with each other!” He told her.

Then he began unbuckling his pants and her already wide eyes became wider.

“What are you doing!? Don’t come near me” she said, he laughed at her expression.

“What do you think newly wedded couples do Red Velvet? I’m having our wedding night with you” He said as he unbuttoned his shirt. * * Meanwhile back at her home all the spell casters woke up, they all felt the strong evil presence.

Mrs. Velvet actually made them stay over tonight, they all rushed to the living and looked at the crystal orb.

What they say immediately make them get dressed and rushed to Red’s house in panic.

They tried getting in but the demon put a force field around the house so they can only stay in the yard.

Zeke looked down at them from Red’s bedroom window and smirked.

Then he made the house un muted, well actually only the spell casters can hear what’s about to happen, no one else can.

After Zeke stripped he climbed onto the bed and tore Red’s clothing off completely.

He squeezed her big breast hard making her scream in pain, he smirked and spread her legs wide.

He stared at her beautiful G spot before he began stroking his manhood to get an erection.

When it sprang he placed at her opening before forcing it in without warning.

An ear piercing scream erupted from Red’s mouth as he came back out and went it with a greater force than the first.

Soon he began thrusting in viciously satisfying his s@xual desire which he had to put down for a whole century.

The warmth of her G spot and the tightness was over whelming, not to mention her screams of pain.

“No stop! P…please stop, i didn’t do anything just let me go please! Stop it!!” She yelled with her high pitched voice.

Her face was soaked with tears and it streamed down soaking the pillow her head was on.

He threw her legs on his shoulder to get full access to her G spot and pounded her without mercy.

Mrs. Velvet fell to the floor weakly with tears in her eyes as she listened to the screams that left her daughters mouth.

Her heart ached as a sudden feeling of guilt washed her, she should’ve stopped her daughter from moving out.

She should have kept her at the house where she’s safe from that demons.

She failed, she failed as a witch caster and as a mother, she can’t even do anything to save hee daughter.

Red tried moving but the invisible force holding her down was so strong, each time she tried getting up it dragged her back onto the bed.

He didn’t even slow down for a minute, his expression was just as vicious as the way he was dealing with her body.

He squeezed and scratched her thighs as the pleasure starts getting to his head.

He threw his head back and kept dealing with her in the worst way as possible.

Red lay there feeling powerless, she can’t stop him, He’s much more bigger and stronger than her.

She kept screaming and groaning and shouting until numbness took her body.

She couldn’t scream any more, she kept choking on her tears and gagging on her saliva, he still didn’t stop.

Red managed to look down and saw her thighs filled with blood as if someone threw a whole bucket there, weakly darkness over took her and she passed out.

Zeke didn’t care if she wanted to die or not he was just so happy that he finally can get as much intimacy as he wants.

Red’s body just lay there cold and stiff, she wants dead but the damage he did made her so weak she fell unconscious.

Mrs. Velvet cried more when she realized she couldn’t hear her daughters screaming anymore.

“I’m sorry Red, I’m sorry, I failed you” was all she managed to say as the others consoled her with tears in there eyes.

Red got so much warnings but played a blind eye to every single one of them, and now, she’ll have to face her FATE ALONE. :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake:

TO BE CONTINUED…… This is the most emotional chapter I’ve ever written, Zeke she didn’t even do anything how can you be so cruel​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

A Demon’s Bride Episode 7

Red weakly opened her eyes when she felt the warm heat of the sun on her face.

She looked around weakly to see her room not looking much different, only odd thing was the curtains were Red and Black.

She tried getting up but let out a loud shriek, she was so much pain that she couldn’t even sit up.

The flashbacks of last night clouded every inch of her mind and she busted into tears.

She lost her innocence in the most vicious way as possible, she’s never mate the guy before how could he carry so much hatred for a person that has never even hurt them?

“Your a Velvet, you expect me to like you?” His charming yet demonic voice echoed across the room.

She froze on spot ‘why’s this demon here, does he want to torcher me again? Can’t he see I’ve been through a lot’ she said to herself.

“Been through a lot? Ohh you’ve got some much more to go through” He said again.

She slowly forced her head to the side where his voice came from and there he was.

Sitting on a black and red rocking chair shirtless and only wearing a shorts that reached his knee.

He rocked the chair as he stared at her with a calm yet harsh look, she looked away remembering everything he did to her last night.

Zeke stood up off his chair and went to the front of the bed facing her, he had no piece of pity or remorse on his face at all.

“Remorse? Why would i feel bad about what happened, your lucky I got tired and stopped… But don’t we’ll continue soon enough” he spoke and she shivered.

“Now, are you not going to make me breakfast my love?” He asked and her eyes widened in shock.

He can’t actually expect her to walk in her current does he, no he can’t possibly be so cold hearted.

“You have 20 minutes to come down and make me breakfast” he said and walked but stopped and faced her again.

“And DON’T, let me come get you” He spoke, his voice was filled with pure malice and disgust.

Then his expression changed to a smiling and charming person, he left her room while she whimpered.

She had no choice but to try and get up, so with all the strength she could gather she got off the bed but fell hard on the ground.

She cried out loudly, her thighs and abdomen was still stained with blood, she hugged herself and cried more.

She should’ve listened, she shouldn’t have bought the house, she shouldn’t have messed with the mirror.

She sniffed and tried rising again, her lower body didn’t actually have life in them due to last night.

She held the able and dragged herself up and sat on the stool, she immediately got back up the moment she sat.

A certain burning came from that area when it touches anything, she managed to find a robe, bra and panty to wear.

She tried standing again but fell, she hit her forehead hard, she swallowed the pain and dragged her body into the bathroom.

She filled the fun with water and dragged herself in, she spread her legs letting the cool warm water calm her body.

“Your here taking your time to shower while I’m hungry” Zeke’s voice came again and she flinched.

He was floating by the now locked bathroom door, his tail was out and wrapped around his leg while his eyes were now golden meaning he’s annoyed.

“I…I…w…wha…i…i…” She stuttered, she didn’t even know what to tell him, suddenly his eyes started changing colors rapidly skipping from red to blue to yellow you green and other colors until it landed on black.

“Sir please, its not that easy I…I mean I can’t even stand and….” She stopped when she realized she was rising from the water.

Zeke rose her up and made her stood stiff in the air, he stared at her body in disgust.

“Did I not tell you not to make me come for you?” He said as he glided closer.

“Sir please don’t hurt me again I’m sorry” She pleaded.

“Sorry? Sorry can’t make up for what happened Red Velvet” he whispered into her ear when he suddenly appeared behind her.

She shuddered as he keeps going around her staring at her naked body.

“Hurry up and get downstairs my love, I’m getting impatient. You’ve seen and felt what happens when I’m impatient, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to feel it again wouldn’t?” He whispered in her ear.

“N.n…no s…s…sir” she stuttered and he laughed, he grabbed her face and made her look into his eyes.

“You address me as ‘My Lord’ or ‘Master’ got it?” He said and she nodded.

“Yes my lord” she said immediately and he disappeared making her fall back into the tub pretty hard.

She bit her lip to stop herself from wincing in pain, she sighed deeply and submerged her body once more. * * Red managed to get ready and slowly drag her body downstairs, she held onto the walls or any object at all for support.

She reached the living and held the wall, she almost screamed when she saw what was going on.

A girls lifeless body was on the table before the couch, Zeke was also on the couch and a girl was there trying her best to take in all his inches.

He lifted a gold cup and drank the contents that’s inside, then he used his tail and slashed the girls arm who was gagging on his manhood.

“Faster!” He ordered and growled, tears came from the girls eyes who was gagging on his manhood, she also looked tired.

“If you don’t get your a** in the kitchen and make breakfast you’ll be here instead” he said with closed eyes.

She needed no intro to know that she was the one he’s talking about, she moved to kitchen in so much pain as she dragged her limbs along.

She looked and found some flour and other stuff, she’ll make some waffles.

She was pouring the flour into a red bowl when a scream made her freeze, she turned and saw the girl.

The other one was on the floor lifeless while the one who was just on her knees for him lay on the table.

He had his claws buried inside her chest, he was searching for something, when he found it he ripped it out.

It was the girls heart, he threw it the air and soon it landed in his mouth, he but half of it and chewed like it was delicious.

She turned away and continued doing what she was doing in so much, what type of man is this?

“I’m your husband and you better shut the hell up!” he yelled and she froze, he must can read her thoughts. * * Soon she was down with the waffles and was stocking them up when arms wrapped around her waist.

She froze once more, his warm breath fanned her neck and his grip on her waist became tighter.

“What did you do to me Red Velvet? Why do I miss your body so much?” He muttered as he kissed her neck.

She was too traumatized to even reply, suddenly a gold cup appeared in her hand with blood.

“A toast, to us!” Zeke said and clinged the glasses, he lifted the cup to her mouth for her to drink the blood.

It was so disgusting, she drank the whole thing and he drank his, he kissed her ear while she wanted to cry.

“You like the taste my dear? It was virgins blood” he whispered and his now extremely long tongue l@cked her neck.

“Ye…yeah” she replied while she trembling, he chuckled and squeezed her soar breast making her wince in pain.

“Your breast are so big and soft, I feel like s@cking on your n#pples, but not now… I want breakfast” he said softly and took a waffle and left.

She stood frozen for a while more before she continued with what she was doing.

She put some cream into the hot coffee like he requested earlier and she put some cherry syrup and strawberries on the waffles with a slice of butter at the top.

She put everything on a tray and brought to him, she placed it on the table and he smiled.

“Yummy, now get down” He said and she stared at him in confusion.

“Get down on all fours are you deaf?” He said, she kneeled down before going on all fours like he requested.

He put the tray of food on her back and turned the TV on, he placed on a station where only horror movies come on and watched it while he ate.

When he ate to his satisfaction he put the remainders on the table then leaned back, he placed his feet on Red’s back. * * Poor Red kneeled till her lower body became as numb as her G spot, he just kept laughing as he watched his movies.

Suddenly a knock came on the door, he took off his feet immediately.

“Go open it” he ordered and she did that immediately, she saw her mother and the spell casters.

She tried going to her mother a force field blocked her way, she began crying as she looked at her mother.

“Red, are you ok? What’d he do to you?” Mrs. Velvet asked as she stared at Red with pity.

She was about replying when Zeke open the door wider and wrapped his tail around her waist.

She was pulled up close to him, Zeke smirked as he stared at her mother.

“Hello mother in-law, I presume you came to say hi?” He said, his voice was sweet and charming.

“Demon, let my daughter go!” Mrs. Velvet yelled, Zeke laughed before he took his eyes Red.

“Red is now my wife, and like all married couple she stays with the groom” Zeke spoke.

“You monster, what’d you do to my baby?” Mrs. Velvet yelled and banged on the force field.

“Red my dear, tell your mother what we did last night” he said to Red.

“He raped me and made me drink virgins blood” Red cried out and he pouted his lips at her.

“Do you hear that? We had a magical night, didn’t you here how she screamed?” Zeke asked provocatively.

“I’ll kill you Zeke” she said and he laughed once more.

“On the contrary, if you kill me, you kill her. I tied our souls together and only i can un do it” Zeke explained.

He moved his hands forward and squeezed Red’s breast extremely hard making her scream and tried moving his arms.

He forced her face up and made her mother stare into her eyes that was now filled with pain and regret.

“What do you want? I’ll do anything please let her go she’s innocent” Mrs. Velvet began pleading with Zeke.

“What I want? I have what I want, now if you’ll excuse us you’d daughter and I need privacy” he said and dragged Red inside then slammed the door shut.

Then he looked at Red white curled up on the ground, he had a evil grin on his face.

Poor Red, she’s in so much, but hasn’t felt real pain as yet, she has a long way to go before she can leave. :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake:

TO BE CONTINUED…. Zeke! Zeke! Zeke! Let the girl go Zeke come on now​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

A Demon’s Bride Episode 8

Approximately A Week Later…….

Red kneeled down and scrubbed the floor, it’s now a week since she became Zeke’s bride.

He turned her completely into a maid, she has to everything, she can’t even leave the house.

Where does she sleep? In the basement of course, and while she sleeps rats crawl all around the place.

Does she eat? Barely, only once a day, she’s lost a lot of weight ever since his arrival.

“Hey! Why are you taking so long? Hurry up and go make me dinner!” He roared at her as he walked by.

“Yes my Lord” She replied and started wiping the floor faster, Zeke went to the kitchen and checked the fridge only to see no milk is there.

“When your done we’ll go shopping, now hurry!” He said angrily and she wiped even faster.

“Yes my Lord” she replied and wiped ad fast as she could.

He doesn’t even allow her to go to work, only he leaves the house.

Successfully she healed after the raping incident even though she’s still quite traumatize.

He hasn’t actually summoned her into his room which he turned into a demons chamber.

The whole house now looks dark and mysterious while the outside looks bright and lovely.

She hasn’t heard from anyone since that night actually, not even her mother she’s heard from.

Its as if everyone has abandoned her, that’s not exactly true, they can’t help her.

An average demon, well basically every demon has only one demon inside of them.

Satan has 3 and that’s why he’s the king of hell, Zeke was lucky enough to be born by two demons.

So as you, He’s almost as strong as satan and he’s just as evil and corrupted as satan.

Those two were best of friends even raping virgin girls in the exact room, they got out on flights ever night spreading there black wings.

That’s also one of the reasons why Zeke doesn’t like the Velvet’s, they took away his only friend.

And how he can’t see Satan again and that pisses him off every time he remembers.

When he’s angry, he summons Red to his room and whips her with his tail to his satisfaction.

Red has scars on every inch of her body except for her face, he torchers her dearly when he’s in the mood.

Sometimes at night he leaves his chamber and goes to the basement where she sleep just to stare at her face.

Sometimes he stands on the ceiling top with his wings spread like a vampire bat just to watch her.

He’s never met someone who he hates so much, he hates Emerald but there’s just a special hatred for this girl.

A few hours later she managed to clean the whole place, she was extremely tired and exhausted.

“Go get ready and wear something sensible” Zeke barked.

“Yes My Lord” She said and rushed up the stairs, got dressed then returned as fast as possible.

“Let’s go” He said and exited the house, she followed, when she got outside she felt happy.

She smiled for the first time in so long, finally she gets to see the beautiful sky and trees.

She looked before her and noticed Zeke who was apparently waiting for her.

Red instantly scurried off not wanting to feel his wrath, Zeke didn’t actually know where he’s going so he’s just following her lead.

One thing for sure, whoever passes by gasp when they sight him, who wouldn’t?

In a 5 minutes walk they managed to successfully reach the bus stop and waited.

A boss soon arrived and Red was about going on when Zeke told her not to.

“Wait for the next bus” He said not looking her way, she didn’t question anything she just did what he said.

15 more minutes passed before another bus came, Zeke looked at her and she knew what he meant.

She ascended the stairs and waited for him to enter, the moment he entered his presence was felt throughout the bus.

That’s an advantage to demons actually, wherever you go people feel your presence.

“My gosh;don’t even bother paying go take a seat” The female driver said.

Zeke said nothing but moved to an empty seat, Red sat next to him and held her head low not daring to glance at his face.

Whispers immediately filled the air, all of them involved something about Zeke’s good looks.

:busts_in_silhouette:Oh my, look at him? :busts_in_silhouette:He must be wearing contact lenses, those pink eyes can’t possibly be real :busts_in_silhouette:Look at his golden blonde hair, not even wigs look that good. :busts_in_silhouette:Even the woman he’s with looks extremely beautiful, they must be a couple :busts_in_silhouette:Check out the golden rings on there fingers, they must be married. :busts_in_silhouette:Now that’s what I call ‘An Ideal couple’ :busts_in_silhouette:They have such a great relationship, I wish I had one like that.

People kept saying and so much more things, perfect relationship? If they only knew she was being held captive by a demon.

If they only knew the things he’s done, if they only knew how he treats her…. Then they’d shut there mouths.

Zeke sat there listening to her thoughts, he can freeze time and strange her if he wants but he’s got a better idea.

“Hi, are you two married?” A woman asked who has just entered the bus, Red turned to Zeke.

“Yea, were newly weds, we got married a week ago” Zeke said finally turning around.

He had this sweet loving smile on his face as he told the woman that there married, Red saw straight through that smile.

“Wow um, your very handsome, what’s your name?” The woman asked blushing.

“My name is Sebastian Malcolm but you can call me Zeke” He said and the woman nodded.

Even his name sounds extremely attractive.

“And, this is my wife Red Velvet-Malcolm” he also introduced Red to her.

Red smiled sweetly but behind that smile was pure pain and the need to escape.

“Well uhh, happy married life then” The woman said and walked off before taking a final glance at Zeke. * * After a while of driving the bus finally stopped and they got off, Zeke looked at Red waiting for her to lead the way.

They walked until they finally reached the supermarket, a lot of cars were parked outside of it.

The two walked until they reached the entrance and stepped in, as expected all movement stopped.

All eyes were now glued on the handsome Zeke, he only around with a cold expression.

Red tried taking out a cart but realized she couldn’t, Zeke went up to her and pulled it out with one hand.

He swerved it and made it be before him then walked off while Red followed.

Zeke smiled as he looked around at all the food, its his first time being in a Supermarket.

“What’s that?” He asked pointing at the different variety’s of jam.

“That’s jam, you put it on bread and eat it, it taste really good” Red explains to him.

He smiled and took up 4 of them, he smell what’s inside even if they container is locked.

They kept walking until a sweet smell tickled his nose, he looked around following the smell and came across pop tarts.

“And these?” He asked picking them up.

“These are pop tarts, there some sweet pastry’s with sprinkles on top filled with strawberry filling” She explained.

“Does it taste good?” He asked, for the first time his voice sounded soft and meek.

“Yes it does, you can taste it as long as we pay for it” She whispered the last part.

Zeke opened it and stared at it, it looked nice and the aroma was thrilling, he took a small bit spreading his small pink lips around the pastry and began chewing.

People gathered and watched Zeke eat as if he was an important find or a treasure.

When he was done eating that piece he smiled sweetly, he loves the taste of pastry.

Red took a cloth from her bag and cleaned his face, he didn’t seem to mind.

The manager of the place was also watching Zeke, he didn’t even look upset.

In the end Zeke took up more than ten of the sweet pastry’s and moved onto something else. * * Soon there cary was full to the brim with goods, they didn’t stop buying though cause Zeke found the place fascinating.

People were actually following them and taking videos of the two, Zeke seemed so sweet and innocent as he walked around the place.

Red however that this demon was nothing near those two words, she’s never met satan before but this guy must be more deadly.

“What’s that?” Zeke asked referring to the peanut butter on the shelf, Red took one down.

“This is peanut butter, if you put it on bread along with jam you’ll get an amazing taste” Red explained.

Zeke expanded his pupil as he stared at the strange looking brown thing, Red opened it.

“Here, taste it” She said, she dipped her finger in and pointed it at him, he placed his lips around her finger and sucked off the peanut butter.

“Aww!” The crowd exclaimed as they melted, Zeke looked so good while he sucks off the peanut butter.

Red felt some type of way, its a good way and its also a bad way, when Zeke was done he smiled.

“Buy 4” He ordered and she did it without questioning him. * * Soon they were done shopping and went to the back if the supermarket.

He opened a portal to there house and put the groceries in, he wasn’t finished shopping.

He found the human world quite interesting indeed, Red decided to lead him to the mall.

She also wanted to but something nice cause he seems to be in a good mood, after all this side of him is rarely seen.

When they got in,I don’t think its necessary to say what happened, they began walking around while eyes followed them like cameras.

Red took Zeke to the men’s section and he smiled, he saw lod if things he liked.

But then his eyes landed on a suit, a cream colored suit to be exact which almost exactly matched his hair.

He checked price tag, it was quite expensive but that’s no problem, he can even get it for free if he wants.

Thats what he did, snapped his finger and made everything freeze, he took the suit and a white pair of shoes to match and sent it home.

Then he made everyone forget that the suit was there, he unfreezes time and everyone carried with there acts.

Zeke and Red kept walking around until he cane across some joggers, sweat pants and underwear.

He bought LOADS of them or take them cause that’s what he did, Demons do what they want whenever they want and no one can stop them.

“My Lord, c…can i buy something?” Red asked softly, Zeke turned and walked to her.

She backed up to the wall and he caged her there, she stared up into his bright sparky pink eyes which seemed like a pool of crystal clear water under the lights.

“Why? Its not like anyone will see you anyway, its only you and I at home” Zeke said.

“Y…y…yes but uhh, I want to look good for you” She said and Zeke’s pink eyes turned gold.

“You dare lie to me?” He said and tilted his head to the side, she panicked immediately.

“Zeke!” Someone yelled, Zeke turned to a few people whom he knows and recognizes as demons.

“You got lucky, I’ll deal with you on my own time” Zeke whispered in her ear before going to his fellow kind, Red sighed in relief. :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake: :strawberry: :cake:

TO BE CONTINUED…… Geez,how does one guy bring some much attention? The drama doesn’t stop here so stay tuned​:grin::disappointed_relieved:

A Demon’s Bride Episode 9

“Sebastian Malcolm look at you!” Shadow exclaimed as Zeke stood before them with a cunning smile.

“Handsome as usual” Raven said and twirled her hair, in all 4 common demons who got trapped on earth are standing there.

Shadow, Raven, Hunter and Logan are there names, Zeke use to kick it with these 4 when Lucifer was busy ruling hell.

“Mhmm, who’s that you got there?” Logan asked as he stared at Red who was bending over.

“Do you guys know Emerald Velvet?” Zeke asked and rolled his pink eyes feeling disgusted just by saying her name.

“Ohh yeah, that b*tch use to lead a gang of spell casters, they keep getting others like us stuck on earth” Hunter said and clenched his jaw.

Every demon in the kingdom of hell knows who Emerald Velvet it and every demon HATES her.

“That was the same btch who got me trapped inside a mirror, and that whre over there” Zeke said and pointed at Red.

She met with his deadly glaring and bowed her head while visibly shaking in fear.

“That’s thats Emerald Velvet’s great grand daughter, Red Velvet” He said and they all laughed.

“Lemme guess, you f$@ked her didn’t you?” Logan asked and Zeke placed his hands in his pockets.

“You don’t even gotta ask, I f#@ked her till she passed out” Zeke said and chuckled.

Raven laughed as she stared at Zeke, He’s got pretty good looking over the century.

“I must admit Zeke, she’s really sexy, you mind if I have a taste?” Hunter asked as he passed his tongue over his lips while he stares at Red lustfully.

“Sure, why don’t you guys come over on monday?” Zeke offered, they all looked at each other.

“Oh hell yeah I’m down” Hunter said and they all laughed at his stupidity.

“So uhh Zeke, I see you’ve gotten quite handsome over the years” Raven said and moved closer to Zeke.

“Geez Raven if want him to have s@x with you just say it we all know your going crazy over Zeke” Shadow said and they burst into laughter.

“Go to hell Shadow” Raven said angrily.

“We were born in hell sweety where demons remember” He said mockingly.

“Anyways, so how about we go to the bathroom?” Zeke said and Raven smiled sweetly.

“Sure of course” She replied, Zeke walked off and went to Red, he seemed to have been speaking her and she said something to piss him off.

He grabbed her by the throat and pulled her closer, tears were streaming down her cheeks as she stared at him in fear.

He pushed her off and she fell, then he came back and smirked at Raven before they went to the bathroom together.

The others however saw there opportunity and decided to have a chat with Red. * * (Few Explicit Scenes Coming​:underage:)

Raven entered the bathroom and tool off her blouse while Zeke locked the door.

She turned to face him now only in bra and her pants, Zeke smiled at her, she looks sexy.

She walked to him and tried kissing him but he stood her placing his finger on her lip.

“I don’t do kisses, let’s just get straight to the point” Zeke stated rather coldly, Raven didn’t complain about his behavior.

Its in a Demon’s nature to be cold hearted, they aren’t called demons for nothing!

She rose up his shirt ran her t0ngue between his abs while looking at him.

Then she went and pulled down his pants, then pulled down his boxer bringing out his Staff.

“Its so big” She exclaimed excitedly as she stared at it hungrily, then she remembered than Zeke said he had s@x with Red Velvet.

With something this big she must if gone through A-LOT of pain during there intimate moments.

She circled her hands around it and began giving it strokes, she kept that until it became er3cted.

When it stood in attention she made her t0ngue grow to its abnormally long length then could it around his Staff.

Using her t0ngue she pulled it inside her mouth and down her throat, a soft moan left Zeke’s mouth as he threw his head back enjoying the moment.

Within seconds she managed to push all his 1nches down her throat with ease, she looked up at him to his expression.

She moved her head backwards releasing his Staff then repeated the process, and soon she started s$@king his d#@k completely.

“F#@k!” Zeke cursed as her t0ngue plays with his b4lls, this girl is a professional freak.

He grabbed her thick black hair began thr-sting hard into her mouth.

She didn’t even gag she just moaned as he thr-st in with full force.

Soon Zeke got bored with it and told her to stand, she turned and held onto to the sink.

She pulled down her pants and spread her legs while arching her back.

Zeke wasted no time and thr-st in but, she wasn’t as tight as Red.

She didn’t felt as warm as Red feels, he doesn’t like this but he was the one who told her to come here.

Raven however was enjoying the fact that Zeke’s d#@k was buried deep inside her.

But it was cute short, half way through Zeke just stopped unannounced and began buckling up.

“Zeke what’s wrong? Why’d you stop i was about to climax, I was so enjoying it” She said with a frown.

“I wasn’t” He said in the simplest way as possible and disappeared in thin air, she stared in shock.

She thought he was enjoying it, he was even enjoying the head she was giving, what went wrong?

(Explicit Scene Ends Here) * * Zeke went back out in search of his bride, he saw his friends talking to her and she looked uncomfortable.

“I’ll see you guys Monday, I’m leaving” Zeke said coldly and took Red’s wrist and began pulling her out.

Right now Zeke is ar0used and he needs someone to satisfy his s@xual pleasures.

Zeke took her to the bathroom and on the way they passed Raven, he didn’t even look at her.

Raven noticed his behavior and glared at Red who seems so horrified as if she just Lucifer’s demons.

Zeke pulled Red inside and shut the door, then something started making sense to poor Red.

Empty bathroom, locked door equals, yeah she’s in trouble.

(Few Explicit Scenes Coming​:underage:)

Zeke grabbed her by the throat and slammed back against the wall, he took his free hand to her breast and squeezed it hard.

“Ouch, Zeke!” Red said out loud, he smiled, he just loves it when she screams in pain.

His Staff rose to its full length ready to destroy her Vagina, she looked at him with pleasing eyes.

“Turn” He ordered as he began pulling down his pants, she did it immediately not wanting to be punished.

Zeke gave her a loud and painful smack on her backside causing her to shriek, she scratched the wall as tears poured from her blue eyes.

He rose up her dress and shifted her panty, then he positioned her better on the wall before thr-sting.

She screamed and quickly bit her lip to not make a sound, Zeke felt immediately good he felt her tight and warm honey pot.

His thr-st were hard and rough not to mention fast, this demon is really a s@x freak.

Red bit on her lip so hard that they began bleeding, pain was now coming from her mouth and her G spot.

Zeke moved his hands to her boobs and squeezed her boobs pretty hard while he nibbles on her ear.

Poor Red couldn’t bear what he was doing to her but she dare not try to stop him cause that’ll only add to her judgment.

So in the end she managed to stick it out, when Zeke climaxed and pulled away her body fell to the floor.

(Explicit Scene Ends)

Zeke didn’t seemed bothered by this actually, rather he was annoyed, his eyes turned gold.

“Your so weak and pathetic” He said, she was too exhausted and cramped to even say anything.

“What did I ever do to you Zeke?” She finally managed to ask as she curled up on the floor.

“Your a Velvet, you can’t possibly expect me to like you” He said with a laugh.

“I, I’ve never even met you before, I, Didn’t even know you existed” She murmured.

“What exactly are you saying huh?” He said and leaned on the wall.

“Just because, One, one person did you wrong, doesn’t mean innocent people have to pay for there sins” She said as she slowly began blacking out.

“I, I understand how you feel, my great grandmother took your freedom, your will to go and have fun, you may be a demon, but, in every person is an evil person and a good person” She further added.

“Please, I apologize on her behalf, please spare me, I’m sorry she took your freedom, I’m sorry” Red pleaded with Zeke before she blacked out.

Now, you would think that Zeke would be touched by thing, he didn’t even look remorseful.

His powers still aren’t completely back and overall he still needs her, so he picked her up and threw her on his shoulder like a bag of rice.

He opened a portal and went home, he went straight to the basement and dropped her on the floor.

“I’m done with you yet Velvet, I’m not yet satisfied” He said coldly before disappearing into his chamber.

He stripped and was left his underwear, he took a cool shower then slumped on his bed. * * “Have you found a way as yet?” Mrs. Velvet asked Lara, she shook her head.

“You should just give up Danielle Velvet, only demons know how to untie there souls from people” Lara told her.

“There must be some other way, my daughter is with that demon suffering” Danielle said and cried.

“There’s not much I can do, only they know the secrets and a demon would never speak of it” Lara told her.

“That demon raped my daughter and made me hear gee screams, I always wished for Red to get married to a lovely young man who’ll take care of her, why is this happening” Danielle said nad placed her head in her palms.

“Look, your daughter was warned not to go to that house, her stubbornness has caused this, she must face her fate alone” Lara told her.

“No, I will not stand and watch my daughter get tortured by Zeke, she’s innocent she never did anything” Danielle said and stood up.

“Your fighting a loosing battle Danielle Velvet, let her face her fate, the demon will eventually get bored and let her go” Lara told her.

“Thanks for nothing” Danielle simply said and exited the place.

“How’d the meeting go with the gypsy?” Madam Nana asked.

“The gypsy keeps saying I’m fighting a loosing battle and she can’t help me, I’m not giving up so easily” Danielle said and they nodded.

“They say there’s an old which who lives by dead man’s swamp, that’s our next destination” Miss Aurora said.

“Then let’s go, Red is my only child, I won’t give up so easily, she’s all I have” Danielle Velvet said and they all left. * * Red’s house at 12:13 am……

Her eyes slowly opened, she looked around saw that she’s in the basement.

The wicked demon couldn’t even put her on, her stomach growled loudly.

Her lips are bruised, she has vaginal tears and now she’s hungry, who did she offend?

“God, if your hearing this, please, I,I’ve learned my lesson, please make him let me go” She begged as she stared up at the ceiling.

Only or response she got was from the window howling loudly, she felt a tear came from her eye.

She quickly wipe the stray tear away and tried getting up, again it was extremely difficult but she pulled through.

She dragged her body to the door opened it trying her best not to wake Zeke, the only time she’s aloud in the kitchen is when she’s cooking for him.

She can’t touch anything unless he permits her too, she slowly dragged her body making sure to be as quiet as a leopard.

She successfully managed to enter the kitchen without making a sound, she looked around the place.

She walked to the fridge and opened the door, it was PACKED with food, her stomach growled at the sight of so much delicacies.

She took a bottle of juice from it and a pack of pop tarts, its not much but it’ll have to do.

She stared at the items wondering how is it possible for her life to change so drastically within less than a month.

She’s now stealing food from her own house, she slowly opened the pop tart and ate it.

The sweet taste nibbled on her taste buds, she forgot how good these taste, she later opened the juice slowly and drank from it.

Within 5 minutes she managed to eat everything, she was still so hungry, she wanted something else to eat and not dry food.

She wanted a home cooked meal, rice with chicken or lasagna, she misses eating lasagna.

Or even pizza, maybe shrimp or sushi, she became even hungrier thinking about those meals.

She couldn’t take it anymore so she opened the fridge again and took out a cold pizza and ham sandwich she saw.

She put them in the microwave to heat them up, when they were done the microwave made a lot sound and she froze.

Red looked around in a panic searching for Zeke, he wasn’t there, she waited for 10 more minutes before turning back to her meal.

She began feasting on the pizza first, the enchanted taste made her moan softly, she forgot how amazing it tasted.

Unknown to her Zeke was in the kitchen staring at her, but he made himself invisible so she couldn’t see him.

He squinted his eyes as he stared at her, he didn’t stop her, he had no intention to.

And what he also doesn’t know is that his pink eyes had turned blue staring at her.

After she finished eating everything she drank some water and began heading back to her room.

Then her eyes landed on the sofa, she sat on it, its been so long since she sat on something so soft.

She lay on top to remember how it feels to be on something warm, she found herself sleepy.

Then she fell stone cold asleep on the sofa, Zeke’s figure slowly emerged from the darkness.

He walked to the sofa and stared at her, she looked so different from the first time he met her.

That Red glow she use to have it her hair faded, it was rather dull, her once thick and sexy body came down to medium size.

Her lips were also dry and cracked, a few bruises were also on them, and her skin.

So much bruises, and still, she managed to look so beautiful, but he still wasn’t satisfied with how she looks.

Zeke’s eyes started changing, it turned completely white as he stared at her, he raised his hand slowly in the air.

He swirled it around 3 times before snapping his finger, Red’s body glowed brightly.

Then a wave of white light strikes across the room, when the light died down Red look just as gorgeous as she was the first time he met her.

He gave her one last cold look before disappearing into his chamber to get some sleep. * * Red yawned as she rubbed her eyes, she had the most comfortable sleep ever.

She ran her hand through her hair and was shocked to see that it was smooth and silky.

She stood up immediately, her hair hasn’t been washed in days and the glow she used to have disappeared.

Red got off the sofa and went to a full body mirror, she stared back at her reflection.

She was so shocked, she looked gorgeous.

“My breakfast should be ready in 30 minutes” Zeke’s voice was heard and he appeared behind her.

“Yes my lord right away” She said and got to immediately, she also realized that the pins between her legs had also gone. :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry:

TO BE CONTINUED…… Guys, let’s debate on what should be Zeke’s punishment when he finally realizes that he’s in love with Red