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A Virgin For The Wolf 18+ (Episode 1)

Confronting Her Nathaniel Greystone stood listening to Mrs Pierce, struggling to pay attention to his PA. because his mind was on other things. He had just returned from a family wedding, one of his younger brothers had at last found his mate and settled down to breed the next generation of Greystones. Nat should be happy about it, but the main topic of conversation at the wedding seemed to be his own lack of a mate. Usually there was no rush, or pressure, to find a mate, but when you are pack alpha, it was seen as your duty to breed. “Set a good example” were the words mostly used. He sighed, the problem was you couldn’t conjure a true mate from thin air, and he had to be sure that he chose the right one, this had always worried him. Thankfully when he had collared his younger brother Hal, and asked him how he found his mate, he said that he knew as soon as he saw her. There was no second guessing; no doubt whatsoever that she was the one.

This eased Nat’s mind in some ways, but also convinced him he had not met her yet. Now the only problem was he would have to throw himself into socialising with the opposite sex more than ever, casting a big net, they called it. Yet Nat had been ready to settle down years ago, and did not relish the thought of so much female attention, and when you were as rich as Nathaniel Greystone, there was always plenty of that. He had become fed up of loose women who were happy to bed him and then gain bragging rights, so he had abstained from sex for the past year, hoping against hope that he would be lucky and find his true mate. “So, Mr Greystone,” Mrs Pierce’s voice cut into his musings, “I know you always seem to have a sixth sense for these kind of things, so if you could interview Miss Carter, I would be most grateful.” “I’m sorry, Mrs Pierce, you say the woman in question provided false information on her CV?” he asked. “Yes, she said she had the correct qualifications, but when I double checked, she attended the classes, but did not pass any exams, she dropped out.”

Mrs Pierce looked at her boss closely; his mind was not quite back in business mode yet, unusual for Nathaniel Greystone. “Then why don’t you deal with it? End her trial andbfind someone else, you know I cannot stand liars and cheats.” He tried to keep his annoyance covered. “Normally I would, but her work has been exemplary, I have yet to hire someone so keen to prove herself,” Mrs Pierce said defensively. Nat studied Mrs Pierce closely, his PA was both experienced and trusted, and she rarely got emotionally involved. “But she provided false facts,” he stated. “Yes, I know. But I would see it as a personal favour if you would speak to her, it would seem such a pity to let someone so hard working and conscientious go,” Miss Pierce insisted. “Very well, Mrs Pierce, your opinion has always meant a lot to me, if it means so much to you I will speak with her.” He looked at his watch, it was nearly 5.00pm, he might as well get it over with and if needs be send her home at the end of the day, save any embarrassment all round. “Where is she?”

“Filing, shall I send her to your office?” Mrs Pierce said heading for the door. “No, I’ll find her.” He left the office and headed to have a look at her desk first, he had learned you could tell a great deal about someone by what was, and wasn’t on a desk. Pausing by the side of her desk he took in the very neat appearance of it, everything tidied away. This could mean two things, a very private person or one who was trying to hide something. Usually the office workers filled their desks with needless nik naks, not Miss Carter.

His eyes slid over her small bag, zipped up, and then over to the one personal item hidden by the side of her computer. Leaning towards it he saw a smiling boy of about fourteen, hair tousled as though he had been playing outdoors. Interesting, no picture of a significant other, so she must be a single parent. Tricky, she could need the job for the money, but how committed would she be if the child got sick and needed her at home? Still nothing wrong with strong family instincts.

The picture of the child also told him, Miss Carter must be a lot older than he had imagined. Having seen enough he headed off to filing. Walking into the confined space he found a woman crouched down, indeed filing. She didn’t hear him come in and he had a moment to take in her curvaceous body.

The swell of her hips, and the roundness of her bottom. Just right for breeding. He sighed, he was becoming obsessed with this mating thing, and anyway she was much too old for him. Clearing his throat he made his presence known, he had better get this out of the way, and go and start his woman hunt. She jumped, turned around briefly and he noted her age, only twenty at the most. Looking startled she rose to her feet, turning towards him.

He watched her lips move, but did not hear a word she said, there was a ringing in his ears, and his vision became clearer, his whole being centring on the woman standing before him. In that instant he knew she was his mate, there had never been a need to go out and find her, she had come to him. Should I continue? :hugs: Your likes, comments and shares will answer that.

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A Virgin For The Wolf 18+(Episode 2)

I’m not that kind of girl.

She jumped, turned around briefly and he noted her age, only twenty at the most. Looking startled she rose to her feet, turning towards him. He watched her lips move, but did not hear a word she said, there was a ringing in his ears, and his vision became clearer, his whole being centring on the woman standing before him. In that instant he knew she was his l mate, there had never been a need to go out and find her, she had come to him. He smiled, his devastating smile.

In complete contrast to how women usually reacted she looked like an animal trapped by a big bad wolf, if only she knew. After all the times he had imagined this happening, this was not how he thought it would be. Surely it would be like some old movie, she would know instinctively who he was, and how they were destined to be together and then fling herself into his arms.

Instead she looked for an escape route, only to look even more worried in realising there was none. “Can I help you?” she asked, this time he heard the words. “Yes.” She looked at him, expecting something more. “Sorry,” he said, shaking his head and smiling his winning smile again. Holding out his hand he introduced himself. “I am Nathaniel Greystone.” Straight away her manner changed, but still not the reaction he usually got. Instead she became less fearful, and more guarded.

Her body language was enough to tell him that, yes, she had lied, and now wanted to know whether he knew it. “Nice to meet you, Mr Greystone,” she was appropriately polite. He wanted to say, “Call me Nat, want to go and make some pups?” but realised that was a little premature. Instead he said, “Likewise.”

Their hands met and the earth didn’t so much move, but his world shifted a little on its axis. He wondered if she could feel it too, the slight buzzing in the palm of his hand, the exchange of energy, energy that resonated on the same frequency. As he watched she definitely seemed to relax, the tension draining from her body. Now he had to decide how to play it, the strong alpha male, or the laid back bachelor. His raging beast took over, he was the alpha male, and she needed to know she was his mate.

Knowing she was already on rocky ground he would leverage that, he did not have the time to court her for months, she was going to do his bidding, and enjoy it. “Miss Carter,” he said, straightening up. “We have found a discrepancy on your application.” She paled; he could tell she was wavering on how to play her part. “Oh, are you sure? I thought the information was correct.”

“Come now, Miss Carter, we both know that is not true.” He moved in closer, the beast with the scent of its prey tantalisingly close. She blushed and fiddled nervously with her hair. “I’m sorry. I simply wanted the opportunity to demonstrate how well I could do the job. With no firm qualifications I have struggled to do anything other than waitressing, and I need a career, Mr Greystone.”

“I have a zero tolerance for people, especially employees, who lie, Miss Carter.” This close to her he had trouble controlling the wolf in him; he wanted to make her kneel before him so he could mount her here and now. “Again, I can only apologise, I needed the job. I can assure you it’s the first time I have done anything like this,” she said, trying to remain calm.

“And I am supposed to take your word for this?” he asked, confident he could bend her to his will. She changed tack. “Hasn’t Mrs Pierce been pleased with my work?” “Yes, as a matter of fact she has. Which is why I am happy to come to some arrangement.” He projected his strong desire onto her, usually women fell into his arms at this point, it was so easy.

“An arrangement?” she repeated. “I am not sure I understand your meaning.” He moved in close to her, rubbing her arm sensuously with the back of his hand, as it rose up he brushed against the sensitive flesh on the side of her breast.

For a moment he knew he had her, Miss Carter’s pupils dilated and he could hear the beat of her heart as it quickened. Her lips parted and he leaned into to kiss her, deal done, she was his and his life would finally be back on track. Suddenly she pulled back, stamped on his foot, making him move. She had a clear exit, and she took it, quickly.

As she disappeared out of the door she said, “I am not that kind of girl, Mr Greystone. I will collect my things and leave.” He stood stunned, watching her leave. How could that have not worked? He was a very successful business man, a billionaire. Reading people and predicting their behaviour was second nature. So why, when it was the most important moment in his life, had he got it so wrong?


A Virgin For The Wolf 18+(Episode 3)

A visit to my mate. Miss Ellie Carter walked back to her desk, head held high. She nodded and smiled to her work colleagues, as though everything was normal.

Sliding into her seat she quickly took the photograph of Thomas, and the few other personal items she had brought in and put them in her bag. She glanced at the clock, five minutes until it was time to leave, she couldn’t wait that long. Luckily her bag was small so she took some files from her desk and hid it beneath them, and walked out of the office. Placing the files down on an empty desk on the way to the elevator, she left the floor of Greystone Holdings and went down to the foyer.

Trying to look normal she headed towards the main doors, feeling guilty when security watched her. Ellie kept her cool, and left the building. It took her an hour to get home, and only when she was safe in the shabby apartment she shared with Thomas, who thankfully wasn’t home yet, did she let her emotions go.

Almost staggering to the sofa she collapsed in a heap and began to cry. It had all been going so well, she had worked harder than anyone else in the office, Mrs Pierce had praised her, letting her know she would be getting a permanent contract if she kept up her hard work. It wasn’t fair that just because she hadn’t got a stupid piece of paper that confirmed that she was qualified to do the job she had lost out again.

Failure, that was what she was. Would nothing ever go right? After five minutes of self pity she pulled herself together, as she always did. She would have to work out what she was going to do now, there wasn’t enough money in her bank account for more than one month’s rent, and she certainly wouldn’t be getting a pay check for the two weeks she had worked at Greystone.

She tried not to berate herself over what had happened. It had been done for a reason, a chance to make a better life for her and Thomas; if she had been careful with the money she would have been able to save enough for a college fund for him. Tomorrow she would simply have to go back to Scottie’s and ask for her old job back, they had been sorry to see her go so hopefully she might be able to pick up some shifts.

Maybe that was where she belonged anyway. Perhaps the only thing she would ever be good at was being a waitress. Wiping her eyes she went to the small kitchen and began to prepare dinner. Thomas would be back soon, and he was always hungry when he came home. They could sit down and he could tell her all about his day, and tomorrow she would start to pick the pieces up again, certainly she’d had enough practice at that.

Pulling pans out of the cupboard, and heating the oven she set to work on dinner. Nothing fancy, money didn’t stretch far, but at least they would not go to bed hungry. Ellie had done that a few times in the past too, not that it had ever made her shift a few pounds, which seemed impossible. She smiled, at least if she got her job back at Scottie’s they would eat well, the owner knew her situation and was always generous with the leftovers. No, she could make things work, a second job, perhaps at the grocery store, would make life easier.

The door opened and Thomas came in. “Hey, Ellie, something smells good.” “Hi, Tom. Get washed up and we can sit and eat. Had a good day?” she asked. “Yeah, how about you? The new job still going great?” His voice got closer, and then he was in front of her and she knew she would have to tell him her news.

“No. I got fired, they found out I didn’t actually pass my exams.” She stopped what she was doing and looked at him. “Really, I thought you said it was going well?” He opened the fridge and took out a soda. “It was, and then the boss himself, Mr Greystone, came back.” She could picture him vividly, too vividly, the things she wanted him to do to her, the places she wanted him to touch.

Clearing her throat she tried to concentrate on Tom. “How bad was it?” Tom came and put his arm around her, she leaned on his shoulder, goodness he was growing into a young man, trouble was he constantly needed new clothes as he grew out of everything so fast. “Could have been worse, but it’s done with now.” Although the thought of never seeing Nathaniel Greystone did not sit well with her emotions.

Maybe she should have listened to his offer of an arrangement; it was probably the only way she would ever know what it was like to be with a man. Wow, she sounded desperate. “I know, but you were best in your class, it’s not fair that that counts for nothing, I bet you would have got the highest mark out of your whole class if you had sat the exam.”

The hugged him. “Thanks, Tom, but the fact that I didn’t sit the exam means I wasted two years of my life.” “Look, I’ll ask around see if there is any work I can do, to help out here while you get straight.” “No, Tom. The best thing you can do is study, get good grades, perhaps you might get a scholarship, your head teacher thinks it is a real possibility.” Tom being successful and happy would make up for all the sacrifices she had made. “I feel bad though, you having to work so hard.”

“It’ll be worth it when you become a successful and then you can buy me a nice house, with a garden.” “You’re on,” he said giving her a big squeeze. “Right I’ll get changed and wash my hands, I am starving.” He left the kitchen, walking to his bedroom when there was a knock at the front door.

“Can you get that?” Ellie called. “It will probably be for you anyway.” “Sure,” he answered. Ellie went back to preparing dinner, wondering if she would have to make it go three ways, Tom always had friends around.

It was something she encouraged, because it was something her mother had never liked her to do. “Ellie,” Tom said, poking his head back around the door. “It’s for you.” “Who is it?” she mouthed. No one ever came to see her, unless she owed them money. Tom shrugged. Wiping her hands on a cloth she went out to see who it was, shocked to find Nat Greystone standing in her shabby apartment.

Tom stood looking at Nat, she could tell by his expression he was intrigued as to why a man like this was coming to see his plump sister, men basically ignored her, she was invisible to the opposite sex unless she was bringing them their order. “Mr Greystone,” she said giving Tom a look that said make yourself invisible. “I believe our business was concluded at your office.”

“I am afraid I don’t see it that way, Miss Carter,” Nat said smoothly. Ellie felt the colour drain from her face; he was going to press charges. Could you be charged with falsifying your CV? She wasn’t sure, but if a rich and powerful man such as Nathaniel Greystone wanted it, she thought he would probably be able to persuade the right person it was in the public interest. Tom saw her face too, and sprang to her defence, much to Ellie’s horror. “My sister was just trying to make things better for us.”

“Sister, ah, now it makes a bit more sense,” Nat said looking at Ellie. “Where are your parents?” “That is none of your business.” Ellie moved to the door. “Please leave, Mr Greystone. I’m sure the police have better things to do than deal with any charges you might want to press.” “You made it my business when you falsified information on your application, so I’m not going anywhere until you have heard me out.” Nat went over to the sofa and sat down.

“Don’t worry; I am not interested in involving the police, as long as you do as I ask. Now please sit down, Miss Carter, and I’m sure your brother has somewhere he could go to give us some privacy.” Ellie thought back to what Nat Greystone had implied in his office, and despite her earlier thoughts, she had no real intention of being persuaded to do him any personal favours.

“This is not a good time, we were about to eat.” Nat crossed his legs, leaning back and making himself comfortable. “Please don’t let me stop you, I will be quite happy to wait.” Ellie looked at Tom who stood with his fists clenched; angry at the way Nathaniel Greystone was talking to them, or particularly his sister, who he always felt was his duty to defend. “Come on Tom, let’s eat.”

Tom looked at her as though she was crazy, but she nodded towards the kitchen, and so he headed towards the door. Ellie followed and once she had quickly finished preparing the food they sat down at the small table, and ate in silence. Unable to bear the atmosphere, Ellie tried to think of something to say. “Do you have homework?” Tom looked at her oddly. “Homework?” “Yes, do you have homework to do tonight?” He thought for a moment. “No.”

“Are you sure?” “Yes, I only have math and that is not due for two days.” Ellie would normally have pressed him to finish it tonight, but she thought it would be better if he was out of earshot of whatever it was Nathaniel Greystone wanted to say to her. “If I have enough money in my purse do you want to ring Jimmy and see if he can go to the movies with you tonight?” Ellie knew that the movies were such a rare treat that he would go without any more persuasion. “Can I go and see that new action movie? It has some great car chases.” Tom already sounded excited. “Sure,” she said rolling her eyes at him.

He laughed. “If you weren’t so boring you never know you might enjoy it.” “Boring. Wow, thanks.” She laughed too, forgetting for one moment there was a very powerful man sitting in the other room looking to take control of some part of her. “Well, you are.” He finished shoving his dinner into his mouth and grabbed her bag.

Handing it over, he waited patiently while she counted out the last remaining cash. “Thanks, Sis.” He kissed her on the cheek and was reaching for his coat and heading out the door. With phone in hand he was so busy texting Jimmy he almost forgot to scowl at Nat who was still sat on the shabby sofa, having listened to the exchange in the kitchen, smiling to himself.

As the front door banged behind Tom he waited for Ellie to come back out, after exactly one minute he thought he had waited long enough and headed to the small kitchen to find her. . . TBC.

A Virgin For The Wolf 18+(Episode 4&5)

As the front door banged behind Tom, Nathaniel waited for Ellie to come back out, after exactly one minute he thought he had waited long enough and headed to the small kitchen to find her. She jumped when he entered, she had been putting the dishes in the sink, having scraped her dinner into the bin, she had lost her appetite.

The plates clattered into the sink, luckily they did not smash. Wiping her hands on the dish towel she turned to face her ex boss, unsure of what he expected of her. He stopped a respectable distance away from her, but still much too close for her liking. Ellie tried to concentrate, and keep her wits about her, but the close proximity of him in her small kitchen made her body react in ways she had never experienced before.

“Shall we get this over with, Mr Greystone?” she asked, her voice a little shaky. “Nat, please.” He watched her face, taking in the fierce light in her eyes; she was more beautiful every time he saw her, the need to have her surrender to him deepened.

“I think I would rather like to keep this formal Mr Greystone.” Nat smiled, enjoying her defiant nature, a good trait to pass onto their children. “As you wish, Miss Carter, although I have no intention of letting our relationship remain formal.”

“Unless you plan to force yourself on me, that is exactly how things are going to stay,” she said, crossing her arms across her chest to form a barrier between him and her body which was refusing to go along with denying this man anything he wanted.

His voice became serious. “I will never force you to do something you do not want to do. But I can’t let you simply walk out of my life; do you know how long I’ve waited to find you?” “OK, this is where you start sounding crazy. You might believe in soul mates, and all that rubbish, but I don’t,” Ellie said, squaring her shoulders, this had gone on long enough, he might be mega rich, but he was also delusional. “I know it’s not easy for you to understand, but where I come from we have one true mate, and we mate for life. You are my true mate, and I refuse to believe you cannot feel something too.”

“Where I come from two people meet and then go out on a date first, and then get to know each other before they go further. I do not believe in love at first sight.” “Really? So you are saying I don’t have any effect on you whatsoever?” He stopped and looked at her closely. “Truthfully?”She hesitated, unsure what to say. The last thing she wanted to do was give him any encouragement.

They were alone in her apartment; if he did decide to force himself on her there was no one to help. Yet he seemed genuine in what he said, she was confused. “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t attracted to you, but then you are a good looking guy. What that does not mean is that I am willing to jump into bed with you.”

“You think I’m good looking, that’s a start.” There was that hint of humour again; she could not understand how he could take this all so lightly. Yet to a wealthy man like Nathaniel Greystone life probably was a game with hardly any worries. “Any woman would be lying if they said you weren’t, that does not mean I am attracted to you.” He took a step closer, relieved she didn’t move away.

“Your body tells me you find me very attractive, the first time you saw me your pupils dilated and your pulse quickened.” “I was scared.” “You should be.” He moved closer, she looked up at him, this time mesmerised by him. He lifted his hand and cupped her cheek, stroking it gently with his thumb. Her body responded, leaning in towards him, wanting him. He lowered his head and kissed her on the lips, the connection between them electrifying.

She yielded to him, opening her mouth to allow him to brush his tongue against hers. Ellie had to grab holding of him to stop herself collapsing, the intensity was too great. He deepened the kiss, willing her to realise the bond that was between them, he wanted her right now, on the table of this small kitchen.

He turned her around and lifted her up so she sat on it, then pushed her legs apart. She gasped when he pushed the fabric of her panties aside and his finger stroked her clit. No man had ever done this to her, it felt so right, if she could simply relax and let him do as he pleased. The first feel of his finger sliding inside her, brought her to her senses. “I can’t.”

It seemed as though he hadn’t heard her, his hands becoming more insistent, as were his lips which had moved to nip her breast through her clothes. “Please, Nat,” she said louder. He pulled back; she looked into his face, shocked to see a faint red glow in his eyes. “You can’t say you don’t want this too.” “It’s not that. I…Just not like this.” She buried her head in his chest, hiding her face. “Hey,” he said gently, lifting her chin. “You can tell me anything.”

“It’s stupid, I know, but I always thought my first time would be a little more romantic.” He stilled, his whole body tensed. “You mean you are a virgin?” She blushed and tried to pull away from his grip. “I’m sorry I’m not more experienced. I understand that would put you off me.”

He held her face between his hands and kissed her gently on the lips. “I am not disappointed, only surprised; there are very few women of your age that are still innocent these days.” “Are you sure?” Now she had kissed him and been touched by him she knew, however crazy it seemed, that there was something between them and she would regret it for the rest of her life if she didn’t at least try to understand what the connection was between them.

“I told you, you are my mate. If anything it pleases me more that I will be your first, and only, mate,” he said, his voice full of raw emotion. He pulled her close, still standing between her thighs and she felt the length of his cock press against her. Nat was not lying; he wanted her, his arousal evident by his stiff length.

“I want you, Ellie, right now, more than you can ever imagine. But your first time should be special; I want to take my time with you. That is not going to happen tonight, with your brother coming home, so I will try to control myself until tomorrow. Will you have dinner with me, and stay the night afterwards?”

Disappointment and loss swept over her, she didn’t want him to leave, what if he came to his senses overnight and no longer wanted her? Then the practical side of Ellie kicked in, wasn’t this a good thing? At least if he changed his mind it would spare her the heartache she had shied away from all her life.

For Ellie, romance and relationships were an unknown land she had never set foot on. At least if he backed out she would not end up pregnant, and alone like her mother had. Yes, this was the safer way, let him go, after all the whole thing was crazy, and now she felt stupid for going along with the whole thing, no doubt this was a billionaires idea of entertainment, seduce a poor woman with tales of everlasting love, and then dump her.

Yet when she looked at him, and felt his body against hers, there was nothing that seemed further from the truth. He looked as though he wanted her, and she felt his need as though it was a tangible object, and when she looked inside her heart he was all she wanted.

But it couldn’t be real, her head screamed, this kind of thing doesn’t happen to girls like her. His arms were still wrapped around her, she wanted to stay like this for ever, but Tom could be back soon, and she wanted to have some space to think the whole thing over. She pulled away from him; it made her feel as though she was tearing a part of herself in the process. His arms momentarily held her in place, and then slowly he relinquished his hold and she slipped away.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, will you come into the office in the morning?” he asked, moving towards the door. “I thought I was fired.” “Those were your words, not mine.” “So I still have a job?” “For as long as you want it.” “If I sleep with you?” He turned and looked at her sharply. “No, there is no condition attached to the contract. Mrs Pierce will get you to sign it first thing in the morning, I already have. I have included insurance for any of your dependants too.”

“Why would you be so generous?” Ellie asked, she was not used to people going out of their way to help her. “Because you are my mate Ellie. I said I would not force myself on you, instead I hope that our relationship will move along rather quickly, and you won’t need the job. In the meantime though I want to make sure you are well provided for.” “It means that much to you?”

He came towards her, his face close to hers. He kissed her on the lips, the now familiar feeling of electricity passing between them. He did not touch her in any other way, it was as though if he did he would not be able to control himself and she would lose her virginity tonight after all. “You mean that much to me Ellie, and in some ways I am being selfish, if things had gone differently tonight then you may already have had my child growing inside you, at least this way he would have some security.”

She took a step back as though he had struck her. “This is for real, isn’t it? You are not playing with me? I mean a child is such a huge thing, something in fact I have never wanted.” “You do not want children?” This was a surprise to Nat; he had been brought up knowing it was his duty to have children to strengthen his bloodline.

That was not to say he had ever considered conceiving a child with anyone other than his true mate, which would be unacceptable. “No. I have seen first hand what happens when children are conceived with no thought for their future.” “Is that what happened to your mother?” he asked quietly.

“Yes, she was not very good at saying no to men. Nature takes its course and before you know it you are having a baby, with no thought as to how you are going to manage.” “She chose to keep you, and your brother, so she must have loved you.” “Yes, and in that I feel very fortunate, at least I am not alone, I have Tom.” “And now you have me, and an extended family that will always be there for you.” His words seemed strange to Ellie who had spent her whole life looking after herself and her brother, there were many times when she had taken care of her mother too.

To be offered the chance to be part of a family, a large family was both exciting, and daunting. It was not something she had ever expected, her and Tom had become self sufficient and self reliant, giving it up was going to take some getting used.

She looked at Nat and saw how earnest he was, and questioned if she actually had the courage to do this. It was mad, and even though she had inexplicable feelings, and trust for this man, it would take time for Tom to get used to the idea of her being with a man. Especially when Nat obviously expected things to move so quickly. Nat could read her troubled expression. He lifted her chin, and looked into her eyes, the depth of her soul open to him, his mate. “We will make this work.”

“What about Tom? How is he supposed to understand all this?” “One step at a time, one step at a time.” He kissed the top of her head, and then moved away from her, while he still had the strength. He paused at the door, suddenly unsure. “I will see you tomorrow?” “Yes.” “Shall I pick you up in the morning?” “No, I’ll go and draw some money out and catch the bus as usual, I don’t want people gossiping about us.” “You gave Tom the last of your money?” He remembered the overheard conversation. “It’s OK, I’ll be at work on time.”

He reached into his pocket and took out his wallet, removing a crisp note and passing it to her. “Here.” “No, I can’t take your money.” She had never taken charity from anyone. “Yes, you can, what is mine is now yours, a life long commitment that is what I am offering you, starting from now.” He placed the money on the table. “Look at it as my treat for Tom, because he did me a favour by going out. Is that OK?” “I guess,” she said. “Yes, that I can live with.”

He smiled, and her body melted, she wanted him to stay, to make love to her now. She gripped the back of the sofa, willing herself not to move because she knew it would only take the slightest encouragement from her and he would lose control, his need for her was so great she could almost feeling him pulling her towards him.

“Goodnight, Miss Carter,” he said. “Goodnight Nat,” she answered, and then added, “And Nat, I think under the circumstances you can call me Ellie.” “Goodnight, Ellie,” he said, emphasizing her name. He left her then, but she was sure she could hear him laughing quietly to himself as he walked down the hallway outside. Ellie found she liked that sound, she liked it a lot.

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A Virgin For The Wolf 18+(Episode 6&7)

Tom returned home, full of the excitement having watched a great movie, something that had only ever been a special treat for him, usually on birthdays. It was only after he had given her a blow by blow account did he seem to remember why he had been allowed to go.

“So how did it go with the big boss? You look happy so I guess he’s not going to cause us any trouble.” “It depends on what you mean by trouble,” said Ellie, realising it would be unfair not to tell Tom at least some of the truth, she ploughed on. “He wants to take me to dinner tomorrow night. Will that be alright with you?” Tom looked concerned. “Is he pressuring you into something?”

Ellie smiled at Tom to reassure him, and then felt a little sad, did he think that was the only reason anyone would want to go out with her? “No, Tom, he’s not. He is a nice guy, really.” “I don’t understand, he fired you this afternoon, and now he wants to take you to dinner.” “That’s not quite what happened, it seemed I jumped the gun, he didn’t fire me. I just assumed he did. Guilty conscience I guess. He came by tonight to tell me they would be offering me a full time position, if I wanted it.”

“You’re sure everything is OK?” Tom still sounded suspicious. “Yes, I am sure everything is going to work out.” More like she hoped it would, she still didn’t know how she was going to break the news to Tom that Nathaniel Greystone, billionaire, thought she was his mate for life. Tom, however, was still young enough to be able to be reassured and happy without much persuasion. He got up and planted a big kiss on her cheek.

“You go and have fun. I can’t remember you ever going on a date, so I guess it is about time. I can go andsleep at Jimmy’s, so there’s no need for you to be home by twelve Cinderella.” She laughed, “Thanks, Tom. Now let’s go to bed, it’s been quite a day.”

“If you could sign here, and here, Miss Carter, we can get you back to work.” Mrs Pierce stood watching Ellie while she signed the contract. Ellie had spent some time going over it, making sure it was all Nat had said it was. Part of her had been convinced the job and Nat’s promises were not real. It had been a struggle to even come in this morning, convinced the whole thing was a hoax and she was going to get into trouble. Yet she could not deny the emotions that seemed to pass between them, so she had forced herself to get into work on time.

Then when Mrs Pierce had appeared with the contractb and asked her to come to her office and sign it she had wondered if there was a hidden clause in it so that when she signed it she would belong to Nat in some way. There wasn’t, in some ways Ellie was disappointed, she would not have minded belonging to Nathaniel Greystone, heart and soul. In fact, she was sure she already did, last night she had dreamed of him, a strange dream where a wolf had approached her and she had tried to run, but it had pursued her until there was no air left in her lungs and she could run no more.

At the moment he had run her down, and she was at his mercy she had woken up. Strangely the feeling left over from the dream was one of desire, not fear, the same emotions she now felt for Nat, although she still felt she shouldn’t, he was too far out of her league.

“All above board, Miss Carter?” Mrs Pierce’s voice woke her from her reverie. “Oh, yes. It is fantastic; I can’t thank you enough, Mrs Pierce.” Ellie swung around and smiled at the older woman. “Nonsense, you have done this on your own merit. If Mr Greystone had any doubts he would have sent you packing,” Mrs Pierce said, making Ellie feel a little awkward.

The older woman had no idea what had truly happened between Ellie and their employer. “But Mr Greystone is a good judge of character; it’s like a sixth sense, so I am more than happy to have you working here.” Ellie finished signing the contract, and handed it back to Mrs Pierce. “Shall I get back to work now?” “Yes, I’ll leave these papers on Mr Greystone’s desk. He can look at them when he returns in a few days.” Ellie felt as though she had been punched in the stomach. “Mr Greystone isn’t here today?”

“No, he phoned in to say something had come up, family matters I expect. It often is, but then he does have a large close knit family. They live in the country somewhere.All I know is there are a lot of trees and mountains, and phone reception is terrible. He’ll be back in a few days, don’t worry, he signed them before he went, your job is secure.” Half in a daze Ellie got up to go back to her desk, as she was leaving she remembered how much Mrs Pierce had stuck up for her. “Thank you, Mrs Pierce, for giving me this chance.”

“You are welcome, don’t let me down.” Mrs Pierce had already moved onto her next task, she was very efficient at managing Greystone Holdings when the boss was away. Returning to her desk Ellie sat down feeling unsure about the whole situation. Nat had said he wanted to take her to dinner, and later…well best not to think of that while at work.

Trying to stop the heat that had already begun to spread through her body at the thought of what she wanted Nat to do to her, she instead contemplated how let down she felt. He had promised he would be there for her, that he couldn’t wait to make love to her, but now it seemed he had gone away without a word of explanation.

She thought he had made it clear how important she was to him, his true mate, but the rest of his family still seemed to have precedence. She wondered if that was something she would have to learn accept.

Time dragged by, she tried to feel happy about having a well paid secure job, but as the day wore on she had to admit to herself she had fallen for Nat in a big way.

It was a new feeling for Ellie, and one that frightened her, she needed to keep a level head on her shoulders, with all the sacrifices she had made there was no way she could let her life unravel because of a man. She was stronger than that, and there was Tom to think of, she had to continue to be boring Ellie and not let emotions get the better of her.

She arrived home to her shabby apartment, not even having the company of Tom to look forward to. It was going to be a long lonely evening, to make the time pass quicker she cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, when she had finished she moved onto the bathroom.

By the time 6.30pm came around she was hot and tired, and in a bad mood. Ellie took a shower, trying to wash the stress of the day away. When she got out she felt a little better and dressed in a floral dress, leaving her long hair to dry naturally.

Then she headed for the kitchen to see what she could force herself to eat. c All this time she subconsciously knew the minutes were ticking by towards 7.00pm, the time he said he would pick her up.


A Virgin For The Wolf 18+(Episode 8)

Making love to my mate.

He came around and opened her door, offering her his hand to help her out. She took it, and straight away the connection between them was there, an energy passing between them. His fingers entwined with hers, and then with a low growl he pushed her against the car and kissed her.

What a kiss. Her knees went weak, something that she thought only happened to women in movies, or a romance novel. She leaned back against the car for support; she needed it because his onslaught was intense. His hands wrapped around her, drawing her body to him until they were tightly pressed together, his hard muscles against her soft curves.

he parted her lips for him, and he tasted her mouth. His lips pressed against hers, gentle yet demanding, she was left in no doubt that he was in charge and he took her pleasure very seriously. She relaxed and decided to simply enjoy everything that he did to her and to try to return the pleasure. One hand crept up and stroked her breast, she groaned against his mouth, wanting more from him.

He obliged by sliding his thumb over her nipple through the soft fabric of her dress. Soon his touch had made it harden, the touch of his fingers brushing the sensitive peak. He tore himself away from her. “It’s no good, I must have you now.” With that he lifted her up and carried her towards the house, his lips managing to find hers again while he walked.

Ellie wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, surprised to find it came naturally. Nat was strong, his arms taking her weight effortlessly, it made her feel feminine and vulnerable, a man such as him wanting her so much.

He reached the house and set her down, before opening the door and propelling her into the house, his need becoming increasingly uncontrollable. Shiver of excitement passed through her body, the touch of his hands on her flesh waylaying all her fears and doubts. He was right, they were destined to be together, she could feel it too. As his mouth sought hers again she saw that faint red glow in his eyes, there was no denying there was something different about Nat.

Ellie did not have time to look at the inside of the house, he picked her up again and, taking the stairs two at a time, took her to his bedroom. There he lay her on the bed and moved over her, his body so close. He kissed her neck, working his way down to the top of her dress and placed feather light kisses just above where the fabric touched her skin.

His breathing slowed a little, he was trying to calm himself down. When at last he seemed under control he spoke to her, “Ellie, I want you, and I want this to be wonderful for you, I swear I will take it slow, but I am fighting for control.” She stroked his hair with her hand. “I understand, and I trust you, Nat, I really do.”

He leaned down and kissed her gently, and then his fingers began to undo the buttons of her dress, revealing the flesh of her breasts for the first time. Each inch had to be stroked and kissed, his fingers undoing the buttons until her bra and panties were exposed. With strong capable hands he sat her up and pushed the dress from her shoulders, and then he reached behind her and unclasped her bra.

As her ample br£asts were freed she felt a moment of embarrassment, here was this rich, handsome man, who could have any woman he wanted, looking at her voluptuous body. It was the first time any man had seen her naked, but the look in his strange eyes made her feel as though it would not matter what she looked like.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” he told her before leaning forward and taking her n’pple in his mouth. Her whole body went into shock; nothing had ever felt like this, the sensation a mixture of exquisite pleasure and pain. He sucked and licked her n’pple until it was a hardened peak, then he rolled his tongue over it. When she thought she could stand itno longer he switched to the other one and the wonderful torture began again.

Heat built up in her body, her sex became wet, and her clit throbbed with need. All she could think of was how it would feel for him place his mouth there. Her hands curled into his hair, holding his head against her as he carried on taking pleasure in her body. If she thought this was good, the feel of his fingers working their way down her body and then brushing her thigh made her anticipate so much more.

He did not make her wait long to find out what it was like to be touched by a man in her most intimate place. Lightly at first he touched her, his fingers brushing her cl’t and sliding back along the length of her s£x. Even through the.fabric of her panties the sensation made her tremble with excitement, she knew how wet she was and now he would know it too.

There was no disguising how much she wanted him, her body had toldhim everything he needed to know. With a groan of pent up desire his fingers hookedaround the elastic of her panties, she thought he was going to pull them down for her to step out of but instead he tore them away from her body, leaving them shredded as though they were made from paper.

Now he had full access to every part of her, he set about making her come for him. His finger stroked her s€x, pushing a little inside before pulling back to slide them, now wet with her own juices, back over her clit. She whimpered with need, and so he pushed a little deeper until he found the barrier of her innocence.

The knowledge that she truly was a virgin seemed to slow him down. He knelt on the floor by the side of the bed and then pulled her gently towards him so her legs dangled over the side. He positioned himself between her parted legs, taking a leisurely look at her swollen s£x before kissing the inside of her thighs.

Moving as though they had all the time in the world he closed in on his prize, taking pleasure from her gasp of shock when his mouth finally covered her clit for the first time. Sucking and licking her he began to release the wild animal in her. She cried out when his thumb brushed along her slit and then dipped inside, the thickness of it filling her throbbing s€x.

He did not break her; instead he made her come with his mouth, only penetrating her a little. Her world exploded for the first time, his tongue flicking over her clit and his thumb pushing in and out of her entrance.

Ellie’s s€x throbbed, contracting and releasing over and over while he diligently continued to drag every last spasm from her body…… ** When the throbbing subsided she lay breathless before him, Nat still kneeling before her as though she were the altar at which he worshipped.

Kissing her thighs again he raised himself up and looked down at her. Ellie’s eyes filed with wonder as he began to undress. First he unbuttoned his shirt, letting it slide off his arms revealing the toned muscles of a man who was in his prime. His stomach was what she would imagine they meant when describing washboard abs, his skin rippling across it as he moved.

Her mouth almost watered in anticipation when he turned his fingers to the belt on his pants, pulling the leather so the buckle undid, and then pulling it apart.


A Virgin For The Wolf 18+(Episode 9)

My virgin mate.

When the throbbing subsided she lay breathless before him, Nat still kneeling before her as though she were the altar at which he worshipped.

Kissing her thighs again he raised himself up and looked down at her. Ellie’s eyes filed with wonder as he began to undress. First he unbuttoned his shirt, letting it slide off his arms revealing the toned muscles of a man who was in his prime. His stomach was what she would imagine they meant when describing washboard abs, his skin rippling across it as he moved.

Her mouth almost watered in anticipation when he turned his fingers to the belt on his pants, pulling the leather so the buckle undid, and then pulling it apart. Soon his pants were sliding to the floor to join the rest of his clothes, and he stood proud and erect in front of her. Her eyes were drawn to his c0ck, they widened at the sheer size and girth of him. She could not comprehend how he would fit inside of her without it hurting.

Yet she had to know, more than anything she needed to know what it was like to be taken by this virile man. Bravely she sat up and reached out her hand to touch him. He closed his eyes and swayed slightly when her fingers closed around his rigid length.

It felt so different, hard and yet the skin moved as she slid her hand up and down it. She lost herself in the feel of him, so she was unprepared when his control broke and he pushed her onto her back and moved between her thighs. His fingers massaged her s£x, rougher than before, and then he held himself and guided his c0ck towards her entrance. The head of it brushed against her, he teased her, and she could see the strain on his face, the effort it was taking for him not to simply plunge straight into her.

Slowly, he pushed against her s€x, the head of his c0ck sliding against her outer lips. The fear of his size passed, now all she wanted was for him to penetrate her. Inch by careful inch he moved forward, her body yielding for him. His c0ck slid inside her, stretching her, she could feel every movement he made, because gripped him so tightly.

Although she was wet and ready for him it still hurt, a stinging followed by a sharp pain when he broke her innocence. She tried not to cry, but a tear rolled down her face which he saw and licked away. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, his body stilled, but he did not pull out. Her breathing came in gasps, the pain slowly eased and she was instead gripped with a need for him to continue, to make her his.

Unable to trust her voice she wrapped her arms around him, and urged him to carry on. “Are you sure you’re ready?” he asked. “Yes,” she answered, throwing her head back in a silent cry when he pushed deeper into her.

The pain turned to a pleasure so much more than she had ever imagined. He pushed hard into her until he had impaled her completely, and then he slid back out, the friction of their bodies stimulating her nerve endings. Her hands were still wrapped around him and she could feel the tension in his body, he was still holding back, trying not to be too rough with her.

In and out he thrust, each time making her reach higher until the crest of her orgasm was so close. Her own body seemed to be a confusion of feelings and emotions that were so new to her she had no way of dealing with them.

His thrusts grew harder, more urgent, but she struggled to crest the peak of pleasure, unable to simply let herself go. He plunged hard into her, and all at once Nat was filling her with his seed, he cried out, unable to control himself any longer, the wait had been too long.

Yet instinctively he knew she was wanting, and he could not let that happen when it was her first time. Balancing on one elbow he wrapped his strong hand around her breast and ran his thumb over her nipple. The feelings in her body began to grow, and as he jerked hard into her he lowered his head and sucked her n’pple into his mouth, rolling his tongue over it.

She arched her back, offering herself to him, and he rewarded her by grazing his teeth over the hard little bud. Suddenly her climax was upon her, and the tight muscles of her s€x gripped him and pulsed around his c0ck as he spurted his seed deep inside her.

It was like a chain reaction, one she could not now stop even if she wanted too. Nat strained to be inside her as deep as he could, and Ellie felt his need and lifted her hips to push onto him. The change in angle caused her clit to brush against his body and the feeling of the throbbing bundle of nerves connected with the pleasure signals his mouth drew from her br€asts.

Her voice mingled with his, she cried out her pleasure, their mating now complete. If she had ever doubted him, then these feelings were now firmly in the past. Even in the throes of passion he had been considerate to her needs, and now in the afterglow of their lovemaking he kissed her tenderly and whispered things she had never thought to hear. For the first time ever she felt truly loved.


A Virgin For The Wolf 18+(Episode 10)

Take me like a true mate.

“Did I hurt you?” Nate asked, his breathing still ragged and his face full of concern. “It was nothing, and it soon passed,” she answered, the feeling of discomfort now a distant memory. “I’m so sorry; I lost control for a moment.” He looked so guilty her heart contracted in pain, and love. “It was worth it, for the end bit,” she said blushing. “I hope I’ll get better at this and learn to please you more.” He kissed her fiercely, and then pulled back, holding her face between his large hands so she had to look straight into his eyes.

“You are perfect the way you are, I have never felt this way about anyone, and I never will. You must believe me, I love your innocence.” He kissed her again, this time more passionately, and she felt the first flicker of desire again. She stroked his back and marvelled at the suppleness and strength of his body. Wrapping her legs around him she hoped to encourage him to make love to her again, because she was too shy to ask.

He laughed, a deep throaty sound. “All in good time, my love. First I have something I want to show you, I think it is only fair that you know what you are getting when you agree to be my mate.” He pulled her off the bed and, although she tried to wrap the sheet around her body, made her walk with him naked into the garden.

There a light breeze caressed her body, heightening her need to be touched by him. However Nat resisted her and pulled away, leaving her standing alone in the cool night air. “I have tried to tell you that I am different, and that you are my true mate. But I can’t explain how different I am, I can only show you,” he said, for once looking very nervous.

“Please keep an open mind, and don’t be scared, I can never hurt you. On the contrary, I can only protect and honour you.” “Nat, whatever it is, you don’t have to show me, I am willing to be your mistress, no matter what.” Ellie said, feeling a wave of trepidation rush over her.

Whatever he showed her seemed pretty serious, and there would be no taking it back once she knew his secret. Part of her didn’t want to know because she didn’t want this evening to be spoiled. “It’s important to me that you know, and I think you will agree once you see me…differently.” “Nat, please.”

“Just keep an open mind, and don’t be scared.” With that he ran away from her to the other side of the garden, and then he turned and faced her. While she watched, his eyes took on the strange glow she had seen while they made love, and then he shimmered, as though he had gone out of focus to her eyes.

There was a swirling of colours, and for a few moments she could not make out the shape of him. Slowly her eyes began to focus again, but she had to blink a couple of times because something was wrong. The shape before her was no longer human, instead a large dog like creature stood in the place where Nat had been. Ellie looked around, feeling completely vulnerable, Nat had obviously played a trick on her, and he couldn’t have done it alone.

Which meant she was standing here, completely naked in a billionaire’s garden, while being laughed at by god knows how many people.

She turned to run back to the house, tears of shame running down her face. Then she heard the sound of something running towards her, and turning back she saw the creature was not a dog, it was a wolf, and it was about to catch up with her.

Stumbling she fell to the floor, the large russet brown wolf towering over her, she wanted to scream, but the sound would not come out.

This was it, she was going to get eaten by a wild animal, and all she could think of was what would happen to Tom. “Please,” she said, looking into the eyes of the creature and knowing he could not understand her. Then, as she looked, she felt that same connection, and the realisation that this was Nathaniel Greystone’s secret. For a moment she could not breathe and the world seemed to close in on her. This could not be real; things like this did not exist in the normal world.

Yet nothing that had happened seemed real since she met Nat yesterday. Yesterday? Such a short time ago, but it seemed like forever. This was why he was different, and this was why he offered her everything that was his. Wolves mate for life, which was why he had been searching for his true mate. Now it all made sense, he did not pick her because of what she looked like, or how much money she. had. He had no say in it, and neither did she.

Reaching up with a shaking hand she ran her fingersthrough the thick soft hair of the wolf. She heard him sigh; relief seemed to flow from him. He must have had some doubts that she would not accept him for what he truly was.

Stroking his back with both hands she felt him shudder, his eyes dilated and he lowered his head and sniffed her. Then the air shimmered again and Nat was before her, his mouth on her br€asts and his fingers between her legs. He rubbed her clit, sliding his fingers along the length of her slit until he was sure she was ready for him, and this time he mounted her quickly, pushing straight into her.

She gasped with surprise, her nails digging into his skin leaving red marks. This seemed to spur him on, he thrust hard and then pulled back to thrust into her again, the beast in him taking over. Although it hurt a little she did not care, this time she wanted him to take her like a true mate.


A Virgin For The Wolf 18+(Episode 12 Final)

Forever with my mate.

He stretched her with his huge c*ck, her tight s3x gripping him so that they both felt intensely stimulated by the friction of his thrusts.

Nat’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once, stroking her face, then down her neck to her bre@-sts. Here they lingered for the longest time, teasing her n’pples into the. hardest little peaks before his mouth covered them and he rolled his tongue over them until she squirmed beneath him.

Pleased with his work he pushed one of his hands between their bodies and found her clit, rubbing it with his thumb, while his powerful thrusts continued. Ellie felt the world slipping away from her. Here she lay, with a billionaire werewolf making love to her in the garden of his exclusive house.

None of it seemed real, except the feel of him inside her, and his hands and mouth on her body, she held on to that as she approached an earth shattering clim-ax. He groaned and surged hard into her, his seed spurting warm and deep. It crossed her mind that he was indeed trying to breed with her, the thought of that was too much.

Her org@sm crashed into her, the contraction of her s3x drawing his seed deep into her. The realisation that she was everything to this man was a powerful feeling. No longer was she the cheap little office girl who had to scrimp on everything just to get by.

At this moment she was no longer the curvy unattractive girl. Instead she was the chosen mate of one of the most eligible bachelors in the city. Ellie felt wave upon wave of pleasure wash over her. Nat nipped at her neck, leaving his mark on her, telling the world she was his while he filled her with his seed until he was spent.

Her cli-max reached its peak, and gradually she came back down to earth. Nat held her close, his cock was still inside her, neither of them wanted to move and break the spell that rested over them.

Like this they were complete, no words were needed, no explanations had to be made. Eventually Ellie found her arm going numb and she needed to flex it, her movement stirred Nat. He pulled out of her and rolled onto his knees.

Offering her his hand he helped her up and they went back to his house. Wordlessly they climbed the stairs to his bedroom and she crawled under the covers, and he slid in beside her. “Are you OK with all this?” he asked.

“I don’t know how I feel. It’s a lot to process,” she answered honestly. He lay silent, and Ellie realised he must think she was rejecting him. Leaning on one elbow she lay across his chest and tilted his face towards hers.

“Don’t worry, Nat, I accept what you are, I simply don’t know how to make it fit into reality. You have known this all your life; to me it’s the stuff of fairy tales.” He stroked her cheek lightly. “Take all the time you need, I’m not going anywhere.” “Are all your family like you?” she asked. So many questions filled her head she didn’t know where to start. “Yes, we only reveal ourselves to each other and our true mates.” “And our children will be the same?” He smiled. “What’s so funny?” she asked. “I like the fact that you are thinking about “our” children.” “Well, there is no one else for me; I think this true mate thing works two ways. The only thing that worries me is Tom.” She and Tom had been everything to each other for so many years; she could not abandon him now, not even for true love.

“Don’t worry, he’s growing up, he’ll go to college and have his own life. But until then I’ll do whatever you think is best to help him accept me.” “OK,” she sighed, knowing it wasn’t going to be easy, but then she had the rest of her life with Nat to look forward to. “Is there anything else you want to know?” he asked, stroking her back and sending tingles along her spine. She looked at him, still not able to believe this man was hers. “There is one thing.” “Ask whatever you want,” he said pushing her hair back from her face.

“Can you make love to me again?” she asked, not wanting to think about the future any more. “Oh, yes. That is one thing I definitely can do.” He pulled her head down towards his and kissed her slowly and sensuously. His tongue gliding along her lips making her shiver with desire.

When they had kissed until her lips felt swollen he sat up and lifted her so she was on al fours. Moving behind her he slid his fingers inside her already wet s3x. Pushing deep he moved them in and out, sliding them down over her clit.

Her whole body throbbed with the need to be filled with him, but he took it slow. “Please Nat, I want to feel you inside me,” Ellie begged. He laughed his low s3y laugh; those were the words he had wanted to hear. She felt the head of his ck against her s*x and then he breached her and pushed deep, filling her with his thick length. In one fluid movement he filled her, stretching her wonderfully. Ellie braced her body against the bed, taking him completely inside her.

When she was completely impaled, his fingers found her cl’t and stroked her there while he began to thrust in and out of her. His other hand reached out, cupping her breast so that each time he thrust forward her nipple rubbed against the palm of his hand.

She cried out, the sound muffled by the covers on the bed. Her body exploded around him, her tight s* throbbing as she came while Nat continued to plunge himself into her. He was more controlled this time, riding her through one orgasm and then bringing her to the crest of another. Ellie wondered how much her body could take, when he finally came, crying out like the beast he was. His hands moved to grip her hips and he pumped himself into her, holding her in place Ellie thought he would split her in two; her sx ached as he jerked hard into her. His pent up climax seemed never ending, the throbbing of his c”k sending tremors through her overly sensitive body.

Then her second orgasm took her and they peaked together, her cries mingling with his. When he had finished he slumped forward over her, his breathing heavy and fast. He pulled out of her and they collapsed down together, holding each other, happy in the after glow of their lovemaking. He stroked her arm lightly, and then said, “Ellie, what you said about being my mistress.” “Yes,” she said, almost too tired to speak.

“You do know that’s not what I am asking of you?” “Oh, I’m sorry; I assumed that was what would happen.” Ellie tried not to let her voice break with the lump in her throat. She had made a mistake; he simply wanted to breed with her, which was why he had given her the job and the added insurance.

He turned to look at her. “Ellie, I mean you are my mate, when you are ready we’ll get married.” “Married!” It was something she had never expected. “Of course. I would marry you tomorrow, but I guess we might have to wait a little while longer than that.” “That would certainly make people talk.”

“We can’t leave it too long though, I want us to be married by the time you have our first child.” He turned and kissed her again. “And the way you make me feel it won’t be long until you conceive.” His hand slid over her breast, finding the sensitive n’pple and stroking it. “You are insatiable you know?” Ellie said filled with happiness.

“I didn’t until I met you.” With that he slid down the bed and again began teaching Ellie all about the pleasure a wolf can give to his true mate.

THE END :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::hugs::hugs::hugs:

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