About the Stories Category

A category for fictional and non-fictional stories, such as adventure stories, mature or romantic stories, chronicles, tragicomedy, comedy, tragic stories, true life stories, events, and other topics that fit into this category.

A bragging space for writers, storytellers, poets, autobiographers, screenwriters, spoken word artists, illustrators, historians, and book authors of all kinds to share their works and experiences, and promote their work on Brag HQ.

The Stories & Literature category, as well as its sub-categories, is available to all Brag HQ members who have reached Trust Level 2 or above. It is highly recommended by the Brag HQ staff and admins that all users who have access to this category and its sub-categories publish only material that they have created themselves or that they have full permission to post.

Disclaimer & DMCA Notice

For the purpose of kicking off the bootstrapping process for the Brag HQ Community, our team of writers shared some plagiarized stories from the internet that belonged to random individuals. Alternatively, if you stumble upon your work on the platform and would want it removed or the ownership transferred to you, you may contact either the original poster or the system administrator. Please allow at least 48 hours after your initial request for the process to be completed.

Stories Category FAQ

Who can post in this category?

Storytellers, poets, autobiographers, screenwriters, spoken word artists, illustrators, historians, book authors, and other literature related authors.

How exactly is this different than the other categories on Brag HQ?

You’re responsible for whatever you post in this category. So, it’s always good to post the material you have full right to.

I'm not able to post my content in this category. How can I have access?

The minimum trust level members must reach to be able to post in this category is “Trust Level 2.” We set it this way in order to reduce plagiarism of other people’s work.

If you have your original work and wish to share it with the community, but you’re not at “Trust Level 2” yet, you can reach out to the system admin for quick promotion.