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Ada The Secret Admirer (Episode 1)

It was a dark night, Me and Amaka, My village lover, were under the palm tree we usually sat down, to converse and played romantically. Everywhere was cool as the upper strong leaves of the palm tree were blowing air on me and Amaka, My village lover, as we stood under the palm tree.

Amaka’s head was on my lap, And I was using my hands to braid her hair romantically. I don’t really know how to sing but there was a particular song I usually sang for her Whenever she’s with me. It was this song I was singing, When amaka stood up and turned to me. She seems unhappy, so I was worried.

“Love, I’m afraid” she muttered.

“Why are you afraid? I asked her curiously.

“You know you’re now going to school. Not just a school, but higher institution,Not just a higher institution, But UNILAG, where beautiful ladies are, Pleases do not forget me, Remember how we started.” Amaka said, as tears started rolling down from her eyes

I immediately cuddled her, as I rest her head on my chest.

“Amaka, You know how much I love you. I really love you. I do. I really do. No Girl, I repeat, No Girl can ever take your love out of my heart. Put your mind at rest.” I assured her.

She was beaming, As her frowning face was changing to a smilling face slowly.

She then told me

“Make a promise to me that you would never leave me. No matter what” Amaka said.

After she said this, I held her hands, I filled the holes in her fingers with my fingers and then I made a promise

“I promise not to ever leave you, Amaka, My village lover” I said.

The “Village lover” path made her smiled. She doesn’t really like it when I called her “My village lover” but she usually smile whenever I said that, So I always called her that whenever I want her to smile.

The next day’s morning, I was set to leave to Lagos, Carrying my bags on my shoulder, when Amaka showed up.

“You’re set to leave, love? ” she asked with smile.

Her smilling face was bitter. I knew she wasn’t really happy. She was just being strong.

“Yes, Darling” I responded.

Amaka then removed the bags from my shoulder and then escorted me till we reach the bus garage where I would board a commercial bus to Lagos. She was there with me untill the bus was filled with passengers.

As the bus was about to be going, Amaka, My lover, drew love symbol with her hand and then she started crying. I couldn’t hold my tears too. I was also crying.

Then next day As I stepped into the university of Lagos, I was checking everywhere : The buildings, The lecture rooms and everywhere, When I saw a young beautiful lady who sat down alone in a lecture room. So I approached her.

“Hi, My name is heamam” I said, Cheerfully. “Hi, I’m Ada” she responded.

Ada was such a very beautiful and pretty young lady, But because of the deep love I had for my lover, Amaka, I didn’t see Ada’s comeliness as anything.

“Please, Where’s the library of this school? ” I asked her

Then she stood up from where she seated and pointed at the library.

“Oh thanks ” I said.

As I was about to leave, She tapped me from the back and said

“You’re such a cute- handsome young man”

I looked at myself and felt somehow special.

“Oh really! Thanks for the admiration” I said, As I smiled.

I thought she had done talking, so I turned back again. As I was about to be going again, She tapped me again.

“I’m studying English. I’m in 200l. What about you? ” she asked.

I beamed and sighed.

” You’re our senior, ma. I just gained admission. Today is even my first day in school.” I said.

“Well it doesn’t really matter. Love doesn’___” she was saying, when she stopped talking all of a sudden.

“Oh sorry” she said.

“It’s fine” I responded.

“Please can I have your whàtsapp number? ” she requested.

“Well, No problem ”

She brought out her phone from her golden purse, It was a new iphone13. She looked rich. Well, I collected the phone from her and put my number there.

It was a Whatsapp call that woke me up the next day’s morning. As I checked it, it was from an unknown number. The number had sent me messages. So I hurriedly check them.

“Hi, Heamam, This is Ada” she sent, followed by three love emojis. “Hope you slept well, dearie ” another one with kissy kissy emojis.

To be continued.

© Heamam Babatunde Harbolore

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Ada The Secret Admirer - Episode 2

When I finished reading the messages that were sent to me by Ada, I crawled little back to my bed, Resting my head on my pillow and then sighed.

“What’s this Girl up to? ” I asked myself in my mind, As I was wondering.

I haven’t stopped wondering, When my phone rang again. It was a phone call from Ada.

For more than thirty seconds, she couldn’t say a single word, All I could heard was someone trying to start a conversation but couldn’t.

“Good morning, Ada” I said.

After saying this, she laughed in audible voice.

“When are you coming to school, darling? She asked. “By 8am, I would be there ” I responded. “When will you leave? ” she asked “Well, I can’t say yet, And why did you ask? ” I said. “Well, Don’t worry ” she hummed. “Okay” I said “Okay bye bye, sweetheart ” she said.

I rest my head on my pillow very well, Then I sighed.

“Heamam!!!” I called myself in my mind as I started recalling how me and Amaka, My village lover, met.

I was living in Lagos with my Daddy and my step-Mother before I came to the village where I met Amaka, my village lover. Though my Daddy and Mummy were once deep lovers, But as fate would have it, They divorced. So my Dad remarried, But my mum didn’t, rather she relocated to her village. When I asked why she did that, She said that was where my Dad took her from. She said she’s never tired living in her village.

My mum would always tròuble me to come and spend my holiday with her in her village, But I don’t really like to go because I thought it would be very boring for me. Though my mum would keep protesting that her side is no more a village but a city. She would always fìght me not to pigeonhole her place as a village again.

So when I graduated from secondary school and sought for UNILAG admission, I decided to seize the opportunity to visit her, Which I did.

As I dropped down from the bus that took me to her village, I didn’t see anybody to ask where I was going to from, and my phone had switched off. I thought everyone of them has gone to the farm. So I kept walking till I was lost and couldn’t know where I was going again. Even when I wanted to go back, I couldn’t got the road still, I was just wandering like a lost dog who doesn’t know it’s destination.

I kept walking to the front maybe I would see a person to ask from or step into the village without asking from anybody. As I kept walking, I found myself in a place that was rounded with trees, But there was a tiny road that I was following, The road seems like a straight road that headed to the village, A road where People walk. so I kept walking.

While walking, I saw a strange animal that was walking toward me. I have never seen such an animal in my life,It was a reptile, I wouldn’t say it was a crocodile either, It’s a creature that can’t be defined to be understood. So as I saw it, I shouted at it to leave, But rather to leave, It was coming straight toward me still.

I use to be a coward, I’m not that too brave. So I started running back helter-skelter. Then I saw a young beautiful lady coming, On her head was a calabash, showing a sign that she was coming from a river where she went to fetch water. On her hands and legs were beads, A very beautiful lady, Fair in complexion as she was beaming admiringly. Well that wasn’t my concern then, I walked to her, Hid at her back and held her. I grabbed her brèàst mistakenly as I hid at her back.

“Please help me! Look at it” I was saying, Pointing at that reptile, as I was breathing heavily.

She then smiled and shyly removed my hands from her brèàst that I placed my palms on mistakenly.

“I’m sorry” I said, as I looked at her. “It’s nothing ” she responded.

“Yeee! It’s moving closer to us. I’m dèad. God! ” I was saying.

Rather to be afraid, she was just smiling.

“It wouldn’t hurt us” she said, As she moved closer to it and touched it.

I felt relieved, As I smiled.

Then as I raised up my head, I saw her prettiness and comeliness.

“To be candid, I don’t know beautiful ladies are in villages” I said, talking to her.

She smiled, As she was blushing shyly.

“Anyway, I’m heamam ” I said. “I’m Amaka ” she said “Amaka, The beautiful village Girl” I said.

She couldn’t help, She smiled again. I like to see her white teeth and her smiling face again. Amaka is such a very Beautiful lady.

She was the one who took me to my mama’s place and that was how we started.

*Back to school *

I bathed , dressed up and went to school. When it was around 3pm when I had through with my first lectures in school and was set to go back home, As I got to the school gate, Ada appeared to me and blocked my way.

“Why don’t you call me when you’re set to go home? ” she asked.

“I’m sorry. Just that I’m hungry, I need to go home fast fast” I responded.

“Oh that’s nice. Let me take you to shoprite to do shopping and then from there to a beautiful restaurant to eat satisfactorily” she said.

I was humming, as I was scratching my back that was not itching me.

To be continued!

Ada The Secret Admirer - Episode 3

“Don’t worry, Let us go to a shopping mall.Then after shopping, Let us go and eat in a beautiful restaurant ” Ada said, Talking to me.

I was humming, As I was scratching my back that wasn’t itching me.

“Oyah” Ada said again, As she held my hand.

I don’t really know why, I didn’t feel comfortable going out with her, I wasn’t really pleased with the outing, so I rejected the proposal.

“Ada, Thank you. I’m not interested” I said, as I was about to leave.

Immediately as this statement was muttered by me, Ada’s eyes became watery.

“But___” I was stammering, I didn’t know what to say again.

Ada, with her watery eyes and àngry face took a step to leave, But I grasped her back.

“Are you àngry” I asked, being suprised.

Sincerely, I didn’t know she would take it serious, I thought she would just said it was fine and then left without being hùrt or sàd.

“No. Not at all. Why would I be àngry” she said, Trying to make the tears return back to eyes without letting me know her eyes was watery.

I knew she wasn’t happy, Even though she managed to smile. Me as a person, I don’t like to hurt people, Talk less of, to the extent of crying or feeling sàd.

“Okay. Let us go” I said, As I smiled.

Y’all know that type of a smile, The one you have when you accept something uncomfortably.

As she heard this, she couldn’t control herself, She hugged me.

“Hmmmm” I sighed.

As me and Ada got to the shopping mall, The female attendant approached us

“You’re welcome to k&T shopping mall, I hope you have a nice day” she said, As she welcomed us.

“Thanks so much ” Ada responded “Thanks ” I added.

As we were about to leave to buying things, She called us back, I mean the female attendant.

“Wow! You guys will make a good and perfect couple” She said.

I felt shocked, As I was smilling unpleasantly.

Ada, With excitement, smiled and felt happy.

“You heard what she said? ” Ada asked, Talking to me “What’s that? ” I pretended. “The female attendant said we would make a good and perfect couple” Ada said. “Oh really” I said, As I smiled unwillingly.

I bought little things I could buy, But she kept tròubling me to buy more. when I said it was okay, She wasn’t satisfied until when I bought goods that worth about one hundred thousand naira. I couldn’t imagine.

When we were about to pay, It was on that female attendant’s table we would still make the payment, So I immediately brought out my Atm card to pay. As she wanted to collect it, Ada hijacked my hand and gave her hers.

Well I didn’t even have twenty thousand in my bank account, I was only trying to form as a man. may we not be useless. You gerrit.

“Don’t worry, I’ll pay” Ada said. “No, let me pay” I protested

Since I didn’t have anything to pay, I calmed down and allowed her to make the payment.

Even as the female attendant was attending to us, She kept looking at me and Ada, She kept smilling and glancing at us admiringly. She was shaking her head

“God created you guys to be together. You look alike, Your height, Your beautiful faces and also your standing. I adore you guys. Please don’t ever break up” The female attendant said, begging me and Ada not to break up.

I wonder why some people don’t mind their business. Well it wasn’t her fault. Ada is such a very beautiful Girl and I’m handsome too. So nobody would ever see me and Ada together without admiring us.

“We promise not to” Ada said, With smile.

I was shocked again, Hearing Ada promising her that we would never break up. I thought breakup is only for people who are in a dating relationship. Not for friends who just met two days ago.

The money she was to pay was just one hundred thousand naira, But she added fifteen thousand naira to it.

“I gave you that for the compliment” Ada said, as she gifted the lady fifteen thousand naira.

She was so happy, she thanked her and we left to a restaurant.

As we got to the restaurant, we ordered for food.

So as we were eating, Ada told me

“Let reciprocate spoons”

“I don’t get” I said.

Then the next thing I saw was her spoon coming directly to my mouth, she wanted to give me food with her spoon.

There I remembered Amaka, My village lover. I remembered the promise I made.

So I instantly pretended as if pepper chocked me. So I began coughing before the spoon reached my mouth.

“Kucukukcouhhukkhunocu” I was coughing.

To be continued

Ada The Secret Admirer - Episode 4

Me and Ada left the restaurant on that day, And ever since then, Ada has been trōubling and disturbing me with numerous calls and messages. Though she has never for once said she would love me to be her boyfriend and sure, I was pleased with that. I wouldn’t want to betray Amaka, So I kept playing along.

Sincerely, I knew Ada always wished we could be in a dating relationship but, since I didn’t want that to happen, I didn’t propose to her, And she was also shy to spoke her mind.

Amaka, My village lover was calling me Numerously, Our relationship was going fine, As she was showing me love and deep affection.

Three years have passed, I was in 300l, As ada was in her final year. Amaka had stopped calling me for like three months. I was worried as my mind wasn’t at rest again.

When we were set to sat for our exam, Amaka’s call woke me up on that day.

“Good morning, heamam” Amaka said.

I felt strange. Not because Amaka called me, But because she called me with my name, And not with a romantic name.

“Maybe she isn’t fine” I said in my mind.

Amaka then started muttering unloved words.

“Please, Find another person. Our relationship can’t work out, please” Amaka said, as she started crying.

In the first place, I thought she was joking, But later, I realized she meant it.

She ended the call immediately, And when I was about to call back, I realized my number has been blacklis’ted.

My days were no more fine, As I was drowning in deep sorrow…

I tried all the means to get in touch with her, but my efforts were to no avail.

It was our final paper.

I was still depressed, but I must tried all my possible best to congratulate Ada as she Would sign out from the school that day. So I took up my phone and dialled her Number.

“Congratulations to you dear on the completion of your program. May God, With his infinite mercy bless you and many more success ahead. ” I said, Talking to Ada.

“Awwwn, Thanks love. I had wanted to call you, But your number wasn’t reachable. Please I need to tell you something ” She said.

“Okay, what’s that? ” I responded.

Ada then invited me to a night party, Which she said it was held by her mates who were passing out from the school. But because I wasn’t feeling fine, I declined it.

Even despite my explanations, Ada insisted that I must be there, And she kept begging me.

“Okay” I sighed.

In the night as I got to that place, I looked at everywhere and it was unusual to held a party in such hotel. The place was actually built for lovers, Not for parties.

“Well” I sighed.

As I got to the center I was going exactly, I saw Ada’s friends forming a circle, as they were elegantly dressed.

“What’s happening? ” I asked myself, as I was feeling surprised.

Then as I was about to sit down, Ada appeared to me, Beautifully and elegantly dressed, In a beautiful gown, As she was walking up to me.

As she was walking up to me, Her friends were clapping as they were smiling admiringly.

“What’s all this? ” I felt strange.

As Ada walked up to me, She knelt down, Brought out two beautiful rings and gave one to me.

“I’ve already said YES, please put the ring on my finger. I love you” Ada said, And her friends blow flowers.

I didn’t even know what to say. Yeah.

“But we are Not dating, Ada” I said, As I was acting strangely.

“Yeah. I know, But please don’t put me to shame, I love you. Please marry me” Ada said again, As tears started rolling down from her eyes.

I took a step to leave, She held my leg, But I hijacked her hand.

As I got home, I propped up my pillow to my head, And started feeling sàd. Not for Ada, But for Amaka.

While I was crying, My phone rang and it was Amaka.

“Hello” I said with crying voice.

Amaka couldn’t help, she was actually crying too…

I wondered what happened to her, I wondered why she made such a decision.

“If I offended you, Please, forgive me, Amaka” I said, As I continue crying…

That was where Amaka explained how she was gang-rap’ed in the village to me. Because of the shame, she had to relocated from the village to Ebonyi, Her father’s place, where she finally met her she would be marrying soon.

“Your mum will never allow you to marry me again. I was brūtally rap’ed and it was spread all over the village. I’m sorry” Amaka said, As she ended the call.

I tried the number again, But my number was blackl! sted again. .

“If you had told me, wouldn’t I have continue the relationship? ” I said, Crying bìttèrly.

I was still there being sàd and de’pressed, When Ada’s friends called me. I didn’t pick their calls, But when they were tròubling me, I had to picked up the call to insūlt and abūse them, Because I was in deep sorro’w then.

“Please come oh… Come to our aid, please. Ada has locked herself up in the room. She’s up to something bàd. Please come!!! “.

I didn’t even bother to take my phone or wear my shoe, I ran to her residence helter-skelter.

As I got there, Her friends were crying already.

“What’s happening? ” I asked.

Ada had locked the door from the back, I had to carry a big wood to break the door.

As the door was opened, I saw Ada on the floor, lying helplessly, rolling on the floor in pàin, Holding her stomach, as she was gesticulating for help.

I couldn’t wait at all, I hurriedly walked up to her.

On her hand was a poìsonous substance.

“Wait, did you drink poìson? ”

I was crying, sobbing, as I was sweating hotly.

To be continued

Ada The Secret Admirer - Episode 5 Final

“Wait, Ada, Did you drink pōìson? ” I asked, As I was crying flowingly.

I placed her head on my lap.I wasn’t myself again. I couldn’t believe I had lost my memory. That moment, I was just like an infant who just visited the world for the first time ever. All I could do was crying and nothing more.

When I came back to sense, I told her friends to please hurriedly go and get a cab that would take us to the hospital, But they seems so very slow. All they could also do was crying bìtterly.

Without wasting time, I raised Ada up, hung her across my shoulder and took her to a nearest hospital.

I was there crying uncontrollably. Ada was being attended to, But my mind wasn’t at rest still.

“God, please, let not anything happen to her” I knelt down as I continue praying.

After few minutes, The doctor who was attending to her returned back from where Ada was being taken care of,So I blocked her way.

“Mam, Please how is she? Please I beg you. Hope she hasn’t –well, That will never happen. Please how is Ada? ” I was stammering.

She assured me that nothing bàd would happen to her. Though I found it so very hard to keep calm still, But then, My mind was at rest a little.

Later after few hours, The doctor called me and Ada’s friends to enter. Gladly, Ada has woken up, And we all felt happy.

But when Ada saw me, She roared out of ànger.

“Isn’t this what you want? Shebi you want me to d!e abi no be so? Get out of here” She shouted.

Her friends whispered to her ears, But she responded them with

“And so fvcking what! ”

I was trying to beg her, When the doctor ask me to leave. She explained to me that she needed to rest. She said the more she set eyes on me, The more àngrier she got, So I should leave quickly.

I left there to my room. I sat down on my bed, As I propped my head up with my pillow. I was feeling sàd, As I was crying uncontrollably.

“Which is one is not worthy to be dèppressed and cry about; Amaka that left me or Ada that I hūrt hèartlessly? ” I asked myself, as tears continue rolling down from my eyes.

Sure, Amaka’s vìrginìty was among the reasons why I loved her so much as that.

The second day me and Amaka met, My plan on that day was to hàve sèxūal intèrcōurse with her and left her. But she explained to me that she was still a vìrgin. I found it so very hard to believe , Because in Lagos where I came from, Even a twelve old Girl can not be underrated. Life has spoiled finish.

Until when Amaka’s friends testified to it, That was when I believed she’s still remained a vìrgìn, And when my mum also told me about her; Her dignity and her attitudes.

Our plan was, we would both keep calm, we would not rush, We would wait till our wedding’s night, so then we would ehn *****…. – Lol. You’re listening too much attentively. Lol. Forget abourit.

Maybe Because Amaka thought I would never forgive her for breaking our promise, that was the reason why she chose to get married to another person than telling me she was gang-rap’ed in the village.

“Òlòhun… Oh God! ” I said, as I continue crying.

So then I brought out my handkerchief from my pocket and used it to clear the tears on my eyes. The tears refused to stop still, I had to find water to clean my head to the neck.

It was after five hours already, I put on my cloth and went back to the hospital where Ada was.

As I got there, I met Ada on the bed with her friend. I was afraid to enter in the first place, But I’ve planned it in my mind that if she shouted at me again, I would still leave. But as she saw me this time, she smiled.

“Thanks for saving my life” Ada said, As she smiled. “It’s my pleasure, darling” I responded.

As her friends heard our two conversations, They started coughing.

“Cough k!ll you all there” Ada said, And they burst into laughter.

So they all left and it remained just me and Ada in the hospital room.

Sincerely, I didn’t know Ada was as prettier as that, I was just seeing her beauty for the first time ever. Babe dope d!e.

“I’m sorry, love. I’m so sorry for hūrting you. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me” I said.

Ada, after hearing this, Raised her head up, And asked me surprisingly.

“Wait, did you just call me “love”? ” she asked.

I laughed, Used one of my fingers to block her lips and followed by a k!ss.

Ada was later discharged from the hospital. Our relationship continued, And we got married after two years I graduated from school and got a job.

Okay. We just gave birth to a baby last week. Yeah. God gifted me and Ada a cute daughter.

Tomorrow is the naming ceremony. Want to come? Just take a bike at anywhere, and drop at anywhere you see them doing naming ceremony.

The End.

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