Agony Of A Singer (Complete Story)

Agony Of A Singer (Episode 1)

:pensive:Sofia​:pensive: I sat down staring at Mira as she sleep peacefully the bruises on her forehead was still fresh and visible how can a five year old child go through such pains.

“am so sorry Mira for all the pains you’ve been through, i know one day we shall be free from this boundage” i said as i held i little hand, tears dropping from my eyes. It all started few years ago.

Flash back

I was married to Daniel he was every woman’s dream man and a lovely husband to me i was a popular singer and Daniel really support my dreams His brother Mark was one of the richest man in the country and always want me for himself he was so rude and arrogant unlike his brother

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One night he tried to get me in bed with him but i refused it was barely three months after i got married to his brother that night he swore to get me for himself no matter what it takes I took it as an empty treat and continue with my life.

Two weeks after that night i hosted a party after releasing my latest album i had too many guest to notice Mark’s suspicious movement until the end of the party on our way home. The party ended late at night the drive home was cool and sweet as Daniel keep telling me sweet words, i blush every minute he also joke alot and we laugh happily.

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Our car suddenly came to a halt “what’s the problem” i asked “some cars are blocking our way” my driver said and my heart start beating fast “calm down honey everything’s gonna be fine” Daniel said to me I never told him about his brother that’s was my biggest mistake,

we start hearing gunshots i was really scared as i held Daniel, my body guards were lying dead on the ground Daniel held my hand as we start running a car was following us,unlucky for us Daniel got shot as he fell down bleeding badly “run!” he said as he struggle to breathe but my feet were glue to the ground “i cant leave you here, please wake up” i cried as i shook him but he was gone​:sob:

Agony Of A Singer (Episode 2)


That night Mark forcefully took me home he was happy his brother was dead and he made sure nobody suspected him. That’s how i end up living with a monster he made me stop my singing career i received hurtful words from many people it really broke my heart few weeks later i notice i was pregnant for my late husband i manage it hide it from Mark when he noticed he was happy am carrying his child. He then threatened to kill my parent if i don’t get married to him publicly.

People see me as a betrayer for marring my late husband’s brother not up to a month after his death, some said i was a slut some said i married because of his wealth The shocking part was that Mark made sure he trace and kill anyone who says anything bad about me nobody dare say a word about me again.

He was so wealthy and powerful but a monster. flash back ends The door opens and Mark walk in “ive been looking for you everywhere” he said standing beside me as he stare at Mira “dinner is ready, i’ll be waiting for you at the dinning” he said and turn to leave “am not hungry” i said and he halt and turn to me “don’t dare me this night Sofia” he said in anger “am not hungry!!!”

i yell an try walking away but he gave me a hot slap, i spit out blood i couldn’t cry because i was already use to it, “don’t you dare raise your voice at me” he said and drag me to the dining as the maids looked at me with so much pity.

Agony Of A Singer (Episode 3)


I woke up the next day with a pounding headache the maids rushed in immediately to attend to me i had bruises all over my body and it was super painful. Mira walked in and i quickly covered myself i told the maids to leave and they bow before leaving “good morning mom”

Mira greeted sitting on my laps, i felt a sharp pain but i couldn’t tell her to stand up either “how are you my dear?” i asked with a fake smile, i cant even remember the last time i smiled genuinely “mom what happen to you” she asked sadly “mom fell off the stairs but trust me am fine” i said and kiss her “then why didn’t you come last night to sing for me?” she ask and i sigh “am so sorry darling it wont happen again” i apologies and she gave me a cute smile “i love you mother” she said hugging me, tears slip down my eyes “i love you more honey” i held her tight.

The door opened and Mark walked in “say hi to dad” i whispered to Mira but she frown “go get ready your teacher is waiting for you downstairs” he said. Mira doesn’t go to school Mark had employ a personal teacher for her. “I wanna be with mom” she simply said “i said go prepare for class!!” Mark yelled, she went and stood in front of him “you cant tell me what to do, you’re not my dad anymore, i hate you!!”

she scream and walk away i covered my mouth in shock, Mark’s not gonna spare her but surprisingly he stood still and then turn to me as i move backward “what did you teach my daughter?” he grip my hair “i didnt do anything i swear” i cried in pain as i struggle with him he push me on the bed and tore my clothes “am sorry Mark please believe me” i said but he landed me a slap and i stay mute till he was done raping me.

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Agony Of A Singer (Episode 4)


Weeks later

Mark hosted a party tonight. many people were invited and the party had already started. I was dressed in a long silver gown with black heels, it showed my perfect curves my hair was beautifully styled with expensive beads and diamonds.

Mark try making me feel happy but i wasn’t he didn’t lay his hands on me even when i did or say something that upset him Mira was really happy because she had time to play with other children, i was happy for her. Ladies keep flirting with Mark but that’s none of my business they think i was really lucky to marry him.

“lucky my ass” i said as i walk to a table to pick a glass of wine then a guy bump into me an my purse fell, awwn he was so cute “am sorry” he said and pick it up, i turn to check if Mark was watching but he was busy with his guest. The guy suddenly drag me to a corner “you don’t look happy, and i know you don’t like it here, i can help you out, just call me i’ll explain more” he said and slip a paper in hand i was really confused i wanted to say something as i felt Mark holding my waist from behind “what are you doing with a guy”he whispered calmly as he kissed my neck trying to be romantic. Yuck!!:tired_face:

“and what are you doing with my wife?” he asked the guy i didn’t even pay attention as i was thinking of what the guy had said I was totally lost and confused, who is he anyway?

i keep asking myself “well sir, your wife actually lost her purse so am here to return it, i’ll leave now” he said i then notice he was holding my purse all this while, he gave it to me and walk away I couldn’t stop staring at him i then turn to Mark and wait for him to slap or yell at me But he didn’t, he just drag me away.


Agony Of A Singer (Episode 5)


The party was over and i was still wondering about the guy i met at the party it seems he know much about me, am really confuse, i don’t know what to do i desperately want to leave Mark but i don’t know how to and this stranger wants to help I took my phone and dialed his number “Hello dear” he sounded excited and wait a minute! did he just call me dear?

“listen, i dont know who you are, do you think i can trust someone like you” i said and he sigh “i know its hard to trust a stranger like me but you have to, i swear i just wanna help that’s all” he said truthfully and i was forced to believe him “okay fine, so whats the plan?” i asked and immediately i heard footsteps i quickly hangup and jump on the bed pretending to be asleep but my eyes was slightly opened I could see Mark walking in he stare at me for a while and went to open the drawer, he brought out his gun my heart almost jump out and then he walk out of the room again as i release the breathe i was holding i cant wait to get the hell out of this mansion The next day i told him i was going to the shopping mall with Mira he agreed but i went with too many securities.

I drag one of my maid to the changing room, i made her wear my clothes, make up and eye glasses “you need to distract those people while i leave here” i said “they’re gonna kill me if they finds out” she cried and i sigh i cant risk her life for mine, i was already feeling frustrated not knowing what to do again then suddenly when i heard gun shots “run!” i told the maid and she dash out while i went through the back door with Mira. The guy was waiting for us, we entered and he drive with high speed.

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Agony Of A Singer (Episode 6)

:heart_eyes:Author’s pov.:heart_eyes:

Mark was really angry when he heard Sofia had escaped with his daughter He stare at the crying maid who was wearing his wife’s clothe during the gunshot they manage to catch up with her and take her to the car thinking its Sofia Mark grab her hair and pull her up “where the hell is my wife!!” he yell scaring the maid “i don’t know sir” she cried, Mark threw her back to the floor and brought out his gun “i will only spare your life if you tell me where she is” he said calmly “i swear with my life, i dont know” she said “alright, you can go”he said and she smile “thank you sir” she stood up to leave but Mark shot her two times at her back, she drop dead. “Take her away” he ordered his men “i’ll get you Sofia, no matter what it takes” he said as he let an evil smile.


The drive to my house was long and quite deep down i was happy my wife is back to me though she does not recognise me. Well i know you must be confused right now but am gonna explain a bit.

That night when i got shot i wasn’t dead, i was taken to the hospital by a stranger, he took care of me and it took me many months to recover i knew Mark forcefully took my wife away and i also made plans to take her back.

I went for a plastic surgery, that’s how i changed my look i tried many ways to get close to Sofia but i failed till the night at the party and now she’s mine i dont even know how she’ll react when i tell her and am not surprise she had a child for Mark i always know him as a sex freak​:frowning:.

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Agony Of A Singer (Episode 7)


We arrive at a house, Mira was already asleep, i carried her inside “you can keep her here” he pointed at a bed and i nodded “what’s your name?” i ask and he smiled “Daniel” he said and i raise my eyebrow he just reminded me of my late husband “is everything okay?” he ask “yeah!” i replied and sat down sadly “you know you can tell me anything” he said “its my husband, i miss him so much” i said and he smile cutely, what’s wrong with this guy?:thinking: “you’re smiling? you think its funny” i said and he burst out laughing, i frown and he laugh even more.:frowning: He behave exactly like Daniel always laughing anytime am serious i didn’t know when i also start laughing, I was laughing at his silliness he sat beside me, he was too close and i become uncomfortable he brought his face closer, we almost kissed but i look away “why do you choose to risk your life just to save me?” i ask and he smile “because you’re so special” he said and i blushed “you behave so much like my husband” i said “what if your husband isnt dead? what if he is still alive sitting beside you right now” he said and i open my mouth in shock i wanted to say something but he shut me up with a passionate kiss.


After the kiss i explained everything to her she was shocked but happy at the same time. She also told me that Mira is my daughter not Mark.

I was happy about it and couldn’t wait for her to wake up, she gat to know am her father. She went on telling me everything i was angry with the way Mark treated her but i was glad she’s mine again i promise to always protect her with everything i got. We spent the whole night cuddling each other, i so much miss her. What do you think will happen next?

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Agony Of A Singer (Episode 8)


We were woken by gun shots, it was late in the night i couldn’t find Daniel beside me i quickly stood up from the bed and immediately he came in with the sleeping Mira “we need to go now”

he whispered we ran out of the house Daniel quickly starts his car and drive as fast as he could, a car was following us “Daniel!” i called “calm down honey everything’s gonna be fine” he said and i frown that was the same thing he said years ago but it didn’t turn out fine Mira woke up and i held her to myself They start firing at our car “stay down!” Daniel shouted at us and we quickly obey i was so scared same with Mira as she sob slowly, i stare at her in pity i just wish she didn’t have to go through all this, this is not the life i planned for my child.

Daniel brought out his gun and start shooting at them too, their car was too close to ours i scream as our window shattered, Mira was shivering in fear they suddenly hit our car with theirs “do something Daniel!” i scream “am fucking trying!” he shouted back, I know they were too much for him “God please help” i prayed Daniel was able to shoot at their car tyre and it stopped, that was how we escaped. We parked the car in a safe place and stayed till morning.


“So you mean all of you couldn’t take down just one guy?” i ask in anger as i punch them one by one, how could they let them escape a second time? “who the hell is he?” i asked as i punch the wall i need my family back, Sofia is mine alone “give me their location, i’ll go myself” i said and they look at each other “it might be dangerous” one of my men said and i glare at him “give me their fucking location!!” i yelled What do you think?

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Agony Of A Singer (Episode 9 Final)


I sat down staring at Sofia and Mira as they sleep, am so lucky to have such a wonderful family “stop staring at mom like that” Mira said as she open her eyes and yawn “i wasn’t staring” i said “don’t lie okay? she said and my jaw dropped nobody told me my daughter was this naughty i carried her and start tickling her as she laugh loudly

“you two play too much” Sofia said standing up “mom am hungry” Mira said and she sigh “don’t worry i’ll go get some food in the car” i said and left immediately my car was parked at a long distance so no one can get a clue of where we are I walk back with a bag of fruits only to meet Mark pointing a gun at my wife and daughter

“so good to see you again brother” he said smiling “Mark please stop this” Sofia said, she was really scared of Mark “shut the hell up!!” he yell at her “dont you dare raise your voice at her” i said and he laugh “so sorry to interrupt your happy reunion with your lovely wife” he said and i tighten my fist in anger. He then point his gun at me.

“goodbye brother” he said but Sofia quickly grab his hand as the struggle, i quickly took my gun but couldn’t aim at Mark and then suddenly i heard gun shot and the struggling stopped Sofia held her stomach as she fall to the ground.

“Sofia!!” i scream, i took my gun and fired at Mark, he drop dead immediately “Sofia” i called as i covered her bleeding stomach “mom” Mira cried and touch her face “Daniel it really hurts” she said as she struggle to breathe “c’mon let me take you to the hospital” i said but she shook her head “i love you so much Daniel, dont ever forget that” she struggle to say, Mira couldn’t stop crying

“i also love you Mira, she held her hand as she gave her a gold necklace “tomorrow’s your birthday” she said in tears “mom please dont die, you promise to do many things on my birthday” Mira said and i couldn’t control my tears anymore “Daniel am scared, i dont wanna die” sofia said as she gasp for breathe

“we need to go to the hospital” i said “dont ever forget me Daniel” she said and breathe her last “mom!” Mira scream as i held her to myself “I’ll never forget you Sofia” i said as i stare at her corpse