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Aisha The Landlady’s Daughter (Episode 1)

My name is Osita, an Igbo dude in his early thirties living in Agege. I work on the Island with a consultancy firm. I am this kind of guy that is outspoken. I was formerly living at Ikeja; I had to move to Agege becase of the high house rent in ikeja. Since I moved to Agege I have not really had time to move around the area to study the environ. The only thing I know is that my compound is dominated with Hausa people. We have 8 flats in the bungalow; out of which 6 are Hausas and one is yoruba, I am the only Igbo there.

I had to lie that am a full Hausa guy to get the flat else the Landlady will not give me the house. I did my Youth Service in Kano and I worked for three more years there before I moved down to Lagos. So if am speaking Hausa here, you will mistake me for an Hausa Guy. The Landlady which we fondly call. “Hajia” is jovial and understanding.

We lived in peace as if we were siblings, why? Because we all speak Hausa. Infact the first language every child bore in that compound picks is Hausa.

I returned from work one evening and I met my neighbors jubilating, I inquired from my next door neighbour Mallam Isa who has 2 wives and 7 kids and he immediately told me “Aisha ya zo” meaning “Aisha has Arrived” and I immediately asked “Wane Aisha”? Meaning “Which Aisha” and he latter told me that she is our Landlady Daughter. It was that evening that I learnt that Hajia has two Daughters, One is married and living with her husband in Dubai while the junior one is in 200L here in Naija.

After taking my bath and feeding on Indomie that night, I decided to go and greet my Landlord daughter who just came home from the Holiday. Since I don’t know the kind of person she is, I wore a casual dress and I went to their flat. “Sallam Alaiku” I said “Amin wa Alaiku Sallam” a tiny voice replied me from inside. That must be Aisha I said to myself. Few seconds and elegant Looking lady opened the door and I just stood there looking at her like a fool. I was dumbfounded, I could not utter a word. She was as fair as those girls I do see in Bollywood films. She has a dimple that can kill when she smile, she has a very long hair. Infact I could not describe her beauty.

“Good Evening I managed to say” “Evening she replied with a smile” “Is Hajia inside”? I asked “Nope, she went to get some groceries at Supermart” she replied. Supermart is the name of the super market opposite our street, she owns it.

Errrrm, are you by chance Aisha, our Hajia Daughter that just came home for the Holiday? I managed to ask her. “Yep am the one” any problem? She asked. Oh no, there is no problem, I actually came to greet you since am just seeing you for the first time” I replied.

That’s thoughtful of you she said with a smile. My name is Salih, the new tenant in Flat 2. Nice meeting you Salih, as you already know my name is Aisha she said.

While we were at this, her mum came carrying some groceries in a branded nylon, immediately Aisha went to help her mum with the nylon while I greeted her mum. I latter told her I came to greet her daughter since I don’t know her.

After discussing with Hajia for few mins, I returned to my flat. Mehn! I was hot on the inside… Despite the fact that my A.C was at its peak, I was feeling hot… Is she a human being or an Angel? Was what I kept mumbling. I couldn’t sleep all through the night as I kept thinking of Aisha. I slept around 3:am and my alarm woke me up by 4:am to prepare for work. I found myself dozing off every now and then at the office. When I got home that evening, I started scanning the compound with inner eye maybe I will see Aisha on sight. She was not in the compound, Hajia is Inside because I can hear some Hausa Music oozing out from her flat. She normally play that particular music. She might be at Supermart I said to myself… I quickly rushed inside my flat, freshened up, wear a nice T-shirt, nice pant trousers, wore my expensive body spray and off am set for the supermarket. Aisha watch out for me because am coming to get you I said to myself.

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Aisha The Landlady’s Daughter - Episode 2

When I got to Supermart, I met Aisha there… She was looking ravishing as usual… Hi I managed to say to her when I entered the super market. Hello she replied with a smile as she was busy packing some groceries for a customer. When she raised her head up, she smiled at me and I smiled back, you came to get something she asked? Oh yes, am here to get something.

And she looked at me and said, you can check around to see if you can get what you want. With a smile I said to her, I think what am looking for is standing right in front of me, and she was like; you mean me? And I manage to say yeah, you! You look take away? Gimme a break she wave me off but I was persistent. I kept visiting supermart almost on a daily basis and I continued wooing Aisha till one friday evening that she agreed.

Mehn, I was extremely happy, we started dating codedly without anybody suspecting us, not even her mother. Sometimes we will wink at each other, other times we communicate with body language while we are in the compound. I always pester her to sneak into my apartment but she always refuse.

If I ask to take her out too, she will refuse… That was how we were for almost one and half year. Since Northerners do not like the idea of Adult Male and Female being friends, we kept our pace in the compound, sometime when I visit her at supermart and she was alone, I will quickly peck her, she will smile and will be like “Let Hajia catch you doing bad thing with her daughter, that is when you will know how tough of a woman she is.

I will quickly interrupt her by saying is Hajia the one that will marry you? Come closer let me feel my baby very well jare… I will start chasing her around the supermarket. We do this around 7:pm only when the three sales girls have closed for the day.

One evening, I was in my room, around 9:pm… There was no light so I did not lock my door. I left the door open for fresh air. While I laid down on my bed with a semi hard d!ck thinking about Aisha, I noticed someone sneaked into my room.

Since the room was a bit dark, I did not see the persons face, WHO ARE YOU I wanted to shout but a soft hand covered my mouth with a shhhhhhhhhh sound. Immediately I knew it was Aisha… What are you doing here? What of if Hajia or any of the neighbour sees you entering my room?

My mum is not yet back from her sisters place, I just called her few minutes ago and she said she was stuck in traffic, I actually wanted to go and take my bath so I decided to breeze in, since we have been dating for a year plus now and I have not visited you or gone out with you, I decided to do it tonight.

Immediately I tip toed to my door and I bolted it from the inside, I also closed my windows, Damn! The heat I said to myself…

I held her hand, I moved her closer to me and then I started kissing her, she did not hesitate. I kissed her for some few mins and then I carried her like a new bride in my arms as she covered her face with her two hands. I carried her to my bedroom and then I laid her softly on my bed.

I switched on my rechargeable Fan and my rechargeable Lantern. Within few mins, then room was cold. By this time I was already kissing and licking Aisha neck down to her chest… I lossed her wrapper and her semi big b00bs pooped out, she used her hand to cover her face again and I whispered to her ear “Are you shy”? She nodded in affirmative.

I started sucking one of her b00bs while I was fondling the other one… I latter started licking in between her b00bs… Aisha can be mistaken for an Indian girl because she is not only very fair but also gorgeous.

Not wanting to waste too much time, I started pushing her wrapper downward, she was pulling it back up, baby you know I’ve been patience and faithful to you all this while, please let me feel your complete self nah… She smiled as she gently removed her hand from her wrapper, and I gradually started pushing it down, when i got to her navel, I started licking her navel…

Finally I pulled off all the wrapper and I was welcomed with a pink meaty pusy.

Her pusy is as beautiful as she is, her pink clit sat hard at the upper tip of her pusy. When she find out that I was staring at her pusy she closed her legs and she closed her face with her hands.


Aisha The Landlady’s Daughter - Episode 3

I had swore never to eat any girl pusy but I did not know when I starting eating Aisha pusy, I was licking and sucking her pu**sy as if my whole life depended on it.

Aisha let out soft moans upon moans as I eat deeper… I tried fingering her but she kept moving her hips signifying pains… By this time my boxer is already soaked with my pre-Pour… I pulled off my boxer, as I climbed ontop of her, I started kissing her again as I lead my curvey 7 inch d!ck into her wet pu**sy, when I tried pushing in, my d!ck did not enter and the way she was doing means she was feeling pains…

I got up, open a small drawer on my wall and then I brought out a small S£x lube and I started lubricating my d!ck with it. What is that she managed to ask? Its a S£x cream. Hope its not harmful she said? Nah its not I assured her…

I climbed ontop of her again and this time slowly and steady I started using my d!ck cap to tease and rub her clit, I slowly entered her pu**sy, as she squeeze her face in pains. Gently I pushed in deep and she bit her lips hard in pains, I felt as if I had burst something in her, she was super tight and very hot inside.

I gradually started Fork*ng her, after about 10 thrust, the pains on her face reduced and I gradually increased the tempo. Since she seems weak I did not want to indulge her in any style. Missionary is okay for me.

I was drilling her hard as her tight pusy began to take my deep penetration. Anytime I push in deep, she will hold my bed sheet tight. After about 20mins of hot S£x, I wanted to explode so I quickly pulled out of her pusy led my d!ck to a corner of my bed sheet and I poured my hot fluid there.

While stile lying gently on her, I wanted to hold her hands to tell her how happy I was for what she just gave me. I wanted to confess my Love to her again and then I saw some strains of bloods on the hand I used to lead my d!ck out of her pu*sy when I wanted to Pour… I quickly got up, I looked at her pu*sy and saw that it was stained with blood. Infact the place she laid her butt on my bed sheet was soaked with blood.

Aisha are you a virgin I asked her softly… Yes I was, but am not anymore because you just deflowered me as her eyes were soaked with tears. Am so sorry dear, I never knew you were, I held her tight… Kissed her on her forehead…

What do we do, you are bleeding… Should I go to the chemist and get you some drugs? What kind of drugs should I buy? What should I get you? Should I buy Lucozade? What should I go and buy for you? I was mumbling like a child.

It’s okay, I will take care of myself for now she said… No you cannot take care of yourself… You look weak… I quickly made thick cold water tea for her and I forced her to drink it… While she was drinking the tea, I was cleaning her up…


Aisha The Landlady’s Daughter - Episode 4 Final

She looked at me and managed to say, why are you treating me like a baby? Am not a baby? You are right, you are not a baby, but to me you are my baby and I will treat you like a baby I said to her. While she was still sipping her tea, I proposed to her and she was like, why are you proposing marriage, are you feeling guilty because you took my virginity? And I replied, not really, you know we have been together for a year plus now and you possesses the kinds of quality every man will want in a wife.

You are educated, you are hard-working, you are beautiful, you are friendly, respectful and lovable what else does a man want in a woman I asked her?

Let’s see how things goes first… She got up, tied her wrapper and kissed me a good night. I Love you she told me… I Love you too my darling I told her… Can you walk properly or I should come and hold you I told her?

And then what will the neighbours say when they see me coming out of your room with only a wrapper on and walking in pains she said? Darmn! The neighbors, you are the most important to me I told her as we both smiled at each other…