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©️ Ismail Damilola Oyinade Aluyotumise

Beyond His will (Episode 1)

Christina’s mum came all the way from the village to check on her daughter, it was a seven hours journey from the east to the west. Christiana stays in Ibadan, her parent has urged her to come home and pay them a visit, but she keep proscastinating her travelling. I will come next week is always her anthem. Her mother decided to come and pay her a visit.

She alighted from the taxi stretching her back

Thank God o, Chai! My back don break, have told Christiana to come back to the east, but you won’t listen…

She untie her wrapper and brought out some money from one corner of her wrapper, she stretched the money as it was so squeeze and gave it to the driver

Oya, con down! My load dey your booth, she told the driver

The driver came down, opened his booth and brought out her luggages…

Thank you o… Christiana mum said adjusting her wrapper… Safe journey o my son… She waved the driver good bye until the driver was out of sight

She dragged the luggages because it was too heavy for her to carry.

I don call this call, but she no dey pick her call… I pray say make I meet her for house

Christina’s mum talk to herself as she headed towards Christiana house

She got to her door and knocked. After knocking for few minutes and no response, she pushed the the door and it suddenly opened,.

Christiana mother dragged the luggage in…

Where is this girl? Why did she leet the door open? She dropped her bag and examined the whole room, it a room and palour self contain.

Thewhole house was so dirty, the toilet was left opened, making the whole living room stinking, the kitchen was so untidy, a lot of dirty plate were left in the sink, making flies to play around the kitchen, the pot containing the food was left opened on the floor, dirt water was stored up in a bowl, the floor was so dirty, the living room was like the field used during world war one, the table was turned upside down, left over food was on the floor, waters was everywhere as a result of abandoned pure water sachets, Christiana’s mum was so surprise with what she saw.

Am I in a wrong house? How can Christiana left the house so dirty like this? Where is she self? She angrily went into Christiana room and met her praying…

Let your will be done father! Your will oh lord! I want your will! She continue praying without noticing the presence of her mum

Her mum angry left the room, and started tidying up the whole house, she cleaned and sweep the living room, washed the whole plate, , flushed and cleaned the toilets, mopped the floor, this takes her two hours before cleaning the whole house… She became tired and hungry.

She checked the time and it was past 4 in the evening, Christiana was still praying…

Christiana’s mum wanted her to cook for her, her mother decided to wait for her to finish her prayer, while waiting for her she slept off on the couch…

Christiana mum woke up in the night feeling weak and tired, she yawn and checked her time

Jesus! Eight don reach? I beg where is this girl?

She stoop up and went to Christiana room only to find her still praying, she looked at her angrily and wish to give her a sounding slap, but she controlled herself and went out after giving out a long hiss

She went to the kitchen and cook a meal for herself as she was tired of waiting for Christiana, she cooked and eat the food alone

She settled down on a three sitter chair, switch on the television and was changing the channel searching for her favorite channel

Few minutes later, Christiana came out of her room, she was surprise to see her mum

Mum, good evening , when did you arrive? She said jumping at her mum

What is good about this evening? Leave me alone jor! She said pushing her away, I came all the way from east to see my daughter, only to spend four good hours in the same house with her without good hospitality…

Mum,am sorry! I just need to talk to my heavenly father, there is power in prayer you know… She said hugging her mother again Is that the reason why you left your whole house untidy, I thought I entered the wrong house…

Oh! That true, I didn’t notice until you said it now, you tidy up everything!

Christiana said looking at everywhere

I was busy praying throughout the day, I didn’t have the time to tidy up… Taenk you mum

Christiana, you are no longer a kid, just because you are praying doesn’t means you shouldn’t perform your duty. You are going to become a wife and a mother one day, and all these…

Mum, I can’t neglect my heavenly father because of a worldly thing, Christiana cut in.

God is my first priority, after Him comes every other things

You are right my daughter, but am sure God won’t be happy seeing your whole house untidyy…

Mum, let forget about that, am perceiving some aroma in the kitchen… She stoop up and went to the kitchen

She opened the pot and saw what her mother cooks

Wow! Mum! I love you! I know it gonna be my favorite, am so famished… I need to eat… She served herself and joined her mother in the living room

She continue talking while her mother ignored her…

The next day, Christiana woke up early scattering the whole house and talking to herself

Where do I put my shoe? Oh God! She exclaimed

Her mother woke up

Why won’t you allow me to sleep in peace? Ehn Christy?

Am sorry mama, am looking for my shoe, and am almost late for work

Do you just listen to yourself, a 27years old lady looking for her shoe, when you are not a five yeas old girl, you are not organised at all…

Mum, this not the time to nag, anybody can misplace things, pls help me search for it,

she bend down and check under the bed,

Have seen it! Thank God,

She pulled out the shoe under the bed,

It one, the second one is not here, where could it be?

Her mother looked at her shaking her head

She went to the living room, checked under the chair, table, in the kitchen, still couldn’t find it, she was so pissed off

She bent on her kneels and check under the freezer

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Have found it! She exclaimed

Christy rushed to the bathroom, took her bath and dress up in hurry… She picked her bag and rushed out of the bedroom

Mum, take care… She said rushing to the door

Come back here, her mother beckoned on her, she stood up from the bed and examined Christy from head to toe

Don’t tell me you are going to work like this? Dirty shoes, untidy hair?

Mum, this is not important, these are just my body, the soul is the most important thing, as long as my soul is clean before God, any other thing is not important, the body will eventually perish in the end

Ehn! This girl have killed me, Christy don kill me o! Her mother exclaimed. Who will marry a lady looking like this? Who? Or do you think you will remain a spinster forever

Mum, that is where you people all got it wrong! A child of God will not marry base on beauty, but on the Will of God. A man who has the spirit of God will marry a woman who also have the spirit of God, the fear of God, who is devoted and committed, who prays and fast a lot, he won’t just go for beauty, mum, we will continue this discussion when I get back… Love you mum

She said and rushed out

Christy! Come back here! Her mother shouted but she was gone

Christiana rushed to the main road and stopped a taxi…

Where? The driver asked

Royal avenue…


Okay, she said and opened the door to enter

Do you have change madam, you are my first customer this morning, I don’t ave change ma

Let go

Okay ma

Christiana entered and the driver zoom off

They got to their destination and Christiana alighted, she opened her bag and brought out her purse, she opened it and brought out #1000 note.

Take, she said stretching the money to the driver

Aunty, I told you I don’t have change now

I don’t understand you, the transport fare from where you picked me to the is place is normally #100, but I decided to accept your offer of #200 because am late and also for you to have #800 change, and you are here telling me story again

Madam, #100 from where to where? Well that is not my business, give me my money and I don’t have #1000 change

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Then you are not ready to collect your money, as you can see am late for work, if you do not take this money from me now and give me my change, that means you don’t need your money, she said putting back the money inside her purse

Thedriver off his car engine and came down of his car. What do you think you are doing? The driver asked looking angry

Am Going? I don’t have time

The driver dragged her back.

come here jare aunty, where do you think you are going? Better pay me my money o

Do you just touch me now? Are you mad? You dey carze ni? In fact you are crazy, who do you think you are? okay! I don’t have money, do your worst, you are stupid!

Aunty, I don’t want trouble this early morning o, give me my money now

Money ko, money ni

They continue fighting until a young man parked in front of the driver and came down

He was tall and looking handsome, his shoes were shining, his white shirt was like that of snow, everything about him was sparkling

He walked towards them

Good morning, what happening here?

Good morning sir, the driver greeted him

I took this aunty from express down here, and I told her before she enters that I don’t have change, and she said okay, on getting here, she gave me #1000, and am trying to explain to her that I don’t have change and she started insulting me

Wat happened madam?

Don’t mind this idiot sir, the original transport fee should be #100 but I accept #200 hoping he will have change, he is now telling me stories here.

It okay, pls stop fighting, it too early to do that, okay let do it this way, pls wait for me, am coming

The man entered his car and brought out two #1000 note, he gave it to the driver, have this

Thank you sir, the driver prostrated for him

It okay you can go

Come back here, you should give him his change thief, Christy said and rushed to the driver

It okay, just let him go, the man said

The driver thanks the man and drove off

Thank so much sir, I really appreciate

Let thank God, pls ma next time just give them whatever they want, it better than all these stress

Thank you so Much sir, God bless you sir… I have to go now, am late

Take care, the man went back to his car and zoom off

Thank you Jesus, Christiana muttered to herself

To be continue…Beyond His will

©️Ismail Damilola Oyinade Aluyotumise

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Beyond His Will - Episode 2

Christiana went to the supermarket to get some groceries, on her way out she bumped into a Johnson

Am so sorry ma, he bent down and picked all the groceries that fell down

Christiana stood akimbo, waiting for him to look up before giving him a piece of her mind

Am sorry ma, Johnson said again

Are you not Mr #2000? Christiana asked the man

The man looked confused, I don’t get you ma

Are you not the man who paid for my transport fare last week?

At royal avenue?


Oh! Good evening ma, I never believe we can meet this way

Goodevening, thank so much for the other day, Christiana said smiling Let thank God, how are you doing? Hope you didn’t fight another taxi driver? Johnson said smiling

No sir, they both laugh

Am Johnson, what about you?

Am Christiana

Nice name, I guess you are heading home?

Yes sir

Do you mind if I give you a ride?

I thought you came to buy something,

Yes, but I can do that later

Alright sir, thank so much

Johnson led her to his car, he opened the front door for her to enter and closed it after Christiana entered, he also entered the car and zoomed off

It was 10mints drive to Christiana house, Christiana thanked him for the ride and they exchanged contact

Christiana called him when she got home and thanked him again

They started friendship after their meeting at the supermaket. Johnson calls her everyday, this made their friendship grow from normal friends to best friends

They spend time together during weekend, this gives them the opportunity to know each other more

Two month after their friendship, Johnson invited her for a date

They got to the venue and Christiana ordered for both of them

You look happy today, any good news? Christiana asked, she poured some wine into her glass cup and drank it

Johnson smiled, dropped his cultery and wiped his mouth with the napkin.

Today is a special and important day in my life, because I want to open a new phase in my life with you Christiana

I don’t understand you

Christiana, before I met you, I never believe in love, the word love was never found in my dictionary, have dated several ladies, but they were after my money, they made me believe you can buy love with your money and discard it after using it then pick up another one, but ever since you came into my life, you change my orientation about love, you changed the way I viewed love, I tested you several time to know if you are also in for my money, but you never fail for once, you proved to me that love still exist, everything about you is so different from what have experience from other girls, Christiana, am sorry I can’t keep you as a friend any longer, am tired of pretending not to love you when am deeply in love with you, pls Christiana, I don’t want you as a friend nor a girlfriend, but I want you to marry me. Christiana pls be my Mrs,

Johnson knelt down on his kneel and brought out a ring

Pls dit down Johnson, pls. Christiana stoop up and lift him up, they both sat down

Johnson, am speechless because I wasn’t expecting this. Thank so much for all what you have said so far, thank for opening your heart for me, thank for seeing me as someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, I really appreciate, base on what you asked me, I would have love to give you an answer now, but am sorry I can’t. Johnson, we are both Christian, and you know Christian don’t act on their own, they act base on the will of God, they does their Father’s will not their own will and also marriage is a very delicate issue, a wrong marriage which is out of God will can make a Christian lose heaven, it can make Satan inherit ones soul, it takes away the joy of Christ away from such victim, and no matter how much such person want to make it right again, it can never be the same again. I don’t want to fall victim of a wrong marriage, pls Johnson I will really appreciate it if you can give me some time to pray about it, I need to know my father’s will base on my marriage… Pls

It okay, you have the whole time for yourself, am not in hurry…

Thank you, but one thing Johnson

Was that?

I will be glad if we can continue our friendship, let pretend as if we never had this conversations


Johnson, am also a human, blood flows through my veins. If we keep on discussing this, I might fall in love, and if I pray to God in such state of mind, I will only receive from God what is already in my heart, God said in his word that He will answer them according to the idols in their heart, I don’t want to have an idol in my heart before praying about it, pls help me go to God with a free heart so that I will hear from him directly… Help me by not starting the fire of love in my heart now, pls

It okay, have heard you, as long as it for the good, I will do what you want

Thank you Johnson

You are welcome

They continued with their meal, after their meals Johnson dropped Christiana home before heading to his house

The following week, Christiana started her prayer and fasting, asking God for His perfect in her life. She called her pastor and informed him to join her in prayer.

The pastor called her after two weeks and told her what he saw concerning her marriage

Sister Christiana, what is happening to bro Johnson, I mean the love he has for you is from God, God planted your love in his heart, which means he is your husband, God even confirm it through mummy, my wife. I didn’t tell her anything about your marriage, but God showed her just to confirmed what I saw… Sister Christiana, he is your husband

Humm, Christiana sighed. Thank you daddy, I really appreciate your effort and time sir. May God continue to strengthen you. Daddy, am confused, do you believe that despite my prayer and fasting, I haven’t seen anything, God haven’t shown me anything about him

Sister Christiana, that is not a problem, just open your heart to God, He will speak to you

Alright, thank you so much sir. I want to be on my way now, my regards to mummy

God bless you. Take care of yourself

Christiana left the church and headed home, she believed what the pastor said but she want to be convinced, she want God to talk to her.

She got home, went straight to her bedroom and started praying

God, I believed what you said through daddy, but Lord am the victim here, am the one going into this marriage, show me Lord, show me what you have for me in this marriage, show me your plan for both of us in this marriage, if truly you want us together, what is your purpose for both of us, what is our destiny, where will the marriage heads to. Lord pls show me

Christiana prayed for five hours and slept off

She was ministering, thousands of people were in the hall, people were singing, dancing and praising God as she led the praise and worship, everywhere were full of the glory of God, after singing she handed the mic to Johnson, and he stated praying, a lot of miracles were happening, every body was receiving their miracles

Her phone started ringing, she woke up and picked her phone, it was Johnson that called, but before she could picked it, Johnson hanged it up

So I have been dreaming? Me and Johnson ministering in a big hall? God what are you trying to say to me.

The holy spirit ministered to her, that is my plan and purpose for both of you in this marriage, you will both work for me, I will use you both for my glory, both of you are vessel unto honour to me

Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord! She sings and praise God throughout the day

Now I have a confirmation, she told herself

Christiana refused to give answer to Johnson after the revelation, she kept it to herself

During the weekend she travelled to a popular mountain in ekiti state called Erio mountain, she got there on Friday to spend three days, after the registration and reading of the mountain rules and regulations, she carefully placed her bag in the auditorium meant for women, she went to the mountain and started praying

God, I know you have given me confirmation about Johnson, you have shown me your will for my life, your purpose for me and Johnson, but God, I need more. Every relationship has its own challenge, every relationship is full of ups and downs, whether you marry right or wrong, there is always up and down, what makes the marriage overcome such trials is what they received from you God, Lord, pls show me, I want to know what I will hold on to if our trials come, I want to know what will keep me strong if the war of marriage begins, pls God of this mountain show me. Christiana prayed this way for three good days but didn’t see anything. God didnt speak to her, it was time for her to leave the mountain, She need to resumed to the office the next day, so she gave up and decided to come back when she is on leave, she prayed again before going to sleep, during the night She had a dream, she saw a big bowl of water, a small bowl of water and an empty bowl, someone she could not recognized carry the big bowl of water and poured some water into the empty bowl, he also carried the small bowl of water and poured some to the empty bowl too,

Christiana, the man call him

Yes sir, I have mixed the big water and the small water together, now separate them

Sir, the two waters have been mixed together, there is no way I can separate them

The mam took her again to a burning fire, he poured some petrol inside the fire,

Christiana, separate the fire from the petrol

Sir, there is no way I can separate the petrol again

Christiana, as you can’t separate the two waters when I joined them together, nothing will separate you and Johnson if you marry each other, as you can’t separate the fire from the petrol, both of you will become inseparable after coming together. These are my signs for you Christiana

Christiana woke up in the mid night sweating profusely, she sat down and meditate on what she dreamt about.

Johnson and I can’t be separated if we comes together? God you are an awesome God.

Christiana left the mountain the next day, she called Johnson to meet her at their favorite spot. She accepted Johnson proposal. He was so happy, he thanked Christiana for accepting her and thank God for saying yes to their union. They started their courship immediately maintaining sexual purity in their relationship.

Two months later, Johnson made an arrangements to introduced christana to his friends. He invited his friends to his house one weekend

He gave Christiana some money to go to the market and buy some food stuff

Christiana went to the market, brought bitter leaf and other food stuff.

She hurried home and cooked before the arrival of Johnson’s friends

Johnson friends arrived few minutes later, Christiana came out of the kitchen and greeted them. They were happy to see her.

She hurried to the kitchen to serve the food. Johnson joined her in the kitchen to help her.

The aroma of this soup is no nice, he said smiling

Can I have some our madam?

Small thief, that is what you are, Christiana said and they both laugh

Thank you madam

Christiana put some soup in a small plate and gave it to him

Johnson tested the soup and immediately vomited, he rushed to the sink to washed his mouth and spit out the food

What happened? Christiana asked looking confused

Did you cook the bitter leaf without extracting the bitter, I means washing out the bitter and also the salt is too much

I don’t know what you are talking about, I just cook it like that, and the salt is much because it good for the body.

Oh God! Christiana you don’t cook bitter leaf like that, the soup is too bitter.

What do you mean? Are you insulting me now or what?

No dear, it not like that, okay am sorry. Let me help you with the serving, you have been cooking since, I think your phone is ringing, go and pick it

It not ringing, I can’t hear any sounds

It is, hurry

Christiana hurried out of the kitchen

Thank God she is gone, what should I do? The soup is so bitter and salty, I didn’t know Christiana doesn’t know how to cook, I should have helped her, I can’t serve this to my friend and disgrace my wife, they will always make jest of her, they will lose their respect for her if they find out she can’t cook I need to save her. I need to save her reputation, God what should I do before she comes back

Johnson serve the soup in a big pot and carried it, immediately he got to the living room close to the dining table, he slipped and fall, the whole soup turned over and every where was covered with soup

His friends moves closer to him

Hope you are okay? His first friend said examining his body

You should have been careful, another one said

Sorry, oh my God, the whole food is wasted. I thought am gonna taste Christiana food today, one of Johnson friends said

Am okay, thank you! Johnson said pretending to be hurt, God why? Why am I so careless? This food is so delicious, Christiana used her best recipe to cook it

It okay guy, we can always come back and eat, she is going to be our wife anyway, we still have a lot of time to spend together, Johnson second friend said

Christiana rushed down from the stair case, she saw the whole soup all over the ground. She was disappointed and angry wit Johnson for wasting his efforts

Johnson on the other hand was happy, thank God for the wisdom to pretend to fall so that I can pour the food away, at least am able to save my fiancé reputation, and also from future insult from my friends, he thought within himself and smiled.


Beyond His Will - Episode 3

Hello dear, what are you doing? Johnson called Christiana

Hi, am doing nothing

Pls dress up, am on my way to your place, we are going out…

Christiana yawned, where to?

It a surprise… He said laughing at the other end of the phone

Okay… I will be ready

Christiana stoop up from her bed, opened her wadrope

What will I wear? Hummmmm, she sighed

She picked a long gown and wear it

Johnson arrived few minutes later, he met Christiana outside her house waiting for him,

Hi babe, he greeted her

Johnson came out of his car and saw what Christiana was wearing. A big long gown, with a scarf and a sandal

Where are we going to? Christiana asked

My queen, a friend of mine invited me to a dinner, he told me to come with you, because you haven’t met him and…

Let go then, Christiana cut in

Looking like this? Johnson pointed to her clothes.

What happened to my clothes?

Emmm, nothing actually, but I just think it would be nice if you wear something else. I want you to look good

Johnson, am okay with what am wearing. It just a dinner, nothing else

My friend will be seeing you for the first time, I want you to…

So am lookin bad right now? Johnson why don’t you always appreciate what you have? You are always complaining about everything I do, why? In fact am not going again, Christiana hissed

Am so sorry, Johnson stopped her, I don’t mean to offend you, i just want something good for you, you are my queen and i want you to look like one, i won’t complain again. Am so sorry dear. Christiana looked at him and smiled

Canwe go now? Yes… Johnson opened the door for her and she entered

Femi and his wife have been expecting Johnson. Immediately they sighted his car, femi beckoned on the gateman to opened the gate. Johnson drove him

Long time friend, femi shouted and hugged Johnson

Baddest man! Johnson hailed him. They both laughed and hugged each other

Good afternoon bro Johnson, bimbo greeted him

Good afternoon my wife, I can see my friend is really taking care of you

While I do more of that to him…they all laughed

Bimbo looked at Christiana, and thought she is Johnson maids

Where is your wife? I told you to bring our new wife, is she not around? Why will you bring your maid, bro Johnson I don’t like it o, bimbo said looking at Christiana

Wat do you mean by his maid? Christiana said angrily

Am sorry dear, Johnson apologized to Christiana who was ready to fight

Femi and bimbo this is my wife Christiana… Babe, Meet my friend and his wife dear

Your wife? Am sorry, I thought she is your maid, bimbo said feeling sorry

You are very stupid for saying that again. You called me a maid earlier, I kept quiet and you are saying it again. Homeless pig

Do you just call me a pig? Bro Johnson where do you see this? I knew anything good will not come out from her immediately I saw her, a good wife to be will not dress like a maid… Untrained child, that what you are!

Stop it bimbo, do you realized she is our guests? What is wrong with you? Femi shouted at bimbo

Am so sorry bimbo. Pls, don’t take what she said to heart, she is not in good mood, Johnson said triying to defend Christiana

Oh! Are you saying am mad Johnson? So am mad abi? You are calling me a mad woman because of this stinking thing, you are taking her side? Am a carzy woman who is not always in good mood to you? You brought me here to insult me Johnson…

Who is stinking? You are an old fool, bimbo attacked her again

Bimbo, get inside now! Right now! Femi commanded her

Christiana ran after her, come back here,I will give you the beating of your life, you this harlot, a great sinner, femi and Johnson dragged her back. Johnson carried her into his car

Leaveme alone, I need to teach her a lesson! She lack home training, she dare call me a maid! I will let her know what am made off, Christiana raged angrily as she tried to open the door. I will see you later friend, Johnson said to femi and zoomed off

Femi went inside and scold his wife for what she did

It not my fault now, I thought she was a maid, she doesn’t look like his wife

And how is that your business, must you say everything you see? Why can’t you learn to ignior? Be warn woman, femi walked out angrily

Am sorry dear,pls wait now… Bimbo followed her husband

Johnson drove down to his place… Christiana ignored him throughout the journey

She didn’t allow him to open the door for her before coming down from the car

Am sorry Christiana, he opened the door and they both went in

Christiana sat down on the couch, switched on the television and concentrate on the current program

Am sorry, pls forgive me, Johnson sat down beside her

Why are you begging me now? Ehn! At least you are satisfy now, allowing that thing to call me all sort of names, calling me a maid. What is wrong with the way I dressed? What? You could not defend me, you could not fight for me. Pls leave me alone

Am sorry, you can blame me for everything that happened, but pls forgive me, am so sorry, I promise it won’t happen again

Christiana didn’t say anything, she ignored him

Johnson thought of what to say to make her happy and say something…

When are you taking me to your parent?

Christiana was happy hearing that question, but pretended not to hear him

When are you taking me to your parent my queen? Christy now, it high time I know them. Pls

When should we go? She asked smiling

Anyday of your choice… Am I forgiving? He asked slowly

Partially o

Tell me what I should do to make it up for you… Anything for my queen

Will tell you later

I love you Christiana

I love you too

Christiana took Johnson to her family in the village, They welcome him warmly, and was happy that Christiana is finally getting married, Christiana’s mum urged Johnson to tell his Christiana to be fast about the marriage. Johnson and Christiana spent two days in the village before going back to Ibadan

Johnson parent doesn’t reside in Nigeria, they stays in new York. Johnson had to introduce Christiana to them through video call. They apologise to her for not being around.

The two families were ready to join Christiana and Johnson together. Christiana parent picked a date and started preparation immediately

Johnson brought clothes for Christiana family, ordered for Christiana gown from U.K

The traditional wedding was a day before their church wedding. Every preparation were made by Johnson family

Their wedding day was a great day for both of them. Johnson parent came back home from abroad, many great people were invited, and the couples received a lot of gifts.

They retired in their house at night. Johnson took his bath and was expecting Christiana to do the same, but she was busy reading bible

Johnson didn’t want to disturb her, he picked his phone and started replying messages from friends and families

After one hour, Christiana closed her bible and started praying, Johnson moved closer to her and touched her, she pushed him away and continue praying, Johnson touched her again, she pushed him away again

What is your problem Johnson? Can’t you see that am busy…

Am sorry dear, can you just wrapped up the prayer and come to bed, we have a stressful day, let rest now.

No! We can’t, Christiana said bluntly

Why? we are now married, we are entitled to each another, have been waiting for a day like this for a long time

Johnson why are you so canal minded? Why are you not control by the spirit? Today is our first night together, you should pray throughout this night not what you are thinking

What? Johnson exclaimed

Yes! And this prayer is going to take me seven days, before we could have anything together, which means you should erase that funny idea on your mind because am on a special program for seven days … So pls don’t disturb me, don’t allow Satan to make use of you

Hummmm, Johnson sighed. Seven days? That not a problem, if that is what you want. I can move to the visitors room till the seventh day


Johnson stoody up, picked his pillow and left the room, Christiana locked the door behind and continue praying.

Johnson woke up very early the next morning, he went to the kitchen and cook Christiana favorite food. He set the dining table, tidy up every where, he wanted to surprise Christiana. Johnson wait patiently for Christiana to wake up before eating

He switch on the television, changed the channel, he was tired of the whole program, he switch off the television again, it was past 10 in the morning, Christiana is yet to wake up

Johnsonsat on the couch waiting for Christiana to wake up until he slept off. 11:45am, Christiana woke up, yawn lazily and went to the living room, she met Johnson sleeping peacefully

She was angry

How can he be sleeping by this time of the day? He slept throughout the night and here is he again sleeping, he can’t even pray or read the word of God.

Johnson, Johnson! She screamed his name

Johnson woke up… Baby you are up, have been waiting for…

Why are you sleeping by the time of the day, Christiana cut in

I was waiting for you to wake up, I cooked your favorite, I don’t know wen I slept off, hope you slept well?

Breakfast? Am not eating, am fasting

Fasting! Oh! My effort are all wasted, it okay dear. Will cook dinner for you then… Let me go and tidy up the bedroom.

Johnson went to the bedroom, while Christiana sat down and switch on the television to her favorite channel

Throughout Christiana seven days fasting and prayer, she refused to cook for Johnson claiming she can’t defy herself with he aroma of the food, she refused to tidy up the whole house, Johnson understand her and does all the house chores in the house.

Johnson wait patiently for Christiana to finish her seven days fasting and prayer before performing her husbandly duty with her, he was so happy the following morning.

He woke up early and cook for Christiana, he woke her up with a big cake and her favorite food on bed. Christiana was happy with the surprise. They hugged each other and stays in the bed throughout the day

Johnson parent called him very early following morning, it was 6am. His parent needed his attention to sign some document before travelling back to new York. He got up so early, took his bath and dressed up

He woke Christiana and told her he was heading out,

Johnson got to his parents house , he signed every documents he needed to sign. Johnson mum told him to dropped them at the air port, on their way to the air port, an emergency occur and their flight date was changed. They had to turn back and go back home

Johnson mum suggest they should go to Johnson house to greet Christiana. Johnson knowing fully well that Christiana don’t know how to cook and she might not tidy up the house, tried to convince her parent not to go, but they insisted

OK, fine you will go to my place but pls let go to your house first we need to drop your luggage and I need to pick some things. Johnson said trying to buy time for himself

His parent agreed

He drove down to his parent house, and secretly call Christiana

Hello dear, my parent are coming to our house now, pls tidy up the whole house, and order for some food, home delivery will do, I want you to look nice too

Okay,I will, she yawned Thank dear, we will be home in the next one hour, I will try to delay them

OK… She hanged up and continue sleeping

Johnson pretended to be busy in their house, he kept his parent busy by talking about Irrelevant things so as to delay them

Christiana woke up, packed the dirty clothes in their room,she was on her way to do the laundry when she notice her favorite program have started, she dropped the dirty clothes in the living room and settle down to watch the program

Let me watch little before tidying up…

She went to the kitchen and saw all the dirty plate… Oh God, I will do all these later.

She serve herself some good and juice and went back to the living room o continue her program

She eat the food and slept off…

One hour later, Johnson called Christiana to ask her if she is through, but she didn’t pick

His parent couldn’t wait any longer. He drove them to his house.

They got home and entered the house

Johnson mum was the first to entered, she was shocked seeing the whole house, she opened her mouth on how dirty the whole house was. Christiana was sleeping on the floor with left over food, the juice she was drinking was left opened and poured on the floor, heap of dirty cloth was there, every where look untidy

What is this? Johnson mum asked

Johnson and his dater entered and was more than surprise… Johnson was ashamed

What is going on here? His father asked

Johnson knelt down beside Christiana

Wake up babe, my parent are here…

Leave me alone jor, I need to sleep,am receiving some revelation from God, she said half sleep

Johnson parent looked at each other surprisedly. Johnson scratched his head with his both hand.

To be continued

Beyond His Will - Episode 4

Ismail Damilola Oyinade Aluyotumise

Christiana woke up and saw Johnson’s parent

Good morning ma, morning sir… She greeted them reluctantly and went into their bedroom

Good morning, Johnson father replied her while his mother looked in disbelief

Johnson knew his mother was angry, he immedately tried to cover her up

Mum, dad pls sit down… Christiana is very ill, I forgot to tell you ealier, she has been down since last week, the doctor said the malaria is too much in her body system… Johnson lied to his parent to defend Christiana.

Really? Since when? His mother asked

Last week ma, she can’t eat nor sleep, her body is just getting better just yesterday.

You should have inform me,I would have come to take care of my wife.

Yea, I know but I don’t want to disturb you, beside I can take care of my wife, you taught me that dad…

Yea, I did, they all laugh

What should I prepare for you?

No, we have to go now, you should take care of Christiana and send my regards to her…

No, mum I can prepare you something

We will be okay dear. Take care

They hugged their son and left

Johnson was relief, he sighed… Thank God. Christiana! Christiana! He called her

Did I faint or what? Why are you shouting my name as if I fainted, she came out of the bedroom

Am sorry, but what really happened? I called you to inform you about my parent visit, I told you to make everything ready, but I met the opposite.

Itthat the reason why you lied that I am sick? So you want me to be sick so that you can go for another lady? You wish me sicknesses abi? Not even only that, how can you tell a lie, and you call yourself a Christian, do you know you just hurt God with your lie now, Johnson why? You are no longer trending on the narrow road again, you are digressing to the broad road, it will lead you to destruction Humm, Christiana I did that because of you, I don’t want my parent to have any bad idea about you or get angry with you, I don’t want them to know our weakness, I don’t want you to have problem with my parent especially my mum, that was why I lied, it all for peace to reign, I know I don’t have any justification before God, but you judging me like this is hurting me more

You did it for your selfish interest, not for me, and for what you did, you will be starting fasting tomorrow, your prayer point is forgiveness,

Fasting? What for? Johnson asked surprisedly… OK OK, I will, can we tidy up now

Yes, I will tidy up the kitchen while you do the living room

Alriht, Johnson started immediately while Christiana went to the kitchen

Johnson left home very early the next morning, he has an important meeting to attend with his secretary. He got to office and immediately started the meeting with the board of directors and his secretary. His switch his phone to silent mode

Christiana was monitoring Johnson fasting, she want to make sure he is praying every three hours

She called him around 12:00pm, but didn’t receive any response, she called Johnson many time but he didn’t picked. She was worried and decided to pay him a visit

The meeting ends by 12:30, Johnson and his secretary retired back to their office.

Pls get me the document, he told his secretary before entering his office

The Secretary came back with pile of documents

Why are they much? He asked

You have been so busy sir, you keep on telling me to bring them back

It okay, bring them, the secretary handed the documents to him

You can wait to collect them now, I just need to sign them, pls process them immediately after signing them, I don’t want any delay

Yes Sir

You can sit down, you don’t have to stand.

No sir, am okay standing like this

Johnsondropped his pen and look at his secretary, Ruth, we have both been working since, you are also a human just like I am, I know you are very tired, pls sit down while I sign this, I have a sister like you at home, and I don’t pray she works with a wicked boss, pls sit Thank you sir, the secretary sat down waiting for Johnson to finish up

Christiana got to her husband office and was surprise for not meeting the secretary on her sit

Where could she be? Is this how she leaves my husband office to meet her boyfriend? No problems, she will meet me here

She banged into her husband office without knocking

She was shocked to see her husband and the secretary sitting down

What is going on here? She asked as she dropped her bag on the floor

Hello baby, when did you arrive? Johnson stoop up and attempt to hug her

Excuse me pls. She pushed him away

Good afternoon madam, Ruth greeted her

Bad afternoon for you and your generation! Oh! So this is what you have been doing behind my back? Sleeping around with your secretary

Ah! No ma, the secretary knelt down immediately

What are you saying Christy?

Johnson asked widening his eyes ball

Why is your secretary in your office, she is not even standing, but sitting down comfortably, as if she is the madam

Christiana stop it, I asked her to sit down because our day was so stressful and…

And what? And what? Lair! This is not your first time lying, why don’t you pick your calls?

My calls? Oh I forgot, my phone was on silent mode, he brought out his phone from his pocked and check it. 30 missed call! Am sorry

You are a liar, you ignored my call because of your selfish desire you want to fulfil with your secretary, she faced the secretary. You are the one sent to come and destroy my home abi? Tell the agent of the devil that send you his servant that you didn’t succeed! You have failed! Because I layed the foundation of my marriage in Christ. Not you or your boss Satan can’t destroy it.

No ma, it not what you think, pls ma, I can’t do that with boss

You are fired! Get your stuff and get out now! I mean now!

Johnson was so tired and fed up, he knew defending Ruth will only put her into more trouble, he sat down, feeling so depressed as he allow Christiana to have her way.

Christiana pushed Ruth out of the office, she called the security to take her out

Ruth cried and plead for mercy, but Christana turned deaf ears

She faced her husband, you! I told you to fast because of a sin, I never know you are now a master sinner, ehnn! You will see what I will do for you! She hissed and walked out

Humm,Johnson sighed

Johnson got home early and met Christiana watching movie

Good evening

Christiana ignored her

He went straight to the dining table, it was empty, he went to the kitchen, and all the pot were empty, he came back to the living room to meet Christiana

You didn’t cook anything? Am so hungry

You should have bring your secretary along to cook for you, I didn’t cook anything, she said without looking at him

Humm, mm, he sighed, Johnson looked up, then looked down, he looked at his wife

Christiana, pls we need to talk

Am not asking you not to talk but be fast about it, I don’t have time

Johnson knelt down in front of her

Christiana, pls listen to me, ever since God have being creating human, He only gave them one life, no matter how much one hate his life, he can’t cheat or leave his life for another life, until he leaves the surface of this earth. Christiana you are my life, I can’t cheat on you with another life, it not possible, I can never cheat on you with the richest man’s daughter not to talk of my secretary, I only pitied her that was why I asked her to sit while I sign the document, we were not even discussing, and talking of my phone, one of the rule in an official meeting is no picking of calls, that was why I switch it to silent mode, I forgot to change it when I left the meeting. Christiana I love you so much and I really mean it, I love you with my whole heart regardless of what happens between us,I will always love you because I made a vows in the presence of God that I will love you for good or bad,for better or worst, pls stop doubting my love for you. Am tired of our constant fight, am tired of all this misunderstandings, Christiana pls come back to me,let return back to our first love, I want you back, I want your love back,pls, he placed his head on Christiana lap and sob

Christianawas touched, she felt sobber too. Am sorry too dear, you have me back. They both hugged each other. Johnson suggest they celebrate their love by going out on a date, Christiana agreed and they went out to Christiana choice of place to have fun The following day was weekend, they both woke up late from bed.Johnson woke up and tidy up every where, he was cooking when Christiana woke up and met him cooking

She hugged him and they greeted each other happily, dear, you can go and rest am almost through with the cooking

Alright love, she went to the living room and switch on the television to watch her favorite show

She heard a knock at the door

Who is there?

Friends. They chorus

She opened the door and Johnson friends came in

Good morning

Good morning,how are you?

Fine sir, pls sit down

Thank, where is john?

Johnson came out from the kitchen wearing a apron, hi guys, he greeted them

His friends were surprise to see him cooking while his wife was watching a movie,

We are fine…

Am happy to see you, whatsup

Happy indeed, if you miss us, you would have come to join us at our joint

I wish to come, but am a family man, he laughs

Johnson moved near to Christiana and sat besides her

Babe. The food is almost ready, go and have your bath while I set the dining table

OK dear, she stoop up and left

Immediately she left, his friends moved closer to him

What is going on?

Like how?

I mean you switching of roles, you cooking while she watch movie. She is the one suppose to be cooking not you

Says who? Who told you it is the duty of a wife to cook?

That is how our tradition is

Friends, Christiana is my help mate not slave. We are meant to help each other, I love my wife, and I can do anything for her

Na wa o! They all laughed

Guys are you eating or not?

Of course we will

Then make your way to the dinning while I serve. He went to the kitchen and serve

Christiana joined them in the kitchen and they all eat in silent. Johnson packed the plates to the kitchen and escort his friends out

Christiana sat down on the chair and switch on the television, she was watching a program when Johnson came in, he was talking on pone with someone

Really? Oh my God! I remember too, those are great memories, I missed those days! He laughs out so loud. You will always remain in my heart, no! No! I didn’t forget

Christiana was annoyed she was wondering who could he be to talking to feeling so happy and laughing that way

Johnson sat down and continue talking with his caller, yea I remember, oh my! I would still do the same to you if I see you right now! Yes, he laughs again

Christiana stoop up, who are you talking to?

Babe pls, give me few minutes, this call is important. He continued talking. Am sorry, I was talking to someone, he laughs again, am always ready to give you hug whenever that happen, but you are an adult now,

Christianawas so angry, she snatched the phone from Johnson and smash it on the floor The whole phone pieces on the floor.

Christiana what happened?

Why did you break my phone?

Ask your ancestors! She shouted back

Hmm will this marriage last?

As a man can u condone dis kind of attitude from ur wife?and as a woman can u allow dis kind of woman in ur brothers life?


Beyond His Will - Episode 5

Johnson picked his damaged phone and walked out. Christiana shouted at him from behind.

Come back here, Mr Emmanuel Johnson! Shameless man, you have forgotten that you are a married man, who have a beautiful wife like me Mrs Emmanuel Christiana, if not you won’t be looking for what is not lost outside your marriage. Big sinner!

Johnson ignored her, entered his car and zoomed off.

He was so depressed, he doesn’t have a destination, he didn’t know where to go, it better to leave that house than to stay there with her, he thought within himself

He drove down to a bar and ordered for a malt. He sat down in a corner to avoid people seeing him

What else can I do? How can I make Christiana stop all this? Am getting fed up and tired, I love her so much but she is not making it easy for me, Christiana is hurting me emotionally and mentally, I hardly go home feeling happy, it is either am going to meet a war or start a war, God I didn’t bargain for this, where is my peace? I don’t seems to find it, he thought within himself as he drink his malt

A lot was going on through his head, he wanted to stop thinking but he couldn’t, he remember how his friends always drink alcohol whenever they are sad and feel depressed. He has never tasted an alcohol in his life before, but he was so desperate to clear his head as they were pining him

Heordered for an alcoholic drink, it was brought to him He opened it, pour some in his glass and drank it, it so bitter! He said to himself

He poured himself another glass and drink it again, hot tears rolled down from his eyes, he sobbed silently. Christiana why? Why are you doing this to us? Why?

He stays at the bar till night fall. The bar man approach him

Sir, we wan close, pls con dey go

Oh! Humm, he stoop up and fell back on the chair again

Chai! This man is drunk, he tap him again, brother, I beg con dey go, we wan close shop

He stood up, picked his car key and walk staggering. Oh yea! Lalala oooo,! I am born to win, he laughs. He lost his balance and fell

The bar man rushed to him and helped him up, he opened the car for him to enter

Brother, I use God escort you o! He was about to go when Johnson rushed down from the car and started vomiting. He slept on the floor

The bar man was very angry, which kind wahala be this one? Na this man first time to drink alcohol or wetin be this? He moved closer to him, oga, stand up na ground you dey

I ha…be arrived… Yes… Am Mr Emmanuel Johnson, yes that …who…you are…I am…

Johnson was saying rubbish while rolling on the ground

The bar man close the bar, and returned to Johnson. Where will I start from? He asked holding his waist with his hand. He opened the back door, and carried Johnson.

This man heavy o, he said breathing so hard

Oga oya let go

I don’t want to go home, Johnson pleaded unconsciously

The bar man dragged him to the car, he also enters the car.

Where is he living now? He checked his pocket and found his identity card

The bar man traced his home from the identity card.

Christiana was watching movie when he arrived, she heards the horn of his husband car and ignored it

The bar man came down and help Johnson stand on his feet, they staggered to the door

He knock at the door, Christiana opened the door and was surprise to see her husband drunk

What happened to him?

He is drunk

Christiana and the bar man took him inside.

Thank you so much sir, I really appreciate.

You are welcome,

She escorted the man outside before going back inside

Johnson! When do you Start drinking? What have you done to yourself? We only had a little misunderstanding and you end up like this? stand up

Leaveme alone! am fed up and tired of you, go! Go! He said unconsciously Christiana was confused, she changed his clothes and use a blanket to cover him.

The next morning, Christiana woke up early to cook for her husband, she prepare Johnson favorite food with the help of YouTube recipe, she set the dining table.

She went to the living room to wake Johnson when she met him sitting

Good morning, How was your night?

Johnson ignored her

Am talking to you Johnson

He stoop up, picked the pillow and blanket and walk out on her,

Christiana was surprise, this is the first time Johnson will ever walk out whenever she is talking. She followed him

Johnson took his bath and dressed up for office while Christiana continued ranting

Your food is ready. Eat something

Johnson remain silent, he picked his car key and left the house

Christiana was shocked, he rejected my food too? Is this man stupid or what, no problem, he will come back and meet me

Johnson got to office, feeling sad. He settled down in his office when the human resources manager informed him of the new secretary he just employed

Am Deborah. Am the new secretary

Okay, guess you know what to do? He said staring at his laptop

Yes sir

Then get to work

Thank you sir, Deborah left the office

Sir, the new…

Not in the mood to discuss right now, we can do that later, Johnson cut in

Alright sir, the manager left

This is the first time seeing him like this, he is a cheerful and nice person, the manager told Deborah

What could be the problem then?

I don’t know, you should be careful and not offend him

Yes sir

Deborah sat down and was thinking about what the manager said

The ringing of the phone brought her back to reality. She picked it

Yes sir, yes sir.

She dropped the phone, searched her drawer for a file and rushed to Johnson office

Here is it sir! She gave him the file

Johnson flip some pages, then check the front page,

Are you blind or what? I said bring me heritage file not Helen. He shouted at Deborah

She was so scared. Am sorry sir

Sorry my foot! I think you need a replacement, what is all this rubbish?

Deborah knelt down immediately, sir am so sorry pls don’t replace me

Get out! I don’t want to see you! Out!

She rushed out

Johnson stoop up from his sit, pacing up and down. Why am I doing this? Why? God help me! Am dying inside! Christiana what have you turn me into! He sat down and sob silently. I need to make peace with my wife. I can’t do this anymore, keeping her away from me will affect people around me.

Johnson left the office early and drove home feeling happy

He got home and met Christiana dressing up in the bedroom, he tip toe making sure he doesn’t make any sounds and hugged her from behind

My queen!

Christiana looked back and slapped him so hard on the face

Johnson was shocked, he hold his cheevk as tears flow freely from his eyes

What do you take me for? You think you can drop me and pick me anytime you want? You went out yesterday, coming back home late and drunk, I bath and changed your clothes, I even woke up early to prepare your favorite this morning, only for you to reject my food,who does that! Mr Emmanuel Johnson, am tired of you! She shouted and walk out angrily

Johnson was so shocked and perplexed, he cried bitterly throughout the night.

He woke up late the next morning and didn’t meet Christiana at home, he was happy she left before he wokes up. He dressed up and left for office.

Deborah greeted him but he ignored her and walked to his office. He came out after some few minute



I don’t want to see anybody today, cancel all my appointment, go against this rule if you are ready to lose your job

Yes sir, he banged the door

Deborah breathed out, God help me

Christiana came to his office and met a new secretary, who are you?

Good afternoon ma. Am the new secretary here

New secretary? Since when


Hold on! She approach Johnson office to open the door, Deborah stopped her

Ma, am sorry you can’t go in, I don’t know you, and I need to inform my boss before you enter, beside my boss doesn’t want to see anyone

Are you okay at all?

Am sorry ma, that is the instruction giving to me, I don’t want to go against the rule

Christiana pushed her out of the way, she fell down and stood up immediately again,

ma you can’t go in, pls try to understand me, my job is at stake

Christiana dropped her bag and started beating her, she slapped her and torn her clothes

Johnson came out of his office

What is going on here? He was surprise to see his wife in a fight with the secretary


Adulterer,fornicator! Your secret is expose! You employed a new secretary without informing me, after telling you not to employ a female again but a male. You now ganged up with her not to allow me in, she even beat me up No sir, that is not true. She came here and wanted to enter your office without telling me who she is, I was scared I might lose my job that was why I didn’t allow her in, am sorry sir, I didn’t beat sir, she cried and begged

Christiana, can we talk inside?

For what? After embarrassing me with your secretary. No! You should make her your wife and w—e, She left angrily

Johnson went in, he sat down on his chair and started crying

Deborah came in, and met his boss crying

Johnson quickly clean His face and pretended to be fine

Deborah knelt down, sir am so sorry sir, I don’t mean to be rude to her

Pls sit down Deborah

No am okay sir

Deborah sit down pls

Deborah sat down, rubbing her two hands together

He sighed, the women you saw earlier is my legally wife, her name is Christiana, am sorry for what ever things she said or done to you, pls forgive us

Am not angry sir, I didn’t know she is your wife, I would have allowed her in, am sorry once again

It okay, you can go back to your post

Thank you sir. She stoop up.

Sir, can I talk to you for a few minutes

Sure, you can

She sat down, sir ever since I resumed as your new secretary, have heard a lot of things about you, how nice and good you are, but I was shocked when I met the opposite, you talking and apologising to me now, I knew those people were right. Sir, am sorry to ask what is wrong? What is taking your good man away from you? What is eating you up sir?

Johnson sighed, it a long story Deborah…

Johnson went home, packed his clothes and things and left the house before the arrival of Christiana

Christiana came back home and met his wardrobe empty.

She hissed, we can’t be separated, he only went for holiday, he is still coming back, she told herself

Christiana waited for Johnson to come back home, but he didn’t, she called his number, but they were all not going through. She went to his office everyday, she never met him there, she was so worried

What is going on? For the past one month, have not set my eyes on Johnson, I went to his office, he is never around, I even hide somewhere, to know when he will go in or come out of his office, but he stopped coming to work. God! Pls save my marriage, I can’t even call his friends to ask about him, I have fought with all of them, she wept

Christiana won’t stop going to Johnson boffice, but she never met him, she called his friends, they all said the same thing ” we don’t know his whereabouts ”

Shewent to her friend salon one day to explain what is happening to her. Ola, am dead! Johnson has ran away, I don’t know his whereabout? I called all his numbers, they were not available, I went to all his friends house, none of them knows his whereabout, pls help me, my marriages is sinking, she cried

I told you, you are too harsh on this man, an unbeliever don’t behave like that, not to talk of someone who call herself a Christian, the last time you were talking on phone with him,you were talking as if he is your maids, he cooks for you, clean For you, what else do you want?

Christiana cried on hearing what her friend was saying. Am ready to change, I want to change, pls help me, she wept

I don’t know what to do, because if am also in Mr Johnson shoes, I will run away and never come back, ola said

A customers walked in, and greeted them.

Good morning ma

Good morning, how are you doing?

Am fine o,

Pls sit down

Am okay, am on my way out, I just want to give you my sister wedding invitation, she is getting married soon, and I want you to be her hair stylist, she opened her bag and brought out two invitation. You can invite one of your friend too

Wow,congratulate, am so happy for her, thank a lot, I will surely render my best service to you

I trust you, take care

Bye, ola escort her out

She came in feeling excited, I love this kind of customer, thank God, she sat down beside Christiana who was sobbing silently

Will you come with me? pls cheer up, let look for a solution, crying will not solve this matter

look at the invitation, it beautiful, we are both going o, you like it or not

Christiana ignored her,

Take now, look at the invitation

She took the invitation from her and check it.

What! She screamed

Ola was so scared, what happened? What did you see? Ola collected the invitation from her and read it. Emmanuel Johnson wed Nathaniel Jane.

Jesus! Your husband is getting married?

Christiana stoop up

Ola held her hand, pls take it easy, pls

Christiana fainted

Christy! Christy! Ola screamed! Someone help me!

To be continue…

Beyond His Will - Episode 7

Christiana rushed to Johnson’s friend house, Johnson friend was not at home, she met his wife bimbo, the one that called her a maid on their first visit. Bimbo came to meet her at the gate and refused to let her in

Yes, what do you want? Bimbo asked feeling irritated with Christiana presence

Am sorry for disturbing you, I came to see brother Femi?

He travelled, come back next month, she said and turn to leave

Christiana held her leg and knelt down, pls sister bimbo, don’t do this to me, I know I have wrong you, don’t pay Me back with my own coin, pls my home is on fire, I need your help, Christiana begged her crying, pls help me, pls, she wept

Humm, bimbo breathed out, so you can call me sister bimbo, the other day you came here, you were insulting me, calling me different names.

Pls, am sorry, am so sorry! Forgive me for everything have done in the past, I was wrong I know, pls she cried

Umm, well I can’t revenge, you can come in. Christiana stoop up and followed her. They got inside. Bimbo offers her a sit, Pls sit down

Am okay ma

No, sit down while I call femi out for you

Christiana sat down, not feeling relax

Femi came out and was surprise to see Christiana

Good afternoon sir, she knelt down

Femi was amaze as how Christiana knelt down for him, pls stand up

What happened? How is Johnson?

I came here because of him sir

Is he sick or what?

Nosir, we had a misunderstandings and he left home since then, have been searching for him but I couldn’t find him, I went to his office everyday, he stopped coming to office, just today he…… She bursted out in tears. Why are you crying? Pls stop crying! He did what?

He send me a divorce letter

What! Femi and bimbo exclaimed

Yes sir, she shed more tears

Johnson can’t do such, I trust him, have not seen for many month now, the last time I saw him was the day you came together with him, have not set my eyes on him since then

Ah! Sir pls help me, I need to find Johnson, am a change person now, Christiana knelt down

Pls stand up. I will surely try my best to find him, I will call you immediately i find him.

Thank you sir.

Should I drop you home

No dear, I will drop her, bimbo cut in

Thank you, I really appreciate both of you

Bimbo picked her car key and left with Christiana. Christiana cried throughout the journey. Bimbo tried to comfort her, but she kept crying. They got to her house. Christiana was about to alight from the car when bimbo called her

Am sorry with the way I behave to you earlier, am so sorry

Christiana fake a smile, it okay dear

Pls be strong, it a storm, it will soon be settled.

Alright. Drive safely. She came down and wave her goodbye. Bimbo zoomed off

Christiana went in and broke down in tears, she prayed and cried to God.

God, I know you can reverse the irreversible, you can change what no man cannot change, you can do what no man cannot do, pls change my marriage, pls save my marriage, I know you have the power to makes thing better for me and my marriage, you gave Abraham second chance after impregnating haggai, you still gave him a covenant child, you gave Samson another chance by returning his glory back to him, you gave Saul( Paul) another chance by letting him know you when he thought he was serving God. Father pls give me a second chance, i know am not worthy, but your blood have made me worthy, your pains has made me worthy, pls Lord save my marriage, change the heart of Johnson! She prayed and cried all alone in her room. She stayed in her room three days and night without eating anything praying and crying.

Thefourth day, she tidy up the housing, took her bath, cook a delicious meal and pack them in a lunch box. She headed out to her husband office Deborah was so scared on seeing her. Good morning ma, oga is not around ma,pls but you can enter, she said stammering and shivering

Good morning sis Deborah

Me? Sister? Deborah thought within herself as she look around to be sure she is referring to her

Christiana smiled, can I have a word with you?

Yes ma

Pls sit down, Christiana sat down

I didn’t come here to fight, I came to have a sisterly discussion with you. Sis Deborah I know have hurt you, I insulted and disrespect you, pls forgive me am so sorry for everything have caused, she knelt down but Deborah quickly held her

No ma,pls stand up, she pulled her to her sit, ma I was never angry with you, before and after the incident I have always love and respect you, what transpire between us is a thing of the past, I can also do that if am in your shoe, ma I must commend that you are a string woman, because it take a string woman to apologized to someone younger than them. Thank you ma for this opportunity

Christiana broke in tears

No ma,stop crying. She cleaned her tears and hugged her, after two minutes of crying.

Christiana held Deborah hands, pls I need a favour from you, I know my husband have refused to come to office, but pls I always want to come here and drop his lunch food everyday

That a small favour ma,but who will eat it? Oga doesn’t come to office at all

At the end of the day, you can give it out to anybody pls sister Deborah

Ma, don’t call me sister, am Deborah. Your request is granted ma. You can come into his office anytime ma

Thank you, they hugged each other, Christiana carried her bag and the lunch bag and headed to Johnson office

She entered and the whole place was a bit dusty,she picked up a napkin and cleaned everywhere, she carefully placed the lunch bag on his table, after arranging his table.

Johnson do you hate me this much for you to abandoned your office, you left your work all because you want to avoid me, pls am sorry, come back home, am ready to be the best woman you always dream of, pls, she hugged her husband picture and cried

She spent an hour in his office before heading home, she thank Deborah for forgiving her and accepting her favour. They hugged each other before saying her bye

Christiana would woke up everyday, tidy up her house, cook a delicious meal and headed to Johnson office to drop his lunch.

One Saturday morning, she received a call from ola.

Hi friend, how are you?

Am fine

Today is the wedding, I want you to go with me

Ola, I can’t believe you are saying this, you want me to attend my husband wedding to another lady? Am sorry, I don’t have the heart to accept that, I can’t follow you

No now, I just want you to get out of your mood

By witnessing my husband saying I do to another lady, ola you can go,pls let me be, take care, she hanged up

God! God! Is this how am going to lose Johnson forever? Is this how your promise and covenant will come to an end? I thought you will change thugs around before his wedding day, but I was wrong, I guess second chance are not made for people like me,because I misuse the precious opportunity you gave me,. She started praying and crying,


After an hour, her phone was ringing, she checked the caller, it was ola again

She ignored it and continue crying. Did she want to tell me how happy Johnson is,or how beautiful his wife his? She thought within herself and bursted into a big cry

Ola keep on calling, but Christiana refused to pick his call. Suddenly a new message entered

She checked the SMS,it was from ola again, she wanted to throw the phone away when her eye caught the message body. She quickly opened the message and read it

Christiana he is not the one!

Christiana eyes nearly pop out of its socket, she was confused,

What is she saying? Who is she referring to? She stoop up trembling, she dialled ola number, pick up ola! Ola pls pick! The phone fell off from her hand, she picked it and redail her number, ola pick

Hello Christy

Ola, I don’t understand your message! Pls what are you trying to say.

Christy, you need to be here, I will send you the address

Okay am in my way!

Christiana rushed out forgotten to wear her sandal, she locked the door and ran out to the street, she was about to enter a cab when she realize she was barefooted, she ran back to her house opened the door and ran inside to wear her sandal. She ran as fast as her leg could carry her to the main road entered a cab. Christiana begged the driver to drive fast.

Madampls ma one live we get o, let take am easy Pls sir, it about my life pls

They got to the venue, Christiana called ola to inform her of his presence, ola came out to picked her. She dragged her to the front row. Christiana saw the groom and the bride as the pastor announced that they could kiss each other.

Tears rolled down from her eyes! She knelt down there thanking God, people were looking at her, what is wrong with her, they murmured

Ola took her out of the venue, Christiana hugged ola, thank you! Thank so much friend! She wept

It okay,

I want to be on my way now, I will give you a call. Christiana went home singing praises to God

She got home, knelt down and thank God for many hours.

The groom is not my husband, they only bears the same name, but where could Johnson be? Where is he? I still can’t find him, God touch Johnson heart wherever he is, pls Lord. But what about the divorce letter? He sent a divorce letter to me, God pls take control of everything.

Christiana keeps on praying and fasting. She never stopped taking food to Johnson office too.

One month later,

Christiana was at home, cleaning the whole house when she knock at the door, she went to the door, thinking it was ola that was knocking

Am coming, where are you just coming now. She opened the door and was shocked, she couldn’t believe who was standing before her

She couldn’t say anything, as she stared at the person

To be continued

Beyond His Will - Episode 8 Final

It all started in my office that fateful day, Deborah came to my office and asked me what happened to me, why am I always moody?

Flash Back

Deborah it a long story… Johnson said bowing down his head

I will love to listen sir, Christiana adjusted her sit

I got married to Christiana eleven months ago, I love and cherish her, I didn’t just go for her because of love, I went for her because God is also in approval of our union. We got married and everything change, she makes my life difficult, I tried to understand her everyday, but it seems like an impossible mission for me, I satisfy her with everything she want, Christiana will still complain, she fought with all my friends, and with everybody around me, Christiana is making my life unbearable.

Sir, what have you done about it? What step have you take to help your wife realized her mistakes?

I have talked to her several time.

After that?

I don’t understand, what else should I do?

Sir, marriage is beyond getting married to the right person, is beyond having a big weddings, it beyond loving your wife dearly, marriage is all about God walking with you in your marriage, directing your every step, you might get marriage to the right person and still regret, Adam got married to the bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh Eve, it is through this same Eve, Adam lost his relationship with God. Ananias and Sapphira were husband and wife, but the foolishness of Sapphira to caution her husband when Satan want to make them lie to the holy spirit cost them their lives, marriage is all about calling God to every of your discussions, matters, steps, thought, because Satan know how powerful marriage is, he won’t hesitate to come into a marriage if a small door is open to destroy it. Sir, am not saying what aunty Christiana is doing is right, but as the head of the house, have you taken the matter to God? did you for once prayed for her? Satan operated through peter, God favorite disciple to discouraged Jesus from doing his redemption assignment, Jesus knew it was not peter talking but Satan was operating through him, He rebuked Satan Mathew 16: 21-22, this mean Satan can use or operate through anybody to destroy a great destiny. You have a great mission with your wife, do you expect Satan to sit and watch while you make explore? No! he will definitely look for someone to use, I must say your wife might not notice this schemes of Satan to use her destroy her marriage, but as the head you shouldn’t have sleep spiritually too, go to God, pray for her, am sure there are lot of things that are yet to be reveal to you by God. Don’t get angry with your wife when you are also at fault by sleeping sprirutually as the head of the house, wake up sir

Deborah,that true, have slept… He breathed out and stood up from his sit, what should I do now? I suggests you go back to God, He is the one that knows all things

Thank you so much Deborah, I really appreciate

You are welcome sir

Deborah left his office


Back to the present


After my discussion with Deborah, I made up my mind to take my marriage problems to God. To wake up from my sleep and save my marriage, I made up my mind to go to the mountain of mercy, in ekiti state without telling you nor Deborah because I want to be alone with my God. I came home to pack my things and headed straight to mountain of mercy. I got there in the evening, find a good corner and started praying. I asked God for the forgiveness of my sin before I started fasting and praying for many month, alot was reveal to me by God, Johnson paused while Christiana listen attentively

Flash Back

Johnson laid down on the mountain praying. God save my marriage, pls remould my wife and my marriage. Come and be the sailors of our marriage ship, come and be the driver of our journey car. Pls Lord. After praying for many hours. The holy spirit ministered to him

Ican’t save your marriage, you only have the power to save or destroyed your marriage How Lord?

By selecting the type of problems you bring to me, most of the things you need Me for, you think you can handl them yourself, this made you to be the driver of your marriage

But, I asked you before going into this marriage and you gave your consent

I give consent, I don’t give grace, wisdom, power to be able to maintain and stay in my will unless you asked for it, Mathew 7:7 ask and it shall be given. When you don’t ask, I don’t give, I told you Christiana is my will for you, but do you ask me to give you wisdom to walk with her? Do you ask me to give you the grace to be the head of the house? Do you ask for the power that will make your marriage untouchable for the devil? Do you ask me to walk with you? Do you ask me to turn your weakness to strength? No! You didn’t. There is a lot beyond my will! Johnson your marriage was like that because you thought you only need me at the beginning, not daily basis.

Oh lord pls forgive me, there is indeed a lot beyond your will. I do not know I need wisdom, grace, power. Pls lord help me now before we drowned. Johnson cried and prayed.

Back to the present

Johnson looked at Christiana, she looked away trying to avoid his gaze, Johnson cleared his throat and continue his story

After praying for two months, God finally answered my prayer. I wanted to come home and embrace my new marriage, but God told me to stayed back. I asked him why? He didn’t reply until yesterday. A lot happened When he told me to stay back.

He rubbed his two palm together

Flash back

After a long stressful day without eating, but fasting and praying, Johnson went to the canteen to break his fast in the evening. He met a young man who looks happy and vibrant, the man brought some food and didn’t have money to pay, the woman was shouting at him when Johnson came to his rescue

What happened? Johnson asked

He came to buy food here, and he was telling me he forgot his money in his car, that is how they always come here and lie, the woman explained angrily

I actually forgot my wallet in my car, I told her to take her food while I go bring my Wallet to be sure that am not running away, but she refused

How much is the fees ma


Johnson brought out his wallet and paid for the man, the man was so happy. He appreciate him and left. Johnson finished eating and left the canteen, he was about to climb the mountain when someone called him, he looked back and saw the man he helped earlier

Thank so much for saving me earlier

You are welcome sir,

Have been waiting for you to walk pass since, I actually came to the mountain to thank God for the contract I won last week. I want to be on my way now, but I want to ive you something sir, he opened his car and brought out an invitation and 2000

Sir, take this for the money you spent earlier

No! Noo! That by gone.

Thank so much sir, if you don’t mind I would love you to be at my wedding, this is the invitation card. He gave him the card.

Alright, I will surely be there.

Thank you, the man entered his car and zoomed off

Johnson stood at the spot until the car was out of sight, he opened the card and checked it, Bassey john wed Chukudi Christiana

Chukudi was Christiana maiden name.

What! Johnson screamed! Creating attention as people looked at his direction

He sat on the floor and broke down in tears

Christiana is getting married? Just two month away from home! Johnson sat at the spot for three hours crying

Why God! You told me my mistakes and solution, why do you allowed Christiana to get married to another man? Why Lord! I promise to always pray for her, I promise to always invite you to our day to day activities, pls Lord. He cried so bitterly on the mountai

He wanted to go home, but God instruct him not to go, this made him cried more

Few weeks later, he received a letter from a young man, when he opened the letter, it was termination of marriage agreements. Johnson nearly fainted on seeing the letter, he laid down on the mountain for four days without eating or standing up, he was praying and crying.

God,pls save my marriage, pls Lord! One month later, the young man that gave him the wedding invitation came to the mountain with his wife for Thanksgiving. They greeted Johnson and he was so surprise the wife was not his wife. They oy bears the same name, He was so happy. The next day God told him to check the letter he received very well. Johnson searched the dust bin and saw it. He carefully looked at the names and it was totally different from his name and Christiana names, he laughed out loud, making jest of himself.

He was so happy throughout his stays on the mountain, thanking God.

He was praying one evening when the holy spirit ministered

Johnson, the reason why I asked you not to go home is because I want to remould you, and equipped you with what you need to stay in my will, and what you need that is beyond my will. I have dine all that. You can go home now.

He was so happy, and scared as the same time, he didn’t know what he is going to meet at home. The next day, he packed his clothes and headed home

Back to present

Christiana couldn’t hold back tears, she cried so bitterly.

What about the divorce letter you send to me? She said while crying

I didn’t send any divorce letter, Johnson was shocked

You did

I didn’t

Christiana was confused, she rushed to her bedroom and Johnson followed her. She was searching for the letter. Christiana searched under her bed and found the squeezed letter. She took it and looked at the name, it was totally different. The address was NO. 45 while Christiana address was NO 55. The same street but the number was different. Tears of joy rolled down from her eyes. Johnson drew her to himself and hugged him. The wedding invitation and the divorce letter remould our lifes, Johnson whispered to her.

They both cried in each other arm.

After much hugging and caring, Christiana cooked Johnson favorite food. He tasted the food and was so shocked

You cooked this?

Yes, for my king!

Thank my queen

They went out for a date to celebrate their new remould marriage!

Christiana woke up so early the next day, cooked for her husband when she left the kitchen, she found out Johnson had tidy up the whole house

Why would you do that? I don’t want any stress for you, Christiana said smiling

I just wanted to help my queen. They hugged each other and laughed

Christiana and Johnson visit bimbo and femi, they were so suorise as how Christiana respect and care for Johnson. Femi was forced to asked, pls what is the secret of this great change?

It a wedding invitation and a divorce letter, Christiana and Johnson chorus and laugh

Femi and bimbo was confused, I don’t understand, bimbo said.

Staying in His will is beyond His will, when you know what it take to stay in His Will, the result will go beyond your understanding. Our marriage is an examples of the result of knowing how to stay in HIS WILL, which is Beyond HIS WILL! Christiana said and hugged her husband

The End

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