Boy Desires (Complete Story)

Boy Desires (Episode 1)

I prayed within me that he would look my way again! Oh, how I longed this! Ever since he made that first glance, he hadn’t looked again. “Was it because our eyes met?” I couldn’t tell. All I just wanted was for his eyes to find mine for a second time. Or at least, one last time! I had kept my eyes on him, wishing and praying but yet it has only felt like the more I wished, the lesser the chances! I couldn’t just help it. I was caught in this trap. Of course it wasn’t his trap. But whoever had set this trap had caught me badly! I couldn’t get out of it anymore. In fact, I wasn’t feeling like getting out of it. It was a bondage I was enjoying and only praying that I could see it out! I was praying that whatever the bondage had in stock for me, would come sooner than later! I was desperate!

I didn’t exactly notice him until the audience began clapping for the last speaker, Dr. Farouk Suleiman. I had stood too, just like every other guest on the podium and had applauded the Doctor, on what was a very brilliant presentation. He had spoken about his current research into seeking new grounds in the use of mutant cells in the cure of more complex diseases, like cancer. Everybody was genuinely schooled by the rich content of his study and we all had to applaud him, including us his fellow guest speakers. But it was in the course of doing so, that I noticed somebody at the right end of the hall and in the audience. He was standing too and clapping, but for no initial reasons, I seemed to notice him more than others! I just kept looking at him until we were done clapping and got seated again. From where I was seating on the podium, I had a very uninhibited view of him and that made the distraction a lot worse than it should be.

As the seminar continued with the introduction of a new speaker, I found myself rather consumed by this boy. He was still very young.

Never expected anything older than 22 or there about. Therefore, making him just about the age of my first son. But he was astonishingly handsome! In fact, he was this kind of boys you couldn’t qualify as handsome as they were better called beautiful given how fine their comeliness were. His heavily dark hair was neatly dressed around his forehead, forming a pleasant match with his equally heavy eyebrows. The hair suggested he was mullato (half-caste) as the woolly nature of its texture wasn’t something you see on the Yoruba locals around. He was barely dark but neither fair too. Just somewhere between the two. I had noticed his height when we were still standing and easily gave him a 6’1”. He wasn’t exactly muscular as such but far from slim. Athletic was the right word in fact, as his body lines appeared fairly defined.

What caught me most were his lips. They were very thick-looking and round! He seemed to have realized how s*xy** they looked right from a younger age and thus formed a habit of regularly creating a face that made them appear even more obvious. Being an A-grade kisser, this easily got the tickling going in my KttyC@t. As I intently looked and studied the way each of them formed a clean swipe as they curved out into their undersides, I couldn’t help but press my crossed thighs a little bit more. As though that wasn’t enough, he at some point, brought out his tongue and licked the lips of the flicker of dryness that appeared to have formed over them. Just then, I felt my own mouth drop, not withstanding that I was on a podium, with over 200 students and professionals, possibly observing me. I traced the movement of his tongue as it swirled from one corner of his mouth, to the other.

Observing the sparkling glossiness, of its dampness. I swallowed hard! I began wishing he could kiss me. I began wishing I could take that tongue into my mouth and sU-Ck it so very hard! It looked so soft in the eye and a lot like something that could do a very good job on my KttyC@t. Then my eyes moved to his eyes.

They were very sharp and radiant. The white part of his ball looked so very white and the lovely dark shade present around the skin of each eye, formed a perfect contrast in a most alluring of ways! As his eyeballs steadied on the speaker, I couldn’t help but wish he would looked my way but it didn’t seem to be so. His neck equally wasn’t an exception. It was slender, tall and well framed. The skin there looked like something I would enjoy licking up and the gentle lines of folds that were neatly outlined towards the foot, made matters more pleasing. If I were to go by the theory of some of my girlfriends, the size of his neck meant he was going to have a slick long J0yst!ck! The thought of that alone got my K!ttyC@t juice sip into my p@anties! I found myself close my eyes briefly as I unmistakably imagined his hands wrap me up from behind and poke my butt. It was the laughter of the audience that brought me back to the auditorium!

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Boy Desires (Episode 2)

At first, I thought the laughter was directed at me. But when I saw the speaker pointing to an image on his presentation screen, I instantly knew I wasn’t the discussion. However, instead of trying to follow up with the speaker to know what exactly he was saying, I found myself locating my young crush in the audience once more. I desired to know what his reactions in particular were. As I found him, I was pleased beyond words to catch him grinning. His lavish white teeth were in generous display, triggering a further flow of juices into my cotton p@nty. He was simply breathtaking the way he smiled. The beauty in his smile was so much that I noticed myself licking my upper lip with my tongue. But, this was the exact moment he then looked my way for the first time ever! And for what seemed like eternity, our eyes were locked together and remained that way for so long!! I wasn’t going to look away! I wanted him to see that I longed for him! That I desired him and wished he could grab me in his arms and F**K me! We kept looking at each other, eye into eye, but as soon as I tried following it up with a smile, he looked away! My excitement was cut short!

But I have been praying since then that he looked my way again. I had been wishing and hoping. It was meant to be a thing of embarrassment given that I was on the podium and the entire auditorium was before me and seeing my every move. But that wasn’t going to deter me. My juices were freely flowing now and goodness knew it was already too late to go back. I was more than happy to continue this gawking and open voyeurism as long as it brought me the unbelievable height of pleasure I sought! Many would condemn and say that it was blind danger to my coming lecture.

That may be true, as I need a calm and undistracted mind to articulate the points and facts of my lecture. But that wasn’t going to be possible with this lad whom I was yet to even know the name. It was plain absurd to say the least, but I was already consumed by it.

The audience soon stood to applaud the speaker whose lecture had been running for quite some time now. Just like the last person, he was equally good. I was now a lunch break away from my own paper. As the conference moderator steeped onto the podium to usher in the break, my eyes moved back to my crush who I now found standing in front of his seat.

Surprisingly, for the first time, I noticed what was undoubtedly a bulge, lying across his fly.

I was instantly drawn to it as it was well pronounced and pleasantly sizable! I felt another rush of fresh sticky juice sip out of my aroused K!ttyC@t as I re-crossed and pressed my thighs a lot more closer! I was barely done with that when I then noticed his eyes on me again, only for a second time. My heart sunk!

Even though he didn’t let it linger like the previous one, I was still completely mesmerized by it. I kept looking at the young s*xy** thing as he looked away. But then turned, bent over as though to adjust his seat before turning back again to sit on it. The view of his hard compact butt0ckz which he presented me on his backing me, was the final nail in the coffin as I began feeling my juices dribbling their way down my thighs in breezing speed!

I brought out my handkerchief, cleaned the many beads of perspiration on my face, but before I could look his way again, he was gone!


Boy Desires (Episode 3)

“Where could he have gone?” I began to frantically search the auditorium with my eyes with a frightening feeling of betrayal hovering over me. I wasn’t going to believe he was gone already and was going to abandon me just like that! He was certainly now aware of my lusting for him, and would be so wrong to decide to ignore me in such a manner. But then, there he was again, walking up the auditorium, and probably heading for the rear exit doors. The hall had become slightly rowdy as the moderator had called in the lunch break.

I even saw some girls sitting along the windows, giggling and giving him the eyes.

They were seeking for his attention but he seemed not to care as he quietly climbed the distantly placed steps leading to the exit doors.

It then dawned on me! This was my chance! We were not going to be back to the hall until after about an hour. If only he was thinking what I was thinking, then we would make this moment the best in our lives!!

As I contemplated those, I began to stand from my seat. I knew every right thinking person was going to want to use this period to prepare herself for her coming lecture, talk more of a Professor of Surgical Rehabilitation and Prosthesis. But I wasn’t a right thinking person anymore! All I could think of at that moment was getting on my knees and sU-Cking that bulge in his trousers! All I dreamt was crushing those succulent thick lips of his with mine and eating them like they were strawberries! My mind was racing! I was desperate but equally uncertain as to what the outcome might be. Before I could say Jack, I was already practically sprinting down the stairs of the auditorium! My heavy double D b0s0m heaving as I did! I had taken the time to stack up the rack properly that morning considering that I was going to be in front of many eyes for most of the day but I never knew I was also doing so for another lovely young boy. It was generally pleasing to say the least.

More so, the thought that undoing just one button would be good enough to display my pushed up mamarries in the open! How wickedly sultry I felt!

“Excuse me!….” I called out, as soon as I whizzed through the exit door and into the long corridor. I couldn’t catch up with him within the auditorium despite how hard I tried. He was a few distances away from me now but I had to call on him since there were a handful of people on the corridor.

“Hello!!…” he didn’t answer after the initial try. He turned on this second attempt. “A minute please…”

He stood still and without saying anything. He was indeed about 6’1” as I guessed. He looked even more attractive now than when I was ogling him from far. The good thing was that, he was indeed starring at my now exposed cleavage! I had unbuttoned the first two buttons of my shirt as I walked through that door, and given that my suit jacket had a plunging neck, he was greeted with what was definitely a tempting view! I had been sweating too, so a glistening heaving stack of melons were definitely a nail-biter! My imaginations as I watched him look, sent more juices pouring down my thighs!

“Sorry for calling you back”, I began as soon as I was close enough.

“It’s ok Ma”. I melted at his voice! It was so heavenly and more juice found their way down! His eyes were still on my mamarries while mine were on his seminar ID, which said: ‘Mister OLamide Bakare’.

“Please can I show you something?” I fluffed! I was becoming weak in the knees and my legs were getting wobbly! I actually had nothing to show him, and I dint even know when it came out of my mouth. But that was all I could say! I just didn’t want to miss this chance and I was willing to do anything to keep it!

“It’s ok Ma” he said again, looking into my eyes. My mouth visibly trembled. As though I had some kind of cold. I began walking, and he followed immediately. I could tell his eyes were on my swaying butt0ckz but I couldn’t just turn to confirm. I knew I was losing every iota of confidence all just because of a 22 year old boy! But I was delightfully helpless!


Boy Desires (Episode 4)

Just then, he walked up to my side, but yet without saying anything. I remained calm and only took a few peeks at him from the corner of my eyes. Our hands brushed a couple of times and it sent several tickling s£nsat!ons down my gooey K!ttyC@t! I was dying to touch him! I was longing to feel his hand in mine, but I didn’t know how he would react if I did. But that was going to be the earliest indication that he wanted me too; that is, if he does nothing.

Anyways, after I had bit my guts, I gently reached out, and grabbed his slightly swinging left hand. He remained still and didn’t say a word and even didn’t look my way. But that was the confirmation I needed! I was now certain he wanted this as much as I did. My eyes began to frantically sprint from one area of the corridor to another as my K!ttyC@t drenched my p@nty further! Even if it were a lobby, as long as there was some hint of privacy, I was going to beg Olamide to F**K me!! Luckily, I was barely through with these thoughts when I found a little green terrace just off the corridor. In fact it was a meeting point for three long corridors, thus suggesting that it wasn’t very private. But I couldn’t care anymore now! Since we couldn’t find anybody close, I accepted it was as private as it could get, so I quickly halted! Olamide halted too but still didn’t say a word. I walked past him briefly then turned to face him. I looked at his face and our eyes met. We both stood that way, looking at each other but yet he wouldn’t say a word nor make a move. Then I began to pull my black jacket off. Once I did, I flung it to the side. He wasn’t still going to make a move even though I observed the bulge forming again across his trousers! This time, far larger than before!

“Oh my gawd!!….” I called out to myself! Placing my hand on my b0s0m and giving them a firm sq££ze! This guy was driving me nuts!! I quickly undid my shirt and blew it away. “He was going to F**K me whether he liked it or not!” I told myself. I still dint know how to make him do so, given that he was yet to act like he knew I was Unclad. But that dint matter so much to me right then. All I wanted to do was get stark Unclad before him. Show him my beautiful body and my bouncy b0s0m!

I followed up the shirt by dipping my fingers into the band of my p@nty and pulling it down my thighs. I hurriedly did so, but made sure it was seductive as it could get. But when I got to my feet, getting it to get over my high heeled shoes, became a problem. I struggled with it for a few minutes and even had to bend over, backing Olamide in the process, just to get it through. However, it was while I still getting through this, that I suddenly felt this sizzling cold moistness envelope my vulva! Olamide was unexpectedly on his knees, sU-Cking on my K!ttyC@t mercilessly!

“Ohhhhh…fuuuuuck!..…” followed my whimper! I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing! He was inactive a few moments ago, but has now suddenly begun eating me out. And not just that, he was equally terrific at it! I swung one arm behind me, and pulled his head further into my butt0ckz, rubbing his wooly hair in the course.


Boy Desires (Episode 5 Final)

He held my thighs, wrapping both arms across them and making sure his mouth was as buried as it could be! He was chewing on my inner lips and as soon as he inserted his tongue into me, I poured my sweet nectar again; this time, all over his mouth!

“Please FK Lamide!”, I purred, shedding tears of ecstasy and rubbing my heavily soaked K!ttyC@t all over his face! “FK me please, as we don’t have much time anymore baby” He didn’t say a word to that, he only just got to his feet and then brought his face closer for a kiss. His thoroughly moist face smelt strongly of K![ttyC@t].

And on seeing his seemingly swollen full lips, I melted into his arms, engaging him in one of the most passionate kisses I had ever known! We flicked, swirled, munched, chewed and slurred our mouths at each other! Raw saliva drooled from our mouths as we travelled into the highest mountains! He was also the same person who brought us back though. Abruptly pulling out from the kiss, turning me around in a swipe, and inserting his enormous J0yst!ck inside of me in a go!

“Jisooooooooooooos!..” I gasped! For despite childbirth and the relative sag in my K!ttyC@t, OLamide’s J0yst!ck still filled and stretched me to my limits! I hadn’t seen the bare J0yst!ck yet, but I had no doubt it was the thickest I had known! As he F***ed me, my K!ttyC@t made slushy sounds! Clear sticky liquid dripped from my hole and my butt0ckz gyrated on each stroke! His right hand was on my swirling right boob and he was kissing my neck as he kneaded the massive lump of meat!

After we had F***ed ourselves silly, and in countless positions and styles, he told me he was set to Pour! On hearing that, I encouraged him to Pour inside of me! And he agreed! We were on missionary so all he then did was to hold my hips tighter, and begin to pound me faster like some battering ram!!

“Aggggggghhhhhhhhh……” broke my wail as he repeatedly F***ed my gooey damp snatch! I thought I was going to go crazy “I’m cummmmmmmmm………mmminnnng!!” he suddenly screamed!

Pressing himself firmly into my pelvis, and embracing my body very tightly!

I found his mouth and engaged him in another full mouth French kiss as his thick sticky fluid sprayed into my womb! It was the best feeling of my life and I wished to have more of it! He took a few more shots, and he was finally spent.

“We have just 10mins to the next lecture…” he broke the silence!

“What?!” I screamed in my head as both of us began to frantically scramble for our cloths!

As soon as I finished illustrating my last point on how to genetically develop a strain of macro-shell layers for curing 3rd degree burns, I thanked the audience for paying good attention to me. It turned out to be a very good lecture, after all, and was full of energy.

“You may direct your questions to Prof. Daniela Chucks now”, explained the moderator from where he was seated, opening the floor for questions from the audience.

The first question came immediately, and was on how we the medical experts intended to balance out the innovation I just talked about, with the conservation and preservation of the shell dependent sea-lives, so as to avoid a possible imbalance in the eco-system. It was a very intelligent question and I quickly arranged my lecture notes in readiness to give an answer. But when I raised my head to see whose question it was, I was stunned at whom I found standing and waiting for my reply. For a good 25 seconds, I had no words coming out of my open mouth. It wasn’t easy giving an answer to the same boy, who I had his creamy Pour, still dripping down my thighs!

The End