Can You F*** Me? (Complete Story)

Can You F*** Me? (Episode 1)

Fredrick and I has always been this s*x craved couples. We could FK till night fall and then FK till dawn with just 20 minutes Intervals. I liked the body pain afterwards, it made me feel special, and the traces left on my body like he was trying to mark his territory. We have been married for 2 years now and were both blessed with a son , “my little guardian angel” I nick named him, he was such a beauty.

Deji was just 5 months old when I started noticing the constant drench in between my legs, the doctor was right about being sx craved after delivering. Fredrick and I enjoyed a very spontaneous sx life before I became pregnant. We could F**K virtually anywhere, in the kitchen, on top of the dinner table, in the bathroom and even in the garage, we were animals. Now I spend 60 percent of my day thinking about Fredrick J0yst!ck and the other 40 percent was about b0s0m feeding Deji which of course left wet patches on my underwear.

Birthing Deji was a gift but I had to lose a lot too, Fredrick doesn’t put me to sleep with his J0yst!ck anymore ,I had to sleep countless nights without having that J0yst!ck buried in me , I tried giving him signals but he was indifferent, I did exercises to keep in shape so I could parade myself half Unclad but still no response, he was completely numb.

Numerous thoughts ran through my head, was he doing this just because he didn’t want any issues because of my complicated child birth or was he no longer interested in my body.

” Fredrick, can you F**K me?” I was blunt now, I didn’t have time seducing him anymore or trying to get an eye of attention, I just wanted his J0yst!ck. He looked shocked, he stared at me for some time probably not expecting those words. My head was bent down and I couldn’t look him in the eye, this was the very first time I verbally asked him for s*x . He stared too long, i regretted ever making that move. Suddenly he said ” Austin and I are planning on buying a car today, it’s about time I start going ” , got up from the bed and walked out of the bed room. I felt lost, I managed to hold back the tears that seemed to have already fallen, Deji cried all afternoon, like he felt his mummy’s pain.

I decided not to discuss anything that was s*x related with Fredrick. I was hurt and decided to ignore the throbbing in between my legs, by the next week my K!ttyC@t was drooling and calling for a J0yst!ck so Most times Deji was fast asleep and my husband was at work I would bury my fingers so deep in my drenched K!ttyC@t, spreading my legs as far as it could go fingering hell out of my cu-nt.

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Can You F*** Me? (Episode 2)

On Saturday evening , Fredrick called me to come meet him up at a fancy restaurant , I insisted that I couldn’t leave little Deji alone but he persuaded me to take one of my b0s0m milk pumped in a feeding bottle from the fridge and drop him with my mother before coming . I reluctantly dressed Deji up , put on my make up and wore the sexiest gown I had, it was red, short and quite exposing but still appropriate,I had no underwear on, when I was done dressing up I stared at myself through the mirror with an ominous smile on my face.

I quickly dropped Deji at my mother’s house while managing to keep up to time, I was 30 minutes late already . The journey made things worse but eventually I arrived at the restaurant, parked my car and went in. There he was sitting elegantly on table four, he even had it reserved for us.

“sorry I was late” I blurted out while sitting down, he just smiled stretched and kissed me on my forehead. ” since when did he care?” I thought still acknowledging the fact that I haven’t forgiven him just yet. Maybe he wanted to make up for his losses knowing that he treated me badly. “Did he behave?”

obviously referring to our son “y-yess…quite unexpectedly ” I responded (well he wasn’t the only one who needed to behave around here) “we haven’t gone out for quite some time now so I thought we could hang out tonight ” he said offering me the most mischievous smile I had ever seen, ” guess what else we haven’t also been doing lately ” I thought again angrily but smiled back. We ate and talked about everything except s*x ,30 minutes later we went into my car and drove off ,he arrived the restaurant with a public transport.

I sat on the drivers sit still wondering why he insisted I drive , he was oddly quiet ,not the usual Fredrick , we drove for 5 minutes and still no talk, he was stealing glances at my thighs which was greatly exposed due to my short gown. An evil smile stretched my lips. ” he would pay for making me suffer ” I thought , I deliberately spread my legs wider ,torturing him more, he swallowed hard and glanced at me. ” honey are we going to pick up Deji or should we leave him to spend the night over there?” I said breaking the long silence, ”

em-mm y-yesss let’s pick him up” he stuttered, I smiled even more and changed directions . He took up his phone and and went on typing , I didn’t really pay attention I was busy staring at his J0yst!ck that was rock hard underneath his trousers and how obvious it was. He dropped his phone glanced at my thighs one more time and eventually placed his left hand on it. I slightly jumped still trying to concentrate on the road, I checked the time on my dashboard and it was already 9;01pm we were going to get home pretty late.

He leaned over and buried his face in my neck licking and sU-Cking while squeezing my thighs, My vision was getting blur as the heat in between my legs increased . I shrugged ” stop it I’m driving ” , I was certainly going to make him pay .

Luckily for me we were close to my mother’s house when he suddenly told me to park the car, his voice sounded hoarse and his eyes were glued to my thighs, his voice screamed out desperation, I ignored his words and kept on driving when all of a sudden he rushed me like a beast , this time eating hungrily on my neck and squeezing my tits through my clothes ,lucky for us I was close to the junction that led to my mother’s house and there no car was behind us, I found it extremely difficult to drive and eventually parked the car beside the bush that led to the junction . He turned off the head and interior lights because the dim lights in the street were bright enough, we didn’t want to attract any attention. We kissed like savagers eating their first meal after a long period of hunger, all thoughts of revenge flew away, I found my way to his trousers and sq££zed his hard J0yst!ck trying to get it out, he let out a groan adjusted his sit and told me to get on top of him. He tore my gown down to my navel level and I wonder what I was gonna wear to pick up Deji,

I took off his jacket and ripped off the buttons on his shirt and dived at his bare chest licking any flesh I could find, he unhooked my bra from behind and threw it to the back set, he dived at my left b0s0m sU-Cking hard on my Tips while searching for my love hole under my gown,he let out a groan and bit harder on my Tips when he found out I had no underwear on.

I gave space to unzip his trousers and managed to take the monstrous J0yst!ck out, I lifted up my gown to my hips and gently eased his J0yst!ck into my soaking wet KttyC@t. No need to sU-Ck it, his J0yst!ck was already so hard that I feared it might tear me apart as well as feel extremely good. I started riding his J0yst!ck trying to create a rhythm. Fredrick was busy sU-Cking milky hell out of my Tips, his face was so drenched that i wonder who needed the b0s0m milk more, father or son?.


Can You F*** Me? (Episode 3)

We were in the front seat of the car Bleeping our souls out,I knew the car was obviously bouncing and my continuous loud groans could be heard by a passer by but still didn’t care, I’ve missed this J0yst!ck for too long…

A direct light flashed into the car, someone pointed a touch light directly at us, it looked like they were more than one , I jumped off Fredrick and managed to pull down my gown while hurriedly getting back on the drivers sit.

They were directly opposite our car, they could be vigilantes I thought ,we were in deep Sh*t!, I turned to look at Fredrick who had a worried face and noticed that he also had kept his J0yst!ck back where it belonged. They came to the driver’s window and knocked on the glass. Fredrick told me to stay in the car that they looked like vigilantes and he opened his door and came out. Immediately they saw Fredrick they pointed a gun at him then I realized they weren’t vigilantes, they were armed robbers!. They ordered me out of the car or they would shoot at my husband. Cold ran down my spine, my hands were shaking and I was almost crying ,There was no way we could call for help now. I came out of the car ,they were three in number. all these while I forgot that I was half Unclad and my torn gown barely covered my b0s0m, they all had masks on.

The tallest one who looked well built walked towards me, I staggered backwards obviously scared to death . His hand gripped my arm, and he looked down staring at my hard Tips, he used his other hand to cup my right tit and sq££zed it hard, I squirmed and closed my eyes. ” please take anything you want just don’t touch her abeg! ” Fredrick shouted from behind, I wished he hadn’t because the gun was replaced by a slap on his head by the chubby masked man who held him down.

I stood there my eyes closed shot, I couldn’t bare watch another man touch me except my husband, he turned around and threw his gun to the third man who stood observing the environment all these while, he tore off what was left of my gown and stared at my Unclad body, the only thing I had on was my heels. He laughed and the others laughed with him, ” omo the chick make sense o” the chubby one said, I froze, I suddenly wished I could turn ugly.

He began to sq££ze my two Tips simultaneously ,my breath was getting heavy, he sq££zed harder and a soft m0an escaped my lips and immediately I bit on my lips, he looked at me and smiled.

I hated myself, I couldn’t help the m0ans, they kept coming out, his fingers knew exactly what to do on my Tips. He pushed his face to mine kissing me hard and out of anger I bit his lips and tried to run when he held me to himself and and placed me on top of the car, I was expecting a slap or the sound of a gun shot but what I got was a smile from him , a very wry smile that soaked my KttyC@t. he took an handkerchief from his pocket and gaged me so my screams wouldn’t be heard. I closed my legs so tight trying not to give him any more ideas, my husband wiggled so much that they had to gag him also and tie him up.

After they rendered Fredrick completely helpless to the situation. The quiet one dropped his guns and walked towards the car, he attempted to spread my legs but was stopped by the leader who still had a smile on his face ” I’ll teach you to respect your elders ” he said to me, pulled me up and bent me over the car bonnet, I tried to wiggle free but he pressed my head against the bonnet , was I going to be F*ed from behind by this thugs?, I thought In horror, I wasn’t going to let this bastard FK me I rather be shot, “Smack!” was the next thing I heard from behind me .”smack!” I realized by the second time that he was spanking me Fredrick was squirming and mumbling something inaudible from behind but the cloth tied around his mouth frustrated him.


Can You F*** Me? (Episode 4)

Feelings like electric shock ran down my body with every smack and this electric shock stopped at my cl!t which made me squirm , but anytime I tried to break free from his clutches he would sq££ze my butt0ckz and spank my butt0ckz cheeks harder. By this time my juice was visibly running down my legs, I bit on my lips to suppress my m0ans, I begged my K!ttyC@t not to pour out any more juice but instead I heard “scorpion this chick likes it o” the quiet one finally spoke. “Scorpion!” that was the name of my first assaulter.

He turned me around and placed me facing him on the car “pleaseee” I mumbled through the handkerchief stuffed in my mouth after he made an attempt to spread my legs, I knew what was going to happen, i knew I was gonna be taught a lesson and a hard one, I could see the helplessness and anger in my husband’s eyes, he was going to watch his wife be F***ed by the leader of a set of armed robbers and maybe the rest of the crew could also join in the action . After many attempts to keep my legs closed my efforts were eventually subdued, my legs were now as open as an express way. Scorpion drove a finger deep inside my betraying K!ttyC@t, brought it out and looked at it, my love hole juice was running down his finger, he licked it off and smiled, i stared at a big birth mark on his wrist. I closed my eyes and I knew he was enjoying me suffer, he took his time in allowing every nerve in my body betray me, I wondered why he took his time as if I was his lover……

Then I heard the sound of a belt fall to the ground, I opened my eyes and saw his pecker pointing straight at my K!ttyC@t, it was big ,no it was huge and I feared it might leave some marks. I started squirming but was held down by the quiet short one, the third chubby robber had brought out his J0yst!ck and was already stroking it gently. My eyes widened more with every inch of Scorpion J0yst!ck that was buried inside my hole. Soon he had every inch of his 8-inch monster in me, a tear ran down my eyes, I turned and looked at tied up Fredrick he looked blank. Scorpion pounded the living day lights out of my K!ttyC@t, ” arghhhhh hmmmm” he growled, he was using me ,i was at his mercy now, he took my left tit into his mouth and sU-Cked hard on it while using his hand to support himself . I could feel it building, I was going to Pour, scorpion sensed it and increased his pace going deeper and faster … I couldn’t hold it any longer, I closed my eyes and began pushing my K!ttyC@t towards his J0yst!ck allowing him to pound harder. I was growling through the cloth tied around my mouth, all thoughts of my husband and infidelity disappeared. I felt someone loose the cloth tied to my mouth and next thing I felt was something poking my lips,I opened my eyes and my mouth only to let the quiet one J0yst!ck slide in. I shamelessly sU-Cked him hard, taking as much as possible into my wet mouth, soon I was bobbing on it, I placed my hands on his balls and sq££zed it allowing more of his pecker into my mouth, I raised it and took his balls into my mouth sU-Cking it hard. The three of us were growling and m0an!ng like animals, the only reason anyone wouldn’t see us was because the car was packed at the side of a bush close to the junction a little far from the street lights but reflected enough for us to see.

I sU-Cked his J0yst!ck like my life depended on it, I sU-Cked until he poured Pour in my mouth and I swallowed everything and licked him clean. I was amazed at how long scorpion had been Bleeping me, my juice were dripping on the car bonnet, my K!ttyC@t started convulsing, I was cuming “oh god! Oh god! Oh godddd!” I screamed, he held me down because I was shaking terribly, this was the first time I was cuming in months,my hair was messed up after sU-Cking a J0yst!ck, I was sweating, my K!ttyC@t was squirting and I was drooling .”arghhhhh Sht! Sht! shittt!” scorpion growled and brought out his J0yst!ck spilling hot Pour on my Tommy, I shamelessly took some to my mouth and licked it.


Can You F*** Me? (Episode 5)

I fell on my back and closed my eyes feeling wasted, then suddenly , the chubby robber picked me up and carried me to the front door pushing me against it, my Tips were pressed against the cold window which sent cold down my spine. He bent me over slightly and spread my legs, I felt his J0yst!ck pushing against me from behind instead of pushing him away I spread my legs wider giving him more access.

Soon we were Bleeping like animals, my juice were dripping on the floor and some were running down my legs to the back of my knee. ” yesss…like that! F*K me, F* K me pleaseee ” I was encouraging him to go faster, he picked up his pace ” you like that?! I’ll F K you sore!” he said growling in my ear, he slightly bit my shoulders and licked the back of my neck, the rest two were cheering him to F K me good. They came towards us and the short quiet one began spanking me while scorpion kissed me passionately. This was the perfect time for my husband to act because the guns were closer to him but there he was sitting on the floor watching me get F ed, I strained my eyes and saw that not only was his watching but he was also rock hard!, was he enjoying this? Was he enjoying his wife Getting Fed by three different men he didn’t know?.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”. Pain mixed with raw pleasure was flowing through my every vein,my body tensed up, I was going to Pour for the second time, ” you want my hot Pour deep in your soaking K!ttyC@t?! He asked and spanked me hard. “fu-Ckkk y-yess” I shouted, as juice poured out of my K!ttyC@t, he slammed into me one more time and offloaded his seeds in me. I wanted to slip off the door but was held up by scorpion who had a grin on his face . I felt wasted, I was bathed with Pour, the quite one walked towards my husband and untied him , I thought it was all over when he suddenly said “F**K her” pointing at me, my eyes widened, I was still panting from the previous F* K. They wanted my husband F K me while they watched, Fredrick was reluctant when the chubby one took up a gun and pointed it at me, ” F K her or I shoot her “. My hobby walked towards me shaking, they wasted so much time, what was the time now?, why didn’t anyone walk pass?, I thought angry at the universe but somehow grateful, I haven’t F ed like this in a very long time besides who said I wasn’t enjoying all this secretly. I couldn’t look at Fredrick eyes, I was ashamed, he unzipped his trousers and turned me facing him ” FK her like her life depends on it because it does ” scorpion said, that bastard was always smiling. Fredrick forcefully yanked my legs and placed it on his waist, found my K!ttyC@t and eased his J0yst!ck into it.

He held unto the car above my head and started slamming his J0yst!ck into me, I was panting and gasping, he Fed with force to the extent the car was moving, I couldn’t feel my K!ttyC@t, I tried looking into his eyes to ask why but what I saw was pure lust, my Fredrick was gone. He turned me to face the robbers and bent me over, we were positioned doggy, he F ed me from behind, my tits were bouncing due to the force he used, he reached out under me squeezing them hard. My K!ttyC@t was convulsing, I could feel his J0yst!ck twitching inside of me, we were both going to Pour ” you like this B*h?!, you like it?! ” he knew I was a sU-Cker for dirty talking. I squirmed under him, I knew I would pass out if I didn’t stop so I allowed my poor K!ttyC@t to rest . ” arghhhhh ” he groaned and came deep in me. He fell back against the car tire drained and we were all there for 5 seconds watching not saying a word. Scorpion had put on his trousers along side with the rest ,he ordered us back into the car and we drove away, not going to my mother’s house but home now.

Fredrick was driving, I reached into the back seat took his jacket and put them on. All through the drive we were both quiet, he had this mischievous smile on his face, I pretended not to notice, I pretended to be hurt by the previous encounter, I placed my head on the window deliberately forcing tears out of my eyes. ” don’t worry its going to be ok we would report this ” he said rubbing my shoulders. Why did he F**K me like that? , why did he sit there watching?, why was he trying to hide this smile on his face?,those questions ran through my mind…


Can You F*** Me? (Episode 6 Final)

Fredrick was driving, I reached into the back seat took his jacket and put them on. All through the drive we were both quiet, he had this mischievous smile on his face, I pretended not to notice, I pretended to be hurt by the previous encounter, I placed my head on the window deliberately forcing tears out of my eyes. ” don’t worry its going to be ok we would report this ” he said rubbing my shoulders. Why did he F**K me like that? , why did he sit there watching?, why was he trying to hide this smile on his face?,those questions ran through my mind…

Two weeks later, my husband’s best friend Austin came over to have dinner with us along with his wife, I was done eating and had to retire to the kitchen, ” Ha! Our wife your food was sweet o” he said holding the plates from the dinner table ” you didn’t have to bring it yourself ” I said smiling referring to the plates in his hand . He stretched the plate towards me smiling ,he was always the smiling type. I looked down and saw the same birthmark on scorpion’s wrist now on my husband best friends wrist, I fainted.

The End