Diary Of An Abused Husband (Complete Story)

Diary Of An Abused Husband (Episode 1)

Mrs Kelly: Kelly, are u still sleeping? I am ready to go Kelly: (looked up) oh, the money is under the pillow in the other room Mrs Kelly: I’ve seen it already but I thought u are joking, so u mean I will be going to the market with just 15k? what type of husband are u? Kelly:(Managed to get up) honey please I am begging u, manage it anyhow u can , u know I don’t select food, even if it is only crayfish we can be using it to cook for the main time besides the money is just for a week, I will try and give u more money next week Mrs:(clapped her hands and laughed out so loud) there is nothing I will not see under the son, how did I even get entangled with this type of man? a man that cannot provide for his family to their satisfaction is that one too a husband? so u mean I will be going to stock up the house every week instead of monthly as it supposed to be? what a husband, shame shame shame!!!(she shouted at him)

Kelly: if u know how much I love and cherish as my wife u will stop all these insults u do threw on me, I want us to have a happy family, why can’t u understand and reciprocate my love for u? Mrs Kelly: we are talking about money here and u are bringing love inside it, love k’ill u there Kelly: u know I give u more when I have but if I don’t have we will have to manage, stop insulting me, I’ve received much insults from u for the past 5yrs we got married Mrs Kelly:(touching him and shouting) and what will u do if I insult u? tell me Kelly, what can u do? u gave me 15k for feeding while my friends husband’s are giving them 100k for just 2weeks, lazy and useless man(, dragging his clothes) what can u do? Kelly:(shook his head) alright u can leave my cloth, I am very sorry for everything, I promise to increase the money, please let’s manage this Mrs Kelly: my friend increase this money, how can I cook without meat? increase this money or I change it for u Kelly: u can buy meat and add to yours while u give me mine like that , I only need peace of mind

Mrs Kelly: there is no peace of mind for a lazy man, u don’t deserve any peace of mind, u are just a woman wrapper Kelly: I accept everything please can u go now? Mrs Kelly: oh u want me to go out so that u will bring in a girl to sleep with? Kelly: how did u come up with such? God in heaven knows I’ve never cheat on u since I knew u, why are u Making up stories just to deal with my emotions? Mrs Kelly: liar! all men are d’ogs, u are not excluded, u refused to give me money because of your side chics Kelly: oh God, please honey u can go to the market, let’s end this argument here, I am so sorry if I’ve offended u by giving u such little amount, that is all I can afford now Mrs Kelly: u don’t need to remind me, I am already on my way to the market. She left in anger, Kelly took a breath of relieve as he watched her walking out of the house, what type of life am I living? he asked himself, when am I going to be free from all these troubles from her? i am trying my best but she would never accept it not to talk of appreciating me, she knows my work is a seasonal one even before we got married, why is she doing this to me? I have so many plans for the future but she is not thinking towards that direction, the most painful part is that she makes people believe I am the wicked one whereas I am the victim, …… all these kept running through his mind

At the market

Mrs Kelly: mama just sell one paint of crayfish, next week I will buy more fish seller: ahh customer but u use to buy 3 paints, what happened? Mrs Kelly: is it not my useless husband? he gave me a lesser amount today fish seller: Shut up! how dare u call your husband a useless one? do u even have respect at all, this is the third time I’ve heard u say something bad about him, seal your mouth please u are in a public place Mrs Kelly: I should shut up? do u know what I’m going through in his hands? even when I tried to beg him to add some money to it do u know he almost beat me up? I ran out of the house today ( another buyer chipped in)

Another buyer: Awwwww poor woman, what women go through in marriage ( turning to the seller) mama u don’t have to blame her, women are suffering in marriage Mrs Kelly: may God bless you dear for your understanding, I am one of those women seeing hell, I regret ever getting married, all my friends are married to better husbands fish seller: are u living with them? for calling her husband such in the public I cannot judge it that way, only God knows if the man is the problem another buyer: a man that tries to beat her up, hmmm I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that such a man is devil’ish Mrs Kelly: thank u for standing with the truth, don’t pray for your daughters to marry my type of husband fish seller: number one mistake is comparing your Marriage to that of your friends, every marriage is beautiful and unique, they maybe collecting huge amount of money but trust me they don’t have it all, there is something u are enjoying that they are lacking, comparing your husband to another man is an emotional torture to him, u just bruised his ego, besides u don’t even know if they are lying

another buyer: allow women to speak up when they are living with beasts, they may get help , she knows what she is talking about, I feel pity for some women fish seller: is okay, I don’t want to lose my customers either, Mrs Kelly and my new customer u guys won, I actually asked her because I felt she already bought some crayfish in another place before getting to mine, Mrs Kelly may God perfect your marriage Mrs Kelly: Amen, thank u ma She got home and met him still sleeping Kelly! she called out Kelly: (opened his eyes) are u back? u are welcome Mrs Kelly: so since I left you’ve been sleeping? what a husband! u couldn’t even help me set the kitchen Kelly: but I use to help u, u know very well that I am not feeling fine today, please u need to help me get some tablets from the pharmacy Mrs Kelly: u are looking for excuse not to help me in the kitchen, lazy men full everywhere! Kelly: but I use to help u, please can u at least give me peace of mind? if u cannot help me to go to the pharmacy there is no problem, I am sorry Mrs Kelly: very annoying human being, he will be so fast to say ‘ I am sorry’ suit yourself here!

Kelly (shook his head as she walked to the kitchen the kitchen) few minutes again she came out Kelly, Kelly, she called what is it this time? he asked Mrs Kelly:. …. . tbc

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Diary Of An Abused Husband (Episode 2)

Mrs Kelly : who ate the food in the pot? Kelly: I did, I was very hungry Mrs kelly: I don’t understand but u just ate few hours before I left, are u now a baby that u eat everything minute? Kelly: I am sorry please I was hungry Mrs Kelly: (screamed) sorry for yourself! what is My son going to eat when he comes back from school? Kelly: but Prince doesn’t like rice, I thought u will prepare noodles for him when he comes back or let me come and prepare it, I’m so sorry Mrs Kelly: what a father! just sleep there till eternity

Kelly: why all these name calling? you know I help u in doing all the house chores when I’m strong, I am so sorry please, I use to prepare his food before he gets home, u are just complaining of the rice Because u want to get to me, I am sorry anyway Mrs Kelly: (sigh)mttcheeeew, HIV patient Kelly ( checked the time) is 2pm already let me go and get prince from school Mrs Kelly: nooo come and sleep, sick father! Kelly: (shook his head) it is well later that night when their son has slept he called her as usual, he has been doing this for years now, trying to have a heart to heart discussion with her about her behaviors, Kelly: please I begging u in the name of God, I want some peace, let’s leave happily as we signed in the first place, ‘happily ever after’ I am begging u, I know I am not perfect but at least I am trying my best, I want to become your best friend Mrs Kelly: what am I doing? for goodness sake I am not doing anything bad, I am trying my best in this house, I miscarried 3 times and u know what I went through, later God wiped my tears and gave me Prince, u know the hell I went through to carry the pregnancy, I do my daily activities, what else do u want?

Kelly: I appreciate everything u listed here but we lack peace and understanding, I want you to see me as the same person u were dating back in the days, u are fond of shouting on me, treating me like nobody, no regards to me as your husband, u talk to me like a goat, I feel so down when u shout on me Mrs Kelly: u have started again, so u expect me to keep quiet when I see something wrong? I should eat your shit because u married me? I am not those type of woman that takes nonsense just to be called a Married woman, I don’t mind leaving u so that u can go and find a silent woman that is ready to swallow her words Kelly: ( went on his knees) I am so sorry honey, don’t ever think of leaving me, I don’t think I can survive without you, you and our son are my priorities, don’t break my heart, Mrs Kelly: then why are u complaining? u don’t want me to go and at the same time u don’t like my behavior, are u confused? Kelly: no I am not confused, I signed for better for worst with u, besides I love u and our son so much, I just wish u can stop nagging and take me the way I am, I feel so bad when u shout one Mrs Kelly: if u don’t want me to shout on u then be responsible, stop acting childish

Kelly: thank God I am not those men that follow women up and down, do u know I can use all these u are doing to start sleeping outside Mrs Kelly: there he goes again, who do u want to decieve with being faithful? do we have faithful men in this generation? stop lying oga, that is how I saw one post on Facebook where a woman trusted her husband so much only to get disappointed when she finds out that he was cheating, all men are d’ogs , u inclusive! stop covering up, I am wiser Kelly: this is our 5yrs in the union and u still don’t know the type of person u are living with, it is well, let’s talk about sexxx…… Mrs Kelly: (interrupted him) sxx again! is sex food? why are u always talking about sxx? do u married me as your sxx tool? why not go and get sxx doll? I know that I married a d’og Kelly: Olivia this is 3 weeks now you’ve denied me of my right, do u know how painful it is for your wife to do such? i would have forgotten about u if I’m cheating, I feel pained, I feel abandoned, at least twice a week I will be grateful… stop telling me that u are not in the mood all the time Mrs Kelly: twice a week??? am I a prostitute? I can only do it when I’m in the mood

Kelly:(shook his head) what can I do to always put u in the mood? what else can I do? I help u in doing chores, I help bath and take our son to school, I provide for the home in my little capacity, what else can I do? I’ve loved and adored u in this marriage but what it seems I am wasting my time Mrs Kelly: ohhhhh what is my sin this night, I need to sleep Kelly: no, u have to tell me what I’ve done wrong, I am married but lonely, it is so sad that the society did not know that some men that are ready to give out their love are unlucky while choosing life partners, what else do u want me to do for u Olivia? I started a business for u and everything went down in few months, you did not give any reasonable account in that business, i sent u into skill acquisition and u stopped with a flimsy excuse, let me get a job for u but u said u cannot work under anyone, yet u shout and nag around, what else can I do for u Olivia??? . tbc (Proverbs 21:19…Better to live in a desert than to live with a quarrelsome and nagging wife)

Diary Of An Abused Husband (Episode 3)

Mrs Kelly: all I know is that I’m not doing anything bad, if u claim that I am not a good wife then let’s divorce Kelly: I’m so sorry, I can never dream of us living without you. Mrs Kelly: then leave me alone! Kelly: is alright let’s go to bed why are you still sleeping? she shouted as she came into the room I’ve done almost all the house chores and u are still here lying down Kelly: but u know that I’m not strong, please pardon me Mrs Kelly: u are only looking for excuse not to do chores, go and fetch water, we don’t have water Kelly: please I don’t have strength, tell someone to fetch the water I will pay Mrs Kelly: what?..……( heard a knock at the door) who is that? Mr Daniel: is me Daniel, I came to see Kelly Mrs Kelly: come in Mr Daniel: good morning

Mrs Kelly: why are you here? I’ve told Kelly to stop following friends up and down, you people are the one decieving him, I’m very sure u came to take him out, later u will claim that u are doing business with him, one Kobo I did not see! Mr Daniel: what have I done to u this early morning? (turned to Kelly) I came to check u, I hope u are feeling better, I want to reminder u of the meeting we have tomorrow, caution your wife Mr Kelly: hmmm I am so sorry Daniel, I’m getting better, please forgive me for her choice of words Daniel : Have a nice day, I wish u quick recovery, let me use the exit Mrs Kelly: every time one useless meeting or the other, nonsense! he left and Kelly turned to his wife, what have I done to deserve all these? this is how u separated me from many friends that would have been of help to me, do u know that Charles is now an MD of a company? maybe he would have offered me a good job by now as he did to Henry, but u chased him away with your words, u did same to Uchenna, now u want to chase Daniel away, are they irresponsible? I don’t keep irresponsible friends and I don’t place my friends above my family, they are always happily married and have respect for their families so what is your reason of chasing my friends away? u keep loads of friends and I’ve never for one day tell any of them to Leave u

Mrs Kelly:You mean Charles offered Henry a job in their company? Kelly: yes and it even came with official car, if u didn’t chase Him away I should be the one in that position he gave to Henry Mrs Kelly: I know u must blame me for everything, what is my business if he decides to give everyone in the world job opportunity? I don’t like your friends and that’s final, let them leave u alone, they are the ones decieving u not to be giving me enough money, Kelly: is a pity, I pity myself, I am even ashamed of your words Mrs Kelly::can u now go and fetch water? Kelly: please I don’t have strength Mrs Kelly: really? and u expect me to watch u sleep and wake up to eat? (she screamed) u must be joking Kelly: alright please stop shouting I will manage and go now After the meeting Daniel: Kelly u are really trying, God knows I can never live with your type of wife, how do u cope? why is it that any time I visit I must be hearing her voice from afar and the worst part is the words she always use on me, maybe I will stop coming to your house Kelly: I am so sorry Dan, I believe she will change one day, I envy u Dan, your home is the opposite of mine

Daniel: well, mine is not perfect either but I cannot cope with a nagging wife, my wife is calm though she has her fault too Kelly: I wish ny wife can stop the nagging and start another trait but what can I do? Daniel: honestly I cannot stay in such environment, complain everywhere! u are trying Kelly, I cannot Kelly: hmmmm it is well Daniel: she is lucky she did not meet a cheating type, by now she should be in her father’s house learning how to live with a husband Kelly: exactly, but I am not such a man, I cannot not even imagine myself stooping so low to sleep with another woman, is a dirty behavior besides I am very scared of other women because I did not know if I will get involved with a more dangerous one Daniel: and u know I don’t support cheating either, I am just wondering how u survive around her Kelly: hmmm please let’s leave that topic for today, I am sorry for what she said Daniel: is okay He left and before he could get home it was already 6pm, why are u coming back by this time? I am asking u Kelly,. she shouted

Kelly: At least let me get inside first, Mrs Kelly: are u deaf? why are u coming back now?, this is 6pm Already and u left by 2pm, Kelly: I am sorry, I was talking with a friend Mrs Kelly: confession time, u were with your girlfriend? exactly why I don’t want u to be following Daniel, he is the one supplying girls to u Kelly: what of allegation is this? I went to a meeting and I told u before going Mrs Kelly: and u think I will believe u Kelly: okay I’m sorry, can I go in and rest now? I don’t want any trouble Mrs Kelly: oooh I am now a trouble maker abi? u called me a trouble maker??? . tbc

Diary Of An Abused Husband (Episode 4)

Kelly: please I did not call u a troublesome woman, I am so sorry, can I go in now? Mrs Kelly: go where? u must tell me who is the trouble maker here( held his tie) Kelly: please leave me, I am begging u Mrs Kelly: (drag him inside) u must kill me today, u had the guts to call trouble maker Kelly: ( pushed her away from him) are u crazy? is it because I use keep quiet? is something wrong with you? if u dare touch me again I will show u the other side of me, is it a crime to have a wife at home? Mrs Kelly: let me just go in and pack my things, u can go out and make another Choice ( left him there) Kelly:( draw her back and knelt down) please don’t leave, I am sorry for getting angry at u, please forgive me, I cannot survive without you Mrs Kelly: nooo I am going, u think it is easy outside, do u think u can find a better wife than me? I am your first wife and the original wife, any other woman u meet tomorrow is a scam, I am going back to my father’s house Kelly: but I’m begging u, i will never raise my voice at u again,

mrs Kelly: okay, I saw money under the rug, so u have such amount of money and I did not know Kelly:( stood up went to check if the money is still there) where is the money? Olivia please don’t touch that money, don’t spend a dime there Mrs Kelly: answer my question, how can u keep such amount of money coolval stories without telling me? Kelly: I am keeping it for a purpose, I know if I tell u it will be squandered, Please go and bring it Mrs Kelly: which means u have been hiding something from me, I know that I married a heartless being

Kelly: calm down Olivia, please give me the money first, that is why u need to learn how to become my soulmate, we need to have a common goal, not when I’m talking about investing in something that will yield money in the future u will be talking about changing the chairs or repainting the house, all u care about is fashion and show off! now go in and bring that money here Mrs Kelly:so u are saying that I’m brainless? Kelly answer me! Kelly: I’m not saying that u are brainless but can u please understand that you have to play your part as my wife? u are not adding any meaningful value to my life, no vision, no ambition, u shout, nags, quarrel up and down, please I am begging u Olivia, become my soulmate, understand the kind of man u married, u don’t care to know when I’m angry, u talk back at me as if I am your house boy, u don’t care to know what u will do to make me happy, I need a companion, a soulmate and a sister in u, stop tormenting me, this is not the the kind of marriage I bargained for

Mrs Kelly: (laughed and clapped her hands) hahaha, motivational speaker, then let me go, I am ready to leave this useless union this minute Kelly: there u go again, any little thing u will threaten me with that, yes I cannot do without u, I want you to change, I cannot raise our son alone and I cannot leave him for u to raise alone, I need us to make this work Mrs Kelly: are u a w-itch? u don’t like my behavior and u can’t let me go, what is wrong with u? I am living my life the way it suits me, I cannot start pretending because I married you, for your information I’ve used the money Kelly: what? when? go in and give me the money peacefully, I planned using that money to get a land when it gets to a certain amount Mrs Kelly: ooooh this what I’m talking about, instead of using that money to buy good food let’s eat in this house u are looking for land, are u going to eat land ? this house is it not enough for u? Kelly: this is the problem, my wife don’t have any plan for future, are we hungry in this house? what about the business I established for u? if u had sustained that business by now we should be in a better place but u destroyed it with your extravagant life, go in now and give me that money, i know that I’m lonely in this marriage Mrs Kelly: I used it to get My Friend’s wedding Asoebi, the lace is inside, very beautiful, I did not know u have such amount of money and my friends were mocking me

Kelly: whatttt??? I’m very sure u joking Mrs Kelly: let heaven fall, I only used my husband’s money, I did not commit any crime, shameless man, go and say it outside, people will even laugh at u, 80k is just nothing compared what other men spend on their wives Kelly: (shook his head and went in) u are incredible Mrs: (laughed and murmured to herself) I got him the next time she went to stock up the house the woman that is selling fish called her in to talk to her fish seller: my spirit has not rest since u left that day, I couldn’t pour out my heart because of the other customer around, please I beg u in the name of God don’t use your hands and scatter your Marriage, comparing your husband to that of your friends can destroy your Marriage, Mrs Kelly: madam it is not your business how I run my family,u don’t know the evi-l I am married to, I know how to handle him, if u are those women that worship their husbands congratulations, I am bigger and wiser, no man can try rubbish with me, I know how to handle him, Fish seller: I know I should be minding my business but I’ve been in your shoe, I understood the type of husband i Married when he died, I became a widow and later remarried and I regret everything I did to my first husband, I did not know that I married one of the best man on Earth, my second husband taught me a big lesson of what some women suffer in marriage, I don’t live with u but the mistake I don’t want you to make is recognizing your husband’s hardwork when it is late, learn to appreciate him now u are seeing him, do not compare him to other men, manage with him, don’t push him out too

Mrs Kelly: madam adviser, for your help information my husband cannot do without me, it is only quiet women that men can easily let’s go off, he cannot do with me, I know how to handle him, I don’t need your advice, fish seller: don’t get angry please, I only poured out my heart Mrs Kelly: don’t ever call me for such discussion again

fish seller: okay, I’m very sorry She got home and the husband was not at home, she waited for 2hrs before he came with Prince Mrs Kelly: it has happened, where have u been to? so u now take my child to your side chic house? answer me! Kelly (shook his head) ohhhh God, Olivia please stop, Mrs Kelly: stop what? where did u take my son to? Kelly: calm down first, this is just a minor issue Mrs Kelly: calm down for what? when it is clear that I’m married to a dog? . tbc

Diary Of An Abused Husband (Episode 5)

Kelly:hmmmm I took Prince to hospital, he was running temperature, can I go in now Mrs Kelly: go where? u don’t have any prove to give me, u think u can decieve me? Kelly: take ( handing a nylon to her) check inside it, his medication and and the hospital receipt is there, u can as well access his body by using your hands, now let me pass

Mrs Kelly: why didn’t u answer me the first time I asked, u allowed me to stress myself, u are heart-less Kelly- so that is all u can come up with? it is well, I need to rest, I got a contract work and I’m starting tomorrow Mrs Kelly:(smiled) money don land, I’m so happy, Kelly:( look at her and shook his head) it is well Mrs Kelly:what did u expect me to say? Kelly: never mind, have u eaten? I prepared something before going Mrs Kelly: why not take microphone and announce it to the whole world that u cooked food for the family? Kelly:(looked at her) hmmmmm, I need to go and eat first, live your life the way it suits u Mrs Kelly: T for thanks the next day as soon as he left for work She dressed up and went out to her visit one of her friends Mary, Her friend was so happy to see her Mary: forgive me Olivia, I suppose to visit u last week as promised but my husband said I should help him with some assignments, he had lots of assigned work to do from his office and he pleaded that I should help him

Mrs Kelly: you and husband Mary, you mean because of a man u couldn’t go out? no man can try that rubbish with me, my husband know the stuff I am made off, he dare not stop me from going where I’m going to Mary:seems u don’t understand me, how can I abandon my husband when he needs my help because of a mere friend? Mrs Kelly: so I am just a mere friend? Mary: that’s not what I mean, what I’m trying to say is that in my life, my family comes first, any other person comes second, Mrs Kelly: I understand u, maybe because he gives u more than enough money, if u are married to my stingy husband u will know how to adjust like me, I know how to handle mine Mary: but your husband is trying if u ask me, he is trasparent, he tries to involve u in whatever he is doing and he helps u in the house, that’s enough reason to be happy in your Marriage, he still give when he has , my husband has money but u know he doesn’t regard me when taking any decision, he doesn’t help with anything in the house and he doesn’t support house helps, u see no marriage is perfect as I always tell u

Mrs Kelly: forget that sermon, Kelly irritates me, that love I had for him during courtship disappeared long time ago, he irritating me, u are seeing good things about him because u far from him, if stay close to him u will hate him, yes he was transparent before but not anymore, can u believe my husband hid 80k under our rug without telling me? Mary: what? how could he do such? Mrs Kelly: I don’t know for him, that guy like behaving like a perfect person but he is too wicke’d, he said I will spend the money if he tell me that he planned using the money to get a land when it get to a certain about, can u imagine? Mary: hmmm hope u gave him the money back? Mrs Kelly: why would I do that that? I used it to get Nuella’ s Asoebi lace, Herieta was already mocking me with it, saying that I married a poor man that cannot afford 75k for Lace, I proved her wrong Mary: I think u are wrong, u just proved to me that u can actually spend the money if he told u in the first place, please apologize to your husband Mrs Kelly: Apologize for what? what did I do?y husband did not even demand for apology, how much is 80k compared to the 100k your husband gives u every 2weeks? Mary; because he has the money, if he dont have I will still manage with him, u should even try your best to be saving from little he is giving u Mrs Kelly: let’s change this topic, how are the kids?

Mary : they are fine, I just took them to school now, Mrs Kelly: go and get me something to eat. I love this your gown, how much is it? Mary: is turkey brand 45k, thanks for the compliment mrs Kelly: woow, I love it honestly, wait let me take a snap Mary ( positioned well for the photo shot) are u done? Mrs Kelly: yes, u can now go and get me the food when Kelly came back from work, she showed him the picture from her phone, Mrs Kelly:, I want you to get this for me Kelly: the gown is beautiful, how much is it? Mrs Kelly: 45k Kelly: what?!!! Mrs Kelly: why are u exclaiming? u just got a new contract Kelly: oh, so u are looking for a gown of 45k because I got a new contract, I see, please I cannot afford such for just a gown, when I make good money we will start buying those types Mrs Kelly: u have started again, how can u claim to be a man when u cannot satisfy your wife? Kelly: bring down your eyes, u should know what I cannot afford for now Mrs Kelly: fo’ol! I hate the day i met u, what did I do to deserve this kind of shame’less man? Kelly (silent) Mrs Kelly: if u don’t buy that gown for me i am leaving this useless Marriage, poverty has eaten deep into u Kelly: this time I will help u to park your bag………. I am done too . TBC

Diary Of An Abused Husband (Episode 6)

Mrs Kelly: do u think I am joking? Kelly: oh u think I am the one joking right? what do u take me for? leave and never come back to my house Mrs Kelly:, (surprised) do u think I am dreaming of coming into your life again? Kelly: Glory be to God, now u can leave Mrs Kelly ( went in to park her things) you will know today that I’m not joking Kelly used the opportunity she went in to pick her things and took their son away, by the time she was done she didn’t see Kelly or her son, she felt so hurt because she planned going with him, She wanted to have a change of heart but of course she will not like Kelly to see her as a weakling so she left.

it was already late in the evening,it will not be possible to get to her parents house so she decided to spend the night at Mary’s house she knocked at their door and Mary came out to know who was at the door, she was shocked to see Olivia with her luggage Mary: what is it? where is Kelly? what are u doing with all these bag u are carrying? Olivia: let me come in first, is a long story Mary : Noo, talk to me here, I cannot allow u inside my home without explaining yourself, u just left here today and u didn’t mention anything about it Olivia:(Shocked): Mary do u know that u are referring to me? Mary: who are u? please tell me what happened before my husband comes out here Olivia: can’t u see it that I left my marriage, I am done with that id-iot Mary: I don’t understand, where is your son? why are u leaving your Marriage? Olivia: too much questions for one person, at least allow me in Mary : God forb-id I harbour a married woman in my home, my husband will not even allow it, leave my home now or tell me what the problem is, I can go and talk to Kelly on your behalf Olivia: Mary let me come inside Mary: I can never do that,go back to your home or u go elsewhere, it is a no!, how can you be leaving your marriage without your son? did Kelly threaten your life? is he beating u? u cannot tell me that u are running for your life, u are running away because of the pride in you

when she saw that Mary cannot be convinced she took her luggage and checked the nearest hotel the following day she left to her father’s house, her mother was surprised to see her with her luggage mom: Olivia finally your stubbornness and your intelligence has taken u out of your Marriage, which mother leaves her son to run away from her Marriage, not that domestic violence is involved… Olivia: mum I cannot tie my happiness on anybody’s neck, I am still beautiful and I will find a good man that will marry me, I will give birth to more children so I have nothing to lose mom: I pity you, i am starting to imagine what u are going to tell your son in the future , u don’t have any tangible reason to leave your Marriage not to talk of leaving your son, as u came out and didn’t see your son why can’t u stay back? Olivia: Enough of this mom, leave me alone, I am back and I don’t plan going back to him mom: I wish your father was still alive, u will not spew all these rubb-ish! Olivia: let me go and dress my room mom, we can talk later. From that day she started leaving with her parents, she forced her people to return the bride price Kelly paid on her head even though he was not ready to collect it, finally he took it and she was free from him, it was not easy for her because she came out of the marriage without a dime, she had no money as he didn’t give her any and she wasn’t working, she survived by the little her mom gives her, she regretted ever staying in a Marriage without a sustainable income, now she is understanding what Kelly was talking about but of course she cannot go back to beg him, she was free to mingle,

After 3months she was already in a relationship with another prince charming, Gilbert is a gentleman, he is well disciplined and had his principles intact, he is a banker, they met where she went to bank to do something, they started dating, After 3 weeks he invited her to his house, she went with enthusiasm, they were still talking when his phone rang, he picked and said ‘ hello baby’ before he could say any other thing she snatched the phone from him Olivia: Gilbert do I look like a fool to u? what the hell is this? ? she asked in anger Gilbert:(shocked) I don’t understand, give me my phone Olivia: what is there to understand? a woman is calling u in my present and u even picked it and called her baby right in my presence? what do u take me for? Gilbert: wonder shall never end, so I shouldn’t make calls because u are with me? do u know the person calling me? Olivia: let me tell u, I don’t take rubb-ish in relationship or marriage, I am not those type of girls, Gilbert: and what did u take me for? check the number and see I was talking to my baby sister in University, that is how I address my sisters, u can go on Whatsapp and check Olivia: who are you decieving? u are a chea’t, a dog, that is what u are Gilbert ( stood up gave her a resounding slap) how dare u? is that how u address people? look at the fool I am planning to marry, now I see the reason you couldn’t keep your Marriage Olivia: did u just slap me? Gilbert: and I will slap u again if u don’t leave my house this minute, do u think I can cope with a nagging wife? to hell with u and your beauty Olivia: and u think I can cope with a cheat? Gilbert: who is Cheating? why are u so gullible? check the number and go to my WhatsApp to see her picture, she is Christy my younger sister, now get out of my house

Olivia: is that how to treat a woman? u should calm down and talk to me Gilbert: calm down with a woman that nags? leave my house now before I place a mark on you Olivia: is okay, I’m leaving She left and to her surprise Gilbert did not call her back, later she met Andre, the same nagging altitude separated her from him, within the space of 8 months she has dated 4 men and they all loved her to stupor but non could withstand her nagging and quarrelsome life, that was when it was down on her that she is really the cause of her problems At mid night one day her mother overheard her weeping deeply in her room, she rushed out to know why she was crying but her door was locked, she begged her for several minutes before she opened the door for her mom: Olivia please don’t scare me, why are u crying? what is wrong? Olivia: Mommy I want to go back to my husband, how am I going to start? i don’t think I will ever forgive myself if I did not go back to my home to correct my mistake mom: I don’t think Kelly will accept u back, u see what I’ve been telling u, but why did u suddenly want to go back? u vow never to go back there Olivia: mum do u know I’ve dated 4 men since I started living with u? mom; what are u doing with 4 men? are u a prostitute Olivia: mommy keep sxx out of this, I did not sleep with any of them, I know what I was looking for, mom let me tell u the truth, the 4 of them raise their hands on me, something Kelly has never done in his life, no matter what I do or say he will never beat me, now I know that I’m the one with the problem but how is Kelly going to forgive me? I even forced him to come and collect the bride price, I’ve lost the best man in the whole world

mom: clean your eyes, I love the fact that u didn’t sleep with any of them, it shows u have self dignity, I will follow u to go and beg Kelly tomorrow Olivia: thank u mom, I can’t wait Kelly’s Apartment Daniel: so till now you haven’t found another woman? this is 8 months already, guy wake up Kelly: I know u will not understand, I am so scared of even talking to another woman, who knows how that one will be behaving, a man that has stayed in an unhealthy marriage is always scared of meeting the worst, those men on the street decieving girls that they are looking for peace of mind are adulterous men looking for Their prey, the real men that has suffered in their marriage will take their time to observe life before going to another woman Daniel: I understand you but u need to move on, your son needs a mother (they heard a knock at the door) Kelly: who is that? please come in Olivia and her mother walked in, Olivia was looking sober, she and her mother knelt down to apologise, Daniel was very angry, he felt like telling Kelly to drive them away, Kelly stood up and walked around the room, I’ve forgiven u Olivia, he said Daniel: what I just hear u say? Kelly: I’m not talking to u Dan, Olivia I’ve forgiven u, u and mom should stand up the mom stood up but Olivia refused to stand up, she was weeping bitterly, I am so sorry Kelly, I promise to be the best wife u could ever ask for if u accept me again, I’ve realize mistakes, u tolerated all my nuisance, why am I so ungrateful? Kelly: (went to her and held her hands) I’ve forgiven u, I did not pray for a broken home, I do not wish to be jumping from one women to the other, how am I going to be happy separating u and our son? I took him away hoping to have u back one day with sincere repentance

Olivia: honestly I am the luckiest woman in the whole world if u accept me back, I will never ever try such again, I’ve realized where I missed it Kelly: you are welcome home, as long as u keep to your words we will be happy together ( turned to Daniel) I am sorry if I’ve offended u by accepting her back but I have to, it is not every problem in marriage that requires splitting up, yes I can easily send her away now to get another woman but what if she is genuinely sorry and ready to change? I am going to pay her bride price again Daniel: I am happy for u Kelly, I am only concerned about your sanity but if she is really ready to change so be it, yes I agree with you, not every problem in marriage requires divorce, i am glad both of u are back again mom: I’m so happy may God bless this union Kelly and Olivia: Amen(hugs) Kelly: Dear reader, I am writing from my 27yrs of marriage with Olivia and I can tell u she has been the best thing that has ever happened to me since she came back, today she is everything I desire, she is doing well in her business and had acquired many assets in her name, she is loving, kind and humble, a soul mate and a partner but do u know that not all men has my kind of patience? not all men will remain faithful to a nagging and quarrelsome wife, not all men will accept a woman back to their life after she left by herself,

be your husband’s best wife, marry him to an extent u know that no woman can marry him better than u, so that even if he starts misbehaving he will hold nothing against u, thanks for reading Olivia: women check yourself well, are u your husband’s soulmate? do u know his priorities? do u know his favorites? how many times have u make out Time to give him the best? do u know if u are hurting him or u don’t even care? do not make the same mistake I made, I have the grace to come back to his life but some women do not, thanks for reading .