Ebere (Complete Story)


Ebere (Episode 1)

(girl of circumstance)

The labour room was busy as a young lady of about twenty two years of age was trying to put to birth, she mustered all her strenght to push the baby out, she thought if the baby would be a boy or a girl and what name she would give it, she prayed silently to God to keep her and the baby alive, she remembered, Elvis Chukwudi, the man who had promised her marriage but when he found out that she was pregnant, he dissapeared without no trace, she was heart broken when she went to his house one fateful saturday around ten a.m, his house was under lock and key, she wondered where’d he might have gone to, she brought out her nokia c-1 phone and called his number, he had picked the number and the first thing he had said to her was ‘What do you want Evelyn?’ she was surprised, he had never called her by her name when their were dating.

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She tried asking him where he had went to but he told her he was in Lagos, she asked why he hadn’t let her know and he became very angry, he shouted at her on the phone, she was perplexed, why was Elvis behaving this way towards, she thought, she asked when he was coming back to take care of her and the baby, he got angry and told her he wasn’t ready to be a father and he isn’t planning to come back, with that he cut the call, when she tried calling again, the phone was switched off, she kept trying for weeks but it was switched off.

Her only brother, Peter who was the only family she had, took care of her. Two months later, she stopped calling him and decided to get a job, her belly hasnt burge out yet, but her brother refused. He was the one who took care of her till now that she was in labour. “It’s a baby girl,” said an excited nurse who handed the baby to Evelyn, she smiled to her baby and called her Eberechi, meaning ‘God’s Mercy’


Ebere (Episode 2)

A year later, Evelyn is seen in an apartment backing a baby who was obviously Ebere, Peter, her brother had rented the apartment for her to stay with the baby since he claimed he doesn’t want the cry of a child to distract him from his work at night when he would be filing a document.

He was a lawyer, and a good one at that. He hasn’t married yet, but had a fiancè, a girl he was planning to marry in four months time. Time to time, him and Adaobi would come visiting and he would leave Adaobi to be with Evelyn and Ebere, helping her with baby things. Sometimes Adaobi would stay with them for three weeks just to make sure she wouldn’t be bored at home.

Peter always brought food stuffs like half bag of rice, a carton of tomatoes and some other ingredients needed to make stew and soup. Ebere on the other hand was a beautiful girl, she was fair in complexion, has a nice stylish dark hair, which she inherited from her dad.

At the age of seven when she was in primary five in a private school, she had once asked about her mum about her dad, Evelyn was surprised at the question, she never imagined Ebere asking about her dad from this age. “Ebere, why did you ask?” Evelyn asked Ebere as she sat her daughter down on a small plastic chair.

“Some group of girls in primary six said that I don’t have a father, they said they’ve only seen my mum and not my dad.” Ebere said wanting to cry but Evelyn stoop up her daughter and sat her on her laps then she started soothing her back, then she told her daughter not to mind what they said about her but Ebere wouldn’t want it. “It’s uncle Peter my daddy?” Ebere asked with her tiny beautiful voice that can melt the hardest of heart.

“No, sweetheart, uncle Peter is your uncle and not your father.” Evelyn said soothingly. “Then who is my daddy, mummy?” Ebere again questioned her mum, it was obvious Ebere wanted an answer, something to hold on to, she remembered that the seven years she has been with her, it was only uncle Peter that is only the male that has visited her mum, she saw pupils get picked up sometimes by their dad, but in her case, no elderly man, including her uncle that has come picked her up, it was only her mum or her aunty Adaobi, uncle Peter’s wife.

She remembered when her she was three years old when her mum took her to uncle Peter’s house for omugwo, they had stayed for a week and during that time when she would be back from school, she would go play with baby Dennis. Tbc.

Ebere (Episode 3)

Her mother hugged her and told her that when the time comes she would tell her everything. Ebere just looked at her mum then hurled herself into her mother’s bosom. Twelve years later.

Ebere was now a big girl with a very beautiful feature, she had big boobs and a well shaped booty that made men, old and young, rich and poor, tall and short coming after her, proposing marriage to her, but she would refuse them saying, she wasn’t ready to get into any relationship now, she had just wrote her senior waec and waited for the result, she prayed and fasted, asking God for a good grade.

Ebere never jokes with prayer, she was a born again believer and she believed that with God, all things are possible. When some of her church boys approached her, asking her out, she would just rebuke them, most times she would quote the bible for them.

In her church (Salvation Int’l Church) she was the head chorister, she loved singing, this made, Mrs Faith Ayo, the pastor’s wife, found her to be unique, everyday she would call Ebere just to counsel which Ebere always appreciate. One time, Mrs. Faith had told Ebere not to follow men because of any material things and that she should finished her school before engaging in any relationship which Ebere promised to do, after that, they prayed and she told her driver, John Simon to take Ebere home.

Evelyn was happy with her daughter, she remembered last year, when Ebere clocked eighteen, she had sit her down and told her the circumstances behind her birth, when Ebere learnt that her dad had run away made her felt worthless, she remembered the look in Ebere’s eyes and felt pity for her daughter for going through such pain. But now, she was happy that Ebere had pushed those things past her, now she hoped Ebere would gain a scholarship and would pass her senior waec.

Ebere decided to work with her uncle for now since her uncle was a lawyer and she wanted to be a lawyer also. She figured that she would learn so much about things relating to the country and the constitution, so she went to talk her mother, which she supported. She promised Ebere that she would talk with Uncle Peter, her brother about it. Uncle Peter on the other hand liked the idea, so she became an intern for her uncle. Aunty Adaobi, uncle Peter’s wife was also happy with the decision. But this was a decision that changed Ebere.


Ebere (Episode 4)

During the period of her internship. Ebere worked for her uncle diligently. Sometimes she would remind her uncle about appointments with some clients who would at time complain about abuses from their husband. She wondered if her uncle was beating his as some men do, even if she hasn’t seen bruises on her, or seen cry to show she was being molested.

Ebere was now staying with uncle Peter and his wife, reason is because she would be waking up as early as 5:am to enable her go with her uncle to his office, he suggested this so that he would take her in his car, he said he doesn’t want her take a cab or motorcycle since their apartment was a bit far from his house, it’s distance would take almost forty minutes.

So he suggested it for her own safety, or what he wanted everyone to think. His sister and his wife, including Dennis who had grown to have a man feature, he had muscles even at the age of fifteen, if someone sees him at the first time, he or she would think he was twenty or so. They were in support of the idea. A month later. . . The Senior W.A.E.C result has been established and Ebere got As and 2 Bs in all her subject, everyone was proud of her and Uncle Peter promised her that if she passed her JAMB and GCE, he would throw her a party, she was excited and happy. She prayed to God and paid tithe, she was really grateful to God.

She stopped her internship for a while as she started going to a JAMB centre for her lesson, the first day she attended the lesson, she was bullied by some group of boys but she was saved by Damian Stanley, a year one student of unilag. It happened that Damian left college to come down to Abuja to spend time with his sick mum and his elder sister who happens to be the one who ran the JAMB centre, so Damian had called her so that she might give him money to buy drugs for their mum, she had told him to come to the JAMB centre to take the money, when he had came, he saw his sister in her office and he discussed with her for some minutes before he decided to leave but as he passed through the cafeterìa he heard some voices, he wanted to move on but his instincts pricked him so he decided to find out what was happening, luckily he was in time to save Ebere from the three boys who wanted to rape her, since then she became friends with him, even when her mum had told her not to make male friends, she saw that Damian was different and she felt protected anytime she was with him. She kept their friendship away from her mum. That same day he had saved her, he had asked her mum but she refused to tell him but as he was in a hurry, he couldn’t wait as he dashed out of the JAMB centre premises.

The next day, he didn’t come and she was always thinking about him, she didn’t know what was happening to her, she hadn’t felt this kind of feeling for any guy, it was obvious she was falling in love but she didn’t know it. She knew she was rude the other day but she was scared, he was a total stranger, but nevertheless, she hoped he would come to the centre once again so that she would apologised but to her dissapointment, he didn’t show up till the week was elapsed.


Ebere (Episode 5)

The following week, Damian came to the centre to tell his sister he was going back to Lagos, his mum was now strong on her feet, but when he came to the centre, he saw the girl he had saved seven days ago from being raped, he decided to go talk to her.

When he approached her, she wanted to walk away but he caught up to her before she could take a second step. It was obvious she was shy, the guy she was wishing to see, just from nowhere had appeared walking to her, she didn’t know when she let emotions get to her, she asked herself what she felt for this stranger. ‘Hi, am Damian Stanley. Do you recognise me?” He asked as he brought out his hand for a handshake.

“No, I don’t think so.” she lied, she wanted their conversation to extend more, hopefully. “Am the guy that saved you last monday from those guys that wanted to rape you.” he reminded her. “Ohh! Now I remember. Am Eberechi Chukwudi.” she introduced.

“Wow, what a nice name.” Damian said smiling. “Really? I like your name more.” Ebere said blushing. ” Thanks, sorry about last time, I was hurrying to buy drugs for my mum who was ill.” Damian said apologetically. “Sorry. Hope she’s fine now?” she asked Damian. “By the grace of God she is okay now.” Damian said, “So what are you doing outside when it isn’t break yet” he asked.

“Oh, I wanted to pee so I went to use the women toilet.” she told him. “Okay, let me not be wasting your time when class is going on, see you later.” he said as he brought out his hand for a handshake again, which she obliged to. “I thought you also attend this centre?” she asked as she remembered she didn’t see him again in the centre after he had ran out that day he had saved her.

“Me? No, am a unilag student, year one precisely.” he said as he laughed. She looked at him, frowning, when he looked at first and seeing that she was offended with him laughing at her question stopped then asked what made her think he was attending the lesson.

“If you are not attending this JAMB lesson, what are you doing here in this centre.” she asked looking at him suspiciously, she wanted to say he knows about the boys who tried to rape her and that he wanted her to see him as a hero but she kept mute to hear what he had to say. “Well, my sister is the one who is running this centre, and I came here to see her just to take some money for my mum’s treatment.” he told her, then she nodded.

“You mean, aunty Beatrice is your sister?” she asked and he answered in the affirmative. They said goodbyes to eachother and Damian decided not to go to Lagos this week anymore. He wanted to have her in bed before he travels back to unilag.

He figured she was too beautiful to leave just like that, he decided that day he was going to have a taste of her. And since then he had get too close to her, he would come to the centre just to see her, he wanted to leave for Lagos that saturday so he calculated he had thursday and friday to get inside her.


Ebere (Episode 6)

Ebere didn’t know what Damian was planning, she thought all he was doing was genuine. That friday, Damian had invited Ebere to his house, immediately after the centre has closed for the day, she didn’t want to come but when he had told her he will be going back to Lagos the following day, she decided that she should just know his house since he was a friend.

Forwarded to when they were in his bedroom. “Welcome to my place, hope it’s cool?” Damian asked with a smile. “It’s nice. Thanks for showing me your home, I should go home now.” Ebere told Damian. “You just got here, won’t you atleast let me offer you a drink?” Damian asked her. “No, don’t bother, am fine. I should go, it’s almost four p.m. I don’t want my mum to be worried.” she said.

But Damian had other things in mind, he was looking at her lustfully, he came closer to her and tried robing his hand on her body but she shoved it aside. “What are you trying to do?” she asked. “Oh, don’t be stupid. You know I want.” Damian said, almost shouting. “Well, I don’t so I should leave right now.” she said heading to the door. “Your not going anyway, you whore.” He called.

“What? Me, a whore? Damian what has gotten into you.” She asked surprised at what he had called her. “You. You has gotten into me. You cant be keeping all those features all to yourself. I need it.” He told her as he got close to her, then he pinned her to the wall with his hands holding her wrist, then he planted a bittered kiss to her lips but she bit his lips so had that she tasted blood in her mouth. He screamed and before he knows, Ebere had use her knee and hit phallus hard that he fell to the floor.

Then she ran to the door and dashed out of the house. After that incident, they never saw eachother again because the next day, he travelled back to Lagos. Ebere never told anyone about that ordeal, not even to her mum. She later wrote her G.C.E and JAMB and scored higher. She made her family proud again. Her uncle threw the party he had promised her. That night everyone slept late because uncle Peter made sure there was enough fun. Everybody went back to their room including Evelyn who got the guestroom. That midnight, uncle Peter sneaked up into Ebere’s room.

Ebere had forgotten to lock her door after that celebration party. He slowly touch her buttttocks, she turned a little, she was wearing night gown so Peter slide his hand under her night gown, this time she opened her eyes and saw her uncle staring at her wildly. “Uncle, what is the meaning of this?” she said angrily. “Shhhh, it will just be quick.” he said, he was horny, and he wanted it so badly. “What will be quick? Enh uncle, please leave my room or else I will shout.” Ebere ordered. “Since, you don’t want to be reasonable and allow me to do it quickly, I’ll go with the hard way.” he said as he immediately pounced on Ebere, tearing her night gown. She was surprised a man of forty two would be this agile and strong.

He tore her panties and bra, and gagged Ebere’s mouth as she tried to shout, he got out his phallllus and inserted it inside her cuuunt forcefully, whereby breaking her virginity.

Last Episode. After being disvirgined by her uncle, Ebere changed from that good girl to something else, she now wanted what she was resisting. Ebere does not longer pray or see Mrs. Faith Ayo again. The day she went to the pastor’s house, she seducced and had sexxx with the pastor while the wife was at the other room, reading her bible. Ebere wanted more, so she did it with Uncle Peter almost everyday without Adaobi noticing.

Evelyn later noticed Ebere’s change of attitude, she no longer attends midweek service, only on sundays that after the pastor would finish his sermon, they would go to the backyard to do a quickie. Over the few months that Ebere changed, she had carried five pregnancy which she aborrrted or terminate by using ddeadly substance.

Two belonged to her uncle, one for the pastor and the rest belong to some low life boys in church. Ebere wanted it everything, she felt like if she do not get laid, she would go mad. At times, she would go to her uncle’s law firm chambers where he would stay and have rough sexxx with him. A month later. Ebere met some ladies on her way back from the market, her aunty had sent her to the market to get food stuffs. They connected her to big men that matters in the society.

She started getting the pay, and she was never satisfied, her thirst for $ex was so demanding that she started having intercourse, with Dennis, her uncle’s son. She didn’t tell her mum or her aunt. She later met chief, after their one night stand, Ebere noticed she was not feeling, she ran a test and the result showed that she was H.I.V positive. She cried her eyes out, she believed that she got it from chief, so she decided to show him the result.

When Chief saw Eberechi Chukwudi Adam. He had known her as Jewel, he asked her who her mother was, at first Ebere was shocked, Chief didn’t seem to care that she told him she was positive to the dreaded H.I.V virus. “Is your mother Evelyn?” Chief had asked, to which she was shocked. She later knew Chief was actually Elvis Chukwudi, her runaway dad. She was sobbered. She couldn’t believe she slept with her dad and got the H.I.V virus from him, the man that gave her life.

All day she would cry, two weeks later she stabbed herself to death as she couldn’t bring herself to tell anyone. But there was a written note at her dead body, it was aunty Adaobi that found it alongside her dead body, she screamed alerting the neighbours, she called Evelyn on phone and told her what had happen. Ebere’s mum was mystified that she fainted after recieving the call, after that, Adaobi went through the later, there she wrote what uncle Peter had done to her and how she began sleeping with male she met. She listed their names and Adaobi was hurt that her husband would do such a thing to his sister’s daughter.

The world was strange, she didn’t blame Ebere, when Evelyn woked up from coma, Adaobi told her everything she read in the letter. Evelyn hated her brother from that day. Aunty Adaobi took Dennis out of the house even when Peter pleaded with her. He tried asking Evelyn for forgiveness but Evelyn got him arrested. A week later.

Many people were seen in the burial of Ebere. A girl set for greatness but her uncle destroyed it when he raped. And she turned into $ex freak. Elvis was there, he blamed himself for his daughter’s death.

If he had been there right from time, she would still be alive today. He begged Evelyn to forgive him but Evelyn pushed him off. Many cried that day. Two days later, the news headline was tagged ‘Chief Elvis commited suicide.”

The End.