First Kiss (Complete Story)

First Kiss (Episode 1)


Elena was amazed by how beautiful and big the school is, she was still admiring the beauty of the school when she accidentally step someone “Oh my goodness!!!” The girl exclaimed “are you blind or what??”

“Am sorry I didn’t do it intentionally” Elena apologised “Amber just calm down she already apologise” her friend said but Amber was so angry that she went close to Elena “Hey did you know how much this shoe cost,it’s worth more than your life” Amber said “But I already apologise you don’t have to say that” Elena said calmly “So you’ve caused trouble right?? Sally said appearing from nowhere “Did you know this pipsqueak??Amber asked “Sure she’s our house help” Sally replied and Elena wasn’t surprised cos Sally has deny her in so many places calling her their househelp “Your househelp?? Darcie asked ” I can’t believe this,your househelp has the privilege to attend the same school with you” Amber said “You know for example if I need anything all I just need to do is to call her” Sally replied “Oh you’re so lucky but well… your househelp stepped on my sumptuous shoe”

” Amber what exactly is your problem even though she stepped on your shoe at least she has apologise” Darcie said “Stay out of this Darcie” Amber snapped “Don’t worry she’s going to clean it” Sally said and glance at Elena “clean her shoe instantly” “Am sorry I can’t”

“What the heck?? Sally said angrily and raise her hand up to slap her but someone held her hand behind “Who the hell is that??she yelled and turned to see Leonard with his two friends with him “Oh my gosh it’s Leo” Amber exclaimed Sally lost it when she set her eyes on Leo,

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she always listen to his songs and also love watching his movie, his picture was hung here and there in her room and she had always wish to see him in person and finally her dreams come true. “Why’re you bullying her?? Leo asked with his exquisite voice “Bullying??

Leo am not one of them, this innocent girl mistakenly stepped on Amber ‘s shoe and Amber fail to accept her apology” Darcie explained “Uhm Leo am a great big fan of yours I. ….”Sally said but was cut short ” is that true???Leo asked Amber “Sort of” Amber said “And who’re you??? Leo ask Sally “Am Simpson Sally the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Simpson,my mom is one of the greatest designer she…… ” I don’t need your story why did you want to slap her”

“You mean this trash,she’s actually my househelp,a nobody she’s just like her mother” Leonard looked at Elena whose eyes were getting swollen due to the tears that filled her eyes ” follow me” Leo said “Oh I’d be glad to follow you anywhere” Sally smiled “I wasn’t referring to you but her” he pointed at Elena “I??” Elena asked Leonard went with his friends and Elena followed them Sally was so angry that she clenched her fist tightly “That brat is looking for my trouble”

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” See what you caused Amber now Leo is gonna think am a bad girl” Darcie shouted at Amber and left her sight angrily Elena didn’t know why she was following the three boys but it seems the leader whose name was Leo must be a popular guy cos she had seen so many of his picture In Sally ‘s room “Uhm I think you guys should go first I will meet you in class” Leo said to his friends “If you say so” Alfred said while Derrick gave him a thumbs up “You don’t know me, do you??? Leo ask Elena who shook her head “Nice,first time seeing someone who doesn’t know who I am…anyway why are you not in your school uniform” “Uhh…ehr….

I don’t have” Elena said still not knowing if that was a better lie “You don’t have?? Okay follow me” he said and he took her to the school shop “Pick the one you want” he said but Elena declined “I can’t I prefer wearing this”

“If the school authority see you wearing this,you’ll be asked to pay a fine” Elena thought for some minute and decided to pick one of the uniforms but suddenly she screamed What is it? ? Leo asked “The uniform cost $5000, I don’t have that amount” Leo chuckled ” and who said you’re buying it with your money” he said ” then who’s buying it??

Leo move closer to her and slowly remove some dirt on her face,Elena glance at Leo and he’s already looking at her straight in the eyes “Err….” Elena said which makes Leo come back to his senses . Elena was using the map in her hand to locate her class but kept thinking of what Leonard said to her earlier ………… “Why’re you putting on a sad face” Leonard asked “Sad face??I don’t understand ” Elena said “Are you really that girl’s househelp?? “You mean Sally??

“Mmmm” Leo nodded “Pls I have to go to class now am late,thanks for the uniform I really appreciate” Elena said and was about to go when Leo held her by her wrist “A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t put on a sad face cos it doesn’t suit you, no matter how hard life may be, just believe everything is gonna end well and if you need anything you can always count on me” he said and walk out ………

Elena was still thinking about those words that she didn’t notice some sign post behind the stairs which says “CAUTION WET FLOOR” She descend on the stair and was about to tripped when someone held her by her waist preventing her from falling Her eyes was shut and by the time she open it,she was really startled she thought she was going to fall “Hey watch where you’re going” Xavier said letting go of her waist “Thank you” Elena said as she tuck her hair behind her ear Xavier felt some pain in his head which makes him groan as he touch his head “Are you all right ?? Elena asked while she move close to him Xavier looked at her and he knew instantly that she’s the girl whom he has been looking for “Am all right” he said and descend down the stairs Elena saw a pendant on the floor which she believes must be his “Hey you……”she spun around and was surprised not to him “Woah where did he go??Elena said and picked the pendant up Elena finally locate her class and the moment she enter,all eyes were averted on her,there was no teacher in the class and she was a little bit timorous “Hello my name is Simpson Elena ” she introduced herself “Welcome to pleaxy high school Elena ” someone said “Thanks ” she said and then suddenly a girl barged into the class “Hey guys guess what??the girl said “What is it again this time??

“We have a new CC(cute charming) in our school” ” that’s impossible the only CC we have is Leonard and no one else” a girl snapped at her ” trust me his name is Xavier all the senior girls are already dying to have him,he’s so cute with his lovely black hair oh my gosh I don’t think I can get my mind off him” the girl said and all the girls including the boys ran outside to know whom this Xavier was… excluding one girl in the class who was at the back reading a novel Elena went to her

“Hi pls can I sit next next to you? She asked politely “Sure” the girl said ” you’re new right?? “Yea” “My name is Hailey” ” Nice to meet you Hailey my name is Elena” “What a nice name? “Yours isn’t bad either ” Elena said “Pls have you guys done anything this morning?? “Yep…mathematics and history” “Oh I guess am a little bit late” “But right one it’s self study class” “Can I have your math note book?? “Sure” Hailey said and hand over her note to her Leo was looking outside thinking about lots of things ” Hey guy wassup”

Alfred said “Nothing just thinking about some stuff” he replied and sighted Elena smiling with a girl which also make him smile Derrick looked through the window and make a “wooow” sound “Is this the Leo I use to know? ? But anyway there’s this new guy in school and all the girls are crazy about him but to me he’s suspicious” ” Hey what says the time?? He asked ignoring Derrick,he has also seen Xavier and the guy look familiar and also suspicious ” 12:15pm” Alfred said “Okay I have something important to do ” he said and went outside …….

Elena and Hailey were both discussing when Sally come from nowhere and blocked their way beside the school pool “Pls how may we be of help?? Hailey asked “Hailey she’s my sister ” Elena said not knowing why she said the word sister “Sister?? Sally said and was surprised to see her wearing a new school uniform ” where did you get that?? She yelled at her “Get what?? Elena asked “Stop asking me silly question before i push you inside that pool am talking about the uniform” Elena kept mute and didn’t know what to say “I bought it for her” Leonard said while he move close to the girls “Oh it’s Leo ” Hailey gasped “You did?? You shouldn’t have,she’s just a…. “Enough” Leo said cutting her short “you can go back to your class” Sally look at Elena devilishly “wait till we get home” she whisper in her ears and walk away On the other hand, Xavier was looking at them from afar but was hearing everything they are discussing “Sally wait” Elena said but Sally angrily pushed her into the pool Elena couldn’t swim and Leo sense that and jump into the pool Xavier ran with full speed and also jumped into the pool Everyone in school brought out their phone and some were just watching Xavier was the first to grab Elena and he carry her out of the pool “Is she breathing? ? Hailey asked “I don’t think so” Leo said and wanted to give her CPR (mouth-to-mouth) ” no you can’t” Xavier said afraid Elena is going to have her first kiss through a CPR “Why?? Leo asked “You just can’t” Xavier said Leo ignore him as he use his hand to move his wet blond hair backward and was ready to give Elena a CPR To be continued. ……… What did you think will happen?? Will Elena have her first kiss through the CPR? ?

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First Kiss (Episode 2)

I said no you can’t ” Xavier said and Leo looked at him “Why??” He asked Leo ignore him and was about giving her a CPR but Xavier pushed him off, Leo stood up and was so furious “Who the hell are you and why….” he couldn’t finish his statement cos Elena started coughing Hailey went to her and helped her “Are you okay??she asked Sally gave her a disgusting look, she didn’t even care about what just happened,she hissed loudly and walk away Elena manage to stand up and she see Xavier and Leo standing together with their clothes all wet “Follow me, we have to change your clothes” Hailey said and Elena followed her,she turned again to look at Xavier and Leo and she wonder who might have save her . Leo bodyguards together with his friends arrived at the scene and also most of the girls ran to him asking if he’s okay Leo looked at Xavier and went close to him “It’s not over yet” he said and was escorted out of the place . Hailey help Elena change into a new school uniform “Thanks Hailey” Elena said while she dry her wet hair with a towel “You’re welcome” “Uhm by the way pls who save me from drowning” Elena asked “Well….actually Leo was the first to jump into the pool but in the twinkling of an eye the new guy came from nowhere and also jumped in,he was the one who grab you first but you are a lucky girl to almost get kissed by Leo through a CPR ” “Kiss??? Elena touch her lips “but he was just trying to help Hailey burst out laughing “one thing special that is universal In this school is gossip, take a look at this just what happened earlier has been posted everywhere on the school group chat, Facebook, Twitter, and so on and believe me it is going to be the talk of the town” Hailey said while she hand over her phone to her Elena looked at the picture and was shocked, it was the picture when Leo was about giving her a CPR and the headlines says A new transfer student almost get kissed by the one and only Hudson Leonard “What!!?? Elena exclaimed “Also you’re going to be the talk of the day in school but all you have to is ignore them and turn deaf ears to their rants” Hailey said “I can’t believe this just my first day in school and………oh gosh” “Just relax and by the way I thought you said that girl was your sister; she’s too mean” Elena didn’t say anything “Okay you don’t have to say anything, I will be right back, I need to wash this at the school washing machine store” Hailey said and picked the wet uniform and went out Elena looked at herself in the mirror and sigh,she stepped outside and was surprise to see Leo resting his back on the wall with his hand tuck in his pocket, he has change his cloth already Lei sighted Elena coming out from the girl’s restroom so he went to her ” hey are you all right?” He asked “Yes am fine thank you” Elena replied and her met some stain on his finger ” hey you’re bleeding” she said with a concern look on her face “Oh this?? It’s nothing” Leo said while trying to hide it but Elena pull his hand forward and start blowing it, she tuck her hair behind her ear but it kept falling off Leo was looking at her with the way she’s blowing his finger and he slowly help her to tuck her hair behind her ear Elena felt his hand on her hair and she raise her head up to look at him but he was already looking at her ” err….”she brought out her white handkerchief and gently wrap it around his hand “this will stop it from bleeding I think but you have to get it treated” Elena said and Leo didn’t say anything but instead continue looking at her ” Elena!!!” Hailey called “it’s lunch time” “Okay am coming” Elena said and turn back to Leo ” bye make sure you get it treated” she said and went to Hailey Leo looked at the white handkerchief, ELENA was boldly written at the edge of the handkerchief, he squeeze it tightly and smile to himself . . “I don’t understand, you want us to eat at the public school cafeteria ” Alfred blurted out “Yes my dad own this school and everyone is equal so why can’t I eat any where I want” Leo said ” but you haven’t eat there before and if you think am gonna eat there then you’re wrong count me out” Alfred said ” what about you Derrick?? Leo asked “Hmm Alfred don’t you get this?? ” what?? “First the look on Leo face when he first set his eyes on that new girl, he even try to give her a CPR which has been spread out all over the Internet all covered now he wanted to eat at the public school cafeteria” Derrick said and Alfred gave a “woooow” sound ” I think I can now understand” Alfred said “Understand what?? You guys shouldn’t think otherwise and if you are not eating then am off” he said and left them . . The public school cafeteria was filled with so many people and all eyes was on Elena who was feeling timorous with the way they are looking at her ” just avert your eyes and ignore them” Hailey told her then suddenly all the student started screaming and Elena turned to see Leo and his friends in the cafeteria “Oh goodness what is Leo doing here??he should be eating in the VIP cafeteria not here” Hailey said and was surprised to see them coming towards them “he’s coming here” Elena averted her eyes and pretend to be eating her food not until she heard his voice “May we join you guys??” He asked ” sure you can yessssss” Hailey said and they sat down in front of them but Elena was feeling uncomfortable with the way the students are looking at their direction taking pictures . . “I thought you said Leo is coming here to eat” Sally ask Amber “Of course this is where he usually eats” Amber replied All the girls on the VIP cafeteria refuse to eat they’re all waiting for Leo “Unbelievable!!!” A girl shouted “Leo is eating at the public school cafeteria”. Everyone brought out their phone and check the picture posted on the school group chat “He’s together with your so called house help” Amber said angrily while showing her the picture on her phone “That bitch” Sally said and stump out . . “Aren’t you hungry?? Leo ask Elena who was using the cutlery to play with her food “Ohh I actually lost my appetite” Elena lied “Really?? Or you lost your appetite because of the three handsome boys sitting with us” Hailey said and Elena was a little bit embarrassed “No its just. …. “Elena” someone shouted her name which caught everyone attention in the cafeteria, it was Sally, she walk angrily to Elena “You this bitch so you decided to be like your mother a prostitute who lure men around” Sally said and Elena stood up “My mom was never a prostitute” Elena replied ” oh give me another word I can use perhaps a slur, hey everyone you wanna hear some story this girl mother was an expert in prostitution, she always sleep with different kind of men; she’s well known for her sexy dress,sexy dance in club but unfortunately she die in her promiscuous act” Sally jeered and everyone start to murmur ” My mom was never a prostitute” Elena said in tears and ran outside Leo stood up ” I will make sure you’re either expel or suspended from this school” he whispered to Sally ‘s ear and ran after Elena He didn’t see her anywhere ” where did she go??? He muttered to himself . . Elena ran to the top of the school and burst out crying “Mom where are you?? Dad you promise to stay with me but you left me alone in this cruel world” she cried bitterly ” cry louder louder” someone said and Elena turned to see Xavier sitting on the school wall,he jumped down and went to Elena,he was wearing a white sweater and a white crazy Jean “Are you teasing me,? Elena asked “No am not teasing you but am encouraging you to cry louder” “If you have nothing to say then just go away” Elena said angrily “Yes I have nothing to say but she actually know how to target your weakness sh make you believe you’re a pipsqueak which you also stick to, you’re just allowing your weakness to take over but all you have to do is to stop shedding a pipsqueak tears and show them what you’ve got by being who you’re but not what you’re” Xavier said With the words he said Elena felt somehow and smile to herself ” being who I am and not what I am” she said Xavier smile and stood up and was about going “Hey” Elena called and he look back “Yes??” “Thanks for the word and also thanks for saving me twice today” Elena said but Xavier only smile at her “By the way you dropped this” Elena said while showing him his pendant” ” Thanks” Xavier collected it from her and left the place “I think I just know what to do” she said to her self . To be continued….


First Kiss (Episode 3)

When Leo got home,he met his dad talking to aunty Claire, his mother elder sister but he just ignore them and was about going upstairs when his dad voice stopped him ” Leo, can’t you greet?? Don’t you see me or even though you don’t want to greet me. What about your aunty?? His dad shouted at him and Lyla, Leo sister who was 14 years ran downstairs and quickly hug Leo “You’re back” she said while smiling Leo caress her hair “yes I am” he smile back at her ” dad point of correction,she’s not my aunty a muderer can never be my aunty” Leo said to his father Mr Hudson angrily stood up and ask the maids to excuse them, he went to Leo and slapped him “Dad stop it” Lyla shouted Leo looked at his dad and smirked “this Is not the first time you’re slapping me because of her but that does not make me stop calling her a muderer” he said and went to his room

He use his card to unlock his room and went inside angrily ” I don’t know why she’s here again” he muttered Lyla enter his room and crossed her arms “Leo I don’t really understand you,why did you keep accusing aunty Claire of killing mom,she’s a nice aunt an understanding now she’s feeling hurt with what you just say” Lyla said “How was school today? “Don’t change the topic leo” “Lyla plss leave that aside I promise that you will all get to know the truth later so how was school today” “Yea it was fine and you have at least 29 letters my classmate ask me to give you” “Your class mate aren’t my type” “Then probably that girl you save at the pool is your type of girl” Lyla said and Leo arched his brow “I just don’t know why people loves prying into someone’s live” he said “See you later and less I forget Mr frank called, he said you have an audition at the square hall and also Mrs Ashley called,she said you have some shoots to make for the commercial Uhm. …… also you were ask to perform at one of the minister daughter birthday and also ………” “Urrrh….” Leo groaned “You’re a celebrity so see you later” Lyla smile and went out

Leo change his cloth and then there was a call,he picked it up “Hello” “Hello sir your food is ready” “Bring it up stair “he said and end the call

He smiled to himself when he see Elena handkerchief “What is wrong with me? Why am I acting this way? He asked himself and there was a knock on the door He use the remote to open the door and the maid enter,she dropped his food on the desk and was about to go when Leo call her back “Who cook this food?? He asked “Aunty Claire,she said she want to prepare the food today” the maid said “She is the one who cook this food” Leo said and the maid nodded Leo pick the food and went downstairs,aunty Claire was still there talking to his dad,he pour the food in front of her and all the maid gasp “Leo are you nut?? His father shouted “I can’t eat a food cooked by someone who is a muderer and you” he face aunty Claire “don’t think you can poison and kill me how you kill my mom” “Leo why are you accusing me of killing my own sister I know you hate me but isn’t that enough than you accusing me of killing your mom,my blood sister” Leo ignore her and went to the gym escorted by his guards

Elena was on her way home she was walking down the woods, she kept thinking about all what happened in school today ” I just have to be myself yes that’s it” she said and a shadow cast down in front of her she looked up and see two hefty man grinning broadly at her “Hello school girl” one of them said “She’s really beautiful” the other one said while moving close to her “Stay away from me” Elena said and stumbled backward “Oh pretty girl” the first guy said and Elena was getting scared “Pretty girl?? That’s not a good sentence” Xavier said from nowhere and Elena quickly stand up and hid behind his back ” get lost boy or else…….” the man said fiercely and brought out ancwnd gun making Elena screamed in fear “he’s got a gun” Elena cried out “Close yor eyes” Xavier said to Elena “You hear that your boyfriend ask you to close your eyes so you won’t see him dying slowly” Elena didn’t understand why Xavier ask her to close her eyes “Trust me” Xavier said and Elena obeyed,she started hearing some sound but she dare not open her eyes . “They’re gone you can open your eyes now” Xavier said and Elena opened her eyes “How…….” she started crying,this remind her of the day she was almost raped by her step mother Co worker but his father save her and now if not for Xavier only God know what would have happen to her “You don’t have to cry they’re gone now” Xavier said “You save me again” Elena said and threw her arms around his waist and hug him Xavier was shocked but then something happen,as Elena hug him,she started choking out blood “What the??? Elena Elena……” he called but her eyes were closed and she wasn’t saying anything

To be continued……… . What is going to happened???


First Kiss (Episode 4)

Elena was sleeping peacefully, she wanted to open her eyes but decided to sleep more since Sally or her step mother hasn’t call for her attention but she was hearing a weird sound that makes her quickly jolted up She looked around the room and was startled cos it was not her room “Where am I ?? She ask herself still looking around the room “You’re finally up” a voice said behind her and she screamed in fear when she see Xavier “You …… you. ….what….what….are y….ou doing here? She stammered “In my house?? My room??

“Your house,? Elena said and glance at the wall clock ” what?? 12:32am,impossible?she screamed and find her way out of the room,she check through the window, everywhere was dark “Are you planning on going home? ? It’s midnight and there are bad guys out there” Xavier said and Elena began to cry “How come?? I was on my home and I was nearly raped but you saved me and….and….I was in your room….how come?? “I don’t like answering silly questions” Xavier told her Elena realise that she was wearing an orange pyjamas and that makes her scream “Can you pls stop screaming??? Are you trying to burst my eardrum?? Elena angrily went to him “where’s my school uniform and what did you do to me?? She shouted “Humans are really crazy” he muttered “You change my clothes right??

“What if I say yes I did? What are you going to do?? Elena crossed her arms on her chest and scream again “you undress me??? And what did you do?? Tell me the truth” Elena shouted “Oh you want me to tell you the truth?? Actually yesterday night was sooo good, I really have the time to analyse your body and……” “You what??? Elena yelled “you this stupid asshole” she slapped him and begin to cry “You should at least check yourself before believing what he said” a female voice said and Elena see a middle aged woman with her bald hair,probably a monk ” be glad that am in a good mood or else you won’t escape for slapping me” Xavier said “My dear I was the one who undress you and change the clothes for you, Xavier isn’t the kind of guy you think he is” the woman said Elena looked at Xavier and sigh ” am sorry for slapping you but why am I here” “I already told you that I don’t like answering silly questions” Xavier said “C’mon Xavier don’t be harsh on her” Nala said and face Elena “my dear are you sure you can’t remember what happened yesterday??

“All I could remember was that Xavier save me and that’s all” Elena replied “Actually you fainted yesterday and Xavier can’t just leave you there so he decided to bring you here for me to treat you” “But how come I slept for so long???Elena asked ” pls are we playing question and answer game cos you ask too much questions” Xavier said looking a bit annoyed ” what am I going to tell my step mom?? She’s not going to believe me even though I tell her the truth” Elena said in tears “Don’t worry my dear all you have to do now is to calm down” Nala console her


Xavier piggyback Elena and ran with full speed to his house Nala was mixing some portion when she see Xavier with a girl on his back, she knew instantly that it was the mysterious girl who is going to lead Xavier back to his planet “Nala” Xavier called and she quickly went to him “You’ve found the girl but why is she bleeding ? Nala said “Yes but I don’t quite understand something, she hug me and then started to choke out blood” Xavier said and the look on Nala face was that of fear “tell me the reason?? “Can you pls carry her to your Room so I can get her treated first” Nala said and Xavier obeyed “So tell me” “Xavier why did you think it was because of the hug that she was choking out blood” Nala said while she place a leaf on Elena’s mouth “My instinct tell me it’s because of the hug’ “Then your instinct is wrong so pls excuse me while I undress her” Nala said “Nala I know you’re hiding a lot of things from me but I will make sure I find all the truth myself” Xavier said and went out

Xavier sat down on the tree with Elena’s diary in his hand, he saw it when he was checking through her bag When he opened it, the first thing he see was a picture of Elena with a man and a beautiful lady which he believes must be her parents, he looked closely at the picture and the lady( Elena’s mom) looks familiar, he close his eyes and try to recall something { Ten years ago } { Bandez Club }

Yvonne(Elena’s mom) was with her best friend Mitchell who was a doctor Yvonne: Mitchell I don’t really get this why did you say I should come here Mitchell: chill yourself don’t forget what we both discussed or do you want your daughter to die Yvonne : my daughter’s sickness has nothing to do with this Mitchell :of course it has something to do with this, can’t you see how beautiful you’re just go to the stage and show how sexy you’re trust me you’re gonna earn a lot of money and you can use that to cure your daughter’s sickness afterall Clark(Elena’s father) is too poor to put something down Yvonne: am sorry but I can’t… Mitchell: ohhh okay ( the barman serve them some drinks) thanks ( she wink at him Yvonne: thanks (she said and sip the drink) Mitchell:I will be right back ( she said and went away )

Mitchell went to meet a lady who was using a veil to cover her face Mitchell: don’t worry it is done, I make her believe that her daughter is suffering from a chronic heart disease which requires a huge amount of money and she believe me and I even ask the barman to drug her Unknown lady: that’s good and I can also sense it ( she said and point to the stage)

Yvonne didn’t know what has gotten into her, she went to the stage and strip herself leaving only her pants and bra and started dancing while everyone was taking pictures

The unknown lady ask Mitchell to follow her to a secret place and Mitchell obeyed, when they got to an empty place the lady looked at Mitchell and caress her cheeks Unknown Lady: Mitchell you did a good job but am sorry to reward you with this (she brought out a knife and stab her) Mitchell:(groaning in pain) but why??? (She gave up the ghost) The unknown lady went outside the club (she had set a bomb in the club) goodbye Yvonne (she said and hit the red button of the remote in her hand and then BOOM the place blasted)

Xavier opened his eyes and sigh ” this is really saddening” he said to himself and was hearing the conversation between Elena and Nala inside the house Nala: don’t worry Xavier is such a good guy, he surely understand that you don’t mean to slap him Elena: yes he save me thrice today and all I could do is to slap him cos of the stupid thought running through my head

Xavier smile but later sigh cos he really wanted to know who the unknown lady maybe .

To be continued…….

First Kiss (Episode 5)

Xavier and Elena are both walking to school but everywhere was quiet “Urr…Xavier …thanks for letting me stay in your house and sorry for the slap also a big thank you to your mom” Elena said “Mom?? Xavier said and smile “Yes she’s really a nice person, she remind me of my mom” Elena said and stopped Xavier looked at back and also stopped “Well let’s keep going I was just saying a motherly love,it’s good to have that ” Elena said and she was surprised when Xavier remove his blue sweater leaving his white shirt “what are you doing??? “Wear this” he said “And why will I wear your sweater??

“You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to then everyone will get to see the colour of your bra” Xavier said and Elena opened her eyes wide she turned her head and found out that the zip of her uniform has worn out “Ohhh gosh, since when did you know? ?

“How many times did I have to tell you that I don’t like answering silly questions” Xavier said and continue going Elena quickly wore his sweater,it really smell nicely and it look big on her “Xavier wait up” she called and ran to him ” you’ve save me thrice but I don’t know how to repay you” “Of course there’s a way you can repay me” “There is??? What??”

“By 12pm come to the top building of the school with chilled ice cream” Xavier said ” chilled ice cream?? Is that all??” “But make sure it didn’t melt” Xavier said and Elena nodded

Fast forward

After the fourth period, Elena change her school uniform and was going back to class’s when she met Sally on the way “Well well well……so you decided to be just like your mom,you’ve started sleeping around with boys” Sally said “It’s not what you think I was almost raped but someone save me and I was unconscious then…… “Who’s gonna believe you?? Your mom is also a great lier and I believe wherever she is in he’ll, she will still be sleeping and seducing the devil” Sally whacked “My mom was never a prostitute” Elena shouted and slapped Sally on her left cheeks Sally was shocked and so was Elena,she wonder where she got the courage from but she remember what Xavier said about being who you’re and not what you are “Did you just slap me?”

“Yes and I will do it again if you dare say trash about my mom” Elena said and walk away, she smile to herself and then she bumped into someone, she looked up to see Leo smiling at her dressed in his smart uniform “Good morning” she greeted “Morning”

he greeted back “follow me” he said Elena wonder why he always say “follow me” maybe that’s his favourite word. He took her to a music class, there was no student there and everywhere was quiet ” I checked through your profile and nd ic find out that you like music and your favourite instrument instruments the keyboard so instruments was thinking If you cam teach me” Leo said Elena felt a lump in her throat “Teach you??

but your dad own this school why can’t you allow him to hire allow teacher for you?? “Of course I had some teachers but the female are only interested on my facial appearance while the male teacher only cate about money” “But the……… “No more but…will you teach me or not cos I will be glad if a beautiful innocent girl with a swift finger like you can teach me” Elena was feeling nervous and after some minute she nodded “Great so can you just give the first introduction” Leo said and smile Elena say down in front of the keyboard and Leo sat next to her, Elena sigh and lay her finger on the finger ” uhm this key is the “do” sound and the other one at the end is also the “do” sound but the different is the pitch, let’s try it” she play the sound for him Leo wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying but was just looking at her; Elena knew he was looking at her and that makes her timorous

After 15min

“Well I think that’s for the introduction, i have to go now” she said and was about going when Leo held her wrist, she spun around “Can I help you with something?? She asked “I will be glad if you can really help me with what I want” “And that is?? “Love” Leo said and Elena was shocked “Pardon?? Leo release her hand “never mind” he said “And by the way see you later at the school cafeteria” Leo said and Elena quickly went outside “What did he mean by love?? Elena check her wrist watch and it was quarter past 12 “Why did I feel like I have an appointment with someone ? She said to herself and was on her way to class when he met Hailey “Where have you been? Hailey asked while licking her icecream and Elena gasped “”Icecream???

She recall what Xavier said to her . By 12pm come to the top building of the school with chilled ice cream” Elena quickly ran to the school ice cream store “Which flavour”? “Any one” Elena said not knowing which flavour he likes, she was given the ice cream and she ran to the first school dorm,she try to use the elavator but it was at fault so she decided to make use of the stairs, her concern was that the ice cream shouldn’t melt but it was already melting Finally she got to the top building of the school and see Xavier sitting on the wall “Isn’t he afraid of falling? Elena thought and went to him “Hey Xavier I brought your icecream” Elena said and Xavier turned and look at the ice cream “See for yourself it has melted” Xavier said “It’s not easy to climb the stairs you know and the elevator is at fault” “But i said by 12 and this is 20 minute after 12”

“Uhm about that……i was in the library reading” Elena said “So your new library is the music class” Elena was surprised “how….how did you know?? “You can’t lie to me and actually am alergic to ice cream” “What?? So my effort is just a waste” Elena yelled “Of course not,you can go ahead and drink it yourself” Elena was a little bit angry but has to calm down ” so in what way can I repay you back since I fail to get you an chilled icecream” “There is another way in which you can repay me back but i don’t think you will be able to do it” “You save me thrice so there’s nothing i can’t do to repay what you’ve done for me” “Then………”Xavier whispered into her ears and Elena gasped “You want me to….” she couldn’t say the word Xavier nodded and smile “Yes be my girlfriend” . To be continued.

First Kiss (Episode 6)

You want me to be your what??? Elena said looking surprised “Is that too hard?? “Hey did you know what you just request for, we don’t even know each other that much and you’re asking me to be your girlfriend” Elena blurted out ” Of course we both know each other, for instance; your name is Simpson Elena,you’re 17 years , your favourite sport is skiing and you like pop music also your favourite food is……”

“Cut it out, you even check through my school profile” “Noo I did not,and one thing I know about you is that you don’t like smokes, you’re always scared whenever you see fire” Elena was dumbfounded “how….how……? Anyway we’ll get back to that later, even though you know me, I don’t know you” “Are you denying me now,? You know my name, you know my mom, you know my house and even you know my room and lastly you know I don’t like answering silly question” Xavier said “Woah Woah. …knowing your house was a mistake”

“Then why can’t you say saving your ligroup is a mistake?? Elena sigh while she tuck her hair behind her ear ” being your girlfriend, did you know what that means? It means we have to be walking together holding hands together hugging and ……oh gosh am not ready for that kind of stuff” “So that is what it means to you but should I tell you what it mean to me?? Xavier said “What??

“It means trust,friendship,caring and protection” Elena kept mute cos she didn’t know what to say “Don’t worry if you don’t want to be my girlfriend then you don’t have to force yourself” Xavier said and walk away leaving Elena with a puzzled look on her face

Xavier was going to class when he met Leo and his friends on the wah but he ignore them “Hey” Leo called and Xavier spun around “Are you perhaps referring to me? Xavier asked “Who else?? Leo said and move close to him ” I don’t know your mission in this school but whatever it is i assure you that it won’t work” Leo whisper in his ear “I only have one mission and that is to find the key that will lead me back to my house” Xavier whispered back “Now I can see that you’re not yourself”Leo said and signal to his friends to let them go “I just want you to know that the person you’re crushing on isn’t your type so the only thing I will say is “let go of that feelings” Xavier said and walk away Leo clenched his fist ” we shall see”

“Hey Leonard are you crushing on someone in this school that we don’t know about” Derrick asked “C’mon you’re talking as if you don’t know Leo, the only girl in her heart is her sister Lyla and you know he doesn’t interact with girls so definitely that guy is just saying trash” Alfred said

” Elena what are you thinking about?? Hailey asked “Uhm …nothing” Elena said trying not to think of what Xavier said “Okay it’s lunch time but I don’t feel like going to the school cafeteria” “Why? ?? “Nothing but will you escort me to the school garden” “I’d love to” Elena said and they both went to the school garden “Wow its beautiful” Elena said admiring the beautiful flowers “Of course it is and Elena what is going on between you and Leo” “Nothing” she shook her head “But you were both at the school VIP music class and you were both playing the keyboard” “How did you know??

“It’s all over the school group chat, the picture was posted like 20min ago and don’t forget CCTV camera are everywhere” “Oh goodness……like seriously there’s nothing going on between Leo and I, he just ask me to teach him how to play a keyboard” Hailey arched her brow “it’s too hard to believe that” “That’s the truth” “Leo is the master of keyboardist in the top 5 best school in this country and he even won an award for it so why will he ask you to teach him what he’s good at?? ” but why will he lie?? “Well am a little bit jealous of you” Hailey said “Why?? “Leo has never interact with any female student in school and you’re actually the first” Elena didn’t say anything but instead admiring the flowers

Xavier was reading a book when he heard some people discussing “Hey girl you’re mine and no one else can have you” a masculine voice said “Dan I already told you am not interested in you can you pls just let me be” A tiny female voice cried out ” then have it the way you want it” the guy said and Xavier could hear the girl crying, he ran with full speed to the 2nd floor and lo and behold the guy name Dan was about undressing the girl ” you shouldn’t try that in school” Xavier said and Dan turn around “Ohh The charming new guy is here, better stay out of it before……”

he couldn’t finish saying the word as Xavier grab his hand and twist it to his back “Ahhhhhhhhh.ahhhh it hurt” Dan scream in pain “Next time I see you threatening this girl I will make sure I break that arm of yours” Xavier said and release him Dan looked at him and ran outside The girl was sitting down on the floor crying, Xavier didn’t see her face cos she wasn’t looking up “It’s okay you’re safe now” Xavier said and squatted next to her The girl raise her head up and immediately Xavier set his eyes on her, he felt his heart beating fast, he groan in pain as he held his chest

“Are you all right?? The girl asked looking scared and worried at the same time Xavier couldn’t see anything as his eyes were getting blur

Elena was angry that Leo lied to her and on the other hand Leo and his friends just left the public school cafeteria “So what is the essence of going to the public school cafeteria when you’re not going to stay there long?? Alfred asked “Since Elena isn’t there” Derrick said Leo spotted Elena coming so he went to her “Hi” he greeted “Hi” Elena greeted back and was about going when Leo call her back “Is everything okay,? Leo asked Elena stopped and looked at him “Your dad is the owner of this school, you are rich and you’re high class people but why did you decide to spoil my name, I am just here to study and nothing else and you decided to play a dirty game with me” Leo was confused and didn’t quite know what she’s talking about “If I said I understand all what you said am definitely lying” “Oh really, why did you lie about you not knowing how to play a keyboard, that doesn’t even matter to me but now everybody thinks what Sally said is true about……about. …me being just like my mom….luring you around” Elena said angrily Leo sigh abound tuck his hand in his pocket ” am sorry for lying to you but the main reason why I did that was because………” he stopped “Because of what??? Because you want to show everyone how lowly I am” ” Hell Noo……it’s because I…. Elena cried out as she felt some pain on her chest “Are you all right?? Leo asked calling out to his friends Elena groan loudly as she held her chest which caught everyone’s attention

Xavier was still groaning in pain and the girl couldn’t stand it anymore, she decided to call for help but as she stood up, she also felt a sharp pain,it was as if something was piercing her heart , she cried out as she held her chest and collapse.


First Kiss (Episode 7)

Camila was destroyed 300 years ago, but was accidentally reborn by Leonard … (10 years ago) . Leo was playing with her mom on the beach when he sighted something behind the rock from a far distance . Leo : mom I will be right back Leo’s mom: okay love but pls stay away from the river (his mom warned but Leo ignore her and ran with all his strength until he gets to the big rock, he looked around but couldn’t see anything but as he was about going he mistakenly stepped on someone and to his greatest surprise he saw a beautiful young teen girl probably 18,

he try to wake her up but she didn’t flinch, he call out to his mom but his mom was really far away from Him, he thought probably the girl was washed down here from the sea, but what can a eight year old boy do, he hesitate at first but then decide to help her through a CPR and that was how Camila had her first kiss


First Kiss (Episode 8)

Elena slightly open her eyes and she turned to see a lady sitting on a swirling chair, she was dressed in a white lab cloth and Elena believe she must be the school doctor She sigh in order to catch her attention “Oh you’re awake” the lady said and went to her “so how are you feeling now??

“Much better” she replied but still wonder why she fainted “can I go back to class right now?? She asked . “Sure since you’re fully okay but miss Elena I have something to ask you” “What can that be?? “Did you have a boyfriend? The lady asked Elena didn’t know why she asked her that question but she shook her head negatively “No I don’t” “That’s good” the young female doctor said and move closer to her “did you know you’re a beautiful young girl” she said while she caress her hair Elena was feeling nervous that she didn’t reply “C’mon, say something” the doctor said while she kept caressing her Elena slowly jerk her hand away “am sorry but there’s nothing for me to say The female doctor looked at her angrily and squeeze her wrist which makes Elena winced in pain “Ohhh it hurt” Elena cried

“Camila I don’t really understand, you mean you had your first kiss and you still don’t have opportunity to go back to your planet” Xavier asked ” yea but mine is quite different, I was destroyed but was raised by first kiss which does not involve true love” Camila replied ” you said you lost all your powers and what happen to the boy whom you had your first kiss from” ” I don’t know and also even if the boy see me, he won’t be able to recognise me” “Why??

“I can’t tell you” Xavier looked at her for a moment and then close his eyes “What is it?? Camila asked Xavier open his eyes ” i will be right back” he said and dashed away

“Pls stop it hurt” Elena said and to her greatest surprise, she notice that her fingers was getting longer and it was piercing her deeply until…. ” jensen stop this instantly” someone said and Elena turned to see Xavier standing next to the door, she was happy that he came to her rescue but was still confuse about a lot of things “Oh see who will have here? The doctor said and move close to Xavier ” I will make sure I destroy her including you but don’t worry I will leave her for now” she looked at him without saying the words out but Xavier heard what she said

The doctor went out leaving Xavier and Elena Xavier went to her and his eyes met her wrist, Elena try to hide it but Xavier pulled her hand forward “Close your eyes” he said Elena looked at him for some seconds then she close her eyes, she felt something on her wrist and she wonder what he’s doing to her

” you can open your eyes now” Xavier said and stood up Elena open her eyes and when she looked at her wrist, she gasped cos the bleeding the cut,everything was healed and there was no scar “How……how……? Xavier headed to the door and Elena quickly stood up “I don’t really know why you’re doing this but this is one of the shocking thing in my life, how did you do that?? Xavier turned to her “what?? “Firstly why is it that everytime am in danger you always rescue me and now is this some kind of magic how how….did you do this?? She asked while she show him her wrist ” how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t like answering silly question” Xavier said and walk away

Elena sigh and knew something was amiss which she promise to find out herself, she picked up her school jacket and went out On her way to class, she met Leonard on the way

Leo quickly went to her ” Elena I hope you are fully okay now” “Yea” she nodded Leo move closer to her and touch her forehead,Elena was surprised “Yea I think you’re okay now and am sorry for lying to you about not knowing how to play a keyboard” “It’s nothing but why did you lie” Elena asked ” because because……” he stopped and was just looking at her

Xavier was groaning in pain at an empty class, he held his chest “What happened?? Camila asked from nowhere

Xavier knew his time was running out because he heal Elena wrist by using his special pearl power “Well well so the time is running out did you think you will be able to win heart?? Did you even know what will happen if she finally kiss you” jensen said appearing from nowhere “Jensen!!! Camila exclaimed “It’s true you will be able to go back to your planet but that so call girl name Elena is going to die” jensen said Xavier was shocked and the pain was still affecting him

” Elena there’s something I want to tell you” Leo asked “What?? Leo sigh and move closer to her “Will you be my girlfriend?? He asked and Elena was dumbfounded Elena Looked at him and nodded “Yes” Leo was surprised “But why did you reply so fast?? He asked “I will be your girlfriend” she said

To be continued……

Something is fishy

Why did Elena suddenly decide to be Leo girlfriend without not thinking twice??? Kindly comment

First Kiss (Episode 10)


The whole school was in chaos and everyone was shouting here and there

“What is going on?? Elena asked “Let’s go and have a look” Hailey said and they both ran to the school field where everyone was gathered “Oh my gosh!!! Hailey exclaimed as her eyes met the junior student lying helplessly on the floor with a knife that pierced through her tummy Elena gasped and cover her mouth “Who could have done this?? Someone shouted

“Leo I have to tell you something” Alfred said “What can that be?? “It’s about Elena” Leo stop what he was doing and looked at him “And if I may ask what happen to her?? “Elena is not whom you think she is” Alfred said and wanted to show him the picture on his phone when Derrick suddenly entered

“Hey guys a girl was murdered in the school premises” Derrick said and Leonard was surprised “Murdered?? He said and went out

Elena was standing alone when someone suddenly grab her hand and drag her to a quite place “Hey?? Elena said “Why did you kill that girl?? Alfred asked and Elena was shocked “What did you mean?? “I mean this” Alfred said and show him the picture Elena looked at the picture and gasp, she was shocked to see that the murderer was her “How. …how….noooo this can’t be” “By tomorrow I will make sure you pay for what you did” Alfred said and walk away Elena couldn’t believe what she just saw,is this some kind of a nightmare

Elena was going home silently, she couldn’t stop the tears that was flowing through her eyes “I think am a cursed child, what is really happening? She thought and squatted then she felt a strong wind, she looked back and scream in fear, it was the same young doctor at the school clinic (jensen) “What do you want from me?? Elena asked “Oh baby girl that’s actually the question I want you to ask me but before then, why did you kill that poor innocent girl?? “I didn’t kill anyone am innocent” Elena cried out “Ohh so back to the question you ask me, actually I need just one thing from you and if you can give me I promise never to disturb you again” “What is it you want?? “I need your heart” jensen smile hysterically “What?? My heart??” Elena said looking scared and started moving back “Come here girl you can’t run away from me” jensen said while she move closer to her “Stay away from me” Elena screamed and accidentally fell down, jensen went to her and Elena shut her eyes in fear “If I were you I won’t dare move close to her” A voice said and Elena open her eyes to see Xavier standing opposite jensen “Well well well Xavier you’re here” jensen said and went to Xavier “Jensen it will be better you leave Elena alone or else…… “Xavier or else what……” jensen said and looked into Xavier eyes deeply “Or else what….you should focus on Camila instead of focusing on Elena” jensen talk to him through his eyes Elena notice that they’re both looking at themselves but are not saying anything and this makes her feel uncomfortable ” you know what is going to happen if Camila fall in love with you, she will love you so much to the extend that she’s going to die for you and you should also know that Camila death will surely bring war to the earth”

jensen continue to communicate to him through his eyes without not saying anything out “So two girls will be dying because of you” jensen continued “you know Camila first kiss was the one that resurrected her and did you know that the boy who resurrected her is the only one that can stop the prophecy from coming to pass” Xavier looked at Elena and also at jensen then he speak out

“The only thing I have to say is for you to stay away from her” he said and jensen smile devilishly “Don’t worry girl this isn’t over” jensen said and dashed away Xavier went to Elena and help her up “Are you all right?? Xavier asked and Elena burst out crying “Why is everything happening to me?? I think am not meant to be in this world” Elena said and Xavier wipe her tears away “Go home now” Xavier said “Home?? Did you know what isn’t going to happen if I get home,have you forgotten that I didn’t sleep at home yesterday and also today I slapped Sally, and also today Alfred show me a shocking picture of me killing the innocent girl at school” Elena said Xavier didn’t say a word but kept looking at her “How about I escort you home?? Xavier said and Elena nodded

They both walked in the quiet narrow road “Xavier can I ask you a question,? Elena asked and Xavier nodded “Why are you always there whenever am in danger?? “Simple because I like you” Xavier said and Elena stopped “You like me?? “Yea and no more question” Xavier said and they both keep walking

Xavier got home and met Nala who was picking some flowers “Hey Nala Camila lost her power because she was destroyed right? “What are you up to?? “In the ancient planet 2 a power can be restored if the owner is destroyed by an innocent pure heart” Nala stopped what she was doing and looked at Xavier “What are you thinking?? “Camila power is to erase memories and have got a perfect plan” Nala arched get brow “The innocent pure heart is Elena, I will convince her to kill Camila the second time and then her power will be restored” “And what will happen?? Nala asked while she continue picking the flower “I will get her to erase a boy memories whose name is Alfred and then i will make her erase Elena memory Nala dropped the flower and gaze at him “Are you nut?

” if Elena memory is erased and couldn’t remember anything that will give me the opportunity to enter her life and play with her feelings then get her first kiss from me and then i have the opportunity to go back to my planet and Camila won’t be able to fall in love with me” Xavier said “And did you know what will happen if she get her first kiss from you” “Yea I know. ……she’s going to die and I dont fucking care all that matter Is for me to get back to my planet” Xavier said

To be continued……

Note: you guys should know that this story is really complicated, if you didn’t read it very well or you miss an episode, trust me you won’t understand any thing

First Kiss (Episode 11 Final)


When Elena got home, she was expecting the worst from her step mother cos she didn’t sleep home yester night and also Sally must have reported to her how she slapped her in school today

She let out sigh before entering the house and she met her step mother sitting on the couch while she’s peeling the back of apple “Am home” she said softly and to her surprise her step mom stood up and smile at her “Oh my sweetheart you’re home” she said as she hug her Elena was perplexed “why is her step mother acting this way all of a sudden?” “Mom what is going on here? ? Why are you hugging Elena?? Sally said angrily “Am hugging her cos she’s also my daughter” Sally couldn’t believe her ears “mom she didn’t sleep home yesterday and worst of all She dare raise her filthy hand to slapped me at school today”

“And there must be a reason why she slapped you” Mrs Simpson said “Unbelievable mom are you all right…I hope you’re in your right senses” Sally said and her mom slapped her “Does that answer your question?? Never talk to me in that manner” Mrs Simpson yelled Elena was shocked cos her step mom hasn’t lay her hands on Sally before talkless of slapping her “I can’t believe this” Sally said and went inside “Oh my sweetheart go upstairs and get yourself a good shower while I prepare your food” Mrs Simpson said and Elena slowly went upstairs but still couldn’t believe what just happened “I can’t just trust her like that she must be up to something” Elena said

After some minutes, she went to Sally room as usual to pick up her dirty clothes to wash them but as she was going outside, her step mom stop her

“Where are you going?? “To wash” “And whose cloth is that?? “Ma it’s Sally ‘s cloth, you said I should always wash them everyday” “Sally Sally!!!” Mrs Simpson called “Yessssss am not deaf” sally answered rudely “Why can’t you wash your cloth yourself?? Is Elena your maid or what? ? “But mom that’s what you once said…you said Elena is just a ruthless wimp and nothing else” “Okay get this to your head, this will be the last time you call her that, admit her as your elder sister even though she’s a month older than you and also this should be the last time you send her on her errand…now take your clothes from her and wash it yourself”

“Mooom” sally called “Ma I can wash it” Elena said “Elena my dear…call me mom and stop that Ma, also your food is on the table I prepare it specially for you” Sally couldn’t held back her anger as she hissed loudly and went to her room

Mrs Simpson asked Elena to sit down while she served her some ramen “Eat to your satisfaction dear” she said and left her Elena looked at the food and wonder why her step mom is treating her nicely ” what if she’s up to something evil” she thought She looked at the food and decided to pour it away thinking it might be poisoned

The next day at school, Elena kept thinking of her step mom nice attitude towards her and was also nervous about what happen in school yesterday, she watch the news and so many says the junior student was facing a hard times in her house and was always trying to kill herself and maybe she later did “People think she commit suicide by killing herself but how come Alfred has the picture of her killing the girl?? “Thinking of someone??” Xavier appear to her from no where “Xavier?? Elena smiled

“Why are you smiling?? Anyway I need a favour from you” “A favour,? Sure I will do anything “I only ask three favour from humans and this is the first am asking you” “What is it??

Xavier took her to am empty dorm in school ” why are we here,?? Elena asked ” you see that girl over there” Xavier said while he points at camila who was listening to music with her ear phone “Yes what about her?? ” did you know what this is?? Xavier asked while showing her a dagger Elena was shocked ” it looks like an ancient dagger” “You’re right now take this” Xavier hand the dagger to her but Elena didn’t collect it “What did you want me to do with the dagger??

“I want you to stab that girl with this dagger” Xavier said and Elena gasped “You want me to what…?” “It’s simple just stab her and trust me nothing is going to happen” Xavier said but Elena disagree “It’s that’s the way you want it” Xavier said and his eyes change together with that of Elena (He is controlling her) Elena collected the dagger from him and went straight to camila and stab her

There was lightening everywhere and it started raining, Elena fell down instantly and camila scream out loudly On the other hand, Leo cover his ears, he was in the music class alone and the moment she hear a girl scream, it sounds like a tiny angry bird crying and it makes his body tremble in fear

Camila open her eyes and see Xavier looking at her and Elena lying down on the floor

“What happened?? Camila asked “No time to waste….can you pls erase a guy name Alfred memory?? “I already told you I lost my power and. …” she stopped as she heard some chattering outside but it felt as if the people chattering are next to her “Gosh…don’t tell me you…… “Camila your power is back already and you quickly have to erase that guy’s memory…I believe you know the guy name Alfred ” “Yes but why did you want me to erase his memory” Xavier close his eyes and reopen it “He’s on his way to meet his friends and he’s going there to reveal a huge secret so pls be fast”

“Okay” “Just erase his memory of two days ago…you can do that right” “Yup”

“And also if you have the opportunity you can also take the memory card in his phone” “His memory card?? “Plsss? ? “Okay”


“Hey” Camila called Alfred who was on his way to music class “Hi” “Uhm my name is camila and you” she said and brought out her hand forward “Alfred” he held her hand and he couldn’t feel anything “Can I have your phone? ? She asked and Alfred gave it to her Instead of removing his memory card, she flash it instead ” tu eres naeh” camila said and release his hand “Oh gosh what happen?? “Nothing” Camila smile to herself; she’s happy that her power is finally back

Alfred went to the Vip music class and met Derrick and Leo talking “Hey guys” Alfred said “What took you so long?? You kept us waiting and by the way Leonard was just telling me some weird talks” “Weird what….” “You guys should forget about it, maybe am just imagining things” Leonard said “He said during the lightening that he heard a female voice screaming loudly and he felt somehow” “Hmmm I see ” Alfred said “I said you guys should just forget about it and by the way Alfred you said you wanna tell me something about Elena” Alfred gave him a strange look “Elena?? Who’s Elena?? Is she some kind of cute?? Alfred winks “C’mon you said Elena isn’t what I think she is and you were about showing me a picture on your phone when Derrick came to tell us about the junior student who committed suicide “A junior student committed suicide?? Alfred asked looking shocked “Now I can see you aren’t in your right sense” Leonard said and continue playing the keyboard

“I did it” camila said to Xavier “Now also do that for this girl” Xavier pointed at Elena who was still lying helplessly on the floor

“Who is she?? “Elena” “Oh the key that will take you back to your planet but why did you want to erase her memory”

“Am doing this because of Nala” “Who’s Nala,? “Someone am staying with which I believe she’s turning her back against me” “Meaning?” “I think she’s working for jensen and I just want you to erase Elena memory of me and that is two days ago, I know the reason why am doing this and also I don’t want this innocent girl (Elena) to die because of me “Wait a minute…i thought she should be the one sacrificing her life for you but the way am seeing it….it sound as if you’re the one risking your life” “I prefer that……I won’t let her get her first kiss from me leading to her death I prefer turning into ash when the time come and also I made a promise to myself” “That what?”

Xavier looked at Elena who was still unconscious “I promise myself to always protect her and put a smile on her face till my time comes and also make sure the person who set the club on fire some years ago leading to her mom’s death pay for what she did and face justice” Xavier said.