Forbidden love (Complete Story)


Forbidden love (Episode 1)

Narration from Abena’s Point of View) Have you ever heard of the expression, “Love makes the world go round? “I remembered Jennifer Lopez’s musical lyrics : “Love makes the world go round


Love makes the world go round


Love makes the world go round-ound-ound-ound

Love makes the world go round


We…we’ll be alright Living our lives Finding some satisfaction No, we’re goanna hide No fear from our eyes

Love is a call to action” Call me Abena Yeboah. I am a fante. My father was a retired military officer and my mother was a Secretary. She worked at the Regional Office of Ghana Education Service. I had a brother and a sister, Kweku and Yaba respectively. I was admitted into the University of Cape Coast in 2015. Been a very emotional person, I tried as much as possible to disassociate myself from the issues of love because I knew my heart was a delicate one and once I gave it out to someone, the person could take control of my entire life. I was therefore careful not to put the key to the door of my heart at a place where it could easily be stolen by maladjusted university boys.

I managed to keep this routine for three years in the university despite incessant romantic advances from some of my male colleagues on the university campus. I was an icon of beauty, endowed with a huge backside, voluptuous shape, and thick legs. I hardly passed by a male without him turning his head to take a second look at my naturally endowed backside and gargantuan front elevation which formed itself into my breast. Even blind men knew when I passed by them. Beauty seemed to be my bragging right.

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When I reached level 400, Fafa Amenyo, one of the coolest guys in the Science Department won the best -student- of -the- year award for his outstanding academic prowess and discipline. Fafa was a quiet, handsome guy, very reserved, humble, polite and surprisingly had a strange sense of humour, a direct contradiction to his rather MelPhleg temperament. He was a guy of very few words.

The award made Fafa famous on campus and it wasn’t long before he rose into celebrity status, with media houses chasing him to grant them interviews. He was often seen on several TV stations. Fafa was also a mathematician. He calculated figures like child’s Play. It was even rumoured that he even computed Maths faster than a calculator. When the name “Fafa” was mentioned, every student in the university turned his head just to see him . He was an “ACADEMIC GOD getting a cumulative GPA of 4.0 almost every semester. Despite Fafa’s impressive academic record, he was very naïve when it came to women affairs. Though most University girls crushed on him, he had no time for these “daughters of Eve.” –


One hot night, I decided to take a stroll with my friends, Afua and Ama. On our way, we bumped into three guys whom I guessed were also taking a stroll. They decided to join us because we were all moving in the same direction. I realized two of the boys were really loquacious which was typical of most Ghanaian men.

They talked about cars they never touch before, countries they have not set their feet in before, monies that did not exist in their pockets or bank accounts, all in a bid to woo my friends. I realized one of the three boys was not talking. He stood unique and was quieter than the other two boys.

I had an intuition that the quieter boy was staring at me. I turned well to see who the person was and there he stood,….Fafa , the most intelligent, cute and humble student on campus. The hotcake guy most ladies were dying to date or at least have a one-night- stand with on campus. I smiled seductively at him but he seemed disenchanted.

The other boys in Fafa’s company intensified their loquaciousness in their bid to impress either Afua or Ama but still, Fafa didn’t utter a single word. I kept looking at him, my incessant looks betraying my hidden admiration for him.

I moved to his side and asked him if we could segregate from the group. Luckily, he complied with my request. I began talking, “Fafa, I’m one of your favorite fans in the university. You are such a genius. Congrats for winning such an enviable award. He couldn’t look me in the eyes directly but he said,” thanks for the compliment. I really appreciate it.

“Welcome dear, “I said, rather involuntarily. Suddenly, he turned and looked at me curiously without saying anything. I decided to take the initiative once again and started a much longer conversation with Fafa. I knew every accomplishment began with a decision to try. I surely needed to accomplish my mission.

“Can we be friends, Fafa?” I asked, without mincing words.

“Which type of friends?” he asked curiously.

That was the question I anticipated he would ask me. I said, “Normal Friends, Errr.mmmmmm. I mean …Boy…I mean Platonic friends, for now, I struggled over the words.

You might be wondering why I couldn’t simply tell Fafa that I love him and would like him to be my boyfriend. The fact was, culturally, a lady was not supposed to propose love to a boy. Off-Course, this was an obnoxious culture in this rapidly evolving century of globalization. Sadly, cultural versatility was a luxury we don’t have in abundance in our part of the world, a world stemmed in the thick waters of a fixed, antiquated culture. I decided to break that culture and made my feelings known to the guy that had unknowingly stolen my heart. I asked him, “Can I have your contact number?” “No,” he said.

I felt a little bit embarrassed by his response but decided to hide it. At first, I decided to excuse him and leave but the pull of love made my feet unmovable “Why can’t you give me your phone number?” I asked.

“Sorry, Abena, I don’t use a mobile phone. I believe Mobile phone is a distraction to my studies for now,” he justified himself.

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I was dumbfounded. How could a 21st-Century University undergraduate not have a mobile phone which was even ubiquitous in primary schools, not to talk about Senior High School?

I didn’t believe it but decided not to prop it further but I have other ideas in my game plan.

“Can I pay you a visit anytime?” I asked him.

He looked into my eyes for the first time and smiled,

Then he said, “No, I’m always busy.

Is Fafa flexing on me? I doubted it. He didn’t look like that type of guy.

As I was contemplating on what to do next, “Fafa’s masculine voice broke through my thoughts like a sharp knife through a bread, “Okay, Abena, you can visit me on weekends. I’m happy chatting and familiarising myself with you tonight. Honestly, I have never had a female friend before.”

“Like seriously?” I asked, visibly mesmerized.

“Yes, it’s the gospel truth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Gynophobic but I don’t want to be gynephilic either. It’s a personal decision. My study is my priority, “ Fafa explained.

He looked at his watch and said, ”Gosh, it’s getting late, I have to go home.

“Ok, Fafa, see you soon,” I said.

I am sure by now you could see that Fafa was a strict and principled guy. I loved him for that.

I told him, “Expect me on Saturday. “

He responded, “Ok, Abena, I will be looking forward to seeing you.

“Which time will you be coming, please?” he asked?

“10.30 a.m.,” I responded, “If it’s OK by you.”

It’s OK. Fafa Responded.

We returned to our various hostels. Unfortunately, Fafa’s friends could not niche their presence in the hearts of my two Friends Afua and Ama who saw them as a bunch of talkative boys.


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Forbidden love (Episode 2)

THE VISIT** Saturday @ 10.30 I dressed immaculately, decorating myself with the best make-ups. Even the fragrance from my perfume could kill an innocent fly. After making sure everything was done to perfection, I headed towards Fafa’s hostel. He gave me a vivid description of the place so I have no difficulty in locating it. I knocked on his door and he asked me to come in. Upon entering his room, Fafa welcome me rather more friendlily. We chatted for a few minutes and then he asked me to watch TV while he bathed.

I sat on his couch comfortably and faced the TV. GTV wasn’t showing any interesting programme. Just when I was about to change the TV channel, my eyes fell on a story book titled: UNTIL DEATH DO US APART I quickly muted the Television and focused on the story.

In the story, Jack and Jennifer loved each other so much but as the years went by, their love grew cold and Jack began seeing another woman by name Maureen. Then Jack wanted a divorce. Jennifer was grieved but she have Jack her divorce conditions which is for them to pretend to live as normal a life as possible so as not to traumatise their son who had an exams to write in a month’s time.

She also requested to be carried out of their bedroom to the front door every morning. Though the idea sounded crazy to him,he agreed. He did this every day and soon realized that their sense of intimacy was growing again.

Then he realised she had grown thin.

My story was interrupted by Fafa, when he returned from the bathroom, “I hope you are not feeling bored here.” I answered, “Not at all, fafa. On the contrary, I am enjoying this story so much.”

“Okay, keep reading it then, but what will you like to eat

“Anything,” I said, determined to finish the story I was reading before he interrupted. “Anything?” he asked. So if I cook cockroach for you, I believe you will eat it without question.

We both laughed out loudly and I said, “No dear! I don’t eat Cockroaches

He continued, ” then you need to be careful with what you say, so what can I cook for you?”

“Jollof rice,” I answered finally.

“Okay, What about drinks?”

“I will like to drink SmirnOff, “I told Fafa. The look on his face suggested he didn’t have that drink in his fridge and he didn’t expect me to mention an alcoholic drink. Smirnoff was a brand of vodka with an alcoholic content.

“I will go get it for you, “he reassured me, dressed up and left for the drink. In his absence, I continued reading the story,”

Jack then decided to stay with his wife and break up with Maureen.

He told Maureen it was over between them and left.

My story reading was interrupted again by Fafa. He returned with the drink, feeling happy for his accomplishment. He said, “Here you are, Mademoiselle, I have gotten your drink.” I smiled at him and said, “merci mon amour” which means,” thank you, my love.”

He responded, “you are welcome”. He then went to the kitchen to prepare the Jollof rice for me. I offered to help him but he declined saying I was his guest so I should relax. I used that opportunity to continue the story. …”

On his way home, he stopped at the floral shop and ordered a bouquet of flowers for his wife. The salesgirl asked him what to write on the card. He smiled and wrote, “I’ll carry you out every morning until death do us apart”.

I couldn’t finish the story before Fafa returned with a bowl of Delicious Jollof rice and Smirnoff drink. He set the table while I was still glued to the storybook. I heard fafa saying, Abena, can you leave that storybook for a second and eat the Jollof rice?”

“Yes, sir,” I said, jokingly and put the storybook down. I swallowed the food quickly because I wanted to finish the story.


Forbidden love (Episode 3)

UNSPOKEN ATTRACTION *** Fafa looked at me and smiled. I knew you want to hurry up and finish that story. I won’t allow you to read it again. I want us to talk. After all, you paid me a visit, not to read a story book. Fafa took the story book and went inside his bedroom. My desire to finish the story far outweighed any ethical restrictions so I followed him to the bedroom, knelt down and said, “I beg, Fafa, please, let me finish reading the story.” He looked at me and laughed hysterically saying, “I knew you will follow me. I just want to confirm what I knew and you have proven me right. Abena, I’m impressed with you and your spirit of determination. From now on, I accepted you wholeheartedly as a friend. Please, take the story book- it’s my gift to you. “Fafa, you mean I can take the story book home? “I asked. “Yes, dear” he said. For the first time, Fafa called me ‘dear’. I peeped into Fafa’s eyes. He was so innocent and calm but underneath his innocence was a ray of love, glimmering across his impeccable sacrosanct appearance. I could feel the wave of ecstasy slowly announcing its arrival. I asked myself, “Will it happen on this First visit?” Fafa reached out, held my hands, and gently took me out of the bedroom into the sitting room. As if he read my mind, he said, “Everything has a right time. Now, continue reading your story. I continued reading the story. …

That evening when Jack arrived home with flowers in his hands and a smile on his face, His wife wasn’t in the sitting room. He called her but still no one answered.

He decided to run up stairs. Upon reaching there, he found his wife in bed – lifeless, dead.

Rivers of tears flood his eyes and the bouquet of flowers fell from his hands. His wife was dead- from Cancer. She knew that she would die soon and she wanted to save him from whatever negative reaction from their son, in case they push through with the divorce. At least, in the eyes of their son— he is a loving husband.” ** “Oh God,” I said when I finished reading the story, Streams of tears stole their way into my eyes. I felt so sad. I felt I was Jennifer. She had demonstrated true unconditional, unwavering love. I asked myself what I could have done in that situation.

My visit to Fafa’s Place became a weekly routine. We became very good friends. I felt so happy whenever I see Fafa. I can’t live a day without seeing him. The friendship soon went deeper and deeper and eventually crossed the boundary of friendship into a relationship. One lovely weekend, Fafa took me to the beach. We went to the beach to catch a glimpse of the sheer force of nature. The picturesque landscape, the golden sands on the beach and the smiling sun as it descended beyond the horizon, was an amazing sight. The roaring of the sea welcome us to its sandy Kingdom, in anticipation of the possible romantic adventure that was fast becoming eminent. When we sat down on the cool golden sand, we talked about the future and the prospect of living together. We sat on the beach chatting and laughing as we stared at the awe-inspiring force of nature. Fafa got up and put his hand out to help me up. When my hand grabbed Fafa’s hand, a sensation came over me and coursed through my body in an endless circle of pleasure. My sex pheromones surged like an angry ram. We clung to each other as if there was no tomorrow. To us, our tomorrow was today. Fafa looked into my eyes. I gave him a slight smile and itched closer to him for a kiss. He responded instantaneously. The proximity of our bodies increased the insatiable love we had for each other on the vast open angry beach. —————————– EXPRESSION OF LOVE [Narration from Fafa’s Point Of View] ~On the Beach~

I have never felt this way ever since I was born. A lot of my course mates have mastered the game of love to the point of acquiring Ph.D. but I didn’t even have a BECE in love. One thing remained vivid to me, I loved Abena so much. As I said Early on, I have never dated any lady before meeting Abena. She showed me the gateway to pure ecstasy. She was one lady I would rather die than lose. I pulled Abena closer to myself and kissed her. It was a light kiss filled with passion. My heart was racing fast and my breath came in gasp. I placed my free hand on her waist and began to pull her towards myself. As we kissed we heard the angry waves crashing along the beach as if to signal its gigantic presence or perhaps tell us the number of countless romantic scenes they had witnessed on the same spot. Suddenly, we stopped kissing and just looked into each other’s eyes as if to reassure each other of the unflinching love we shared. I felt my heart and soul belonged to her. Hours seemed like seconds and I wished I have the power to stop time forever. I wanted to spend every micro-second with Abena. Abena looked at me and said, “Are you ok?” I shook my head and pulled her closer to my visibly shaky body. She moved her hands down onto my chest and felt my heart pound. At that moment, an overwhelming feeling of excitement came over me like the rolling waves. The feelings were overwhelming. My mind was racing. I could not believe all these things were happening in real time. At that point, I realised why most of my colleagues behaved irrationally when they fell in love. I heard some of my gynephilic friends who were dating said,” first love is the best experience one can have. I reflected on that statement and asked myself, “Is it true?. Come to think of it, is virginity a state of naivety?

I don’t know the exact answers to this questions but I vowed to keep my virginity till the right time. Considering the way the force of love was magnetising me to Abena, I doubted if I could keep that vow till I say, “I do” Abena looked straight into my eyes and muttered the words in her melodious voice, “I love you, Fafa” Her words soothed my nerves. I was so excited. For a moment, I thought I was hallucinating. All these things looked like fairy tales. Then she repeated the words again, “I love you, Fafa” That was the golden moment I was looking for. Gathering my courage and saying it in the most honest and candid manner, I uttered the words, “Will you marry me, Abena?” I want to marry you after graduation. You are the missing rib I have been looking for. Now that I have found you, I felt very complete. I want to stay with you till death do us Apart.” (Narration from Abena’s Point Of View) His phrase “till death do us Apart” reminded me of the story I read when I first paid him a visit. Did he really meant it? I was very happy with his proposal.

“Yes, Fafa, I will marry you… In fact, in my heart, I’m already married to you. He was stunned at the unequivocal manner in which I responded to his proposal. He was not really convinced Then he shocked me by bringing out a promissory ring, kneeling in the bed of sand, saying, “Abena my love, will you be the love of my life from now till we traverse this mortal world into the world of immortality, fitting in the rib which has been missing in my body for the past 18 years and embarks on this limitless odyssey of love with me, taking the role of the mother of my unborn children who will be the product of our infinite love? With teary eyes, I said, “Yes, I will”.

The waves seemed to hear my verbal declaration and confirmation of our unblemished love. They clapped their hands in glee, been evidenced by the power they carried in their roar. Fafa slipped the promissory ring on my longest finger, the one between the thumb and the last finger to the left. That ring unearthed the hot ecstasy which remained caged in me for decades now. I thought it was time to let it out.

I imagined how love-making on the bed of sand on the sea coast, at the full glare of the happy waves, devoid of all other living things except Fafa and me would be. It’s surely going to be magnificent. I imagined a world without the gift of love- it would be one big boring, entertain-less place. I agreed with Aristotle when he said, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. My high expectation for a romance packed adventure on the beach never materialized. Fafa only said,” it’s time to go home.” He held me by the hand as I reluctantly followed him, all my fantasies remaining only in the secret recesses of my heart. The one who wrote that instruction in the bible that marriage before sex might have been a Eunuch because that law seemed impracticable among 21st-century teenagers who burned with lust from the cradle of their birth to the grave of their death. Today, sex is seen as fun and most adolescents broke their virginity on the shameless altar of lust in a century which liberalized and idolized sex. Don’t feel guilty; I’m not a saint either. Had Fafa made the move, I would have given him a romance filled experience on the vast open beach, even to the point of coition. One thing is clear here, dating a “chrife” (a sexually naïve person) is not easy at all. If you’re reading this story, please make your comments


Forbidden love (Episode 4)


~At Home~ At home, I remembered Fafa’s proposal. It filled me with great trepidation. I knew Fafa was a good man but his tribe and what my parents’ reaction would be sent cold shivers down my spine. I moved towards my bed but saw myself wobbling in the web of fear. I was gloomy because my father had vowed never to allow any of his three daughters or son to marry an Ewe Man. He always echoed it in our heads day in, day out and I knew his prejudice will never allow him to see Fafa from an objective view point. To him, if you are an Ewe, you are disqualified from the potential suitor race for his daughters, even if you were God-sent. Alas, love had no boundary. I have fallen madly in love with a Ewe Boy and to me, it’s irrevocable, because a revocation of my relationship with Fafa will tantamount to a betrayal of his love. In order to keep my relationship a secret from my father, I made my friend Afua to promise me never to let any of my relatives or even my father know about my love affair with Fafa. Fafa and I came out with flying colours in the Final Exam with him been crowned the overall- best- student -of -the -year. Our Graduation was very stupendous. My parents were very happy and proud of me for chalking such a great success. Since I did Business Administration, they promised to support me do my M. Phil in Business Administration to become an Administrative service Manager. As the days went by, my love for Fafa grew Stronger and stronger and I knew it would only be a matter of time before I would be caught by my dad, the veteran of the Second World War. I needn’t wait for long. {Narration from a third person’s Point of view} Be careful who smile to you. He or she may be a fake friend in disguise. People who you thought were your friends may be your secret enemies. Fake friends show their true colours when they don’t need you anymore. They don’t keep their words. They talk behind your back and your worst enemies are their best friends. Unknown to Abena, Afua had become Jealous of her relationship with Fafa because he was a handsome, intelligent and a humble guy who was seen as a national Hero. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get a stable relationship with other focus-less boys, she tried to seduce Fafa. She cooked and brought it to him, she visited him at odd times, she feigned sickness and asked Fafa to come and see her, she wore provocative dresses like bare-back, show- your- stomach, I’m aware and other dresses that amplified extreme body curvature. Unfortunately, she was not naturally endowed with pulchritude and the dresses did nothing to accentuate her physique. Then she changed her tactics, after realization dawned on her the most effective way of drawing Fafa’s attention was through the Christian line because Fafa was a staunch Christian. She became a by-forced born again, attending series of church programmes, all nights, prayers, conventions, healings, even joining the choir to sing just to impress Fafa. Hmmm. It’s sad to say, all her efforts came to a stone end. It was a complete Fiasco. Fafa remained disenchanted by her so- called religious charades. Then She tried to bad-mouthed Abena to Fafa telling lies that Abena was a flirt, she had chains of abortions, she had epilepsy, she was cursed by her grandmother. She didn’t truly love him, her father hated Ewes. At least, the last statement was true. Abena’s Father abhorred Ewes but her intention was not to warn him but to dissuade him from marrying Abena, her friend.

Seeing that she couldn’t break the robust bond of love between the Fafa and Abena, she decided to break the oath she had sworn to Abena and leaked the secret of Abena’s love affair with Fafa to her Father. My dear Reader, at that point, the battle line was drawn and the story had just burst into life.

FATHER’S ANGER* (Narration from Abena’s Point Of View) I was preparing dinner one evening when I heard an angry, manly voice calling out my name,” Abena, Abena! Abena! Where the hell are you!!!? I rushed out to meet my father.

“You miscreant!!!, You are dating an Ewe boy called Fafa. I warned you repeatedly against that backward, narrow minded tribe. Before I could open my mouth, he gave me a hot slap that felt like thunderbolt. “Oh, No, “Daddy had finally become aware of my relationship with Fafa, the Ewe boy. “Thanks to Afua. God would forever Judge her, “I cursed her. A good friend always safeguard her friend’s secret. Afua surely wasn’t one of them. She was a bad friend who pretended to have my interest at heart, while secretly, envying me. I’d rather have an enemy who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who secretly pull me down. From that point on, Afua became my enemy. My dad again gave me a stern warning never to see Fafa again despite all that I said to convince him about my love for Fafa. He shouted, “If I ever see you with that Ewe boy again, I would not hesitate to kill you both. Upon all the good men in this world, is it only an Ewe man that you have to love?”

“But are Ewe men not also men, what is wrong with dating them?” I asked. “Shut up, and don’t question me, “he shouted at me. I told Fafa about the incident and he decided to take the bull by the horns by seeing my dad. As I expected, my dad drove him out of the house with a stern warning, “STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER! YOU SCALLYWAG.” WICKED PEOPLE, JUJU MEN!!! For about two weeks, I didn’t hear from my love one. I became disturbed by this development and decided to pay him a visit. After all, Mohammed have to go to the mountain if the mountain would not come to Mohammed.

When I went to Fafa’s house, I was stunned to see a young light brown skinned lady in his room laughing meekly with him. My heart sank. “So this is what you are busy doing, frolicking around with ladies? I thought you are different but it’s obvious all Ewe men are the same, a band of cheats who chase anything in skirt, “I said angrily. “I turned to the young lady and said “You boyfriend snatcher, who are you and what do you want with my boyfriend? “She looked surprised but I didn’t care.

Fafa said, “Abena, you don’t need to worry about Vivian, she is my……” “Sister?“I cut in. “liar, I know it. How many sisters do you have? Maybe my dad’s admonition about you is true after all. Without waiting for further explanation, I pounced on the young lady and began beating her but she proved stronger and defended herself, the result of which was me having a sore eye. Had Fafa not intervene in time, She would have hurt me more. Unreasonable jealousy is a betrayed of trust. As it turned out, I later found out that Vivian was Fafa’s Cousin but she was staying in Aflao and only came to visit him when she heard Fafa had won a scholarship to offer a specialist course in medicine in Britain.) I felt greatly embarrassed and I apologized to Vivian for my irrational behaviour. “It’s okay, dear, what you did showed how deeply you love my cousin and I really admire your courage to fight for what you valued, “Vivian said. I spent the night in Fafa’s room till day break just to test him one more time. Fafa didn’t make a single attempt to even touch my fingers, let alone my genitalia.

From that point on, I vowed in my heart that I would never marry any other man except Fafa even if it meant death to me. It’s either him or no one else. My Father must understand this was a matter of the heart. Prior to coming to the University, I listened to my father’s advice not to date a Ewe Boy. He recommended a certain Fante boy by name Frimpong Kwame for me and being an obedient child, I decided to give him a chance. The moment I went out with him, I knew he would be a bad boy but my father seemed to trust him. He ended up taking away my pride as a virgin and tore my heart to shred by dating another girl. Since then, I decided never to allow my father to influence my choice of marriage partner. Fafa was a gem of a man who never asked me for sex before. I vowed I will never leave him. Yes, Not even the cold face of death could be made me change my mind.

The incidence that occurred the subsequent week really put my vow to the test.

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Forbidden love (Episode 5)

**EVIL THOUGHT The following week, Fafa attempted to convince my father again to allow him to marry me. He wanted to perform the traditional marriage rites before traveling to Britain to offer a specialist course in Medicine at the University of Exeter on a Scholarship. As if my father was waiting in anticipation of him, the moment he entered the house, my father spotted him. He hurriedly went inside his room, opened one of his old lockers and brought out an old pistol, and made the gun ready for firing. At that point, Hell broke loose in the house. I blocked the entrance of my father’s room to prevent him from coming out of the room but he pushed me away like an unwanted animal and advanced towards the door. His intention was evil. I tried all that I could to pull him away from the entrance of the door .He got angry and gave me two quick slaps on my face. I tried again to push him off the door but I couldn’t overcome his strength even at the age of fifty-Five. My last resort was to shout to Fafa to retreat and that was exactly what I did. I shouted, “Fafa, Runnnnn!!!. Fafaaa! Run! Run!!, Run for your life!!! (Narration from Fafa’s Point of View) I heard Abena’s voice in the distance. She was warning me of something. I sensed the danger and began to run speedily towards the entrance of gate and then I fell down. I picked myself quickly from the ground and surged forward. Her father aimed the gun at me and pulled the trigger. He missed by an inch. My heart missed. I could have been dead if that bullet were to hit me. I was almost at the gate. Just a few more paces and I would be out. I prayed I will exit the gate before her father attempted another shot.

Then her father shot again just when it was left with a few inches for me to leave the compound. I felt something hit me hard sending excruciating pain through my body. My blood began to drip and I fell onto the ground flat. My vision blurred and I knew no more. ———————————– *FAFA’S DEATH * {Narration from Abena’s Point Of View} The bullet hit Fafa at the gate. He fell on the ground without an “Awwww.” He convulsed and twitched in agony in his death throes as his life ebbed out of his body. What was left was the lifeless body of a young promising man I would have died for, a young man who represents the very definition of pure, unblemished love to me, a young man who stole my heart through no fault of his. Unable to withstand the murder of my lover before my very eyes, my heart stopped functioning for a second and I collapsed on the bare ground. I later opened my eyes to see myself on a hospital bed, as to how I got there I could not tell immediately but the look on my parents faces made me remembered what had happened. The first words that came out of my mouth were, “Fafa! Fafa!! Fafa!!! “Where are you?” Oh Fafa, My Love!, Please come back to me!!

My father entered the room. He stared at me wordlessly. My heart was filled with anger when I saw my father because he had taken my lifeline, my soul mate – my heart, My love. My anger transformed into vengeance when my father called me saying “Abena, Please forgive me. I am very sorry for all that I put you through. [Narration from Abena’s Father’s Point of view] I knew I made a fatal mistake. I shouldn’t have shot that innocent boy. Now I have wounded my daughter’s feelings forever. I tried to make amends by saying, “I only wanted to protect you but I guessed I was wrong. Fafa was not a bad guy. I hated the tribe he came from because my first girlfriend who was a Ewe broke my heart after I showed her immerse love, even sustaining serious injuries in an accident just because I was visiting her. She later got married to her tribe man – a Ewe man. Since then I vowed I would have nothing to do with Ewes and I never ever let go of that stereotypic mindset. Please, my daughter, forgive me” Abena blurted out her anger on me, “How could you be so heartless? Why? Daddy, why? You have successfully taken all that I had from me – my happiness, my heart, soul and my love. Your apologies will not bring back my boyfriend. I am sorry but I can never forgive you.” I was arrested and later released on bail to appear before the court in two weeks’ time. I knew how the Ghanaian justice system worked. I just need a good lawyer. I was an ex-soldier and that gave me an added advantage. The more Abena saw me, the more her bitterness for me grew to the point that she stopped seeing me as his father. To her, I was an enemy. I don’t blame her because I knew how it felt to be in love. Akpene, my Ewe Ex-Girlfriend had taught me that lesson

To be continued

Forbidden love (Episode 6 Final)


[Narration from Abena’s Point of view] My love for Fafa was stronger than the biological bond I shared with my Father. I knew the genesis of all these problems began when Afua chose to betray me by leaking my secret affair with Fafa. That night, I went to Afua’s house. She was happily watching TV. When she saw me, her countenance changed. What do you want here at this time, Abena?

“I want you!” “Why?”

“Because you betrayed our friendship, “I said. “I’m Sorry, Abena” Afua apologized. “Your apology, will that bring back my love?” I asked “I don’t know your father will be very temperamental when I told him about Fafa and you,” he said. “Are friends not supposed to keep each other’s secret, why do you betray me like this, “I asked. “Look, Abena, it’s …”

“Shut up, Afua.” I shouted.” Traitors like you don’t deserve to be alive. Today is your judgment day. I hereby declare you guilty by my own law.” I removed my knife and stabbed Afua on her chest. She felt to the ground, twitched, convulsed and died. “It serves you right, you brought this upon yourself the day you chose to break our friendship code,” I said. That fateful night, around twelve midnight, I slowly crept into my father’s room. He was sleeping soundly as if everything was all right. Afraid that I would change my mind, I looked at my father’s sleeping body. This man was my father but he had become my enemy the very day he eliminated my source of joy just because of his egoistic and stereotypic tendencies. I won’t allow him to hide under the cover of the law and go scot-free. I repeated the “mantraic” words I said before stabbing Afua with a knife,” Today is your Judgement day, Father, I hereby declare you guilty by my own law.”

Quickly, I plunged the sharpened knife I took from my mother’s kitchen into his stomach with all my strength. He shrieked loudly, opened his eyes, shocked to see me, his daughter as his killer and then wrenched in his death throes. I stood by his lifeless body saying, “in your next life, let go of your prejudice against Ewes. Let this serve as a lesson to you. I’m sorry it has come to this level but you hurt me too deep.”

My father’s blood dripped from the edges of the sharpened knife I plunged into his stomach. “I can’t live without you Fafa, “I said.” I would rather join you in death than live without you, for life without you is meaningless, “I lamented. “Abena, Where are you”, I heard my mother’s voice in the shadows and that was the last voice I ever heard. I said, “Lord, Forgive me for my iniquities,” and plunged the sharpened knife into my own stomach. ”This world didn’t deserve me”,

I said to myself, “Fafa’s world does”. Darkness began to engulf me. I felt excruciating pains in my abdomen from the stab of the knife I plunged into my own stomach. I saw my mother faintly, blur, in shimmers of light crying, “Abena, why???” Then I saw something like an apparition. A thick blanket of darkness descended heavily on me.

Suddenly, the divine door blinds of eternity were opened unto me and there he was – my Fafa emerging from the thick canvas of darkness in white clothes. He embraced warmly with a smile, saying,” Welcome, I have been expecting you.” The darkness kept swallowing me and I began to sink deeper and deeper into a great abyss, with Fafa smiling and holding me firm until we were completely engulfed in the pitch darkness into eternity where there is nothingness. I knew no more pain and I couldn’t tell what happened after I closed my eyes finally.


Fafa, Afua, Abena, and her father were all buried on that black Saturday with great sorrow and grief. It was an incident that depicts the mysterious force behind what we call love.

In Song of Solomon 8:6, it was written; Place me like a seal over your heart, or like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death and its jealousy is as enduring as a grave.

Everyone can die and no one can escape its power and strength but love is equally as strong as death because no one can stop the love of a person in his or her heart towards another.

Don’t underestimate the power of love. It is a powerful force that cannot be controlled with aggression. When two people are in love, they have inadvertently crossed the boundary of normalcy to a paranormal world where any logical inhibition will be perceived by the love birds as an obstacle to their love. This only strengthens their bond.

Love when not put in the correct place could degenerate into an obsession. If your toy with love, It can consume you in its fiery fire.

Stay safe, stay Blessed.

�—-THE END—�