How University Destroy My Life (Complete Story)


How University Destroy My Life - EPISODE 1

My name is Amanda, i grew up in a christian home, my parents are both government workers, my father works in an oil company while my mother is a receptionist in a particular company. When i was in secondary school, i happened to be the best student in my class, people liked to do things with me because of my good altitude and am also intelligent. When

i was seven years old, then i was still in primary school, i have a very nice voice and i was good in singing, i proposed in my heart to become a christian musician when i grew up.

I am the only child of my parents, each time i come back home from school, i do stay lonely, nobody in the house to stay with, we have only one neighbor in our compound, his name is uncle ken,

my parents normally come back late at night, they will ask me to stay with uncle ken till any of them arrives home. So each time i come back from school, i will eat my food and go straight to uncle ken’s house.

Uncle ken is a teacher in a private secondary school, so he comes back early before any other person. I stay in his house always, he liked me because i have a nice voice and i can sing very well.

Uncle ken always ask me to sing for him, and each time am singing for him, he will carry me on his laps and will be touching and romancing my body, i asked him why he always do that and he said because he always enjoy my voice whenever am singing for him.

Uncle ken is a generous man, he gives to everybody, he never allowed me to go hungry. One day when i got to uncle ken’s house, he asked me to sing for him, i told him that am not in the mood to sing, he pleaded with me and later gave me money and i started singing for him, he was touching my head and he carried me on his legs too.

As a seven years old girl, i have no knowledge of any evil thing, my mind was free but one day, uncle ken asked me to remove my clothes which i refused, he wanted to touch me but i refused, he now told me that if i stop him again from touching me he will order me out of his house.

After that day, i wanted to tell my parents of how uncle ken used to touched me but i was afraid to voice it out.

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How University Destroy My Life - EPISODE 2

One afternoon, i came back from school and after eating my food i went to uncle ken’s house, when i got there he asked me to sing for him as usual, i started singing but i was sitting far away from him, he drew closer to me and started romancing me, i was just 7years old while uncle ken was still at his early 30s.

He pinned me to his body, i wanted to shout but he used his hand to cover my mouth, he removed my skirt and he defiled me. He had 5ex with me and threatened to kill me if i tell my parents, i cried so hard because the pain on me was so terrible, i could not walk normal anymore, i was spreading my two legs and blood was goshing out, i managed to walk home that very day.

At the evening time around 6pm, my mum was the first to come back, she found me sleeping, (i dont even know when i slept off) According to my mum, she said she was calling my name but i did not answer, she tapped me three times before i woke up.

I woke up and started crying, she asked me to stand up but i couldn’t, she inquired to know what happened to me and i told her what uncle ken did to me.

She exercised patient and waited for my dad to come back. when my dad came back, she narrated the story to him, he called the police immediately and before the police men could come to our house, uncle ken was no where to be found. I was taken to hospital for treatment, the doctor and the nurses blamed my parents for being so careless.

The doctor said that it was never a good idea to leave me and uncle ken in one house. The police men was still searching for uncle ken, they got an information that he is at the motor park and about to take off, they quickly matched down to the motor park and caught him red handed. Uncle ken was arrested and taken to he pleaded guilty and he was thrown into prison to serve for 10 good years.

I stayed in the hospital for one week after which i was discharged.

How University Destroy My Life - EPISODE 3

After the incident that happened to me when i was 7years old, (how uncle ken damaged my private body),

my parents took good care of me till i graduated from secondary school. My secondary school days was another big case, i knew what i passed through in the hands of my fellow school mates (guys)

and some male teachers. Something happened one day, there was this guy who have been asking me out for a long time to become his girlfriend, his name is chima,

i told him that am from a Christian home and boyfriend and girlfriend is not of God, a true child of God does not suppose to engage his/her self in boyfriend and girlfriend. HE said i should forget about all that, he said that he love me and will do anything to have me as his girlfriends even if its by killing someone. My mum thought me how to keep my body holy and how to abstain from worldly friendship known as boyfriend and girlfriend,

he told me that once i accept any boy in my life, he will either lead me to evil or take away my heart from God. Even after telling the guy all these things, he insisted that i should be his girlfriend but i refused. So he set up a trap for me, one day he borrowed my maths text book, i willingly gave it to him and he promise to return it the next which was on Friday, he did not return the text book but he said i should come to his house to collect it,…Come to your house?.. i asked him, he said yes and thats the only option. Our house is closer to his house, so on Saturday evening i wanted to go to his house but i knew its very risky to go alone so i called one of my friend to accompany me to his house, its just a 20mins walk from my house to his house, so before 7pm, i and my friend joy got to his house only to find out that he was not around, i called him on phone and he said we should wait for him, we waited for 30mins before he finally arrived then it was 7:30pm. I Never knew that chima was upto something, he asked us to come inside, i told him no that its already late, just go in there and bring out my maths text book because we will be having maths test on Monday, thats true (chima added).

He insisted that we should come into the parlor before he will release the book, because i was seriously in need of the book so i and my friend entered the parlor, what will i offer you (chima inquired), please dont offer us anything, just give us the book please its already late i want to go and study my book. After much exchange of words, my friend joy said we should calm down to see what chima want to offer us, i agreed with her.

Chima went and brought us juice with two glasses, i whispered to my friend’s ear…(I dont trust chima, he might be up to something), joy told me that nothing will happen, i told her that i cannot drink the juice, joy drank the juice alone and after drinking the juice chima brought out my maths text book and gave it to me, he was angry because i did not drink the juice. Before we left his house, joy started feeling weak and she said she is tired that she cant go home with me, joy slept off immediately feeling so weak. What have you done to my friend? i asked chima. (fear gripped me)

How University Destroy My Life - EPISODE 4

Before we left his house, joy started feeling weak and she said she is tired that she cant go home with me, joy slept off immediately feeling so weak. What have you done to my friend? i asked chima. (fear gripped me) Chima later confessed that he added a sleeping pill to the juice so that i will drink it and sleep off.

I really thank God that i did not drink it because had it been i drank it together with Joy my friend, i wonder what would have happened.

This was just a glance of some of the things that happened to me while in secondary school. After graduating from secondary school, gaining an admission into the university was a big case, I wrote many exams but will end up disappointed.

I searched for Admission for 3 years but all to no avail, i gave up but thank God for my friend who encouraged me and advised me not to give up.

As God may have it, i finally got an admission into the university, i was very [happy and overwhelmed. I started preparing to resume school immediately, I washed and iron my clothes, gather all the necessary things that i needed including my cooking utensils.

I supposed to leave on Sunday morning the next day but my parents advised me to stay back and attend the church service on sunday then i will travel on Monday, i obeyed and stayed back.

In the midnight, thats the Sunday night before monday, i started thinking of how university life will look like, i proposed in my heart to serve God even while in school, but my mind was telling me that it will not be easy for me, i thought of school cults, runs girls, hunger [strike and money issues. Many thoughts was rolling right inside my mind, i later ask God to see me through and i slept off that night. Early in the morning, i woke up, took my bath and arranged my luggages, before i left the house my mummy called me to her room and gave strong warning and some piece of advice. She advised me to focus on my studies, abstain from cultism and bad [friends, she also said that i should not give my heart to any man that i will end up disappointed if i give my heart to any of them, she concluded with…

”Remember Whom You Are”. She forewarned me not to engage myself in anything evil, her words were sounding so heavy in my eyes, i nearly cried. I finally left and she bid me bye bye. MY FIRST DAY IN SCHOOL. I arrived the school premises and was walking down towards the extreme end of the first gate, a guy approached me and said he is searching For Block D accounting class,

he said he is just coming for the first time, i smiled and said: Even me am just coming for the first and i dont know the location of where you are searching for.

We both smiled at each other and we parted. While i was still walking down, the guy called me back and said: beautiful girl, you forgot to tell me your name, i said ok my name is Amanda, he added…my name is Osita and if you dont mind can i have your number?

i said no and he asked me why, i told him that i dont give out my number to strangers, he pleaded but i refused. He left and i continued.

How University Destroy My Life - EPISODE 5

My first day in school, i got to the school hostel, i met some people but my spirit was pleased with one person and her name is Angela, she is tall, fair and beautiful, i moved in and started living with Angela, She was so nice to me and we lived together like blood sisters, Angela [love the things of God too just like me but she’s not that religious than i was.

I shared with her my past experience in secondary school and how my admission was delayed for three years, she told me her own [storytoo. (IN LIFE, EVERYONE HAS A STORY TO TELL) After my first semester in school, i cleared all my papers, i did not have any problem in any of my subjects, i passed all. My friend Angela failed just one subject but she passed all, she was [happy too but her happiness was not like mine because i did not fail any subject. Angela had a boyfriend whose name was Mike, she told me that she love Mike to the extent that she can even die for him, i started preaching to Angela that boyfriend and girlfriend is a terrible sin before God, the reason why people do boyfriend and girlfriend is just to be committing immorality. I told her that if trumpet should sound now that she will not make heaven with her boyfriend.

I preached to her and advised her just as my mum advised me but she did not even want to hear me, this issue made her to keep malice with me for 3days, if i greet her early in the morning she will not answer me.

After 3days we settled and became [friendsagain because we cannot be living in the same room and be keeping malice to each other.

One Sunday morning, i prepared to go to church, Angela was still on her bed resting, i told her to dress up so that we will go to church together, she told me that her boyfriend will be coming to see her that Sunday morning.

I was still in the house when her boyfriend came and knocked at our door, Who is that? me Mike, Angela rushed to the door to meet him, she welcomed him inside and they were so happy to see each other. That very day, when i was about taking my leave, Angela said i should remember her in my prayers when i get to church, they both laughed at me and called me Sister Mary. I left the both of them in the room and went to church, when i got to church i was already late but i was able to meet up before the message of that day in church.

The topic of that day message was “Saying No To The Devil” our pastor lamented on the topic and advised us to always say no to the voice of the devil, he said we should not allow anyone to deceive us with vain words, he further explained that whenever the devil is telling us to do evil that we should resist him and he will flee from us Just like our lord Jesus resisted the devil according to the book of Mathew chapter 4 verses 1 to 11. After the church service i went back home, when i got to the hostel and i opened the door to our room, what i saw changed my mood immediately. I did not knock before entering the room because i was not expecting to see anything, i saw Angela and her boyfriend on the same bed having se.x as if they are husband and wife. Is this how you want to end up living your life? I asked Angela. I kept my bible and went out immediately.

How University Destroy My Life - EPISODE 6 FINAL

Living together with Angela was a very bad move at the first place, Angela love men, she sleeps around and flirt with different men and she dont lack money,

she later introduced me to a guy because i always beg her for money so she said i cant just be eating her money without doing what she is doing, she told me that we will repent after graduating from the university, she said this is our best time to enjoy our self. I started going out with the guy,

all my altitude changed, i became a different person entirely. I no more go to church, i dont read my book atimes, you will always find [us in a night club or party dance hall.

We were making money sleeping with different men, we travel far away to go and sleep with men all in the name of money. I changed my name from Amanda to Lady Hot. Because we needed protection, i and my friend joined school cult. The cult was just for ladies only, the name of the cult is Black Devils.

I did 7 abortions and i was made the second in command of the Black Devils campus cult. Sometimes we go for robbery, we kill anyone that fail to corporate with us.

I never had the time to read by books anymore, i lie and collect money from my parents even when am not in need of it, we were engaged in so many deadly activities. One day we went for robbery, we were caught by the police and was taken to court, they called my parents and told them that i was caught with some group of ladies, they did not believe it because they trusted me. we were later thrown into [prison and in prison, we were detained for 7 years in prison, when i came out of the prison, i fell sick and my parents rush me to the [hospital,

the doctor did all he could and i was treated but the doctor said that he discovered something in my body. He told my parents that i have done many abortions and for that reason i cannot be able to give birth when i get [married.

My parents wept soberly because all their effort to send me to the university was just a waste of time. I have no result. Am an ex-convict.

I cant give birth anymore. Oh! university life and pleasure have destroyed my life, had it been i did not go to university, my life would have been better.


My Advise To those in University: Dont give your soul to the devil, avoid living with bad friends, boyfriend and girlfriend is a terrible sin that will lead you to abortion and heartbreak. Angela in the above story started with just a boyfriend and ended up with many boyfriends. Keep your body holy for God. Going to University is good but dont let the freedom you have over there to destroy you. Live your life with fear and trembling having this mind that you are going to give account of your life someday.