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:smirk:I Am Not A Gay - Episode 1 :smirk:

:heartpulse:SO MIN POV​:heartpulse:

‘forget it Ben, am not interested’ I said as I placed my leg on the table chewing gum

‘this is a big opportunity for you, you can finally earn some cash with this’ Ben said

‘hey am not gonna involve myself in illegal practices, what am I gonna do when the cops get me am going straight to jail’

‘think about this cupcake, this is finally time for you to make some money, you need this Job’

‘I don’t need this job so fuck off’

‘hey but….’

‘you heard what she said she does not need this job so get lost’ my elder brothers said as they walked into our old small house

Ben slowly stood on his feet and walked out of the house

Let me introduce myself

Am SO MIN, a 22 years old lady with two twin brother named Mark and caleb… We are not full korean actually because my mum was American while my dad was korea

They died in a car accident here in Korea and since then my brothers and I has been forced to live on the street and involve ourselves in illegal practices…i mean I have gone to jail 2 times… Yeah

my life sucks that much but the good part of it is I have two hottest street brothers who love me alot… They are only 3 years older than me and they are quite the ladies man on the street though,

mainly because of their handsome bad boy look… I am also very beautiful but am a tomboy and I love black and also love getting myself in trouble

‘whatthe hell does he want you to do now’ caleb asked as he sat down on the sofa

‘he wants me to sell drugs again’ I said

‘that what you get for being a delinquent’ caleb said

‘hey mark pass me a soda’ I said as Mark threw a soda towards me and I caught it with my left hand, opened the can and gulped the whole thing down before squeezing the can in my hand and

threw it in the trashcan not too far from were I was sitting

‘guys I think am done with this selling of drugs and picking of pocket, don’t you think we should find something legal to do i mean we old enough right’ i said

‘maybe I should talk to youn so, she might have a good job for us’ mark said

‘your stripper girlfriend, if am not careful she might end up making me a stripper’ I said

‘Damn you’ mark said as he threw a pillow at me, he was clearly upset by what I said but I do not care, I am just saying the truth.

I walked into my room and slept on my bed as I stared at my brown ceiling dirty ceiling filled with cobwebs which was originally white.

I closed my eyes and went to sleep

Am tired of this lifestyle

I am tired of being a delinquent

I am tired of having this boyish look

I went to bed that day and the next day I opened my eyes, showered, brought out my skate board and started skating on the road looking for who to fight with this morning.

Yea I like fighting with people

Must especially bullies

I was still skating on the road with a lollipop in my mouth when I turned to my left and saw a girl being picked on by some other street girls.

I am like the queen of street girls here, my brother and I formed our personal group called the “roughneck”.

We are pretty popular and powerful so everyone respect us alot, no respect is a wrong word actually they are very afraid of us because they know we might end up breaking collar bones if we’re messed with

‘hey’ I said as I stopped riding on my skate board ‘what the heck is going on here’

‘you somin right, the queen of streets, member of roughneck ‘ one of them said as she walked towards me trying to intimidate with her size

‘yea so?’ I asked

‘Donot interfere in my business’ she said ‘this is my business that why am interfering if you want to bully someone do not do it in my street’ I said as I looked at her bodly In the eyes even though she was taller and bigger than me

She glares at me for a while before saying

“common girls ignore this bitch and let go ‘their leader said as she walked away

I picked up the girl bag on the floor and handed it over to her’ stay out of trouble ‘I said as I walked away.

I might be nothing but a very violent street thug but I never fail to help those in need.

I went back home that day after picking few pockets and stealing stuffs from the supermarket.

I am so fast and smooth with things like that

The number of camera in the supermarket does not matter am still going to end up taking whatever I want

I have a terrible life

:womans_hat:AUTHOR POV :womans_hat:

A car arrived at the omayers resort and the driver opened the back seat door and bowed as a man dressed in black designer suit got down from it and removed his glasses

A woman walked towards him and she couldn’t say a word after seeing him

She just stood still and stared

He should be a god

Extremely handsome no not handsome beautiful cause he has this girl like kind of beauty.

He walked past her with his p. A following him behind and walked into the hotel conference room

‘good to have you here Mr jung woo’ a man said as he stretches his hand out to shake him but he.

snubbed him and sat down on one of the chairs in the room

‘Now the CEO is here, let start the Meeting’ a man said

Kim Jung woo is a very arrogant, smart, handsome and popular business man

Alot of people hate him because of his bad character and ego

‘here’s your coffee sir’ his P. A said as she dropped a coffee for him and walked away

He slowly picked up the coffee mug and have a sip of it.

About 30 mins later he started having slight headache and was dizzy

When he couldn’t hold it in anymore, he stood on his feet and walked away without saying anything to anyone

‘Rude’ they said as the meeting was adjourned since the CEO was clearly not interested in it anymore

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV​:sunglasses:

I walked into my room as I held my head

It was all so confusing

What is happening to me

I collapsed on the bed with my eyes closed and I opened my eyes again

I tried my best to reach for the glass of water on my table but I could not

It was only a matter of seconds before I passed out.

The next day i rolled to my left still with my eyes closed sleeping, I felt someone breathing beside me.

That strange I thought as I slowly opened my eyes and coincidentally the person beside me opened theirs too

We stared at each other before we both screamed and sat up straight

He was a man just like me.

He was not wearing any shirt neither was I as we both covered half of our body with the white duvet.

As far as I can remember i was fully dressed when I passed out yesterday, then why Did I wake up next to a guy wearing only underwear.

‘you what the heck are you doing here’ he asked

‘am suppose to be asking you that question, what are you doing in my room’ I asked

Suddenly the door went open as the press walked into our room and started taking pictures.

The guy moved close to me and hugged me in front of the press on bed while I pushed him away wandering what going on.

‘Sir since when have you been a gay… Sir is this why you not married yet… Sir is he your boyfriend’ questions like this are what the press kept on asking me

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What going on?

A gay?

But i am not gay

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I Am Not A Gay - Episode 2

(short and unedited)


:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse:

‘take a look at this sister, you know that from business man that worth a bizzilion won’ caleb said

‘ummmmm jungle right?’I asked

‘not jungle it jung woo’ caleb said

‘well I don’t care’ I said

‘there is a news of him being a gay on the newspaper’ he said as he dropped the newspaper on the table

‘come on caleb we barely have money to eat and you buying newspapers just to read stories about some rich guy riding his fellow guy’ i said

‘you think i will buy this with my money, of cause i stole it’ he said

‘dude you are messed up’ I said

‘like you are any different’ he answered

‘and beside it not really a thing of surprise, that guy looks like a girl, he must be a gay’ i said

‘ever heard of the saying don’t judge a book by it cover’ caleb said and i shrugged and walked away

I mean what my businesses with a rich handsome guy who prefers

Boyfriends to girlfriend

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO :sunglasses:

‘have any idea what this can do to your reputation’ my grandma asked sitted on her chair

‘come on grandma, we both know am not a homosexual’ I said.

‘how am I suppose to believe that, I haven’t seen you with any girls’ she said

‘that because I do not like girls they sicken me’ I said

‘but you like Boys instead, they don’t sicken you right’ she said

‘grandma you ain’t helping with your words’ I said as I sat down on the sofa ‘this is a set up and I thought my grandma of all people will believe me’

‘ofcasI will believe you when you married to a girl not a boy’ she said. ‘you know what grandma forget it… Thanks for nothing’ I said…

‘but there is a way you can shut the society up’ she said

‘no, no, no, no, no, granny, I am sure this is one of your plans to trick me into some kind of stupid marriage’ I said

My grandma has always wanted me to get married

She keeps pestering me with grandchildren nonsense

‘but it’s what good for business’ she said

‘you do not care about business, you only care about your grandchildren, marriage nonsense’ i said

‘w… W… Well yes I do’ she said stammering which means she is clearly telling a lie

‘I care about business and if you trully care about your business and reputation, you will do this just to shut the people up’

I sighed and said

‘but grandma, marriage, girls, yeishhhh’ I said

‘it the best thing for business dear’ i said

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse:

‘there is a man here to see you’ Mark said as he walked into the house

‘a man, what the heck does a man want from me’ I said and he shrugged

The man dressed in black suit walked into the house and sat down on my chair

‘you are somin right, queen of the street’ he said

‘yes… So?’

‘well I have a job offer for you, and it gonna come with a lot of money for you’ he said

‘hey, I am not smuggling or selling drugs again so if you here to talk about drugs am not interested’

I said

‘well am not here for drugs, I want you to get married’ he said and my brother and him looked at me before we burst into laughter

‘you want her to get married’ caleb said pointing at me

‘I know pretty funny right’ I said laughing

‘for 5 million dollars’

‘shut up you kidding right’

‘what the fuck, 5 million dolls…’

‘yeah “he said’ we want you to get married to one of the world richest business man kim jung woo ‘

‘ w… W… What ‘I said laughing in between my words’ you want me to get married to a gay ‘

‘ will you or will you not ‘ he asked

‘ but why me ‘I asked

‘ because his grandmother chose you ‘

‘ his grandmother ‘i asked looking puzzled ,

‘ yes she said you saved her weeks ago from being killed ‘he said


Anold rich looking woman was attacked by some thugs who wanted to steal from her What is a woman like her doing here

She was struggling with them and they brought out their gun to shoot her but I jumped in and saved her

Ofcas my brother and I beat them up badly

We gave the woman her bag and she thanked us

She was particularly interested in me and thanked me for everything

She asked me what my name was and of course I told her before walking away with my brothers

She even gave us a thousand buck and yea we were beyond happy that day because we never

even got that amount while picking pocket


‘So she is jungle grandma’ i said

‘jung woo’ caleb said

‘yea jung woo’ I said

‘here is 5 million’ he said as he opened the suit case filled with money and our mouth fell open

‘will you or will you not, it nothing but business, just for 1 year’ he said


‘I will think about it’ I said

‘what just say yes somin’ mark said

‘I Said I will think about it, now leave’ I said and the man stood on his feet and walked out of the house with the money

‘somin just say yes, we talking five million dollars here and that a lot of money’ caleb and mark said ‘we will finally get a better life, please say yes’

‘hey this is my life, unlike you I think before I do things, so let me think of it’ I said as I stood on my feet and walked away


:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse:

Is this what my life has become?

I have to get a life for my brother and I

I think it high time I stop picking pockets

It high time I stop doing that

I walked out of my room the second morning only to see the man that came to our house the previous day in the house again

‘what is your decision’ he asked

‘I will agree to this on one condition’ I said

‘and what is that’ he asked

‘if my brothers are going to be living in the same house with me then I will agree to this’ I said

He looked at me for awhile and said


My brother and I were very happy

I can’t go anywhere without them

I can’t live them behind and get married to my fellow girl sorry mean boy

‘let go and see the boss now’ he said

‘okay’ I said as we all walked out of the house and got into his fancy car

We arrived at a very big mansion with lot of cars and servants

I have only seen houses like this from a distance

Have never actually entered one before

‘Waw Is this heaven ‘i said as we entered the main building

‘ i think we Actually in heaven ‘my brother said

We were told to sit in the living room and after some minutes the maid took us to a big room in the mansion where I saw a beautiful grandma, she is truly the woman my brother and I helped that


and also the most beautiful man in the world was sitting on a sofa as he fixed his eyes on me

People are not wrong for calling him a gay I mean why does he have this girl like beauty?


He is not my type of man anyway

On a second thought I think i can have some fun right now

‘you are grandmother right, nice to meet you again ma’ m’I said

‘waw you really are a very beautiful girl so min right?’

‘yea am so min’ I said

‘I heard you finally agreed to my proposal’ she said

‘yes ma’m’i said

‘ good this is my…… ‘she could not finish what she was about to say before interrupted

‘ your granddaughter right, O. M. G she is so beautiful ‘I said, my brother, grandma and the man that brought me here tried to hold in their laughter

I can say jungle sorry I mean jung woo does not find my joke funny at all but who cares I want it to offend him anyway

‘ you have a very beautiful granddaughter ma’ m so tell me where is your grandson ‘I asked

‘ I am her grandson ‘he said looking upset

He might have a girly face but his voice is very manly

And his body not bad

Very hot

‘ ohhhhhh am sorry i thought you were a lady ‘I said trying to sound like I was sorry and newsflash

I am not

‘ so the wedding is tomorrow ‘grandma said

‘ tomorrow but I thought it still gonna take a week or something ‘I said

‘ hey do you want the money or not ‘he asked

‘ hey you listen…… ‘mark squeezed my hand softly telling me to shut up

I guess I will just have to wait till we are married before I rip his head off

I am so gonna make life a living hell for him


That my evil laugh

Thatday my brother and I were given a room to sleep in This is the first time sleeping in such luxury

I want to stay here not for a year but forever

But who cares once the deal is over my brother and I willl have enough money to get a good house and finally get a life

We gonna be so rich

:older_woman:GRANDMA POV :older_woman:

‘But ma’ m why her of all people ‘the man I sent to bring somin who happens to be my P. A asked

‘ well can’t you see there is something special about her and I have a feeling that she is the one who can make jung woo a better person ‘i said.

‘ her, she is a delinquent who has gone to jail 2 times,here the way she talks, the way she behaves, she is nothing but a street girl’ he said.

‘Do not judge a book by it cover , you have to look beyond what you see with the ordinary eyes’ I said ‘my instincts can never be wrong, I am sure that girl will succeed in making my jung woo a better person’

:heartpulse:SO MIN POV​:heartpulse:

The next day i had to get ready for my fake WEDDING.

Not looking forward to it

I was dressed in a stupid wedding gown

I mean i have never put on a gown before

It so long and it keeps trying to make me fall

I hate this dress

‘ma’ m let me apply some make up ‘

‘ put makeup on my face and I will break your arms ‘I said as she slowly moves away from me.

She was smart enough to know am crazy

‘ look at you my dear sister, you look so beautiful ‘mark said

‘ I never knew you will get married some day… I am so proud of you ‘he said fake crying

‘ stop the drama you know it fake wedding ‘i said.

‘ but who cares we have to act like we care about this wedding ‘mark said

‘ yea drama ‘caleb said

‘ you guys are the worst get the heck out of my way ‘I said as I hold my long gown up with my hands

‘ you wearing sneakers under the gown ‘caleb said

‘ what you think i will wear that ‘I said pointing at the high heel white shoes

‘ Just make sure no one sees that under the long gown… You getting married to one of the world richest business man no one will be pleased to see his wife wearing sneakers under a wedding

gown ‘mark said

‘ screw what people think’I said as I walked out of the room covering my sneakers with the gown.

After few hours, I arrived at the church with my brother holding my hand as he handed me over to my gay husband

Reporters were present

This wedding is just for publicity

So everyone can change their mind about jungle being a gay…

Jungle glared at me while I glared back

He thinks he is the only one who knows how to glare

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV :sunglasses:

“Do you kim jung woo take somin u as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until

deathdo you part?” the priest asked ‘ yes’ I answered

“Do you park somin take kim jung woo as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?”

‘yea sure whatever’ she answered

I can’t believe my grandma is forcing me to marry this criminal

This tomboy

‘you may now kiss the bride’ the priest said

‘you not gonna kiss me are you’ she said looking irritated

‘Do I look like am interested in kissing you’ I said

‘I know right you a gay so you not interested in girls’ she said

‘okay listen up delinquent, nobody is interested in kissing you’

‘but why was your mouth moving close to mine’ she asked

’cause he told me to kiss you, don’t you know you should respect a man of God’ I said

‘oh really you could have just ignored him but you were gonna kiss me ‘

‘ummm guys people are watching’ caleb said as he whispered to us

‘whatever’ I said

I am gonna make her life living hell

:grin:MARK POV​:grin:

I wonder what they are talking about

I looked to my right and saw a very pretty woman.

Well take a look at that

I stood on my feet and walked towards her as I sat down next to her and started crying.

‘what wrong ‘ she asked

‘well my sister is finally getting married today, it just so emotional’ I said

‘oh really…. Am so sorry’ she said

‘you don’t mind if I rest my head on your shoulder and cry do you’ I asked

‘yea… Sure no problem’ she said

I placed my head on her shoulder

Men am enjoying this


I said as I fake my tears

I am the womanizer in the family

I see a pretty girl and I get her

:heartpulse:SO MIN​:heartpulse:

Now I am married to this guy

I am gonna make his life terrible


Evil laugh

…………… To be continued……………

I Am Not A Gay - Episode 3

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse:

After the wedding shit

You know what next

The wedding night

After he tried to kiss me in the church I can’t just trust this guy anymore

If he tries to touch me I will break every living bone in his body

He walked into the room still dressed in his wedding suit

He glares at me and looks Away before removing his jacket

“Why are you removing that ‘ I asked

‘can’t a man remove his cloth in his room’ he asked

‘seriously you call yourself a man’ i said

‘yea so?’

‘why will you call yourself a man, i mean you a man’

‘like you are a lady’ he said

‘what’ I said as I stood on my feet and moved close to him

He was taller than me but who cares I like daring people bigger than me

He has strong muscular build but that did not intimidate me at all

‘I mean you insulted me just now cause I look like a girl, tell me don’t you have a mirror in your house uhn…… I feel like the gay people actually call me cause I just got married to my fellow man’

he said

‘waw thanks for the compliments now shut up’ I said

‘if you take it as a compliment whatever and don’t tell me what to do in my house , I shut up only when I want to’ I said

I took a pillow and a duvet and placed it on the couch

“Atleast you are smart enough to know that you are meant to sleep on the couch ‘

Ilaughed and said’ you think i will sleep on the couch… That is for you sleep on it ‘ ‘ what you can’t just walk into my room and try to steal my bed from me ‘

‘ I am your wife ‘

That sounds wierd but I need it to annoy him anyway

‘ my wife?…. ‘

‘ yes your wife, if you are not happy with sleeping on the couch then leave the room ‘I said

‘ you think I will sleep with you in the same room if I had a choice? ‘

‘ sleep on the couch then ‘I said as I slept on the bed and pulled the duvet over my head

I am 100% sure he has the urge to kill me right now but who cares

I already said am gonna make this marriage living hell for him

And am never gonna go back on my word

I went to sleep that night and the next day I woke up and turned to my left

I saw jungle sleeping on the couch

He looked like some kind of angel while sleeping

The duvet And pillow he used was on the floor

I must have made him uncomfortable

I don’t think he has ever slept on the couch

One of my good qualities is helping others

Once I see someone in need of my help I render it to them

I slowly pulled the duvet off me and walked over to him

I looked at him for awhile before picking up the pillow, I slowly lifted his head put the pillow under itand gently placed his head on it .

I picked up the duvet and covered it him with it .

I turned my back to leave but then he held my wrist and said ‘are you trying to take advantage of me in my sleep’

‘take advantage of you… The hell you talking about’ I said as I turned to face him

He sat down on the couch and said

‘I am way too hot and sexy for you that you decided to take advantage of me in my sleep’

‘is it wierd that I have the urge to punch you in the face right now’

He smiled and shrugged

Even his smile is angelic

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV​:sunglasses:

This girl ain’t bad

She is kind of pretty

I mean she is not like other girls who wears heavy makeup and she looks extremely pretty

Very pretty

But i still don’t like her

She is nothing but a delinquent

Shewalked away looking annoyed and slept on my bed again covering herself with the comforter… How dare she kick me out of my bed and enjoy sleeping on it.

I walked over to her, removed the duvet, grabbed her by the leg and pulled her off the bed making her fall on the floor

‘hey’ she shouted as she stood on her feet to punch me but I caught her hand

‘before you kill me let me Atleast say what i am about to say, there is a press conference today where I will be introducing you as my wife to the world, you have to get ready for that’ I said while

she was struggling to remove her hand from my grip.

She thinks she can beat me up the way she beat other guys up

I let go of her and she said ‘what if I do not want to’

‘then you don’t get paid’ I said

She sighed and sat down on the bed while I went to the closet

‘I willl get ready’

‘great put this on’ I said as I threw clothes on her

‘you seriously expect me to wear this’ she said showing me the cloth

‘yes’ I said as I walked out of the room

The meeting is still few hours away so she has all the time in the world to prepare

After some hours I walked into my room that she has taken over actually and saw her dressed in a black sexy jumpsuit

She Actually looked hot and attractive in this outfit

I gave her black stiletto shoes to put on

‘you actually expect me wear this’

‘yea put it on’


‘don’t tell me you actually gonna put on sneakers again like you did on our wedding day’

‘you saw that’ she asked.

‘yes I did… Now put this on ‘ i said

She sat down on the bed and put on the shoes

She placed her hand on the table for support while trying to stand on her feet

‘how do girls walk in this death sentence’ she said trying to walk in it

I couldn’t help but laugh

This is actually very funny

‘hey why you laughing, come over here and help me’

I walked over to her

‘why should I help you’

’cause am doing this to help you’ she said

‘you doing this to help yourself, you need me as much as I need you, no wait you need my money’

She wanted to fall down but I caught her by the waist

‘hey… Do not touch me there’ she said as she tried to push me away

‘okay whatever’ I said as I let go of her waist and she fell on the floor

‘hey jungle comeback here and help me with this torture’ she said but Ignored her as I walked towards the door but then something hit the back of my head and I turned back to see what it was

‘you threw your shoe at me’ i said

‘come help me’

‘asking as I can touch you where ever I want’ I said

‘just come over here’ she said as I walked over to her

I made her put on the shoes again as I helped her up holding her by the waist

‘must you hold me there’

‘that is where I want’

‘people like you are the reason why I have this’ she said showing me the middle finger

‘waw baby you look super sexy when you upset’

‘O.M.G are yuu flirting with me right now’

‘if that what you call it then okay’ I said

‘I hate you’ she said

‘I hate you more’ I replied

…………… To be continued………………

I Am Not A Gay - Episode 4

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse:

He wrapped his hand around my waist as we both walked into his office

I could control the way I walk with his help anyway but I have a serious problem with his hand around my waist and the way he keeps moving me to himself

Am beginning to rethink the fact that this guy is actually a gay.

His office was extremely big and fancy

I sat down on the sofa breathing heavily as I removed my shoe

‘hey put that on will you… Reporters will be here very soon’

‘but this shoe is terrible’

‘sir the reporters are here’the P. A said…

‘ okay ‘he said as she walked out of the office’ now put that on will you ‘

‘ it hurts alot ‘I said

‘ but it your size how come it hurts ‘

‘ can’t you see how tall the heels are, you couldn’t have chosen a shoe with low heels for me to wear ‘she said

‘ yea I could have but it will be more fun seeing you fall on your face while trying to walk in this ‘

you are the worst ‘ I said as I threw a cushion at him and put on the shoes

‘ come on, help me up will you ‘i said

‘ yea sure, whatever, lazy ‘he said as he walked over to me and pulled Me up on my feet and wrapped his hand around my waist again

‘ why do you keep holding me there’

‘youtold me to help you’ ‘but is helping me holding me by the waist’

‘yes it is baby ….’

‘you know you are the cheapest man I know’ I said

‘whatever…’ he said as we both walked out of the office

We walked into a hall and news reporters were present, they took pictures of my fake husband and I

‘sir you have a pretty wife’ one of the reporters said

‘thank you’ he answered

We were asked various questions and i was Getting very bored

I am not used to reporters and being the center of attention

One of the reporters stood on his feet and said

‘sir we can see you married to a very beautiful woman now but that still does not prove the fact that you not a gay, I mean you a very rich man and for all we know you could have paid this pretty

woman over here to act as your wife so you can finally shut the public up, tell me how are you going to convince the public that what we saw the other day at the hotel is all a misunderstanding ‘

That question hit jungle so hard he could not answer it

That probably because it’s the truth

‘ I mean look at this from my own perspective people, days before the event that occurred at the hotel we have never seen Mr kim jung woo with any girl, Even his P. A was a male before he changed to a female recently, if this marriage isn’t fake and only for publicity, tell me why did you get married to her only after the press caught you red handed in the hotel ‘

‘ can I answer this question ‘I asked him while jung woo looked at me but I looked away

‘ sure ma’m you are very free to answer it ‘

I stood up and talked with the tabletop microphone ‘ thank you very much you have said enough so. Let me say mine

‘ what we see is often a practional part of what it really is… Judging others makes us blind, whereas love is illuminating. By judging others we blind ourselves to our own evil and to the grace which others are just as entitled to as we are. Open your mind to the world and the many different ways that can be found in it, before making hasty judgments of others. After all, the very same thing that you judge from where you are— may very well be something totally different in meaning on the other side of the world. The problem with making hasty judgments is that it will emphasize your ignorance at the end of the day. You said he is a rich man and can buy anything but do you also know rich men can be framed by others who do want to tarnish their image… You talking based on what you saw the other day, did you bother

tocarry out some investigation… You said you have never seen any girl with him can you tell me his offence in being committed to only me… He loves me alot that why he avoided other girls, he wanted to show me to the whole world but I told him not to because I hate being famous and stuffs… It was when I saw what the people think of my dear husband that he is some kind of gay

that why i decided to get married and start our own family … He is married to me and if you still think of him as a homosexual after this then it your Damn business ‘I said

I just made that guy shut up

I am that good

He slowly sat down on his chair having nothing to say again

Jungle was looking kind of pleased they all gave me a round applause as I went back to my sit

‘ you are a great liar ‘he said to me

‘ I know right… Working for Mr money ‘ I answered

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO :sunglasses:

I know this is all for money but she saved my ass back there.

Guess she is not as useless as I thought she was

We went back home that day and she sat down on her couch looking exhausted as she slowly removed the shoe she called death sentence

‘my legs hurt so much’ she said

‘really let me take a look at that’ I said

‘no don’t touch me, this is all your fault’ she said but I ignored her and raised her feet

‘this is what happens when you tell a man to put on heels’ i said

‘you mad man’ she said as she tried to hit me but I held her hand and pulled her close to me holding her by the waist

‘hey let go of me’ she said trying to free herself from my grip

‘you better get use to this sweetie, cause if you try to attack me again, I will just have to flirt with you like this’

‘you are a crazy person let go of me’

‘oh Act like you not actually enjoying this’

‘jung woo stop this, this is sexual harassment’ she said

I guess she said that cause we were so close to each other

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse:

This is all so Confusing

I feel wierd being so close to him

The sexual harassment might have kinda upset him as he slowly let go of me and walked away

I stood on the balcony breathing heavily as I saw something moving in the bushes

‘what is that, I better check it out’ I said as I ran downstairs into the compound

Suddenly I felt a heavy hand cover my mouth from behind

‘Do not scream it me’ I know that voice

He slowly let go of me and I turned to face him.

Jin hoo?

My ex boyfriend!

‘what the heck are you Doin here’ I asked

‘I heard you married to the Richman now’ he said

‘yea that just a lie, it for money’ i said

‘but now you love him’ he asked

‘I don’t’ I answered

‘have he touched you’ he asked

‘are you crazy of course he hasn’t’

‘babe I just want us to get back together again’ he said

‘what, get back with you, not interested’

‘pls min, I know you love me alot and I also love you so much please let get back together, you know just how much I love you’ he said

Yes I do love him

But am married

It fake anyway

I need jin hoo back in my life

‘yea sure whatver let get back together’

‘that great’ he said looking so happy as he wanted to kiss me

‘no don’t do that, am still married to him’ I said

‘but it fake’

‘I don’t care, I just don’t feel like kissing’ I said

‘okay then, i love you’ he said as he kissed my cheek and hugged me

‘bye’ I said

‘bye’ he said ‘I will wait till you go in’

‘okay’ I said as I turned my back and walked into the house

:smiling_imp:JIN HOO POV :smiling_imp:

I smiled mischievously as she walked into the house

‘hello , the job is done’ I said as I disconnected the call

Am sorry baby but just like you I have to do this for the money

……………… To be continued………

I Am Not A Gay - Episode 5

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV :heartpulse:

Jinhoo must be back in my life for a reason

But why do I to like him that much

I am absolutely sure that he must have his reason for coming back

But why did i tell him that the marriage was fake

Am sure he doesn’t believe me, am a big liar anyway no one knows when am lying or when am not

:smiling_imp:JINHOO POV :smiling_imp:

‘is that all you want me to do, then no problem I can do that, but you should know am not doing this for the money alone am Doing this because I want her to be mine again, I can’t stand seeing her

with that man who thinks he can just steal what is mine because he is rich…. But she did say that Their wedding is fake’I said

‘really how true is that’ an unknown person that I have been receiving orders from asked

I haven’t seen the person face yet cause she always talk to me with her face closed but one thing am sure of is the fact that the strange person is a woman, judging from her voice actually and she

definitely hates that business man my somin is married to so much

‘well you can’t really believe a word somin says, she is a great liar and she might just say that in order to get me back in her life

‘ ummmmmm, that interesting, now leave ‘she said as I turned my back to leave

Thisis gonna be fun somin You can’t just leave me and get married to another man, I will never allow that.

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV :heartpulse:

I walked into the room and sat down on the bed

My feet still hurt badly

How can that mean man let me put on such high stiletto knowing fully well that I can’t handle it.

Damn that man!

He opened the door and walked into the room still looking kind of upset

Is he still annoyed about what i said earlier

‘hey’ I said as I walked over to him and stood in front of him ‘Do not tell me you still upset about what happened’

‘you were downstairs earlier, why?’ he asked

‘and why you asking’ I answered his question with a question

“you were downstairs right, why ‘he asked

‘ why do you care ‘I asked

Should I tell him my boyfriend visited

I think it the right thing to do

‘ well you see I have a……… ‘


That was the sound of his phone ringing cutting me short

Guess I will just have to tell him later

‘ yes later…. I will see you at the office tomorrow’ he said as he hung up and sat down on his couch

‘why are you being so cold all of a sudden did I do something wrong’ I asked but he ignored me

‘is it about the sexual harassment thing I said’ I asked again but he ignored me

‘jungle’ I said as I bent down in front of him ‘are you just gonna ignore me’

‘I am not upset about what you said, You just made me remember something that kinda annoyed me’

‘then did what I said make you remember that thing that kinda upset you’ I asked again ‘if it did, am really sorry, pls forgive me’ I said holding my ears and looking cute

‘waw that a new thing’ he said smiling ‘look who is acting like a real wife, trying to make me forgive you cause you think you were wrong, am impressed you not exactly the crazy girl I thought you were’

‘you know what forget it, you are the worst’ I said as I stood on my feet and threw the cushion on him ‘I curse my love of money…. I shouldn’t have gotten married to you’ I said as I limped towards

the bed and sat on it resting my back on the pillow.

He walked towards me and sat down on the bed as he moved close to me

‘hey what are you doing’ I asked looking awkward as he moved closer to me ‘hey move away’ I said but he ignored me and moved closer to me.

Hisface was very close to mine like he was about to kiss me or something Waw this man must be the most beautiful man in the world

Jinhoo is hot and handsome but my so-called husband pass the breaking point

His hand slowly went to my back and he bent his face like he was about to kiss me and I closed my eyes with this wierd facial expression

Suddenly I felt him pull something from my back

‘I just want this you can open your eyes now’ he said

I slowly opened my eyes only to see him holding a pillow and i breathe a sigh of relief

And am also very upset because he just put me in that stupid embarrassing situation

‘what you think, i was actually gonna kiss you’ he said

‘no, I don’t, I mean who wants to kiss you’

‘did I say you wanna kiss me’

‘no you did not, I mean… Just forget it okay ‘

‘well one thing I won’t be able to forget is that wierd look you had on your face,makes you look like a totall moron it really suits you anyway’

‘what’ I shouted as I stood on my feet and walked towards him but then I tripped on something and.

fell on him making both of us fall on the floor

I was on him while he was under me and then we both stared at each other like those stupid romantic movies

I have to admit this idiot lips is absolutely tempting and inviting

Is it wierd that I feel like kissing him and not my boyfriend right now

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV :sunglasses:

This delinquent is not bad at all

She is pretty

Very pretty

But so annoying and irritating

Everything about her is pretty

Kinda dumb that am thinking of making her my real wife not my contract wife

‘oh jung woo’ grandma said as she walked into our room ‘oh am sorry i think I barged in at the wrong time’

‘no no no grandma’ min said as she quickly stood on her feet

‘yea granny not cool you just interrupted our special moment’ I said as I stood on my feet and moved her close to me

‘Grandma that a lie, so not true’ she said trying to move away from me but I refused to let go

‘ okay when you busy with your special moment next time, do not forget to close the door’ she said

‘okay grandma won’t forget that next time’ I said as she smiled and walked out of the room

I let go of her and sat down on my couch

‘you are the worst you know’ she said

‘come on baby let continue with our special moments’ i said as I winked at her

She glares at me before sleeping on the bed and covering herself with the duvet while I smiled and went to bed or should I say went to couch… My life sucks

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse:

I did not tell him about jin hoo

I sat down on my bed to tell him everything but he was already asleep

Maybe it better of I don’t tell him

No need to tell him about my private life anyway

Am sure he is not interested


I Am Not A Gay - Episode 6

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse: I woke up the next morning and jungle was not in the room Am sure he had gone to work I stood on my feet, arranged the bed I slept on before going to the balcony I do not know why but I really love standing on that balcony

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV :sunglasses: I walked out of the bathroom with a towel tied around my waist ‘that crazy girl is not in the room which means I can dress in my room’ I said as I walked over to the door and closed it If only I can get rid of her permanently Guess I still have 360 days to go I removed my towel and threw it on the bed

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV :heartpulse: I need to do other stuffs at home But before that let me have my baths I turned my back to enter the room


That was Me screaming after seeing something I shouldn’t have seen Absolutely scary I quickly closed my eyes ‘don’t you know we share this room you should have Atleast changed in the other rooms like you always do’ ‘you cannot blame me i thought you were not in the room anymore’ ‘but jeez why did you make me see that’ I said ‘Just open your eyes and give my towel it not too far from you’ he said ‘and see that again, never, no, no, no’ ‘but am wearing my underwear already’ he said I slowly opened my right eye and closed it back again almost immediately ‘but it still look akward, I can’t look at that even with the underwear’ ‘and I thought you are one of those I don’t care girls’ he said as I feel him move closer to me “are you moving closer to me ‘I asked ‘ yea I want my towel ‘he said I am pretty sure he is in front of me now He picked up his towel ‘ you can open your eyes now ‘he said as I slowly opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was that gorgeous man body starring at me I swallowed my spit and fixed my eyes on that beauty as water rolls down his perfect manly chest Is it wierd that I feel like touching it Jeez this is pure lust

Whydoes this man have to be so Damn hot ‘hey, hey’ he said snapping his fingers at my face making me wake up from my dream land ‘were you just drooling’ he asked ‘w… Wha…… D… D… Drooling ‘ I said stammering and blinking my eyes repeatedly at the same time ‘look who is drooling over me, why do I have to be so damn sexy’ ‘stop saying that okay, I was not drooling I was just… I was…… I was’ ‘you were what?’ I bit my lower lips and looked down So embarrassing ‘you know what forget it’ I said as I walked out of the room There was really no point arguing He caught me red handed I walked out of the house and immediately Someone covered my mouth with their hand and took me to a private place ‘I should have known this is you, will you stop doing that please’ I said looking a bit upset ‘am sorry but I was just missing you badly’ he said I wrapped my arms around his neck and said ‘I know you are missing but you seriously do not have to come here all the time, what if someone sees you’ i said ‘but does that really matter’ ‘it doesn’t but you still don’t have to come here, tell me how do you always manage to sneak in here despite the tight security’ I asked ‘you call that tight, Asif…… I. Just want us to be together again more than anything else, tell me don’t you think you should get a divorce or something and let get back together’ he said ‘that will happen eventually but not right now, I have to be with him’ I said ‘waw that great you care about him but you do not care about me again,i have a feelings that guy has moved close to you, tell me has he touch you yet uhn?’ ‘touched me, you mean like have sex with me, come on you know me better than that…. I do not give you anything more than a kiss and you think i will actually give him sex’ I said ‘but we are two different things…. He is your husband, i am your boyfriend… He is richer and a bit good-looking than I am, he is the perfect guy for you and tell me what if he tries to take advantage of you’ ‘trust me jungle isn’t the kind of guy that takes advantage of a woman, if he wanted to he could have done that, although he is a big flirt but he is not serious about it all’ I said ‘ummmmm okay, if you say so…. But will you go on a date with me’ he asked ‘a date’ I Said ‘yea or don’t you wanna go on a date with me’ ‘yea sure why not I will love to go on a date with you’ ‘that great meet me at the community park later in the evening’ he said ‘okay sure dear no problem’ I said as I waved at him and he walked away I smiled and walked back into my room and saw a brand new designer sneakers Waw that is super expensive Have always wanted that sneakers but I don’t have money to buy it at all Am guessing this beauty belongs to jungle But wait he does not wear sneakers and the shoe is a small size Definitely not his size

‘thatis for you’ he said ‘me, for me’ I asked again ‘you see I had to do that for you…. You don’t like wearing stiletto and I forced you to put it on that day’ he said scratching his head while I focused on him. ‘and also you stood up for me that day so think of this little gift as a way of saying sorry and thank you’ I smiled and picked up the shoes before hugging him and saying’ thank you so much’ then I realised I was hugging him which was so not right and I slowly let go of him ‘have always wanted this, thanks a lot’ ‘it nothing’ he said as he walked away and I smiled He is not a total jerk Later in the night i got ready for my date and went to the community park ‘you look great’ he said as we sat down on the bench and we both stared at the moon holding hands ‘I got you something’ he said as he brought out a beautiful necklace ‘how can you afford this, it extremely expensive’ I said ‘not as expensive as those sneakers’ he said as he hooked the necklace for me ‘and beside nothing is too expensive for you’ I looked at him and asked ‘are you doing something illegal again’ He looked at me and did not say a word which means he was doing something illegal ‘promise me you won’t do that again’ ‘I promise I won’t Again… Anything for you’ he said as his lips met mine and we both kissed ‘but I still need money anyway’ he said breaking the kiss ‘and you can help me with that’ ‘you married to a rich man make some money out of him’ ‘no i can’t I won’t do that’ but you have to please’ he said ‘but I can’t do that to him, not him please I won’t’ ‘well I will give you sometime to think about this, and if you don’t wanna I won’t force you okay’ he said as he kissed me I smiled and said ‘okay’

:smiling_imp:JINHOO POV :smiling_imp: I am getting paid to destroy their marriage and in the process I will get my SOMIN back If she can’t be mine she won’t be long to anyone else

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV :heartpulse: I walked into the room and saw jubfle sitting on the couch ‘waw look who finally came back home, have been waiting for you, I was so worried… Did you check your phone i have called you alot of time’ jung woo said Why is he so worried about me all of a sudden Something is definetly not RIGHT somewhere ‘why do you sound so concerned about me it so unlike you’ I said ‘well as long as you still my wife…’ I wanted to say it fake but he stopped me from saying the word ‘fake or not, you are still my responsibility okay’ he said like he knew just what I was about to say

‘but you hate me right’ I said ‘I do not hate you, I just find you very annoying and irritating’ ‘mean’ I said and he smirked ‘come on go to bed’ he said as he slept on the couch and pulled the sheets over himself I don’t know why but I feel like the worst wide ever I mean is it really right that am keeping this secret from him But i really can’t help it, I can’t stay away from jinhoo But why do I feel so wierd Did jinhoo come back to my life because he loves me or does he has any other motive But we broke up that time because he cheated on me I am a fool to just accept him back in my life like that all in the name of love Do I still love him the way I use to Oh no. I said as I ran my hand through my hair I am so confused right now Why do I have to choose between two guys My fake husband and my boyfriend What do I have to chose Jungle is not interested in me anyway right

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV​:sunglasses: This sudden interest am developing for Somin after the way she defended me in public that day is getting weirder than it already is.

I mean do I like her already Naahhh that ridiculous even if am going to develop any kind of romantic feelings for a girl it definitely won’t be that SOMIN at all She is just not right

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV :heartpulse: The next day i woke up and jungle was not in the room I knocked on the bathroom door before opening and he was not in there either Phew www I have to be sure he is not in the room Don’t want what happened last time to repeat itself Yeishhhhh Grnnmnnnnnnnnnng ‘hello’ I said as I picked my call ‘hey SOMIN’ ‘Goodmorning’ I said as I smiled ‘Goodmorning my love, tell me how was your night, did that man try to get close to you’ he asked I smiled and said ‘no he did not’ ‘okay then come to the balcony’ ‘why?’ I asked ‘I want to see your face’ he said. ‘see my face, jin don’t tell me you in the house again’ I said ‘yes i am so?’ ‘but what if someone sees you’ i said

‘then I will be free to tell. Them that SOMIN is my everything, then I will finally give your rich husband a piece of my mind’ ‘you are impossible’ I said as I walked to the balcony and saw him downstairs waving at me as he blew a kiss towards me ‘Just wait there, I will be there now’ I Said as I walked down the stairs’I told you never come here again ‘ ‘ but baby I was missing you ‘he said as he wraps his hand around my waist and draws me close to him ‘ stop that, someone might see us ‘ ‘ but can you really blame me, why do you have to be so Damn pretty ‘he said as he kissed me on the lips ‘ stop that, do not do that here ‘I said as I slowly pushed him away but he moved closer and smash his lips against mine again ‘ Now you have the kiss you want leave ‘I said but he pulled me close and hugged me ‘ I love you a lot, please don’t leave me no matter what ‘he said ‘ why will I ever leave you, trust me I won’t ‘ He kissed me on the forehead and said’ bye, see you some other day ‘ ‘ bye ‘I smiled and bit my lower lips and he walked away He had always been very sweet to me even in our past relationship But why do I have the feelings that something is wrong somewhere

:smiling_imp:JIN HOO POV :smiling_imp: ‘ hey boss, I got the video……’ ‘good now all it takes is to add some substance to jung woo coffee and when we do that, guess what he will do to his wife after that’ ‘no, no no, I don’t want that, please leave her out of this, I will kill him if he touches her knowingly or unknowingly’ ‘hey if you want the money, keep your mouth shut and let this go smoothly and if not quit the job I will find someone better’ ‘I want the money but isn’t there another way to do this’ I asked ‘this is my game, I call the shots, this is how I want it to be’ she said as she hung up Am doing this for you somin , you also have to sacrifice a little

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO Pov​:sunglasses: ‘sir your coffee’ my assistant said as she dropped the coffee on the table ‘and yeah someone told me to give you this’ she said as she drops a USB on the table and walked out of the office I can’t wait to go back home and tease SOMIN This days I always look forwards to going back home and seeing her face I think am going crazy cause I always smile whenever I think of her Strange uhn ‘what is this’ I said as I plugged it into my computer and drank my coffee, I played the video on the USB and immediately my coffee mug fell from my hand SOMIN kissing another guy in my house What the heck is this I felt a sharp pain in my head and I was also a bit dizzy I think i should go back home am not feeling too good Something is wrong with this coffee why do I feel so wierd after drinking it Forget it am sure am overthinking things SOMIN has to explain all this to me How dare she do that to me How dare she

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse: Where is that annoying husband of mine It 9:00 in the night I kinda feel lonely No one to bother me tonight The door suddenly went open and I saw an angry looking jung woo standing right in front of me. I have never seen him looking so angry He immediately closed the door behind him and glares at me ‘look who finally came home’ I said as he walked towards me still glaring at me He grabbed me by the arm and pinned me to the wall ‘what the heck, let go of me’ he said ‘who is he, who was that guy you were with in the video, who was that guy you were kissing in my house’ he asked He knows But how How did he know about that ‘you see jin is my boyfriend’ ‘your boyfriend, really’… ‘yes I wanted to tell you about him but I was thinking you won’t be interested’ ‘well but you brought him into my house and kissed him’ I said. ‘what is wrong with you, you do not sound like yourself at all, something is definitely wrong with you’ I said ‘just calm down, sit down and have a glass of water’

he let go of me and runs his hand through his hair looking frustrated ‘so you decided to be another man bitch while married to me uhn, typical slut behaviour’ ‘hey’ I shouted as I slapped him,’ don’t you ever say that to me again’ I shouted looking pissed off He grabbed my hand and pinned it to the Wall above my head ‘let go of me you hurting me’ I said trying to free my hand from his grib ‘you will never do that again’ he said as he held my cheeks making my lips pout with his right hand and his left was still holding my hand against the wall ‘Now I wanna touch you the way he touched you’ he said Now am really scared for the first time in my life someone actually intimidates me. ‘please stop this’ I said ‘did he touch you here’ he said as he placed his hand on my waist ‘stop this you are going crazy’ He spinned me around making me face the wall while my back was facing him ‘did he touch you here’ he said as his hand went under my dress ‘stop this pls, stop’ ‘I won’t until I touch you just the way he touched you’ he whispered into my ear as he kissed my kneck The weird part is that i was actually enjoying this But it got to a point i was not actually enjoying again ‘look you never loved me not for once, then why are you being so close to me, why are you so angry because I love another guy, cause I was close to him’ ‘Do I have to tell you the word before you know it uhn,’ he spinned me around making me face him again ‘you are married to me but cheating on me’

‘it fake marriage okay, it not even real, what exactly is your problem’ ‘fake marriage uhn, how about we make it real’ he said ‘what’ I said as I raised my right brow He pushed me on the bed and I crawled backward looking terrified as I wanted to get of the bed but he held me down on the bed as his lips met mine and kissed me aggressively He is good at kissing Better than jin I tried to push him away but he refused to let go of me still kissing me I hit him on the chest but all was to no avail He broke the kiss and tore my dress ‘help me’ I shouted forgetting the fact that no one is around that day And the door is sound proof so this is the end for me ‘jung pls don’t do this’ I said unable to control my tears He tore my bra and sucked and kissed my breast aggressively It was painful Real painful I pushed him away and wanted to run away but he held me by the wrist and pulled me back on the bed. He held my hands above my head on bed and I couldn’t attack him anymore He kissed me allover my body and my tummy He pulled my pant down and started thrusting into me There was nothing to fight for now

I just stood still as tears rolls down my eyes All my life have always thought jinhoo will be my one and only When he was done pleasing himself he rolled off me and slept off while I stood on my feet naked My whole body hurts a lot But the pain is nothing compared to the one i feel in my heart right now I have never thought he will ever rape me I trust him more than myself in that aspect I walked into the bathroom and stared at my self There were red marks around my wrist Must be due to the way he held me earlier My nipples were swollen and sore It hurts a lot I opened the shower and sat on the floor crying Jung woo shouldn’t have done this I trusted him a lot More than myself I washed my entire body crying I trusted him

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV :sunglasses: The next day i slowly opened my eyes Why am I sleeping on the bed instead of sleeping on the couch

And why am I naked I put on white joggers and a long sleeve top and went to the balcony My head hurts a lot I still have to talk to her about that video I saw I just don’t like the fact that she is seeing another man at all It really hurt I can’t even remember when I came back from work yesterday And beside were is SOMIN I haven’t seen her this morning I went to the bathroom and was shocked see somin in bathtub with water covering her head ‘somin’ I shouted as I brought her back up and she was coughing trying to catch her breathe I looked away cause she was naked I saw a towel on the door and handed it over to still looking elsewhere ‘Do you want to drown yourself’ I said and she removed my hand that was around her wrist and stood on her feet still naked I was forced to look at her wondering what going as she walked out of the bathroom I also walked into the room and saw her putting on her top ‘what going on’ I asked as I held her arm She looked at me and all I could see in her eyes was deep pain and disappointment ‘somin, what wrong did someone hurt you’ She removed my hand from her arm It like she does not want me to touch her at all

Something is wrong somewhere ‘why you acting like nothing happened between us’ she said ‘what happened, pls tell me’ All of a sudden I felt pain in my head as I held it What wrong with me I suddenly remembered what happened the previous night ‘wh…. . What……. What have I done’ I said looking shocked SOMIN pulled her luggage out of the closet ‘I will send you a divorce letter soon’ she said as she carried her belongings ‘somin pls let me explain I swear i did not know what came over me last night, I could not have done that to you deliberately please you have to trust me’ It was like I was just talking to myself as she walked towards the door and opened it but i closed it again. ‘somin pls don’t leave me, i swear I did not do that on purpose, I swear to you I didn’t’ Tears rollls down her eyes but she quickly wipes it ‘the more I see you, the more my hatred grows stronger…… out of my way’ she said as she slowly pushed me aside and walked out of the room. What have I done!


I Am Not A Gay - Episode 7

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV :sunglasses:

What wrong with me

I know I don’t like the way Somin was seeing another guy behind my back

But i definitely wouldn’t have done that to her

Something is wrong somewhere

What happened to me

Never in my life have I ever sexually abused a girl

I have never done that to any girl

But why did I do that to Somin of all girls

How am I gonna explain to her that I was not in my right mind when I did that thing to her

How am I gonna do that

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse:

‘Somin, what going on and where are you going to’ grandma asked me but I ignored her as I walk towards the door

‘Somin what going on?’ mark and caleb asked

‘our job here is done let me go home now’ I said

‘Somin please listen to me, i swear I don’t know…….’ jung woo said just before I interrupted him

‘let go home caleb and mark’ I said as I walked out of the house not listening to anything jung woo has to say

What exactly does he want to explain

He already ruined everything

I just never want to see his face because I can’t help but remember how he broke my trust.

How he disappointed me

I just don’t wanna see him

I walked out of the house with my brothers who were still asking me questions but I refused to answer any of their questions and I just simply walked out of the mansion

Wegot back to our old house that day ‘Now can you tell us what wrong’ caleb said

‘the deal is over’ i said as I sat down on the chair I sat down the same day this offer was brought to me

For some reason I hate this chair now

It use to be my favorite and I thought it brings me good luck

It was all superstition

My memory keep going back to the pains I felt the previous night

The way he handled me with so much aggression I just feel like killing myself whenever I remember that

‘okay Somin, will you Atleast tell us what wrong ‘

I just couldn’t control the tears as they roll down my eyes

That what my brothers hate

They don’t like seeing my tears

And crying is not something I really do.

Unless I remember my parent

‘ SOMIN what wrong, pls tell us’ caleb and mark said

At first I did not want to tell them but they forced me to

‘ how dare that man, I am not going to spare him ‘the twins said

They might actually kill jung woo

And i don’t want my brothers to murder someone

‘ pls, pls leave jung woo alone, what is done is done, pls ‘

‘ am sorry but I definitely won’t spare him, I must kill him if it the last thing I do ‘caleb said

‘ then kill me in the process cause I definitely won’t watch my brother go to jail because of me…. If you truly love me you won’t do anything to Jung woo, you won’t ‘

He hit his hand on the table looking frustrated

I managed to convince them

We later moved out of that house because I know jung woo will come looking for me

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV​:sunglasses:

it has been a week now and SOMIN is nowhere to be found

Each time I call her, she never picks her phone

I looked for her in her former house but couldn’t find her

‘sir your coffee’ my secretary said as she dropped it on the table

The last time I drank coffee from her it made me do something bad to somin

It was also this same coffee that affected me that day in the hotel

‘jennie come back here’ I said to my secretary and she walked back to me

‘how may I help you sir’ she said

‘who are you working for and what did you add in my coffee’

‘sir what do you mean’ she said

‘HEY!’ I shouted as I threw the coffee mug on the wall

‘Ican kill you right here right now if you don’t tell me’ I said as I held her neck I mean no harm but I had to threaten her to get the truth out of her

I am extremely rich and I can easily bribe myself out of going to jail after I murder you, so if you tell me what you add in my coffee, I promise I will spare your life’

‘sir it not my plan I was sent to do it ‘ she said while my hand was still around her neck

‘tell me, who is it’ I said

‘i don’t know who it is actually but they do pay me to add a substance in your coffee, I added that substance in your coffee that night in the hotel and I also added one in your coffee a week ago, it like some kind of drug that won’t make you know What you are doing at a particular time ‘

I slowly let go of her

‘ so that was what happened… Get out you fired’ I shouted and she ran out of the office

I sat down on the floor looking frautrated

Who is this person

What does this person want from me

Why, why, why me

Why did poor SOMIN go through all this pain because of me


:heartpulse:SOMIN POV :heartpulse:

The past one week has been sad for me

I was ashamed to face or talk to jinhoo

He did not visit me like he use to

Neither did he call me

I gathered my courage and went to his house

The door was not locked

I opened it and slowly went into the house

Jinhoo is not here

I checked the kitchen and bathroom but he wasn’t there either

I started hearing moaning sounds coming out of his room

‘that strange’

I slowly opened the door only to see jinhoo and some other girl on the bed having sex

What the heck

I am pretty sure jin hoo saw me but he ignored me and continued whatever he was doing

I angrily walked out of the room and into the living room looking upset and frustrated

This was what he did the last time

How could he

Few mins later jin walked our of the room shirtless with the girl

She kissed him and glares at me before walking away

‘what are you doing here’ he asked.

‘you how could you be so cheap… You cheating on me like you did the last time you son of a bitch’

He slapped me and I fell on the couch holding my cheeks.

‘you how dare you’

He grabbed my hair and I winced in pain

‘you how could you have sex with him how dare you allow him touch you, he touched you, how dare you allow that, I overheard your conversation with your brothers’…

‘then you should have overhead the part that I was raped’ I said trying to removed his hand from my hair.

‘how dare you talk back’ he slapped me as I fell on the couch again ‘now am gonna do just what he did to you’

‘no, no, no, no, no please don’t do it I will die if you do’

I can’t go through that pain again

I don’t want to

Atleast jung did not beat me up when he did his

But my so called bf is beating me badly

He was about to tear my cloth when someone pulled him back and punched him.

Jung woo

‘how dare you’ he said as he punched the hell out of jin hoo

Seeing jin hoo being beaten up like this would have affected me before but this time I don’t feel any sympathy for him.

‘how dare you touch her like that, I will break every living bone in your body’ he said still beating him up

I walked out of the house leaving him to kill jin hoo

‘SOMIN I need to talk to you’ he said

I refused to listen to him but he keeps following am until someone actually hit him on the head with a big stick

‘caleb’ I said

Jung woo fell on the floor holding his head

‘ I Will make sure I punish you’ caleb and mark said as they started beating jung woo with big sticks

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV :sunglasses:

I know I can fight back but this is definitely what I deserve

I will punish myself for doing that to you SOMIN

‘SOMIN am sorry’ I said as caleb punched me making my mouth filled with blood

‘no, stop caleb, what are you doing, mark caleb stop it right now’

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse:

This time am not concerned about the fact that my brothers might go to jail for this

But the way they are beating him up bothers me alot

It was only a matter of time before his white shirt was filled with blood

‘why aren’t you fighting back you fool’ i shouted as tears started Rollin down my cheek

‘caleb mark, I beg you stop this’ they refuse to listen to me as they continue hitting him

‘STOP’ I shouted as I stood in front of jung woo

‘moveaside now’ caleb shouted ‘you have to go through me to hurt him again, if you touch him again I will never forgive you’

‘why are you defending him this guy took advantage of you’ he said

‘I know he did that but please this is enough’

I bent down and cupped his face in my hand crying

‘why you doing this’ I said crying

He smiled at me and said ‘this is what I deserve right ‘

How can this fool be smiling

He has been badly beaten up

His once beautiful face is now ruined

‘if you trully care about me go home now’ I said


‘Do not say a word just go home now, please’ I begged still unable to control my tears

He stood on his feet staggering

He looked at me before he fell on the floor and lost consciousness

He started walking on the streets and i saw a car moving towards him

‘jung woo move out of the way ‘ I shouted and in the blink of an eye

He was on the floor covered with blood

I ran towards him



The car drove away almost immediately after running over him

‘Somebody call the ambulance ‘ i shouted as I placed his bloody head on my laps

…………… To be continued………….

I Am Not A Gay - Episode 8 Semi-Final


:heartpulse:SOMIN POV​:heartpulse:

Mark called the ambulance and it was only a matter of seconds before they arrived

Jung woo was carried in a stretcher why i couldn’t control my tears

What going on

Why is all this happening to me

Why jung woo of all people

‘Jung woo please stay with me you will be fine okay ‘I said as jung woo is being pushed on a stretcher all the way to the operation theater

‘ am sorry ma’m but you can’t come in ‘the nurse said

‘ what but I need to be with him, I need to Stand by him, please don’t make me stay outside, please I beg of you ‘I begged the nurse crying

‘ no ma’m you have to stay here ‘

‘ SOMIN just stay here ‘caleb said as he pulled me back

‘ don’t touch me, this is all your fault, if anything happens to jung woo I swear i won’t forgive you ‘I said

I don’t know why am so angry with them right now

Am just angry with everyone

I am angry with everybody including myself

If jin hoo hadn’t come back in my life maybe jung woo wouldn’t have raped me, maybe he wouldn’t have been beaten so badly by my brothers,maybe he wouldn’t be run over by that car why jung woo…


I will die if he does

I should have known this

I was so distracted by my stupid infatuation for jin hoo that I did not realise I love him

Now i know I do

Idon’t know if he feels the same way but I hope he survives this Lord please do not let him die

I should have just listened to him

I was so uneasy

Few hours later the doctor came out of the operation theatre

‘Do… Do. Doctor how is he’ i asked

‘well the operation was successful, but he suffered so much internal injuries, he loosed a lot of blood before you brought him here’

‘so what wrong with him now’ I asked

‘he only has few hours left before he dies’

Okay that was the word that killed me

Few hours left


This can’t be true

I walked into jung woo ward and saw him on the bed

His head was bandaged and he looked so weak and pale

Ball of tears rolled down my eyes but I quickly cleaned it with the back of my hand

I slowly walked over to him And held his hand crying

I felt his grip on my hand so. I am sure he is not asleep

I wiped my tears away and smiled at him as he slowly opens his eyes

‘hi’ I said

‘why you crying’ he asked weakly

‘I am not crying, well sorry am crying it just tears of joy, you know am so happy you still alive’

tears of joy?’

‘yea’ I said as I sat down on the chair near him



‘am I gonna die’ he asked

I could not answer him

I do not have the heart to lie to him

Neither can I tell him the truth

I just kept quiet as tears flows freely from my eyes

‘so am gonna die then’ he said smiling

‘why are u smiling ‘ I said crying

‘i have no one here, I only have wealth that all, I am not afraid of death’ he said

‘how can you say you have no one What about grandma, she is outside crying, that poor woman already lost her son, should she lose her grandson too’ i paused for awhile before saying

‘what about me, will you leave me behind and go’ I asked

He looked at me and said ‘do I matter to you’

‘of course you do, you matter alot’

‘how?… How do I matter to you ‘

‘you matter because I love you, I love you a lot’

He stares at me and gave me a weak smile

‘why didn’t you say that earlier’ he asked

‘because I did not realise that before’ I answered

then I guess I have a reason to stay now’ he said

‘you not gonna leave me’ I said

‘I promise I won’t’ he said

Islowly moved close to him and kissed him while he also kissed me back The kiss was slow and passionate and this time there was so much love in it

He slowly broke the kiss and said ‘I love you too SOMIN, a lot’ ‘

I smiled as I looked in his eyes as my tears fellon his beautiful face

I slowly used my hand to clean it and he looked at me one more time before saying

‘ I love you so much ‘

I started hearing beep sounds from the life monitoring machine as jung woo slowly closed his eyes

‘what going on’ I said

I checked the monitor and the once zigzagged line turned to straight lines

‘jung, wake up What going on?’ I said as I started panicking

It was only a matter of time before the doctor and nurse walked inside and they pushed me aside…

‘somebody please tell me what going on’ I shouted

The defibrillator (a device that gives an electric shock to a person heart in order to make it beat normally again) was placed on his heart repeatedly but all to no avail

The nurses were holding me back and after some seconds the doctor gave up on him and his face was covered with the bed sheet

I felt like they just covered my entire life the way they covered his face

‘no, no, no, no, no’ he can’t be gone, he can’t be gone he told me he won’t leave he promised me ‘I said as I pushed the nurses away and ran towards him

jungle ‘I said as I romoved the sheet from his head’ you promised me, you told me you not going, you told me you have a reason to stay now, isn’t that what you said, how dare you think of leaving me and walking away, how dare you, jung woo please look at me, do not leave me please I beg of you, you told me you will stay then how in the world will you leave me you asshole, please, please just wake up and fight with me again, tease me like you use to but don’t be so cruel by leaving me alone, please come back ‘I said crying

‘ he is dead ‘caleb said as he tried to move me away

‘ don’t touch me jung is not dead, he is not dead, jung please come back ‘I said as I placed my head on his chest

I could not feel his heartbeat

Could he really be dead

‘ he is dead min, he is dead ‘mark said

I closed my eyes and started crying on his chest

‘ sir we have to take the body to the mortuary now ‘a nurse said

I tightened my grip on his chest and cried even more

How can he be dead

He is not dead

‘ SOMIN it enough let go ‘my brothers said

I refused to listen to them but I just cried my heart out on his chest

Jung please come back to me

I said

Immedietly I felt his heart beat again as the monitoring machine also started going beep again

I checked it and the straight lines were back to zigzagged

Immedietly a smile appeared on my face as I looked at jung woo

He slowly opened his eyes as I smiled at him

‘jung woo’ I called his name and this time around tears of joy flows down my eyes as I started

kissing him on the face before kissing him on the lips

‘you scared the poop out of me you know’ I said

‘he is alive’ everyone said ‘it a miracle’

. They were all shocked wondering how my jung is still alive

‘they thought you were dead but I know you can’t break your promise’ I said and he smiled

‘am sorry i scared you’

‘am happy you back to me’ I said

After a week jung had fully recovered and was discharged from the hospital

Now am pretty sure I will never leave his side for anything

The love grew stronger and stronger every second

We walked into the mansion and everywhere was so dark

We flicked the switch and immediately the light went on we saw grandma and my brothers tied down in the house

‘what the……’ before I could finish my statement I felt a very heavy hand on my Mouth and when jung turned to see who it was that grabbed me a gun was pointed at his head

‘hello baby’ jin hoo whispered in my ear

You jerk

How dare he

A lady walked down from the stairs

She is beautiful by the way

‘Julian’ jung woo said


I Am Not A Gay - Episode 8 Final

:heartpulse:SOMIN POV :heartpulse:

hey jung woo’ The Julian girl said as she walked towards him ‘I see you have a very pretty wife’

‘you are behind all this’ he said

‘well though, I was the one who framed you that day to tarnish your reputation, remember that night at the hotel, I was also the one who made your dear wife ex boyfriend come into your life and

destroy your marriage, i was the one who sent that video of your wife kissing him to you, I was the one who told your secretary to mix a substance in your coffee that made you very aggressive, i wonder what you did to your wife after drinking that coffee am sure you must have touched her in a way you haven’t before ‘she said laughing’ I made my research and I found out your marriage was fake and you do not even sleep on the same bed even though you sleep in the same room that why i decided to use you to teach her a little lesson for helping you and also used

that to ruin your so called marriage, and who do you think ran you over with that car…. Also me ‘ she said laughing

So jung didn’t do that on purpose

It was all this woman fault

But why did she do that

‘ but what did i do to deserve this, you were my friend ‘jung said

‘ what did you do, I went down on my knee and proposed to you years ago but you rejected me publicly, you said you weren’t interested in girls and marriage since then I was always bent on

destroyingyou and make you pay for rejecting me years ago, I am gonna kill you right here right now like I killed doctor barley for rejecting me’

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV :sunglasses:

Julian has always had mental issues

One thing I noticed about her and overlooked was the fact that her ex boyfriends always die after dating her

So she killed them because they did not want her.

. But I was her friend not her boyfriend

Now she wants me dead because I don’t like her

‘if you can’t be mine you won’t belong to anyone else but before you die I want you to see what will happen to your wife right in front of you… Jinhoo’

Jinhoo smiled and dragged SOMIN to the big dinning table.

The table was cleared as he forcefully placed SOMIN on it

‘Now see what happens’ Julian said

‘if you do anything to SOMIN I swear i will. Kill you, Jinhoo don’t you dare touch her’

Jinhoo smiled at me and pinned SOMIN to the table as he started kissing her while she tried to push him away but she couldn’t…

I grabbed the gun from the man pointing it at my head and shot Jinhoo with it on the arm

SOMIN quickly stood on her feet to run to me but Julian grabbed her by the hair pointing a gun at her

‘drop the gun and i let your darling wife live’ she said

‘let go of me’ SOMIN yelled

‘shut your fucking mouth or I will blow your brains out’ she said

SOMIN hit her on the nose with her elbow and she fell on the floor

She wanted to shoot SOMIN while lying on the floor but she was so quick that she kicked the gun off her hand

Other goons tried to attack me but I beat them up badly

SOMIN sat down on Julian tummy and started punching the hell out of her

‘that what you get for trying to kill my husband you bitch’ SOMIN shouted still punching her

‘SOMIN it enough’ I said as I pulled her away

Am sure Julian is between dead and alive by now…

We both hugged each other and i walked over to release my grandmother and her brothers and we all hugged each other

Poooooooooooommmmmmm that was the sound of the gun as it shot someone

‘noooooooooooooo’ I shouted as I picked up the gun and shot Juliana


3 years later

:sunglasses:JUNG WOO POV​:sunglasses:

‘it been years since you left us, and life had not been easy without you, I miss you a lot, I wish I could see you one more time, I guess there is nothing I can do, but I know and I am sure I will see you one day, I love you alot you sacrificed your life for me ‘ I said as tears rolled down my eyes

andI wiped it ‘I love you’ I said as I dropped flowers on the graveyard ‘I see you here again’ SOMIN said holding a flower and our 2 year old boy as she walked towards grandma grave

Grandma was the one Juliana shot years ago and Jinhoo SOMIN b.f is busy serving jail terms …

She sacrificed her life for me because the gun was targeted at me originally before she got in the way

‘I will always be grateful to you grandma, you are a real mother and I miss you alot, I really love you ma’ m ‘SOMIN said as she dropped the flower

‘ i don’t know you might have other girlfriends since you not romantic with me this days ‘ she said

‘and you seriously think I can look at another girl apart from you’ I said

‘well you might not find me sexy again since am already a mother’ she said

My hand slowly went under her thin night dress caressing her thighs in the process

‘tell me is there anyone sexier than you’ I asked…

I did not say that to make her feel happy

I said it cause it the truth

She looks more prettier and sexier than before…

Her butt and boobs are a bit bigger than before, her skin is very smooth and her face very pretty…

She smiled and slowly bent down to kiss me while she was still seated on my tummy…

She was as light as a feather so I could not really feel her weight on me……

And beside Damn weight I am enjoying this

I kissed her back as I placed my hand on her firm butt

You know what happened after that .

I just hope we are not making another little monster the present one never let me spend time with her…

What a selfish little boy


Written by Authoress LICIA TIFE

At the end if the day love blossoms and together they were able to overcome all odds together…

Sometimes the person you think you love might not be the right one for you

Sometimes prince charming might be in disguise