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My America Sister In-law (Episode 1)

Written by jasmine Precious

My name is Judith Bernard, my sister in-law, Linda Bernard, was my worst nightmare after she came back from America,my husband, Engineer Obi Bernard let her stay in our house.

One day, I and Linda were sitting in the living room and I called my daughter to bring my computer to me.

Sandy!!, Sandy, bring my computer to me, it’s in my room, Judith said.

Here it is ma, Sandy brought it to Judith. Thanks dear, Judith replied.

I didn’t want to disgrace you Infront of sandy, it’s Computer not computer like you said earlier,Linda said in an American accent.

Are you mad ni, in my own house, you are telling me which kind of English to speak, mtchew, Judith said to herself.

Ooh, yeah it’s computer, thanks for correcting me, Judith said to Linda with a fake smile on her face.

No prob…, Lind said as Obi interrupted.

My family,I am back, Obi said. Welcome dear, Judith said. So what were you women talking about in my absence, Obi replied. Nothing, I was just teaching your wife correct English, Linda said.

Really!!, Obi said looking suprised. I will be in my room, Judith said frowning. In your room, why, is it because I corrected you, Linda said as she rolls her eyes.

What are saying Linda?, Obi said. Don’t start blaming me oo, I was just asking a question which requires an answer, Linda said without hesitation.

What are you trying to say Linda, Obi!!, Obi!!, Please warn your sister very well, since you don’t have husband and you are coming to my home it disturb me, Judith said looking forward at Linda.

Judith!!!, How dare you say such a thing to my sister, what right do you have to say that to her?,en,said Obi angrily.

Ooh,when she was insulting me that time, I should keep quiet like dummy right, is that what you want me to do, Judith replied and goes.

You dare not walk out on me woman!!, Obi said. Uncle please, take this your wife to hospital, she needs it, Linda said. Shut up your mouth,see the person I was defending, Obi replied.


Are you serious?,Vivian,Linda friends said.Yeah,my brother was supporting me,he insulted his wife right Infront of me yesterday,I won’t rest until I break their home with Judith’s little secret, Linda replied.Of course you won’t,are you set for Amalias party tomorrow, Vivian said.

Ooh…., God, I forgot oo, I needed to tell Judith’s dirty secret to her herself, I want her to find out that I know everything about her life history, so I can’t make it tomorrow, Linda said. Okay, no problem but Amalia will be disappointed, Vivian replied.Dont worry,I will talk to her about it later,Linda said.

To be continued

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My America Sister In-law - Episode 2

Judith!!!, Come out oo, shameless woman, come out, Linda said shouting. What is wrong with you Linda?, why are you shouting?, Judith replied angrily.

Look at her,she is not even ashamed, stupid barren, Linda said. Are you mad, look me I am not okay, I will beat you here oo, I don’t care about who you are, I will beat you, Judith replied.

Look I know your secret, I know everything about you including what you have been hiding from brother, Linda said. What are you talking about?, Judith asked. I have not even told you and you are shivering, Linda replied.

(A moment of silence)

Anyways, I know that you were a prostitute when you were in Ambala campus located at Ibadan, you were known as JD that time, Linda said.

Howw… did you know?, Judith said. And due to many abortions you’ve been making since then, you were told that you can’t conceive because it’s a 50/50 chance you can and between me and you, I know that sandy is not really Obi’s child, I know she is your ex boyfriend child,Linda replied.

Linda!,please don’t expose me like this,I was suffering that time and I was introduced to that work,don’t ruin my home because of my past, please!! Linda, please!!!,Judith said sobbing.

Okay!! I won’t reveal your secret,Linda said. Thank you Linda, Judith replied. But in one condition,Linda said. Condition?, Which condition? ,Judith replied .Leave uncle Obi for me alone ,Linda said. What!!, Judith replied. . . TO BE CONTINUED

My America Sister In-law - Episode 3

En,this one is not ordinary oo, your sister in-law really wants to have Obi for herself, Angela, Judith friend said. Hmm, that’s how it happened oo, I am also shocked like you, I really don’t know what to do Angela,I should have told Obi the truth,I would have avoided this problems, Judith replied.

Judith don’t cry, you know that that the situation at that time was bad,don’t blame yourself, Angela said. Please Angela, I want to rest for a little time, I will call you back, Judith replied.

Ok no problem,just call me when you need anything okay, Angela said. Bye, Judith replied. God!!, Please why all this problems in my life, no!!, I need to fight the battle my self, Linda won’t succeed in what she is doing, Judith said.

Really?,and she accepted, Amalia said. Hmm, not really but i will show her!!,she was really afraid and I am very sure that she will do exactly what I tell her to do, I will be the one controlling her like computer, Linda said.

Wow!, Linda, you are really good in doing stuffs like this oo, Amalia said. What can I say,uncle Obi is only for me and will forever be for me,Linda replied. I know,but are you sure uncle will leave his wife for you, Amalia said.

That’s not really a problem for me,I know exactly what I will do, Linda said. Okay, anyways I have some things to do, call you back later, Amalia replied.

Ok bye, Linda said. I should get ready to go to Baba Ezedibia tomorrow,Linda said to herself.Really?,you were supporting your sister instead of your wife and you expect her or talk to you, assuming i was Judith, I won’t even make breakfast for you today, Dele, one of Obi’s friend said.

Aa aa, Obi exclaimed. I am speaking the truth, you better settle things with your wife immediately, Dele replied. No problem, Obi said. . . . TO BE CONTINUED

My America Sister In-law - Episode 4 Final

Look, have you made your decision yet, Linda said. Yes I have, Judith replied. So what will it be?, Linda said. I have given up, I will leave as soon as I am done with my business trip, Judith replied.

Ohh, I am quite surprised,so you really didn’t live Obi, Linda said. Please can you stop, I told I will leave, I have accepted, what else do you want?, Judith replied. Mtchew, Linda said.

Wait oo, is this girl tricking me or not?, I hope she is not up to something, Linda added. I know what must be thinking but trust me,I have given up but why do you want to date your own brother, Judith said. Brother?, Linda laughed.

Is Obi not your brother, Judith replied. Let forget about that aspect for now, Linda said. Why should we?, I can’t believe this?, Obi appeared.

Uncle Obi, what are you doing here, I thought you went for a business trip, wait, Judith, you tricked me,Linda said. Are you still blaming Judith?, Obi said.

Uncle Obi,do you know the disgusting thing your wife did?, Let me tell you,Linda replied. SSH, I don’t need your broadcasting,I know everything,now, I just need you to answer this question, why are we not the same blood?, Who are you, Obi said angrily.

Well…, I…I …, I am Cynthia, Linda’s lookalike, I killed Linda in America and I came back for wealth from you guys, Cynthia murderer, you killed my only sister,how dare you?,Obi sobbed.

Don’t cry again please Obi,Police, please arrest this girl,Judith said. . .


Written by jasmine Precious