My Brother’s Wife 18+ (Complete Story)



Written by Temi Akintade

My Brother’s Wife (Episode 1)

I have always thought that everyone in life will be happy about your success especially when they are your family members at least that was what I told Chinomso the last time I visited him after our NYSC in Nekede.

I had told him, “Bia, why is it that you always like praying all these fall down and die prayers? All these prayers that have to do with foundational and generational powers? See as long as you are born again and you have the life of Christ in you, no one can do you any harm. What is yours will come to you, my brother”

He laughed so much that I got irritated. I felt like slapping his hairy chest. Chinomso was very hairy. Sometimes we made jest of him and called him, monkey or fair goat. He would always laugh at our stale jokes.

“Right from the days of John the Baptist the kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violence can take it by force! This world is 100 percent spiritual than physical.” He said.

I threw my big head back in laughter. I was tired of hearing Chinomso’s preaching. He wasn’t a pastor yet he knew almost all the scriptures in the Bible. “But upon all the prayers you have been praying. You are still a primary school teacher in a local village earning fifteen thousand naira as salary. Don’t you think it’s time for you to quit all these wrong prayers?”

“Ekwere. I know where I am coming from. So if I am still at this level with these prayers of mine, then that means I’m making progress. Haven’t you heard this scripture that says the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much? I’m 37 with nothing tangible to show for it. My elder brother is worse than me. No job, no skill, unmarried, still in their father’s house! So I am the only one making tangible progress. So I need to break this terrible family pattern of the male children becoming nonentities.” He concluded.

I ignored him and left him to his life. Besides, I didn’t like associating with those who made Christianity boring. Life wasn’t as serious the way Chinomso painted it to be.

5 months after NYSC, I moved to live with my elder brother and his wife who lived in Port Harcourt. Then I finally got a job in a private company that deals with the manufacturing of sneakers for adults and kids. I became the creative director in no time as a result of my graphic designing skill. In each of our meetings with the CEO, I always contributed something new to the development of the company. It didn’t take long before my boss took a liking to me. One day, during lunch break, he called me to his office.

“Ekwere you have shown signs of seriousness and great organization. With this, the company has agreed to replicate you to our new branch in the UK and you will not just be our creative director, but a branch manager with mouth-watering benefits in addition.” He grinned.

I was dazed. I couldn’t believe my ears. With just a few months after youth service? God is indeed faithful to me. That evening when I got home, I picked my phone to call Chinomso.

“What God cannot do doesn’t exist my brother. We need to chill out over a bottle of beer soon oo!” Then I told him about my Boss’s offer and that my Visa documents were getting prepared at the moment.

“I am happy for you! I also got promoted to the position of a Head Teacher in the primary section.” His excitement was almost contagious but I felt there was nothing to be excited about his promotion. Then I ended the call.

I will now later tell my elder brother’s wife who will now tell me; “You cannot go to obodo Oyinbo before your elder brother.” Her eyes stayed on the TV. We were both watching The Johnsons.

I stared at her fake lashes, wishing that I could pull them off and stick them on her head instead of where she lacked real hair. “Why? If I go abroad, I can tell you, people, to come and stay with me. Before you know it, you people will become UK citizens.” I grinned as if it was that easy to get citizenship abroad.

She chuckled and we both spent the rest of the evening in silence and the day after that, and months after that.

Soon it was time for me to go for my Visa interview. As soon as I sat in front of my interviewer, he shouted at me. “Stand up and get out! You criminal!”

“Sorry excuse me? My name is Ekwere Ejimadu and I am here for the visa interview.” I adjusted my black bow. I had worked hard the previous night. Rehearsing what I would say to the interviewer.

“I know, I said get out! You cannot travel out because you are a criminal.”

Before I knew it, I was thrown out of the embassy like a dog. And by the time I got to the office, my report had already gotten to the office. My boss threw my criminal record file at me.

“This cannot be me!” My heart broke when I saw my criminal record. It said that I was an ex-convict haven stolen my former boss’s money.

“Then who’s name and biodata are that?” My boss’s voice was stern this time.

“One Ekwere Ejimadu not me. I have never seen the four walls of the prison before and I have never worked for anyone. You are my first boss since NYSC.” Tears fell freely from my eyes wetting my black suit.

My boss didn’t believe me. He terminated my appointment and I was thrown out. I was still sulking and thinking about my life when my elder brother told me after a month that I needed to leave his house because his wife was expecting a baby soon.

I was thrown out and I had to sell my android phone to get a new apartment and start an online graphic designing business. I was good at the art but only a few customers patronized me. It was now at this stage that I began to search for Chinomso’s number but I recalled that I lost his contact, the moment I sold my other android phone. I tried to reach him at his former place of work but no one knew his whereabouts.

To be continued…

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My Brother’s Wife - Episode 2

I was still thinking about my life and how fast it had crumbled when my phone rang. At first, I thought that the unknown number would be Chinomso calling. Maybe he just decided to call. But my excitement dropped as quickly as my body temperature when under a sweltering sun. It was Nuru. He was one of those guys we did NYSC with. I didn’t know why he was calling but his call was the least I expected at that moment.

“You don’t sound fine what is wrong?” His rough voice on the other end suggested that life had also been cruel to him but I didn’t ask. I had enough on my plate at the moment.

I explained my situation to him. “And right now. When my rent expires, I will have nowhere to live and nothing to fall back on. I have even tried searching for jobs. You know your guy now, I am not lazy. But not even a single work did I get.” I yawned and took a short glance at my pale stomach. I was on a compulsory fast. I had not eaten for twenty-four hours now.

“I know you are not lazy. I still remember how we use to go to a construction site to work a day’s job. Meanwhile how come a criminal record bearing your name and details, be manufactured so fast?” He asked.

I told him I didn’t know. Later he told me to come down to Abuja in search of greener pastures. Nuru owned a bathing saloon at the university area in Abuja according to him.

A few months later, when my rent was already expired, I began to prepare for Abuja. I got to a place called gwagwalada late at night and Nuru came to pick me.

Nuru lived in a one-room apartment close to the Uni-Abuja university campus while owned a uni-sex saloon. It was a huge one and I felt that he was doing well for himself. I began my job hunt for few more months in Abuja all to no avail when finally, Nuru asked me to come and learn the barbing skill. I learned how to barb within a month and before I knew it, I became a good barber that almost every student wanted to barb under. Months passed by and soon it was a year and six months since I came to Abuja.

One night when it was raining real badly in Gwagwalada while I was in the sitting room sleeping, thinking about my next move. Then suddenly I heard Kauna’s scream. Kauna was Nuru’s wife, and she use to be one of the many girls I had conquest with during NYSC.

The noise became a bit loud and I suspected that somehow, the quarrel had to do with me because Kauna hasn’t been treating me well ever since I arrived. She once told me that she was the cause of my predicament because she aborted a child she had for me. But I didn’t believe it and even if I did, I apologized. I told her that I was young and naive. She told me that, the abortion she did affected her womb and that is why she has not given birth to any child for Nuru.

“Your friend made me barren and he has been making sexual advances at me ever since he came here.” She said.

My breath caught. I froze on hearing that statement. I was still trying to contemplate what Kauna was saying when the door to their room opened. I flew from the sofa. Nuru charged at me.

“I took you as my fliend and you are now biting me in the back? Leabe my house!” A tiny fleck of his spittle flew across my wide nose and thick lips.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about! Nuru please try-” Whatever hit me across the face pushed me on the floor.

Nuru began to beat me and I let him beat me not because I wasn’t broader than him but because I was trying to reason with him. Soon, I found myself clad in my three-quarter trouser, and under the cold with my clothes lying helplessly in a small ghana-must-go sack.

I stayed around Nuru’s house for that night and when it was daybreak, I went to the barbing saloon but Nuru threw me out like I was a dog. Tired of begging, and struggling not to cry, I was about turning to leave when I heard my name.

“Nwokem! Ekwere!!!”

The voice sounded familiar only that the voice sounded thicker. Normally Chinomso was the only one who- wait oo! I turned and our eyes met!

I recognized his small brown eyes and pointed nose only that he had grown bigger and with beards hanging shamelessly around his jaw unlike me who had a beardless jaw.

“Chinomso! Is this you?”

To be continued…

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My Brother’s Wife - Episode 3

I cried until there were no more tears in my tear gland at least that was what I thought. I was calmly seated on a plush sofa in a nicely furnished sitting room. The air conditioner was enough to reset my brain into my ‘comfort zone. Chinomso and I were seated in his cozy sitting room in his mini-mansion located somewhere in Asokoro. Never in my life have I seen houses and roads look so beautiful. I almost thought that I was in heaven when we entered Chinomso’s estate where he bought a mini-mansion.

As I watched him shake his well-shaved head at my story, my mind began to recollect the details of a few hours ago. Chinomso had come to the university to see one of his friends who was a lecturer then according to him, he felt the Holy Spirit leading him to the barber’s shop opposite the university gate where he met me. I was so overjoyed that I told him to please help me thank the Holy Spirit because I was so sure that meeting him would change my life within seconds.

It was later when Chinomso’s wife served us dinner of boiled yam with hot pepper soup and catfish that he began to tell me of how his life changed few months after we left NYSC.

“Changed how? You were a broke primary school teacher so how did you become a multi-billionaire?” I was confused.

He began to laugh and the slight bulge of his tummy jerked alongside.

“Why are you laughing? It’s not funny. Please tell me the rituals you did because the ritual is working well. You have become a very wealthy man and even got a to run a beauty to crown the prize. Haba Nwokem, coolval stories tell me the kind of ritual you did. Is it the one that involves killing your mother?” I asked.

He chuckled. “Ekwere. All these things you are seeing are results of my consistent relationship with God and prayers. I told you that there was an evil family pattern in my family that involved men been dry and stagnant. God helped me to break the time and by so doing, he has helped me to deliver my brothers as well. All of them are okay and married now. And my mother is well and alive. She is in Germany with one of our brothers doing Omugo.” He concluded.

I washed my hands in the wash-hand basin in the dining section. I could no longer eat. How could a person’s relationship with God prosper him so much? “But Christians are very poor. My elder brother. The one who I stayed with in Port Harcourt was a deacon in the church but he was not wealthy. I can name a lot of them who are Christians and very poor. I am very sure you did rituals.”

“I didn’t do any rituals. My God is my witness. See after my prayers one afternoon after crying to God to open my eyes to see who he has created me to be, he showed me myself in a dream. I was telling a man that I sell shoes. That he should come and buy. And while I was selling those shoes, I became so wealthy that I built mansions, and did so many things.” He paused to drink water. Then he rinsed his hands and continued. “After waking up from that dream, I asked God to show me who if I should start selling shoes or making them.” He didn’t show me until one of our teachers came with to offer me a piece of advice to start selling shoes as a side hustle. So I asked God again, can I start this side hustle now? To my amazement, I saw very clearly in the dream, God told me to go to Kano and strike a deal with a man that he would show me. That the man should be supplying me with Italian shoes. So I asked God, I don’t have a shop how do I start? He said I should start with what was in my hand.”

I was perplexed. I found the ways of God strange and besides, the way Chinomso kept explaining his encounters made me feel like I didn’t know my creator. Nevertheless, I was interested in the dream “So what was in your hand?”

“My Infinix android. Immediately when I woke up, I had an idea of starting a business online and creating a business page on Instagram and Facebook. So I traveled to Kano but I didn’t leave my job until my business began to expand and then God told me to replicate to Abuja. That was where God connected me to a man who lived in Italy. He would send me Italian shoes at low prices, while I increase the price here. Before I knew it, God helped me to open three shops in the heart of Abuja and two shops in the heart of Lagos state.”

“Wait so you mean you sell shoes? Only shoes?” I scoffed. I found that so impossible even when I went to sleep I kept dreaming about all that he had told me.

The next morning, Chinomso gave me an envelope I grinned at seeing it. My heart skipped a bit when I opened the envelope. I thought that it was a cheque but what I saw got me angry. It was a letter addressed to me.

Dear Ekwere this is the greatest gift I can give to you. John 3:16. After this, spend time with God in prayer and in studying his words. Ensure you love him genuinely.

“Chinomso are you okay? You are wealthy and all you can give me is a piece of paper? Not even ten thousand naira? Bia Nwokem, are you alright? Who told you that I am not even a Christian?” I felt like punching his oily face like that of a newborn.

I will make it. With or without Chinomso and I will deal with him!

To be continued…

My Brother’s Wife - Episode 4

It’s been 4 weeks since Chinomso gave me the unfortunate letter. And even though the letter was currently lying on my bedside stool, I didn’t spare it a glance. I rose from my new 4 inches sized bed and stood at the window.

Chinomso’s mini-mansion was in view. There were few but shady trees in the compound. The mango trees produced lush yellow fruit and the frangipani trees that lashed against the window panes when it rained. Every morning, I would watch the gardener trim the hibiscus flowers and the other yellow flowers which Chinomso called tulip. While the house helps Chinemerem the sixteen-year-old boy they just brought from Aba last month would sweep the large compound clean until there were no traces of green and yellow leaves.

That was the way Chinomso swept me up with his offer. He offered me a one-bedroom apartment in one of his boys’ quarters plus the benefit of eating three square meals a day. While I took out time to work out my salvation according to him. I took up his offer because I was stranded and needed a place to stay.

That morning, I was on a fast. I had gone to the church beside the house since it was a deliverance church for them to conduct deep deliverance for me. It was during the deliverance session that one of the pastors told me that he saw me in a revelation, a light-skinned woman was laying a curse on me. Immediately, my mind traveled back to my elder brother’s wife. She was the only person who was light-skinned. Nuru’s wife was dark-skinned.

I moved away from the window and sat on the bed. I opened the Bible, and my prayer point booklet fell. I picked it and glanced through the list. It was an endless list of prayer points but I was tired of praying the prayers it was more like I was firing bullets but the person is not even affected. Just last month, I heard that my brother’s wife recently bought a Toyota matrix for herself.

‘My enemy is supposed to be dead or suffering not alive and feeding fat!” I poured out my frustrations one night to Chinomso and his wife.

“Who told you she is your enemy?”

I became confused.

“See let me offer you a bit of advice. Pray with no one in mind. However, have a specific prayer point in mind. Be focused and finally pray the prayer of mercy even if you do not have any more prayers to pray.” He said.

That night, I started with the prayers of mercy. It was boring at first, then I opened my eyes only to realize that I had fallen asleep while praying. So it was morning. I didn’t lose focus. I continued to push through the fast until I was done.

“I thought that something would happen,” I told Chinomso when we went to one of his shops in Gwarimpa.

“Something as how?” He greeted one of the customers who came to buy fifteen pairs of shoes. I wondered if it was still one person who would wear fifteen pairs of shoes all at the same time. Ah! I concluded that rich people were extravagant and wicked.

“I was thinking that God will show me a vision as you had. I saw and heard nothing.” I was officially fed up.

He laughed. “God may not show you immediately. It may take seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years.”

I was discouraged but I didn’t let it show. I even suggested to him to let me manage one of his shops but he had told me that the Holy Spirit told him not to give me anything but his word. It sounded offensive at first but later, I left him and his Holy Spirit.

I got a sales boy job at a super-store close to the house where I was paid twenty thousand naira per month. The store owner was a kind man, haven understood my situation, he makes me the supervisor even though my salary stayed at that amount. I worked as a supervisor until November that year. I suddenly became tired and desperate about my condition so I resigned from the job.

On the night I resigned, I knelt beside my bed with tears rolling down my flat cheeks. I wanted God to show me what Chinomso saw in the Bible that made him rich. My Bible was placed in front of me and so I cried out to God to show me the way else, my last option would be to do rituals and I wouldn’t mind using my brother’s wife since my mother was dead.

I didn’t see anything…

Finally, I opened my Bible and the first place I saw was the scriptures that say, Jesus Christ, became poor so that we will be rich in him. I thought I was dreaming. If Jesus Christ became poor for me then I am not supposed to be poor. I jumped to my feet, excited about this truth then I wrote it down. Each day I began to confess this new truth to myself loudly such that Chinemerem would think that I was crazy.

One afternoon, I was reading through my Bible since I had nothing to do when I came across John 3:16. I stopped and read through the scripture again. Why would God give us his only begotten son to die for my sins? If God loved me that much even when I was a sinner, why shouldn’t I love him back? Tears filled my eyes.

All my life I haven’t been shown the right kind of love. Or at least, God’s kind of love except for Chinomso. Chinomso loved me even though I was ignorant of the God we were serving. He loved me even when I insulted him and accused him of being a ritualist. Somehow, that broke me and I began to cry. I begged for God to forgive me that night and I asked him to become my saviour and friend again.

After that night, it was as though my life changed. I studied the King James Bible that Chinomso got me, and I began to pray target specific prayers. Prayer points that God gives to me.

One night, after reading the story of Jabez from the Bible, I got on my knees and began to ask God to change my story! “Powers from my father’s and mother’s house that does not want my story to change let them die! In the name of Jesus Christ. I prayed that single prayer until I fell asleep then I had a dream. And in the dream, I was given a key.

When I told Chinomso about the dream the following day, I asked him if God was telling me to go and sell key holders or go into key production.

“No now. I think that is the key to your breakthrough. The breakthrough you have been looking for.”

I now understood.

It was in the fifth month of the third year since I started living at Chinomso’s house when suddenly, Chinomerem the house help opened my eyes to a business idea.

“Uncle, I thought you know how to barb hair. Why don’t you start one from home here?”

My head clicked. I use to be the best barber at Nuru’s shop. And so, I bought the idea and told Chinomso about it. He supported me and gave me a go-ahead. By early June, everything I needed to begin a new venture was ready. My clipper, banner, and some hair treatment. Chinomso began to refer his customers to me and I began my business. Others from the neighborhood also began to come around.

After several months of barbing, I had a dream and in that dream, someone told me, “Why don’t you learn how to plait braids?”

I told Chinomso about the dream and he advised me to dedicate some hours in a day to learn it. I enrolled to learn in a nearby shop. At first, my new madam was surprised that a full-grown man like me wanted to learn how to plait hair. I stayed with her learning how to wash and relax, fix and plait as well. I also learned manicures and pedicures and within 6 months

I became a name in the community. Then one night I had another dream.

To be continued…

My Brother’s Wife - Episode 5 Final

“Apply for a US Visa.”

I didn’t even bother telling Chinomso about this dream. Because how do I even begin? Apply for a US Visa? I was expecting a business idea or plan like that of my friend. Why was my case different? Why would God tell me to do something bigger than my imagination? No one in my family has ever gone abroad and besides, I didn’t want a repeat of what happened the other time. I would simply stay in Nigeria and open a uni-sex saloon. Besides I was certain that I would make it.

The dream came again and again, but I ignored it. After all, he once heard that the devil and even the flesh tend to manufacture dreams.

One cool evening in August, Chinomso came for a haircut and he gave me the shocking news.

“God has told me to tell you that you have a small mind. That how can he use you if you cannot think big?”

I turned off the clipper and sat on a wooden stool facing him. I gave a short laugh. “Why will God want to use me? I cannot be a pastor nau! I am a barber and a soon-to-be hairstylist.”

“You don’t have to be a pastor for God to use you. You can be a businessman like me or a career person. He wants to use his children Ekwere. Try to work on your mind because I am sure God is bringing something big your way otherwise he wouldn’t have told me about your small mind.”

I paused and my mind flipped back to the dreams I have been having. “When you talked about something big, I remembered that someone has been telling me to apply for a US Visa. This is the second month since the persistent dreams. I don’t think it is from God.”

He turned sharply in his chair. He was furious.

“Ekwere are you okay? Don’t you know that one of the ways to confirm if God is instructing you is when what he is telling you to do, seems too big or too impossible to achieve humanly speaking? If I were you, I would apply for the visa.”

I rose from the stool. “But you know what happened the last time I went for a visa interview. I was thrown out and almost locked in prison! I can’t afford to go through that phase again.”

“Then it means you have allowed your fear to win!”

I frowned. What did he mean by allowing my fear to win? “If you were in my shoes would you go?”

“Yes! And yes again! I will go as long as God has given me a backing!”

The rest of the bathing was done in silence as he refused to speak with me until I did what I was told to do in my dream.

Finally, I took the bold step that Esther took. If I perish, I perish. I applied for the visa and was told to come for an interview on the second week of the following month.

Fortunately, the day clashed with the day I was supposed to do my freedom from where I learned hairstyling. I went for my freedom first, then went for the Visa interview. It was then that I met a white woman with scanty brown hair. She had thin lips and thin eyebrows. I concluded that she must be wicked. But the reverse was the case when she threw on a smile and the interview went well. I was told to wait for a few hours after which my fate will be decided.

Finally, when I saw the look on the white woman’s face, I realized that something was going on.

“Congratulations Ekwere!” That was all she said before I started dancing.

I couldn’t wait to break the news to Chinomso and his wife but I was scared that what happened in Port Harcourt would happen again. But I still told him. He told me how excited he was. He also me to secure accommodation with one of his friends until I was stable.

I closed my business here in Nigeria and didn’t even tell my elder brother that I was leaving.

We boarded the plane and while we were comfortably seated, awaiting the pilot, a young white lady turned towards me.

“Are you Nigerian?” She asked.

I studied her soft feminine features. Her thick brow, thick pink lips, and completely light-skinned. I glanced at her silky long hair and for some seconds I wished that I could run my long fingers through her black hair to have a feel of it.

“Hello? I asked if you were Nigerian or South American?” She waved her slender hand across my face.

I drifted out of my reverie. “I’m sorry. I am Nigerian why do you ask?”

“Because you do not look too dark like most Africans!”

I became offended. “Not all Africans are dark.” I snapped.

“I don’t mean that- forgive me! I only meant to say that you are light-skinned than most people I have met. For instance, most of my relatives in Nekede are light-skinned! And I find that awesome! Dark-skinned is great too though but I never thought-” she continued.

I was lost in her last statement. What does she mean by relatives? Was she a half-bred like they were mostly called?

“Kedu?” I spoke in full Igbo now.

“Odinma.” She grinned. “I’m half Nigerian, half American. I’m Sara but you can call me Ijeoma.” She laughed.

Now she had my attention and we didn’t waste time bonding throughout the flight period. Ijeoma gave me her contact address while I gave her my email address since I didn’t have a cell phone number yet. Chinomso’s friend Ebube was waiting for me at the reception.

Then he took me to his home where I stayed for 3 months until I established my unisex saloon.

I was based in New York City and sales were great. Initially, I had thought that I would have experienced racial discrimination but I didn’t. Everyone loved me including the Americans.

Soon, I was able to buy two stores in my name and named them, ‘God’s Best’. If you are indeed

Within a year, I got two other stores in America and got more people working for me. Then God told me to go into real estate which I did. I bought my own house and was able to propose to my white ibo lady Ijeoma.

It was while we were preparing for our wedding that I got a call from an unknown number. It turned out to be my elder brother’s wife.

“My in-law. It’s me your elder brother’s wife.” I froze! How did she get my number?


“We thank God. I heard you were getting married. And I was like you didn’t tell me.”

I wanted to yell at her but something in my spirit calmed me. “What do you want?”

There was a brief silence.

“The guilt has been eating me up like your brother’s corpse in the mortuary. A few years ago when you told me that you supposed to travel with your boss and all of that. I didn’t want you to go because you were my husband’s younger brother.” Her voice shook.

I shook my head. I was supposed to end the call but somehow, I didn’t. “That was ten years ago. And I want to thank you for stopping me.”

“What? Look Ekwere I’m so sorry. I was just jealous and I wanted your brother to be ahead first then he can lift you not the other way round. You didn’t even come for your brother’s burial or talk about catering for his children.”

I released a small laugh. “You wanted to stop me but thank God you stopped me from having a short life without Jesus. Now I have an abundant and satisfying life. I sent you two million naira for you and the children’s upkeep. I will keep catering for the children from here. But please my one advice for you is, give your life to Christ because in him, are endless possibilities.” I ended the call.

I briefed Chinomso on the night of my bachelor’s eve. It was supposed to be a retreat night between me, God, and Chinomso. That night I presented a house as a gift to Chinomso. And he said,

“It pays to win a soul for Christ.”