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Written by Onomi aka princess Joanna​:writing_hand:

My Neighbor’s Wife (Episode 1)

Its was on a Sunny day, the sun was so hot that I was sweating all over my body, After packing all my furniture and the little items I had in my apartment to a new one.

Moving to a new apartment can be so exciting but stressful, I was staying at a Bed sitter ,its like a one room ,bathroom and kitchen as a bachelor for 3 years now. I felt I needed a change of place and since I might love to get married next year, i rented a two bedroom apartment.

Its was at a very nice area, light and water is steady ,the type of place I like, its not rowdy, just four tenant including my self, Two upstairs and two downstairs. Its very close to my place of work. Transport expenses will reduce.

I started parking my things into Tunde’s car. Tunde is like a brother to me, We attended the same primary school , secondary school and still same University but his loves for women is something else, he is cute and he got the money so they love him too.

I and Tunde works at the same Oil firm too but since he went to study more courses Aboard, his pay is higher than mine but he still got my back.

After moving all my stuff into his car, I went to see Baba Ayo to tell him, I am leaving. Baba Ayo is a very nice man, its difficult to see a good landlord this days. Even when my rent is due and I don’t have enough money to pay up, he will still be patient with me and pray for me to get married and move to a better and big apartment. We have never had any argument before neither have I seen him quarrelling with Tenants.

He likes his compound clean and well taking care of. …I even barely have time to stay at home because of work, unless am on leave , you know man must hustle.

Baba I am leaving now, I said to him. Baba was lying down outside his corridor listening to his favorite station on radio.

My son. …go well. My you find favor where ever you go to. May you spouse located you not the Queeneth who like money , can’t Cook or do house chores. Don’t marry her oh…he screamed !

I wonder if his was praying or advising me,I boost in Laughter, no baba I won’t oh…

Better oh, she is looking for husband and does no have respect, don’t let her know where you are staying oh…if i hear you want to marry her I will come and put asunder oh….

Bayo ….Bayo… Bayo … Baba called me How many times did I call you. … Three times baba. … Shared on whatsapp by Martino. Be a good boy oh,don’t join bad gang oh, don’t sleep with somebody’s wife oh, desist for every form of evil oh…see all the small small boys driving big cars, don’t follow them oh….

What do they call them nowadays…he asked Yahoo boys baba Eehen. ….yes you’re right your time will come oh. God will make everything perfect in his own time oh… Shoo gbo. …(Did you hear )

Don’t forget to visit anytime you are free, don’t wait for me to call you first oh. Greet your mother for me oh…

Oh Your father should have seen the fine boy you have become. …Baba boost into tears. Baba Ayo and my dad were close friends.

Its ok…Baba don’t cry I won’t disappoint you. Ok my son. Where is Tunde??is he hiding from me… I am here baba Tunde answered.

Tunde please take care of him oh…don’t spoil oh because I know you too like women.

Tunde smiled. Don’t smile, you know what I am taking about…,always pay me a visit both of you. You both will be great and excel. Lagbara Olorun (by the power of God)

If there is any problem and you need someone to confide in, I am always here for you. Shogbo (you here )

Thank you baba we both bow down to greet him and left.

We drove to the new apartment and start parking in out my things and to arrange it in the apartment .

As we were arranging, since my place was the second flat upstairs, its wasn’t easy carrying load and climbing the stair case, that day I knew. Tunde and my new neighbor downstairs was really helpful. They made the work faster and easier. I was so tried but happy.

Guy make we ask your nearest neighbor for water na , I am so thirsty oh…

Wasiu has left already, I for ask am, why you no talk on time , how I go just go knock person door like that. …I said to Tunde.

Ok let’s go together, shy shy boy. We came closed to their gate, Tunde heard some noises from their bed room since it was close to the Entrance. .

E be like say the people they shag oh, let’s go out to buy water. I whispered to Tunde

He didn’t listen to me and he knocked . Nobody answer… He knocked again…

Am coming, it was a male voice. I noticed he peeped through the window before answering us.

After a while He came out. Good afternoon sir We greeted him I am your new neighbor, sorry to bother you , please my friend is thirsty ,please we need drinking water, don’t know if you can help us.

Ok baby baby…he called his wife. Am coming dear. She came out and didn’t show her face, maybe she was dressing up.

He whispered into her ears and they both went inside.

Don’t worry she will get you some bottle water, he said before entering their apartment.

After sometime she came out with the water. …

We were both shocked when we saw her and we both screamed. …


She was so surprise to see us and told us not to shout her name by making a sign.

I began to wonder what was going on.

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My Neighbor’s Wife - Episode 2

Written by Onomi aka Princess Joanna :writing_hand:

What is it? ?? Oh you’re pretending you don’t know us now abi?? Tunde said.

No he doesn’t know me as Amaka, she whispers What are you two doing here. … Don’t tell me, you’re the neighbors my husband friend was talking about? ??she asked.

HUSBAND FRIEND !! Both of us, screamed.

Yes he is, Do you guys know him? ? She asked

Hmm ,but thought I heard you two shagging some minutes ago. … Tunde said

No there is nothing like that she said, he just came to check up on me, she said.

We both knew she was lying. … Honey what are you still outside? ? Her husband friend screamed from inside.

Hmm he even calls you Honey…Amaka you never change oh…Tunde said …

Abeg let’s go, we have gotten the water we came here for, Akporo…… Bayo said to Tunde.

Bayo is your new neighbor not me …Tunde said to Amaka.

See you guys later. … coolval stories she said

We both left and entered my Apartment , Tunde couldn’t stop taking about Amaka.

Amaka was our friend and hostel mate from university days also my first babe on campus ,she was so beautiful and innocent looking back then. I remember when she just moved in the our hostel since we stayed off campus. She was fare in complexion, pink lips, curvy hips and straight legs, the things most men wont take their eyes off.

I thought she really like me and had eyes for me only me, I was the first person to sight her struggling to carry her stuff through the hostel gate. I didn’t even look at her well at first since my i had the mind to help her.

I assisted her carrying the stuff in the room,I never knew she had painted the room the previous week and met Tunde. I kept thinking I was the one who met her first.

We parked in all her stuff and i arranged them with her, all this while she couldn’t stop starring at my sweaty body and broad chest, I didn’t even notice. After settling in that day, she came to visit me in my room the next day ,with a food flask in her hand.

I brought some food for you, thanks for helping me yesterday ,She said I was so excited because i had no food and money that week, you how things can be tough during exam period and I didn’t want to worry my mum, she had other responsibility to take care of.

Thank so much, its as of you knew I haven’t eaten that today. …God bless you.

Amen, she smiled… I quickly opened the food flask and started eating immediately. Amaka was really a Good Cook.

You’re are really hungry from the way you were eating the food, you no even form at all , she said.

Yes I am really hungry thank you for saving my life. …

You’re welcome ,she said

From that day we became good friends, She would cook delicious food for me and she takes Good care of me.

I started falling in love with her. Most guys in our hostel became jealous of me but I didn’t care.

Until one day we had a party in the hostel, it was someone’s birthday in our hostel that day, after the party we were both drunk. .I kissed her and its seems she wanted more.

I was scared because it was my first been with a woman, I didn’t even know what to do. Tunde has said a lot of things about how to have sex with a woman severally but I never paid any attention too him, since he is a badoo when it comes to women and I was only a virgin.

She guided me on what to do, when I told her i was virgin and hasn’t done it before, she taught I was Joking at first but later believed when the show started.

We had great sex that night. Amaka is indeed a pro, me am still a learner. I fell for her charms more and more. We started hanging out as boyfriend and girlfriend but I was worried because she never told me she loved me even after confessing my love too her.

I forget to introduce her to Tunde because he was rarely around, he is a very busy person but I told Amaka about him and she hoped she will see him someday.

We had finished writing our exams and I planned to go back home in two days time ,since I have to spend a little time with my babe and it was our first time we might not see each other for some months because we stayed in different cities. Then Tunde called me to tell he will be coming to my place that night, that his hostel pumping machine is faulty and he needs water to bath and all. I agreed.

I told Amaka that my best friend and brother is coming to spend the night, and gave her some money to prepare something nice.

Later that evening Tunde came and as he enter my room, he saw my babe lying down with her head on my lap we were watching a movie.

Amaka !!! Tunde screamed. Wait oh Bayo na the babe when you dey tell me be this? ??

Yes she is the one, Do you two know each other? ??

Hmmm Amaka my new girlfriend on campus, I met her the day she came to paint her room in your hostel. …Tunde said.

Amaka really, he is saying the truth ??? I asked her

She was already uncomfortable , she was trying to run out of the room when Tunde held her. …

Leave me alone !!! she screamed How am I suppose to know both of you are brothers? ???

She left the room I and Tunde was so quiet for a long time.

So we have been sleeping with the same girl all this while ?? Tunde said breaking the silence.

I don’t care , She is mine not yours. .I said

To be continued. …

My Neighbor’s Wife - Episode 3

Written by Onomi aka princess Joanna​:writing_hand:

Guy think well na? ? She was dating two men at the same time…Tunde said.

Tunde why are you like this you always steal the girl I like every time, now I have found someone that really love me, the same thing happened.

Ooh so you think she loves you and she was shagging another guy, wait oh …Bayo what are insinuating? ?? That I always steal your girl?? Which girl have I stolen from from you? ?

You stole Tope from me, or have you forgotten??

Which Tope my cousin? ?? Abi you don high??

Tope was your cousin but you never told me…

You never asked, so you were liking her and didn’t say anything, well she just likes to hang around with me since I am her favorite cousin. …

Ok oh…but leave Amaka for me, we can’t be fighting over one girl na…

Hmm Bayo, shine your eyes, That guy Sean in the next flat is having sex with her too…she never liked you my brother. …no fall my hand.

Its not true …” I don’t believe you, she loves me, she is the only woman that has made me feel like this after a long time. …apart from Maami , you know.

Sorry to Burn your cable, wise up Bro, check her phone. I came to pass the night at your hostel to confirm the text, I saw on her phone, plus messages, not knowing she was the same person you have been telling me about. …

I picked her phone ,she was charging it in my house and since she ran out she forget it.

We both open her phone since Tunde knew how password and saw so many Erotic messages from different guys. .

The one that made me angry most was when I saw the chat between Amaka and same guy Sean , Tunde was telling me about….

Its says…

Hi baby will I see you tonight, I miss your sexy body.

Sorry love, Am with Bayo ,I won’t be able to see you.

Why na?? Just find a way to come na, I am very h—y.

Don’t worry he will travelling in two days time and we will have all the time to ourselves before I travel…

Ok love. …kisses

I love you to baby , Amaka replied

You see what I was saying. …Tunde said

She has never or mistakenly told me she loved me at all , even in our chats and she was tell this guy? ? Where have I gone wrong? ?? I really love her.

I have told you , you were just a fling. …

And you were what? ?? I asked Tunde angrily

Ladies man na , I got no feeling for any woman, she give me I chop, I don’t care, I can have any woman I want, you know na….so we just dey catch fun. .

Hmm Mr Handsome. … I said

Mr Heartbreak, Pele. I have told you to never fall in love, you see now , you no hear. … Waste of Virginity Tunde burst into laughter

I couldn’t hold it, I burst in Tears.

So if you had no feelings for her why are you watching her or reading her text messages. …I said

Guy you still dey learn… The girl has been begging me to have sex with her without Condom and you know say i dey like play safe, so I come find out weda na good girl before I think about am”. Na him I come see Wetin pass me oh.

Bayo hope you dey use condom sha??,

I dey use but she use to say she likes it raw but I always refuse.

Good boy. …learn from the master. No dey cry like baby for woman na? ??

I couldn’t hold my tears as they kept flowing… When I was thinking I had met the right person for me .

Its ok lover boy. …,she wasn’t met for you, I hope you’ve learnt your lesson. .

Did the same thing happened to you? ? I asked Tunde.

Yes it did. …

Remember Tola from my class??

Tola… I was trying to remember her. . Yes, yes I do. James sister.

Yes ,she is the one, she was my first love, I would do anything for her, she just kept asking for more money and I was giving her all my saving. She kept lying to me. Until I found out she was sleeping with and older man and giving all my money to her boyfriend , Two men can you imagine??

How did you know? ? Or how did you find out? ??

Well I followed her one day from school wanting to surprise her with a birthday gift. …she entered the old man’s house that day. And as a street boy, I kept monitoring her until her boyfriend threatened me to stay away from her. I just weak…since then I promised never to love any woman, just use them as I was used.

Hmmm it was really a sad one, I can feel your pain and now I know how it feels to be cheated on but please change your ways, you might find someone who loves you for real…

Guy like you did right, he laughed. Them no dey, na my money them want. …

Hmmm its well, I said

Pastor Bayo, I don hear, what’s for dinner, I dey hungry?

Food is in the kitchen but I lost my appetite.

Why ??? Because na Amaka Cook am? ?

Yes ,I replied

Na you know, me I go chop, hungry never beat you.

That was how we knew Amaka, she moved out from our hostel and I never saw her since till today.

Tunde tapped me. … Guy Wetin you dey think? ?? I have been asking you if you knew that Amaka was staying here before you moved in? ?,

Hmmm didn’t you see how i was Amazed too. Why you go talk that kin thing na. ??

I know weda una want continue una University love, Tunde laughed

Hmmm with married woman, Abi you know hear when she say her Husband or see the wedding ring on her finger? ??

Hmmm that girl never change oh, marry Wetin…that na cover up, you don’t know her like I do.

As we were both talking, We both heard a knock at the door. …

Who is it? ?? I asked from the window. .

Its me, Amaka

We were both shocked !

Tunde opened the door for her…

Behold its was Amaka, holding a food flask. .

Hmmm its history repeating itself? ?


My Neighbor’s Wife - Episode 4

Written by Onomi aka princess Joanna. :writing_hand:

Hmm Amaka, Amaka always looking sexy. … What brings you here? ? Tunde asked.

Well I came to visit my new neighbors and i brought food too. She said

Welcome Amaka, Thanks for the food but I can’t accept it. I said to her.

Wetin dey do you Bayo, hungry dey beat person you dey say you no want food. She is now your neighbor ,so be nice to her.

As Tunde was talking, we had a knock on my gate. Tunde went outside to see who is at the door.

Bayo, why are you mean to me?? its been years and you haven’t forgiven me? ? Amaka asked.

Suddenly Samson entered , O boy e don tee oh, nice place , he said looking at my sitting room as we both shake hands. Samson was also our friends and course mate from school but he didn’t know Amaka.

I have been Procrastinating on when to visit but I guess today is your lucky day. He turned to Amaka… Who is this beautiful damsel? ?

Am Samson and you’re? ? Am Amaka , Bayo’s new neighbor and old time friend , nice to see you. You’re welcome, nice one, wow you even brought food. Samson quickly collected the food from her.

I will see you later, Bayo. Amaka said and left.

Guy why did you collect the food na? ? I said to Samson

Haba I dey hungry and I guess say food no dey your house … Samson said Guy that Lady is danger, you for no collect her, may she carry her food go, Bayo go vex for you oh . Tunde said

But the babe set well oh, she fine too, is she single? ?? Samson asked.

Dangerously married, stay away no say I no tell you oh . .Tunde said.

Let’s forget about her. . Samson welcome to my place, na here I say make I manage oh, till wifey go come.

This one pass manage oh, its a nice place… But we go crash for this house today to open am well. Samson said

Guy you sabi am we go flex am for One week self before I go back to my place…Tunde said.

Its better for you na, since its close to you place of work. Samson said.

But Bayo as you talk about Wifey now, I hope you no dey plan to marry Queeneth ,that Girl is bad for you oh, na s-----g blood oh… Samson said

You and Baba family ni? ? Una dey talk the same thing, Tunde said.

You see am even the Old man, get eyes. . That girl just fine for nothing, she Empty Menn…Samson said Shared on whatsapp by Martino. Hmm i don hear una, I have broke up with her one month ago and she never bothered to call me since then.

Wetin happen? ? Samson asked

We had a small argument and she ditched me for a Yahoo boy …

No mind Bayo ,na lover boy, I don talk tire, Just have fun, no strings attached, he no dey hear, Tunde said .

What exactly happened? ? Samson asked.

She asked me to give her some money to register at a skill Acquisition center…

How much and wetin she want learn? ? Tunde asked

200 k , she want learn Makeup, when me dey find money to rent and furnish my house, I told her to wait a while but she didn’t listen …

I told you Women are for the money, Tunde said

Not all woman. …say majority.

Majority carries the vote na, Samson said

Hmmm there are still good women. …

Bayo drop the matter, when you still dey start life you see who gree manage and start with you? ? But make you just blow first, them go come like flies. …Samson said laughing.

What about Beauty, that girl loves you oh, but you say na classic you want…Tunde said.

You sure?? Beauty was dating someone, she just a friend.

Na you know oh… Na from clap e take dey enter dance, Bayo sha stay away from Woman especially your neighbor since you no come get luck for better one. .Tunde said

Ok I have heard you… But I no trust you too with her. …

I don’t do marry women, haba Bayo, Single and Searching girls full town to explore …

Me I do anymore oh, if them fall for my trap, but she fine and she go sweet sha. Samson said

May God help you, you do people wife, them go do your own too. .vice versa

God forbid nobody go near my wife, forget that talk, e no dey happen…Samson said.

No say I no Warn you. … Guy’s make we drive out go buy food stuff to stuck the house.

True, ok let’s go. .

As we come out we saw, Amaka husband’s friend as she called him tapping her Buttocks and kissing her. … They were both shocked when the saw us and started pretending they were gisting together.

We ignored them and went for the shopping in Tunde’s car, we bought a lot of groceries and food items that will last for a long time. Tunde took some clothes from his place on our way back since he said he will be staying for a week.

After leaving Tunde’s house we went straight to my place.

About entering my Apartment when I saw Amaka waiting at my door step.

Amaka Shee ko si (hope no problem )? ? Tunde asked

No I just to talk to Bayo. . I didn’t pay any attention, I just opened my gate and was about to enter my sitting room.

Bayo Please wait. … Please i beg you ,Amaka said Guy at least try hear wetin she want talk. …Samson said.

I came close to her. … Ok Please be brief, I had a very long day. …

Let’s go into my place. …she said No Amaka, you are a married woman now I can’t enter your Apartment. .

But my Husband is not around, he traveled Abroad…she said.

That the main reason I shouldn’t enter your apartment, say what you have to say here.

Ok if you say so… Amaka come close to where I was standing. . Please forgive me. … I know you still love me. … I have wronged you by sleeping with your friend, please forgive me. She started touching my chest and face…in a erotic way

Stop touching me!! Amaka I screamed

To be continued. …

My Neighbor’s Wife - Episode 5

Written by Onomi aka Princess Joanna​:writing_hand:

We waited for Samson that night but he didn’t show up, we were so worried after calling him for a long period of time but he didmt take his calls or called us back. I was worried about him but Tunde wasn’t, he said maybe he has gone home or he was charging his phone somewhere else.

The next day was Sunday, I and Tunde quickly took our bathe and had prepared to go to church. As we were coming out from my apartment, we saw Samson coming out of Amaka apartment, he was so shocked seeing us. He didn’t expect we will be up so early.

SAMSON !!! We both screamed! Arrrah Amaka has no shame…Tunde said.

What must be her reason for doing this??? Guy she no get reason, Tunde said Samson trying to enter my apartment. … Tunde didn’t allowed him to enter, he just Gave him his bag and he went back to Amaka house.

After that day i discovered Amaka was avoiding me, since she knew we saw Samson at her house.

I didn’t bother her or even ask after her until one Evening, I saw a strange man knocking at my door, I began to wonder who he was so I opened the door for him.

Good evening sir. Good evening he responded. Please can I stay at your place tonight, my wife is not at home , I was told she traveled and will be coming Tomorrow.

He pointed the room downstairs. Tunde was still staying at my place. We let him in.

Since we were still new in the compound and didn’t know who was staying in that flat but we let him in, gave him him some soap to take his bath.

He was so tried to gist with us, as soon as we showed him his room which was next to ours, he just fell asleep immediately.

The next day at early hours of the morning ,he woke up and called the wife but her phone was switched off after calling her for so long ,he went outside to check if she had come and came back in.

I asked him if he has seen his wife, he said no, that her number was not going through either.

He took his bag and told me he was going back to his hotel and he doesn’t want to inconvenient me any further. I wanted him to stay till she return but he refused. Thanking me for everything and saying he will come back.

Wetin dey do that guy? ? He seems angry. . Tunde asked after he left.

Nothing him Just to vase for him wife, as she no come dey pick him call again.

E be like say na Yankee the guy from they come oh, see as him clean and fresh, Tunde said.

Abi, I been reason am too oh… But I know know the Lady in question, you know say we just pack come…

No wahala, we still dey we go surely get to know her when she return…Tunde said.

I and Tunde went to work . Work was so hectic that day but we did our best.

We drove straight home as soon as we closed from work. As we entered the compound, we saw the guy who passed the night at our house and Amaka Husband friend , fighting and cursing each other and there were no tenant at home.

I and Tunde tried to separate them. … Sir what is the problem. . Alfred you’re a fool…Amaka husband’s friend said.

Ken you’re so ungrateful, after all we had been through he replied Amaka’s husband’s friend.

What have you done for me that nobody has done before, Yes you helped me I agree but you took the woman I once loved, you steal her for yourself because you had money abi…its payback time. Ken said

My God will punish you for doing this to me. If only I had known you had an eye for her, I would have left her for you, not now when I had invested so much in her …Alfred said in anger.

I began to wonder what they were quarrelling about, is it because of a woman and even if it is, it has gone too far.

They were almost stabbing each other if we had not intervened …

Guys please its enough, lets settle this. …Tunde said.

We can’t settle, never ever . Ken said in anger

Why? ? Is he your friend ??? I asked.

Yes he was my friend. … Ken said.

I like the way you said it. …he was my friend… He broke that friendship when he slept with my Wife !! Alfred screamed.

I began to think, Wife? ?? I and Tunde said simutenously

They both pointed at Amaka. … She was hiding her face downstairs…

Wow its like history is repeating itself. … Amaka Again !!!

My Neighbor’s Wife - Episode 6 Final

Written by Onomi aka Princess Joanna​:writing_hand:

I tried to calm them down , after so much quarrelling and I told them to follow me to my place so we could sort things out and also here their own side of the story. They agree to follow me why Amaka was still dragging her feet’s .

Ken side of the story

I met her first, she was was working at the Airport. I was about to travel one Saturday and she was there talking to someone, I couldn’t help but stare at her and she notice and came towards me to ask if there was any problem. There is no problem and was just admiring you I said to her. She smiled and we talked for sometime and later exchange numbers .

And promised to see each other later. I lost her contact and after three months when I came back from London she was already dating my friend .I was so angry but I didn’t say word, until she started making advances at me and since I once liked her I succumbed.

I knew it was wrong and refused at first but when you traveled it made it easier for me to be with her and now I have fallen in love with her.

What about your wife? ? Alfred asked.

She left me with the kids a year ago for another man. Ken said.

You two deserve each other. …Alfred said in anger.

I love my wife, I have invested so much in her, I sponsored her education through out her university days. I was the one she would cry to when no one was there to help her, after a long time of waiting I married her, I never stole her from you, she as already mine before you came.

Turning towards Amaka, why would you do this to me? ??? Have I ever wronged you? ??

Yes you have, you ruined my life so I vowed to punish as many men as possible.

Me!!! Alfred pointing to himself. . How ?? What could that possibly be for you to be this wicked to me. Shared on whatsapp by Martino. Turning towards Alfred, You infected me with a deadly disease. …you are so evil, I hate you Amaka screamed.

That not true, I have never slept with any other woman ever since i married you, you were my one and only. …

Its a lie. ……she said

What deadly disease are you talking about? ?? Alfred asked.

Its HIV !!! She said and I guess all of you here must have had it, for sleeping with me. …its your punishment.

God forbid I quickly said. …

So you had a serious relationship then and you lied to me? ?

Bayo you were my only true love, its so unfortunate we couldn’t be together. …

Me your love pointed at himself , when you were busy sleeping with other men. …

I was only sharing the Virus, Alfred infected me with….

I don’t have HIV, I didn’t infect you with anything, I was tested last week before traveling . That means you never got it from me.

I never knew you had the habit of sleeping around with men, now you don’t even know who infected you.

You were never like this when I met you, you were such a good and innocent girl and I gave you my everything ,look at how you ended.

Kenneth carry your babe, you love her right you two can continue, you will hear from my lawyer am out of here. Alfred said. I could see the pain in his eyes but he couldn’t do anything about it, he just left.

Hmmm Thank God I was always using condoms, its even a long time ago, if we were infected, we would have know by now. Tunde said.

But we still need to get ourselves tested I said.

Suddenly I was so cold, non of us couldn’t alter a word, we couldn’t do anything to Amaka she was already a walking corpse.

why did you do this to me, Ken said almost in tears. …

You should’ve listened to your wife. She said

My wife warned me about you but I never listen, if not that she left me I would have infected her with it… Why me. …??? Ken said in tears. …

I won’t die alone, we will go down together. …she said.

Both of them left my apartment. …

The next day, i and Tunde quickly rushed to the hospital to get ourselves tested. Thank God we tested Negative.

But Samson was not so lucky, he had the virus after checking three months later.

Ken tested too and he wasn’t lucky too because tested positive to the virus.

Amaka relocated, we just noticed she had left after Alfred divorced her.

We all learnt our lessons.

##The End ???

Have you learnt anything from this story? ? If yes let’s hear it.