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My Second Wife (Episode 1)

Story by Solomon Adinya

I had a beautiful family of four . I met my wife Kemisola in my youth , she and I dated for ten years in Lagos before I married her . I loved her more each day than I loved her the first day I saw her , she was tall elegant and captivating. But mama didn’t like her, she queried why I would leave Ibadan and go to Ijebu Ode to go and marry an Ijebu woman. She asked if I couldn’t see beautiful women in Ibadan .

Seven years down the line we had three beautiful daughters, mama was not pleased . ” Aremu I told you not to marry this Ijebu woman, seven years and three children all girls who would carry your father’s name ? Is your father’s name going to end in your generation ? Aremu you’re my only son , you have to get a second wife !!”

I never expected that from mum , it was surprising to me . ” Mami I cannot marry another wife , Mami Kemi is a good woman , mama she’s respectful,mama Kemi workshops the ground you walk on , mami mi what do you want from my wife? I shouted in frustration

“Aremu I want a grandson one who would bear your name , this girls are groomed for marriage they’ll go away and leave your father’s house empty.”

“Mami Kemi isn’t the giver of children, God gives the children, male and female , I’m not complaining we’re both still young , God will give us a baby boy.”

Mama allowed the matter rest for two years Then Kemi took in again , for nine months we prayed for the baby to be a boy, but low and behold it was a girl again , a beautiful child who was laughing loud instead of crying like other children at birth. We named her Adesua, she was special amongst all my daughters she started walking at eight months, she started talking at one year two month she was a comedian making people laugh with her tricks .

Mama had had enough , she called my elder sisters to come for a meeting at my father’s house . ” Modupe, Taiye and Keyinde come and talk to your brother, Aremu wants to kill me , he’s been giving me sleepless nights, my blood pressure has risen to 140 because of your stubborn brother! I told him Kemi doesn’t have a girl in her womb , that he should get a second wife to give him male children. But he said over his dead body . I will not forgive Aremu if I died without holding my grandson “. She was crying with her loud voice . My sisters begged me to no avail, I reminded them how mama had issues conceiving and when she did she was giving birth to girls , she gave birth to four girls before she had ,all my sisters where mad at me , they said if mama dies from blood pressure they’ll put the blame on me .

That might my wife woke me up in the middle of night ” Oko mi wake up! I know how you have been fighting for me in the past ten years, I thought Adesua would be a baby boy to take away my tears but she turned out to be a beautiful girl , please do what your family said so they’ll be peace, your sisters have turned me to their enemy.”

I felt like crying , I refused for about a year , of my sisters coming to constantly insult my wife and make trouble asking her to leave their father’s house , to go back to Ijebu Ode, that she charmed me , Kemi was getting lean and sickly , she was always depressed.

One cursed evening my sisters and mother brought a woman to the house ,a fair woman from Ibadan , they said she was my wife. Kemisola accepted her into our family and showed her around . I ignored her for three months , I didn’t have her time. Three months later I was yet to touch her , my family had to do another meeting when she threatened to return to her father’s house , I asked her to go, that she’s not my wife , that she’s my mother’s wife . Kemisola again came there knelt before me and begged me to take he woman as my wife.

That night I slept with the divorcee, she was sweeter than any woman I had ever been with, I started loving her . And she was very fruitful in a month she was already pregnant. After a nine months she gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy .

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My Second Wife - Episode 2

I was all over Bose my new wife who gave me a baby boy, I bought so many expensive wrappers and clothes for her , I bought her a Motorola phone , I stopped going to meet Kemisola in her room . My sisters were all happy , my mother was happy , Bose was happy , but Kemisola was a shadow of herself, my daughters suffered the most , my attention was now turned to my son ,I always carried him and said he was going to inherit all my property . Bose was happy that she was center of all attention.

Two years later Kemi and Bose hot pregnant the same time , I took care of Bose more than I did Kemi, I began to doubt if I ever loved Kemi , she became strange and irritating to me , my both wives gave birth within days of each other. Bose gave birth to another bouncing baby boy. ” Aremu now you’re happy and proud, I thought you said we wanted to scatter your family? See in three years you now have two sons “.

I was short of words , and then three days later Kemi gave birth to triplets all identical boys . My friends started hailing me calling me a machine gun , some called me a fertilizer, I was a proud and lucky man. I began to return to my senses I no longer gave my full attention to Bose, I divided it into two , whatever I bought for Bose I bought for Kemi, if I spent a day with Kemi I spent with Bose.

But it seems Bose hated sharing my affection, my house became a war zone, malice quarrel, Bose was always making trouble with Kemi , insulting my daughters calling them names . Mum was always trying to make peace between My wives ” Mama never I can never allow this Ijebu woman to come into my father’s land to come and control me ! She’s a stranger, she must behave like one , Kemi is too proud’ ” Bose I was the one who came to your father’s compound to marry you . You mean I can’t talk to ? Kemi has been in this house ten years ,before you came in, Aremu was never going to accept you until , Kemi here knelt down and pleaded and convinced him . You have to respect Kemi as your senior wife.” She hissed at My mum tied her wrapper well and left my mum , quarreling and cursing as she went . I was no longer enjoying the sweetness of marrying two wives, Bose was constantly giving me sleepless nights. Today Bose was fighting with my sister , dragging a farm land that my sister has been farming for fifteen years or tomorrow dragging the drying line and throwing away every cloth Kemi dried on it , Kemi never replied sometimes she reported to me , sometimes she just ignored her .

My daughters were doing well, Adisa and Biola my daughters were all in the university , studying medicine and pharmacy, Adesua was making me proud ,she had been coming first position in Amukeke grammar school, she dominated her class , she was bringing laurels home everyday , from debate , from quiz and public speech , her school mates nicknamed her the tigress, because she was merciless in any competition.

On the other hand my sons from Kemi were thorns in my flesh , today they’re in a fight with teachers in the school , tomorrow they’ve been expelled ,then I get another school they’re caught smoking marijuana in the bush , or arrested during a cult initiation in the forest . This boys at fourteen and twelve years had done all kinds of atrocities, and their mum would never condemn them , she would pick a fight with anyone who tried to , even me their father couldn’t correct my son’s she would tell me leave her sons for her .

” Bose this evil seed you’re planting today , it’s your head you’ll carry it .” ” Leave my children for me ,you didn’t help me to carry them for nine months, you didn’t push them for three days in the labour room don’t kill them for me


My Second Wife - Episode 3

My daughter Adisa brought home a handsome young man , a medical doctor , he was a fine gentleman , a son of a commissioner in the state , he was all dressed in suit and had a driver . ” Papa this is June” “Ok who is he to you ? My mum had brought a pack of juice and glass cups for my guest. ” Sir my name is Kunle, I’m a resident doctor at the teaching hospital, Adisa is my colleague and friend…” I nodded ” What kind of friend Kunle ?”

” Sir I love your daughter Adisa , I want to marry her . ” I smiled “Young man you’re welcome to my family, come with your father next time you come “. The two love birds walked away together hands in hand . A pride of every father is to see the day a responsible young man comes for the hands of his daughter in marriage .

True to his words Kunle and his wealthy family came to my humble aboard we went through the bridal list with Kemi my mother and my sisters. It was a one in town wedding , the attendance was massive , the governor of Oyo state was there with his entourage. The reception held at the Intercontinental hotel ,with different Fuji and gospel musicians in attendance. Everyone was in attendance except for my second wife Bose . She didn’t attend because she said we didn’t carry her along . I invited her to join us for the discussion and planning , she said she wants nothing to do with Kemi’s children.

My daughter Adisa was married , while her sister was done with the university , the triplets were already in JSS three , those kids were giving me joy , they were champions in sports , winning laurels all over the state , I was even interviewed by sport newspaper because of my sons and they were not bad in school work .

But the children I got from Abosede were trouble I shuttle between police station and court like a police officer going to work . ” My husband you are sitting here comfortably and eating while my son is in the police station for over a week now .”

“Did I ever tell your son to go and steal somebody’s goat ? Bose leave me alone you will not kill me”.

She would pester me until I obliged and go bail them . ” Mama Tobi! Mama Tobi ! There’s fire on the mountain , they’re beating Tobi at the bus stop”.

Bose jumped and started running to the Bus stop Before she got there my son Tobi was on fire , the Agbero boys have lynched him and poured petrol on him and set him on fire . He was caught robbing a woman with a knife when she refused to let go of her bag he stabbed her and she died immediately the mob ran after him lynched him and set him on fire .

Kemi was the only one who tried to console Bose . ” Don’t pretend you care I know you are happy my son was killed ,but God will punish you all that are happy with my misery and pain !

Kemi was still trying to console her when I called her ” Kemisola!!! Leave that woman alone !!! I warned her when all this started ! She wouldn’t let me correct those boys and now my son has been killed , like a dog in the street ! I went and was quarreling with my mother ” Mama you were the one who wanted a second wife ? You wanted to keep father’s name and legacy alive . Now you have succeeded in bringing a bad woman who brought shame to name and my father’s name .” My mum was speechless. My daughter Modupe got married and moved to Abuja , her wedding was bigger than her elder sister’s. I felt so Lucky .my in-laws gave me so much money. He even bought me a land cruiser Prado Jeep. And my daughter Adisa was heavily pregnant.

” Hello sir we’re at the hospital! Adisa has been having issues delivering , they said it has to be a C section. Please be praying for her “. I informed Kemi and she pack up some clothes and went to the hospital , the surgery took the whole day , I kept calling Kunle to know how the process was going . It was later in the evening that Kunle called me . ” Hello sir ? “Kunle is everything OK ? ” Sir we have a baby girl ” I was hearing Kemi’s voice from the background, she was crying and wailing. “Kunle is my daughter Ok? ” Sir … Sir… We…. We … I lost my wife “. He bursted into tears, my head was like exploring , how my daughter was ok yesterday ,the doctors check her last week and said she was ok and should give birth without any issue ,as doctors she and her husband was there took every precautionary measure to prevent this . I wept like a woman , in a single year I lost two children. My house was filled with grief my tears was endless . Adisa my daughter.


My Second Wife - Episode 4

My house became Afghanistan and Iraq . The death of Adisa destroyed the joy in family. Kemisola became a ghost of herself , she was always crying moving from church to church , from one prophet to another asking and trying to find who killed Adisa . Kemi woke me up around five AM to discuss ” My husband I’m no longer comfortable living with Abosede in the same roof ,I think she killed my daughter “. ” Kemi my first love , God won’t allow Adisa die if it wasn’t her time… And you’re not God to know who killed Adisa”

“My husband don’t tell me that, if you don’t send hee away I’ll leave with my children”. ” You won’t do that you can’t take my children out of my house when I’m still alive.” She said wailing ” I was there to Adisa a day to her death , my daughter was healthy , the hospital expected her to give birth without any issues “. She blew mucus from her nose . ” My husband you have to send Bose out of this house she’s the one who killed my daughter! She’s been envious of my children.” Kemi said “Abosede is my wife , she’s been married to me for fifteen years, where am I going to send her to ? Her father’s house ? You don’t have any evidence just a what a prophetess who wanted your money told you , those are lies they make their trade from the vulnerability of ignorant people like you “.

“I have a bad feeling more trouble is coming our way , we need to go see the prophetess , she sad she wants to see you. She said the woman who killed Adisa lives under the same roof with my husband.”

” Adisa my mother is living here with us , Pelumi my sister is here or are you saying Abosede killed my daughter? Nononono she can he stubborn and rude but I don’t think she can kill a fly”.

Kemi wiped the tears from her eyes and walked out of the room . I was still sleeping when I heard the sound of noise and turmoil in my compound only to open the window and see Abosede fighting Kemi , then mama and Pelumi trying to separate them ” You witch you think you can come from Ijebu Ode, to come and drive me away from my father’s land ? I’m am married to Aremu here , I’ll die before anyone takes me out of this house .” Kemi was just crying . ” Abosede Kemi is your senior wife , you put your hand on her ? My mother said to her ” Mama you better shut up your mouth . If I slap you , you’ll be on your way to join your long dead husband”. Everyone was shocked Bose could talk to mama that way. ” Abose are you made? Is it my mother your husband’s mother you’re insulting like that ? Pelumi pounced on her and fought her , they broke everything in the compound , Abosede smashed my SUV she broke the windscreens . The next day Pelumi moved back with her children to her husband’s house. Mama couldn’t stay anymore in my place she moved to my immediate elder sisters place in town, they left me with the problem they gave me . The

” Papa Segun my son has been in the police station for three weeks now , the IPO said of you don’t come and bail him , that would be taking to court and sent to prison”. I ignored her ” Papa Segun! Is it not you am talking to ? If I start now people would say Abosede has started”.

” Woman let me have my peace ! I never sent your son to join a cult confraternity, I never asked him to go and fight a rival cult group , I never asked him to be involved in the murder of any body , it’s you who carried him for ten months in your stomach and pushed him for three days in labour , and refused for any one to correct him that spoilt it , your seed has germinated , please you should go and harvest it leave me alone , get out of my side “. Segun was sentenced and sent to prison , to serve a ten years murder charge , for the complication in the murder of a rival gang member . Abosede was mad at me , and everyone in the house. But she went along with her life . “Mama! Mama!! Come come !!” Odunayo one into the siting room where I and his mother Kemi was sitting , Kemi ran out I went with her ,There two of our triplets lay convulsing on the ground , we rushed them to the hospital, they said the boys had epilepsy, I was confused how can two young boys get a epilepsy on the same day , they were in the hospital for a week , Abosede came to visit them , Kemi won’t allow her she was creating a scene , I asked Bose to go back home . That evening Toyo died the next evening Korode died . ” God ! God what have I done to you ? Haa in two years I lost four children? How many do I have left ? Aaaaah God you have rubbed fowl dungs on my head ? I wept bitterly, at this point everyone including my sisters, Bose and mama were suspects. Kemi was always fighting mama and Pelumi me my sister . Kemi moved away with the last of the triplets to Ijebu Ode. Only Adesua my daughter who was writing WEAC was with me, and Abose.


My Second Wife - Episode 5 Final

” Papa ! Papa!!! I blew it up!” Adesua shouted . I was almost panicking , thinking another evil has befallen me , but the joy in her face made me relax. ” You want to give me a heart attack ? Haaà shebi you want to kill your dad Adesua ? ” Dad I blew my WEAC exam , dad I decapitated WEAC , DAD I said discombobulated WEAC!” I was so happy seeing my daughter happy , I was relieved of my sorrows for the moment .

” Dad give me five !” New school parenting this children are no longer afraid , was I mad to tell my dad to give me hi five ? He would land it on my face .

” Dad I got a parallel! I’m the best student who sat for WEAC this year ! I got nine As.” I was overjoyed I asked her to go and get me a pack of juice from the fridge , we drank I took her to ShopRite in Ibadan I told her to pick anything she liked , my daughter was picking books . It was hilarious ” Haaà Adesua how can an intelligent girl also be foolish ? I asked She was confused .

” I told you to pick anything you want , I’ll pay for it , you went and filled the trolley with books ? Hmmm ok let’s enter GAMES shop”

I bought her clothes and shoes , I bought her a laptop of two hundred thousand. I bought her an iPhone my daughter cried for joy . She embraced me and called me the best dad in the world . Adesua has always been a blessing to me and my family , we went to a eatery were she ordered assorted meals , I was ok with my amala and Ewedu soup with big Beef and kpomor. After eating we had a conversation about her mother ” Dad why has mum refused to return to the house ? Adesua my daughter I’ve tried my best I went with my uncle to beg her family, she said she would only return if your step mother leaves the house .” I explained to my daughter

” Dad since I came back from school , I don’t think you’re happy , you’re always looking depressed and devastated.” I nodded my head and smiled ” My sweet daughter now that you’re back I’m fine “. ” But dad you I’m not your wife, go and get mum back , do whatever you must ” ” Sweetheart what am I to do if your mum refused to come back ?”

” Dad are you happy with step mother being the one In your life ? I was saddened by that question. “She’s not in my life she’s just in my house and I’m feeding and housing her , my feelings For her died a long time ago.” ” So why is she still here she asked ?” “My daughter you’d not understand , I can’t send her back to her father’s house she has nobody there “. My daughter was silent all the way home . ” Aremu what are you celebrating with your daughter and I’m not carried along ? She wasn’t around when Adesua broke the news . I ignored her as if there wasn’t a soul standing before me . Again I made the one hour thirty minutes drive to Ijebu Ode to see my wife and son , she was happy to see me we spoke for long but she still refused to come back with me except I sent Abosede packing . I didn’t have the mind to do that . My daughter Adesua again smashed national records by scoring three hundred and eighty in her JAMB examination. The Nation newspaper came to interview me and Adesua , even the Sun newspaper . Then I heard Abosede crying I went to ask her what she was crying . ” You have succeeded in making me a childless woman ! You refused to help my son get bailed they sent him to prison and now they killed him !” ” Killed him who did ?” I was confused, I didn’t feel hurt , those boys have made my heart sorrowful. I called my cousin Brother who was working in the prison yard. ” Fayemi what happened in Kirikir? I heard Abosede son died “. ” Aremu your son was involved in a cult clash in prison , ;and somebody hit his head with a heavy wood and he slumped and died. I looked at a Abosede with an accusing look . She turned those boys into criminals. He was buried ,in Lagos by the state government because I was tired of burying bodies .

Adesua broke another record by getting admission to five A list universities in America and UK to read aeronautic engineering on scholarship , even I have only three children I still walked with pride because people praise me for giving birth to such an intelligent daughter .

We were preparing for Adesua travel to UK after she returned from seeing her mother and brother in Ijebu Ode. Adesua was eating rice her served and then she started holding her chest vomiting blood and the food . Abosede called me from the office I drove like a mad man from work to the house. My daughter’s eye was turning white I and Abosede took her into the back of the SUV and I drove to university teaching hospital. Kunle my in-law was already waiting for me because I called him ahead of time . They rushed her into the emergency unit . “Abosede did you poison my daughter? Abosede bursted into crying saying i was accusing her of being a murderer . Later the doctor came with the bad news ,he said they could resuscitate Adesua , that she’s gone to be the Lord . I wept again I wanted to die , I wanted the ground to and swallow me . I was devastated, nobody could console me .after the burial people started leaving , Kemi was there with me for a week before she left for Ogun state . I couldn’t eat or sleep ,I kept seeing my baby Adesua crying in my dream , asking me to help her. Then one afternoon I started hearing shouting from Abosede room. ” This mad Woman dont disturb my peace ! Am i the first man who made a mistake to marry a bad woman ? I will throw you out if you make another noise again “. She was still shouting , I could hear the slaps but i couldn’t see the slapper. I could see her holding her neck like somebody was choking her , the hands were invisible.

” I will confess ! I will confess!” ” Confess what?” I said . Abosede ran out of the house shouting “Fire fire they’re burning my legs , they’re cutting me with cutlass .” She ran out of the house , she shouted and people ran to my compound .

” Stop beating me ! I said I’ll confess ” She ran back into the house and brought a small casket tied in red wrapper When she poured it out there were different kinds of juju . There were all kinds of figurines and idols . Then there was this pregnant figurine with a needle pierced into it stomach And private parts. ” This one is the one I used to kill Adisa , I put the needle in her stomach and private parts to make sure she couldn’t deliver until she dies .”

She laughed hysterically then picked up a two in one figurine which a needle was pierced into their stomach . ” This one I used to kill two of the triplets , how can Kemi children be doing well and getting praised and so I killed them ” She was still laughing mad ” Adesua was too stubborn , I tried to kill her with juju I couldn’t so I poisoned her food .” She laughed so much . At this point Mama and my sisters heard with their ears what they has brought on me. I sank to the floor only if I had listened to Kemisola and drove this witch away my daughter would have till be alive . I sank into the ground weeping like a child , men told me to be a man.

After her confession Abosede undressed herself and began to run towards the evil forest as the unseen people were beating her , she died at the entrance of the evil forest , by tradition no one could touch her body because she died by the road the young man cut branch and dumped on her.

I was so depressed , I didn’t see a reason for living I lost six children in less than five years because of my mother , and my sisters . I was happy with my children being girls I was happy with Kemi until my mother and sisters made me marry the daughter of Satan as my second wife. I bought a big rope, the type they tie cow with , I wanted something strong , that won’t cut off . I knotted a noose , climbed a stool , I jumped off . I thought I was hallucinating but I saw Kemisola, it was already late as she had broken into the house ,I wanted to remove the rope it was already too tight .

Kemisola’s brothers lifted me up immediately so my neck would not break they cut off the rope and rushed me the hospital . Woke up to see my daughter whom I’d not seen in years at my hospital bed , my son was there , their mother was crying , my mum and sisters were all crying . I thanked God that i didn’t die .


This was a pure work of fiction. The names and people in this story are not real.

My Name is Solomon Adinya.