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I love my twin sister so much, we were like best friends, she told me all her secrets and I told her mine.

My name is Juliet Benson, my twin sister’s name is Julia Benson, but suddenly she changed the way she acted towards me because of my dad’s love for me.

My dad’s name is Peter Benson, he loved me and my sister equally, but he loved my character the most.

My twin sister always flaunts gold chains, Gucci bags and expensive wrist watches so she spends a lot of money and above that she is very rude.

My mom also loved Julia the most but I didn’t care. Her name is Susan Benson,

We are very wealthy in our family because basically our dad was a millionaire, he earned his money freshly and put in energy to his work.

One day, the hatred from my mum and my sister got worse than I could ever imagine. Mum, here is your food, Juliet said. So since morning that I asked for food, you are just bringing it now, Susan said. I am very sorry mum but please accept it, Juliet said.

(Coughs), what type of food is this now, do you want to kill me, Susan said. Mum, sorry, you this Juliet of a girl, ignorant idiot, take your food away, take water mum, sorry, I will bring you spaghetti and vegetable sauce okay, Julia said.

Thank you my dear, what are you still doing here, come on get out, Susan said. Sorry mum, I am very sorry, Juliet said and goes.

I really don’t know why my own sister and mother are doing this to me, Juliet said as she cries. Juliet, what’s wrong why are you crying, Peter said.

Nothing dad, its nothing, Juliet replied. How would you say that it’s nothing, you are the crying now, Peter said.

Well mum asked me to bring food for her and she tasted it and after that she started coughing and I tasted the food, It didn’t cause any harm to me, Juliet said.

To be continued……

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My Twin Sister - Episode 2

What!!, How could she do something like that, Peter said. I will go and meet them now especially that rude girl called Julia, Peter added.

Dad, please don’t say anything to Julia or mum, please dad, promise me, Juliet said. It’s because of you or else, I would have thought them a very big lesson, Peter replied.

Thank you sir, Juliet said. You are welcome my dear, Peter replied. So she had the audacity to report us to her father, Susan said.

Yes mum, even dad theatened to do something to us but she stopped him, Julia replied.

Don’t worry, once that her dad goes out, we will beat her like she has never imagined, Susan said.

Ok, once daddy goes out or travels like this, we will beat her blue and black, she should just wait and see, Julia replied.

Very good, my daughter, Julia, Julia, you are the favorite daughter of i and your dad, that Julia girl will be thrown out forever, Susan said.

Yes o, Julia replied. God will protect you wherever you go, Susan said. Amen, Juliet said. Amen, Julia said angrily.

Good bye, Susan said. Goodbye, Peter replied. Now you, Susan said. Ma, Juliet replied.

You stupid idiot, Susan said as she beats her. Mummy, please, stop beating me, Juliet said. Who is your mummy, Susan replied.

Oh God, I forgot the document for the business trip, Peter said as he went home. What is going on here, Peter said.

You this idiot, Susan said as she continued beating Juliet. Mummy!!!, dad, Julia said.

To be continued….

My Twin Sister - Episode 3

I said what is going on here, Peter said. Um, Peter it’s nothing, Susan replied. Are you okay, come to our room, I want to have a chat with you privately, Peter said. Okay sir, Susan replied.

You this stupid girl, you have put my mum in trouble, you better go and fix it or else, Julia said. Dad,dad, Juliet said.

You know this girl is your child, you shouldn’t be doing like this to her, Peter said. My child?, Susan replied.

Dad!!!, Juliet said

She is not my child o, we saw her on the street when she was just a little baby and we don’t even know her mother Susan said.

We don’t even know weather she brought bad luck to her mother and maybe that’s why her mum threw her away and from the day we’ve brought her into this house, you have been treating her like she is special and you forgot your real child, Susan added.

What!!!, So I’m not mom’s and dad’s child, Juliet said. Susan, don’t say something like that, don’t ever in your life say something like that about her, Peter replied.

I don’t even know who my own mother or father is, Juliet said. Have you talked to dad, Julia asked. Um, no I haven’t, Juliet said as she faints.

Juliet!!, dad, mum, Julia shouted. Please don’t shout, Susan said. Wait!!, Peter replied. Mum!!!, dad!!, Julia said.

Julia, what happened to her, she just fainted all of a sudden, I thought she was even coming to beg you but she fainted, Julia explained.

That means she heard everything, Quick, let take her to the hospital, Peter said. Don’t worry my dear, you will be okay, Peter added.

Doctor, will she be fine, Peter asked. She will sir, give us tike to do out work, a doctor said. God, please let my child be fine, Peter said. This is all your fault Susan, Peter said angrily.

To be continued….

My Twin Sister - Episode 4

How is any of this my fault, it was your daughter who was listening to a private conversation, Susan replied.

You are not, Peter said. Mr Benson, Juliet is okay now, you can go and see her now, the doctor said. But please don’t let her stress herself too much sir, the doctor added. Sir, when can she be discharged sir, Peter asked.

She can discharged today, but make sure that she uses her medicine, the doctor replied. Okay, thank you doctor, I will go and see her now, Peter replied.

Juliet, are you okay my dear, Peter said. Yes dad or should I call you sir, Juliet replied Why would you lie to me about it, Juliet added.

I am very sorry, I didn’t want to hurt your feelings dear, please forgive me, Peter said. Me too dear, Susan said.

Madam, you!!!, Juliet said. Yes my dear, don’t call me madam, call me mom, Susan replied. Okay, I forgive you guys, Juliet said. What about me, Julia said.

You!!, I was never angry with you Julia, Juliet replied. Ok then, Julia said. I am so happy that you guys finally accepted her, Peter said.

Mom, are you really accepting that girl, Julia said. Me!!, accept her, impossible, Susan said. I knew it, I knew you were acting, Julia replied.

Sssh, yes I was acting, but that acting of the both of us should continue until I manage to get that girl out of this house permanently, okay, Susan said.

Ok mum, it’s a secret then, Julia said. Yes dear, Susan replied.

To be continued….

My Twin Sister - Episode 5

Susan, Julia, Juliet, Katrina said as she shouts. Why is that annoying woman shouting my name now, Susan said.

They must still be sleeping, Peter said. I hope you are not talking about Susan, she is still asleep by this time, ha, ha, Katrina replied.

Good morning ma, Susan said. Good morning, so you are still sleeping by this time, shouldn’t you be in the kitchen by now, Kaya replied.

Ma, this is Sunday morning, everyone is supposed to be asleep by 6pm in the morning, Susan said.

Later that day, That one is your business, Eehn Peter, Kaya replied. I hate this woman with my whole heart, once I finish her, words won’t come from her mouth again, Susan said to her self.

Julia, we will have to plan something to make sure that that girl dies in pain in a way that people shouldn’t be suspicious of us at all, Susan said.

And how will we do that, Julia replied. Well, with the help of a little bit of fire, Susan said. Fire?, I don’t understand, Julia replied. Well, I will make sure she burns to death, Susan said.

That’s actually very smart mum, Julia replied. Finally, I will be the favourite one of dad and I will be the one to inherit all his properties when he is finally dead, Julia added. Yes my dear, Susan replied.

I will be the one to make a fire very close to her room, Susan added. What will I do then, Julia replied.

You will be the one to shout so that your dad and his mum hear and see that their precious daughter is burning and they can’t even try to save her, Susan said. Ok mom, Julia replied.

Now get ready to die, my dear Juliet, Susan said as she lighted a fire beside Juliet’s door, Susan said.

Where is that smoke coming from, maybe grandma is preparing something,help, help, fire!!!, It is really choking me, Juliet said.

It’s time for you to do your part, Susan said. FIRE!!!, FIRE is burning in Juliet’s room, Julia said. WHAT!!!, Peter exclaimed.

To be continued…

My Twin Sister - Episode 6

That’s Juliet, Juliet!!!, Peter said. Dad, save me, Juliet said. I will dear, Peter replied. What should I do, okay, fire extinguisher, i will go and take the fire extinguisher, Peter added.

Are you okay my dear, Peter said. My dear, are you fine, I was so worried about you, Susan said. Yes, we all were worried, if not for your dad, my dear, Kaya said. I am okay, thank you guys, Juliet replied.

But wait, how did the fire happen, Peter said. I really don’t know dad, Juliet replied. Maybe it was the candles beside my room, Juliet added.

Oooh, yeah it may be that, Kaya said. Please don’t put candles beside your room again, Peter said angrily. My plan didn’t work, but now, I think I will have to do something that no one will be able to save her from, Susan said.

What are you going to do now, Julia replied. Well I will poison her and I will also get rid of Peter’s mother, just watch as it happens my dear, Susan replied.

Ma, please make Juliet her favourite type of tea today, Susan said. Ok, I will make it very special for her, Kaya replied.

Just wait and see, you will be cause of Juliet’s death in every one’s eyes, Susan said to herself. Juliet, take your tea, your grandmother made it very special just for you, Susan said.

Okay, thanks mum, Juliet replied. You are welcome dear, Susan said. Don’t thank me because I will be the cause of your death soon, after two days, you are gone, Susan said to herself.

Two days later, my friend, This material is so beautiful, so how much will you sell it for me, Susan said. My friend, well, 10k is the price, Emily replied.

Okay, Juliet, Juliet, Susan shouted. Ma!!!, Juliet replied. Mum, my stomach is really hurting, Juliet added. Jessica, Emily said. Do you know her before, Susan said.

Yes, she is my child, people took her away from me and dumped her in the street, I tried as much as possible to find her but I failed, Emily replied.

What!!!, So she is your daughter, Susan said. So she is my, haaaaaaa, Juliet replied as she falls. Jessica!!, Emily said.

To be continued…. ?

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My Twin Sister - Episode 7 Final

Doctor, will she be fine, Peter asked. No, she is in a very critical condition, she drank poison and it has really affected her a lot but we are still trying our best, the doctor replied.

Please doctor try your best on Juliet please, she can die like this, Peter said. We will do our job Mr Benson, the doctor replied. Mum, I think at this point, we should tell dad everything, Julia said.

So you want reveal my secret, you are too funny, look I don’t care weather you are my daughter but just don’t try it, Susan replied. Okay let see who tries to stop me, Julia said.

Mr Benson, Juliet is better now, you can check on her now but again if she is going to have to rest for at least two days after she is discharged, the doctor said.

Okay thanks a lot doctor, Peter replied. Dad, I want to tell you something, it is very important, Julia said. What is so important, I don’t really have time, say it, Peter replied. Dad, mum is responsible for everything that happened to Juliet, Julia said.

What do you mean, Peter replied. I mean that she is responsible for the fire and she is still responsible for what happened to Juliet now, Julia said. Dad, please forgive me, Julia added.

Are you okay at all, what rubbish are you saying to your father, Susan said. She told me everything, so you can stop pretending now, how could you do that to Juliet, I know she isn’t your daughter but you shouldn’t have treated so badly, Peter replied.

And why shouldn’t i, you always treated her like a queen to the extent that you forgot about your own daughter, Susan replied. Mrs Benson you are under arrest, a police officer said.

What!!!, For what?, Susan replied. For killing your daughter Juliet, the police man replied. And how did you get to know that, Susan said.

We tested the poison that was in Juliet’s drink and we searched the whole house and saw that same type of poison in your room, the police man explained.

We need you to come with us Mrs Benson, the police man added. Fine!!, I don’t care weather I go to prison at least I caused that girl harm, Susan replied.

WAIT!!!, Jessica said as she slaps her. You wicked witch, how could you, you tried to kill my daughter, for all your evils, I promise God will judge you, Emily said.

I really still can’t believe that she could do do something so terrible to me, Juliet said. I couldn’t believe it too my dear and the worst part is that she wanted to use me to kill you, thank God it didn’t work, Kaya replied.

Yes, Juliet replied. Juliet, aunt Kaya, Peter, Julia, we are getting late, hurry up, Emily replied. Let go downstairs to your mum, Kaya replied.

We are now a happy family, Peter said.