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The Night After My Wedding (Episode 1)

:writing_hand:BOGE AYOMIDE :writing_hand:

. As the sun rises, i put up my fake smiles and face the cruel world where i believed that the pain behind my smile was kept hidden until destiny took power into my life. Whenever I yearned for love, it was replaced by tears and tears only. Fate plays with my life where i am unable to hide nor run away but to deal with the consequences, no one can hear my pain likewise no one can feel my silent tears which holds my emotions that words couldn’t express. My broken souls hoping for a miracle that would swipe me from the pain, i am suffering, hoping that i would be relieved from the nasty world.

Several pains every night and day like a daily bread,of course pains doesn’t comes up naturally ,if not accident,then beatings,I receive beatings every hours like Muslim hours prayer ,I don’t know what have done to deserve the beatings,it all started on our(my husband and I)wedding night,never can I tell what exactly came over my husband but as far as I am concerned,he is the true definition of devil’s incarnate but he wasn’t like this when we started our relationship,he probably tricked me into the relationship before showing up his real identity ,

Funniest part ,none of my family members nor friends know what I was dealing with in my home ,scars all over my body like a written tattoo,I mostly defend my husband and claim getting the scars from falling or hitting my body part

I love Olamide(my husband) and I believed he loves me too or should I say he use to love me because I felt the love died on our wedding night and was buried immediately

My name is Iremide,I am fair in complexion,I am of my average height, that is neither tall,nor short ,I am what people address as the most beautiful,I remembered been nominated countless of times right in my university days ,my beauty attracted my beast husband to me ,yes,I fell in love with the monster,he was once a cute guy also not until he started laying his hands on me,since then ,I classified him under wild animals,I clocked 24years old last week, Even if I didn’t remember date,I would remember my age cause I felt my days are numbered on Earth ,I can’t remember date of course when the birthdays were not celebrated in happiness,it was always with beatings that would lead me to bandage

The last birthday I celebrated was like a death day, honestly,I thought I was dead that day but the moment I opened my eyes and still found myself laying on the bed with drip in my hand,I believe in second life,that day wasn’t a good day to remember,I woke up very early as usual to do the house chores,hoping to finish on time so I can just get down to my shop,I was a business lady but my so called husband stopped me from working and even ordered my account to be freezed

I was done with the house chores and was about stepping outside with my hand still on the door knob when I heard the sound of trumpets ,I froze myself to be sure of where the sound was coming from or heading to

Surprise!!! A chorused voiced

I was surprised to see my colleague or my shop maids with a lot of gifts in their hands

If there is any other words to qualify how happy I was,then I would use it

They left after the paparazzi and I felt a thunderous slap on my face,I wasn’t surprised to receive the slap cause I was expecting it but it came just very fast ,I rubbed my cheek in pains and I dare not raised my head to see who slapped me if I don’t want to be punched ,but I knew it’s Olamide ,my so called husband,I kept muted until he dragged me by my shirt and pulled me closer to him

Olamide:What the hell did you guys just did ,must you create useless scenes,you woke the whole compound with your stupid noise ,if they were mad,must you also associate yourself with those mad set of people,look at you,you used your foolishness to wake me up of my sweet sleeps and dreams,I know one thing, animal will always be an animal,you bastard , useless and worthless being ,am I suppose to call you being or animal,

I kept muted and acted Asif I was deaf ,he landed me another thunderous slap that made me raised my head to look through his face ,he used the hand he was using to hold my shirt up around my neck to push me away,I staggered uncontrollably and hit my back at the dinning table ,I groan in pains holding my back with my left hand

Olamide: with his eyes widely opened see ,if you don’t want to be buried alive,never allow those set of idiots again in this house and mind you,i am going to that shop to lock it up ,that means ,you are not going to resume that shop again till I have the mind to open it

“No,Olamide,you can’t do that,you’ve frozen my account and the little income am making from that shop sales is the one am depending on since you refused to Carter for my needs” I said with a soft voice ,I dare not raise my voice on Olamide,when is not that I founded another house in heaven

Olamide:how dare you talk back at me,is your level of madness increasing or your level of smartness decreasing,what a gut ,I laugh uncontrollably

“No sir,i wasn’t talking back at you,I was just explaining things to you ” I pleaded while on my kneels

Before I could say another word ,he choked me on my neck using his hand to pin it ,

Olamide:who dey breeeeet

E choke” I shouted in response,is not suppose to be funny but

Olamide:now get up and go to that room ,I want go pass through the back

“Leave my neck ” i said in a tiny voice

Olamide: now run upstairs

“I would go but please don’t pass through the back this time,my anus hurt and I am on medication for the previous damages

To be continued

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The Night After My Wedding - Episode 2

:writing_hand:BOGE AYOMIDE​:writing_hand:

…. … … .

. Olamide: laying flat on the bed wow,ire ,I love the sound you gave today,like it’s sounds different from those previous ones,you were screaming crying and moaning at the same time ,you know seeing you cry on sex is a sweet thing,it made me pounce harder and harder ,you are truly a w—e, you’ve been an expert in the prostitution job but you shouldn’t have lied to me,you bloody lier ” he angrily stood up and leaned towards me …

I was so scared to look through his red eyes,I covered my nakedness together with my head with the duvet but he removed the duvet and held my neck ,Olamide usually Target my neck whenever he is angry ,he held it tight and pushed me to rest on the pillow,he sat on top me and gave me a numerous slap till I burst out in tears ,he deeped four fingers inside my p—y leaving his thumb out ,I screamed out loud ,he removed the fingers and put them in my mouth asking me to s–k them,I almost vomited my intestines out but he stopped me by putting his d–k in my mouth after removing his finger,I closed my eyes very tight to avoid any other irritating things ,he slapped me and asked me to open my eyes,I obliged to his words and I was already overwhelmed with tears

Olamide:I could have s----d your p—y but that thing stinks,the odour it gives whenever I passive it isn’t pleasurable at all,hey s–t,come s–k my d–k

I sluggishly stood up and did as instructed

Olamide pushed me away and made way for himself to stand up,he held my neck down while making me turn back at him ,I felt a sharp pain in my anus and I knew Olamide had penetrated again,I was screaming and crying of pains,this is not moaning,sex I wasn’t enjoying,it’s pain ,he switched position by making me sleep facing my eyes up ,he lifted my legs and finger my p—y very hard then keep the hand in my mouth and penetrated with his d–k

He pounded for hours before he c-m ,he has been Cumming inside me in every sex ,he laid down beside me and this time I quickly stood up and went to the bathroom to avoid another action picks

I stood at the front of the the bathroom mirror and took a proper checking of my self,my face was covered with bruises and some part were red ,I look horrible and terrifying,I washed my face with soap and water and it looked a lil bit calm but painful

I wept and wept bitterly till my satisfaction before coming out of the bathroom,I met Olamide holding a white keg and I stare confusingly but couldn’t talk

Olamide: ohh ,you looking at this right pointed to the keg with him yes,i bought it because of you ,if naturally erection couldn’t satisfy you ,then drugging will,

I never said naturally won’t satisfy me,why did you drugged to sex me,it’s hurt Olamide

Olamide: didn’t your fellow prostitute taught you the help of drugs ,ohh,still little s–t,I think I will enroll you in a p–n industry

“And what does that suppose means”

Olamide:so you can be taught how to satisfy me on bed,I love it when you cry instead of moaning

I walked pass him and reached for a free gown ,then wore it and moved down to the living room,I switched on the TV but it happens that the TV became me and I became the tv,we switched sides the moment one was watching who

I remembered how our love started,it wasn’t like this at first

Could it actually be that one person loves and hates another person in the same time? Yesterday i said ‘’I love him, but today i says ‘’I hate the day I met you’’. Could it be that even if a person loves someone with whole heart, she hates him for a couple of minutes? Of course it does and we all have experienced that in our lives.

“No matter what ,no matter the circumstances,I will never forsake you Olami” I cursed the day I made this vow with Olamide

The sound of broken glass brought me back to my conscious state of mind and I rushed up

I saw Olamide standing upstairs looking very angry and boiling

He might probably might have threw the glass cup,yes,I kept it upstairs and it can’t take itself if no one had taken it

Olamide:are you mad,what have given you the gut to ignore my calls,have been here calling you and you refused to answer me not until I threw the cup ,are you mad ,are you sick upstairs or something,at the count of three if you don’t run here,I will strangle you till death

I picked a step and was about to run when I slipped , fell down, and hit my head on the edge of the stairs

Blacked out

I opened my eyes and found myself on the bed with drip in my hand as usual,when I say bed,I wasn’t talking about the hospital bed,I meant home treatment,there is this special doctor Olamide calls whenever I got injured to treat me at home

Doctor:erm,Mr Olamide ,your wife iremide is fine ,I guess she only felt dizzy and that was why she slipped

Olamide:what cause dizziness

Doctor:she is eight weeks pregnant

Olamide: alright doctor,thank you

Doctor:just make sure she attends antenatal and let her abstain from stress and anything that will leads to stress and tension, because according to the test I ran for her,she is not in good state of health,she is fighting some internal injury within her ,I don’t know if you were aware or not

Olamide:she never said anything to me and what’s the injury

Doctor: her ,her

Olamide:just talk doctor sho

Doctor:her anus has been gaped and it’s has affected her private part which means complications and it can affect her way of giving birth if care is not taken

Olamide:anus? How ,where

Doctor:there is no way this can happen if she haven’t been having anal sex ,or anal penetration ,I think am done for today ,I need to take my leave

The doctor left while Olamide followed him probably to escort him ,I sat properly on the bed and held my stomach ,I raised my head to look at the drip ,I don’t know where these tears where coming from but I knew they were dropping from my eyes and landing on the bed spread ,the door opens and there came in Olamide laughing out loud ,what’s funny

Olamide:you heard what the doctor said right ,he said your anus whatever, I wasn’t concerned about that but who impregnated you

“What sort of question is that,you of course”

Olamide:you must be mad,can’t you just do without lies,were you baptised with lies ,the lies you lied that made me hated you this much

“I never lied to you Olamide, I swear with my life,I swear with the intercourse between us,I never lied to you ,please ”

Olamide:mad people everywhere,if I lay my hands on you,that thing you called pregnancy will fly out,you had better say the truth than ending up in the grave with conscience

“Olamide ,I use God to beg you,the pregnancy is urs,I have never lied to you ,I can’t lie to you,Olamide,I loved you right from day one,and all have been saying was nothing but the truth,I cherished out relationship, I respected the love I had for you ,I don’t know why you’ve been treating me like this,I am your wife for crying out loud,Olamide ,I loved you ,you are murdering the love I had for you , remember the love we shared, remember people use to wish for our type of love, remember all the promises you made,you promised never to hurt me,you promised to always make me happy,you promised to stand by me,you promised me peace of mind ,Olamide,you are killing me ” i lamented while on my kneels

Olamide:spare me all those useless talks and save yourself those stinky spits ,I promised all those things but that was when I thought I saw a wife material not knowing you were a mere prostitute

“For crying out loud,how am I a prostitute,what gives you the impression that I am a prostitute,i never cheated on you Olamide but you did countless of time ,you went extreme of bringing in a lady and even had sex with her on our matrimonial bed ,I never counted it,I remember excusing myself that very day ,I didn’t say you cheated nor call you names

“If you ain’t satisfy with it,why don’t you leave my house for me or did I collected money from any of your relatives to buy land or buy blocks and cements,see iremide,the battle line has just been drawn between me and you

Good day

I watched Olamide left the room in anger as he slammed the door


The Night After My Wedding - Episode 3 Final

:writing_hand:BOGE AYOMIDE​:writing_hand:

The battle line, between me and Olamide,ahh,am doomed ,it has gotten to spot where one would die for one,it’s either am dying first or Olamide first due to tension


My pregnancy has became more obvious ,I prayed to God everyday and night to come into my relationship for settlement,I fasted days to make it faster

I was in the room one day , praying to God as usual,when I felt a hand pulling my hair backward,I knew who was it and I calmly complied

Olamide: I heard your prayers and what gives the assurance that God will answer you

“What’s that ola,ain’t you tired of this everyday fight and argument,what is it that you want from me,Olamide,you have a sister and imagine how you would feel if your sister was treated the same way you are treating me”

Olamide:how dare you mentioned my sister In your conversation and besides we were not trained to be useless the way you are in your family

“That I won’t tolerate from you,don’t you ever in your life mentioned my family again”

Before I knew it,Olamide pulled my hair backward suddenly and this brought me a loud headache ad I hit my head on the floor I screamed out in pains ,he kept one of his legs on my stomach without resting his full body ,I am loosing it,I am dying,

Blacked out

I don’t know how long I slept but I found myself on the hospital bed after opening my eyes ,I was shocked to see myself at the hospital,was the injury this much ,I lifted my head and noticed I was placed under oxygen ,I myself can feel my heart beat,they were beating five times Normal than the usual beat ,I noticed someone walked in I turned my head a bit and saw doctor sho and Olamide having some conversations

Yes ,I can see the expression on Olamide face,fear and worried was written all over it

Olamide: doctor please,I don’t want to loose iremide,I love her so much

Doctor sho :did I hear you say love ?

Olamide:yes,I loved my wife ,she is my life,I don’t think there is anything I can do on Earth without her

Doctor sho:that’s just a lie,you are a bloody lier,you are lying , iremide has been explaining everything to me,she had said a lot about her relationship with you ,she made me known the type of person you are and how you’ve turned her to punching bag ,now it’s at the point of dead ,you scared ,what were you expecting when you were punching her ,you beat her right from your wedding night till her due month ,so tell me,what were you expecting if not death,I don’t know why iremide wouldn’t just listen to me,I told her to leave you and stay out of this toxic relationship but she claims love and promise to stand by you all in the name of bastard oat , what love could have made someone to sacrifice her life all in the name of I don’t want to leave my husband,the husband that wasn’t scared to loose you or even ready to kill you with his own hands

Olamide: crying I never meant to hurt her,I loved iremide so much but she lied to me and made me hated her

Doctor:what lies

Olamide: I and iremide dated for years without sex,she claimed been virgin and I was happy my wife was a virgin,I made it known to everyone including my families and they treated iremide like a queen, According to our family ,if a guy dates a virgin ,that’s indeed a great happiness and wonders,they guy will so much be rich without controls ,so this belief made us cherished ire cause she was a virgin,on our wedding night ,I had sex with ire and found out she wasn’t a virgin ,I felt ashamed of myself and my family was also ashamed of me ,they claimed I lied to them when the handkerchief they gave me was clean as usual ,so ever since then I hated her for lying to me and decided to treat like a prostitute

Doctor:how did you know she wasn’t a virgin ?

Olamide:no blood stain

Doctor:was the penetration easy or hard

Olamide:it was difficult,she was tight

Doctor : you see where you made mistake,the penetration was hard due to her tightness but she never shed blood and that gives you the impression that she wasn’t a virgin when you met her,that’s a lie ,not all virgins bleeds


Doctor:yes ,I will explain

Bleeding doesn’t determine if a girl is a virgin or not so I decided to drop this here to help educate our young men and women on this issue of girls bleeding during their first time of having sex.


There’s a very common myth in South and Central Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc.) and Africa (Nigeria and many other nations ) that you can tell if a woman is a virgin, by whether or not she bleeds the first time she has sex.

There is zero truth in this. Not all women bleed the first time they have sex, as I’ll explain in this post. To understand why some women bleed and some don’t, it’s very important to understand what the hymen is.

The hymen is a membrane that tends to cover part of the vaginal opening (it does not always block or cover the entire v----a, as some people mistakenly think). NOT ALL WOMEN HAVE A HYMEN.

The hymen also differs from woman to woman – like all women have different heights and weights and features, all women also have different amounts and types of hymen. Some women have thick hymens, some have very thin hymens, and some women have NO hymens at all.

Some women have larger hymens, some women naturally have a very little amount of hymen that covers only a small portion of their vaginal opening (and hence does not really get in the way, during first-time sex).

Especially if the hymen is very small or thin, most of it tends to wear away on its own as a girl grows up. If a woman is born WITHOUT a hymen, she won’t bleed the first time she has sex. If a woman has a small or thin hymen, she might not bleed the first time she has sex.

If a woman’s hymen has worn away on its own (which is very common as girls grow up), she won’t bleed the first time she has sex.

The result is that the overwhelming majority -at least 63% of women – will NOT bleed the first time they have sex, according to a study published by the British Medical Journal.

Women who do bleed include: – Women with thick hymens (who constitute a small percentage of the population) – Younger girls.

Because the hymen wears away on its own with time, a 16-year old has a higher chance of bleeding than a 25-year old.

By the time a girl is/above the legal age of consent – 18, 20, 24 years of age, for example – most of her hymen is likely to have worn away on its own, meaning it’s unlikely that she’ll bleed a lot, if at all.

However, even a young girl can be physically active, have a thin or small hymen, or have no hymen at all, meaning she might not bleed during first-time sex. – Most often, women who bleed tend to be women who are dealt with roughly during sex.

If the guy forces himself inside the girl, when she isn’t ready, relaxed or aroused enough, he is likely to cause injury or bleeding.

Because most people think it’s normal for women to bleed the first time they have sex, they don’t realize that this bleeding is a result of the woman having been hurt, and not of the hymen breaking.

Painful first-time sex is generally because the woman is not relaxed or aroused enough, and gets hurt as a result; it is rarely ever because of the hymen breaking

The bottom line is that there is no way to assess female virginity. Bleeding does not have anything to do with virginity – it has to do with the kind of hymen a girl has, and hymens differ from girl to girl from birth.

The result is that only a small percentage of women bleed the first time! (Only 37% bleed during first-time sex, according to the study published in the British Medical Journal).

Why is this so important to be aware of? Women all over the world get abused, injured and even killed due to the myth of ‘virgin bleeding…

Because most people (men AND women) think that bleeding is a sign of virginity, women who don’t bleed the first time have been divorced, suffered from suspicion leading to domestic violence and abuse, and even killed for honour.

Educating people that a girl does not necessarily have to bleed the first time she has sex—because not all girls have thick hymens, and some are born with no hymen at all—is important because it can literally save lives

Olamide: screaming

Doctor : sigh it’s okay Olamide,I think your wife deserve an apology

I slept on the bed without the oxygen,it was removed after some weeks and I am getting better ,Olamide walked in with the doctor and I was extremely scared I must tell but to my surprise,Olamide went on his kneels and started pleading

Olamide:iremi ,I am sorry for all I have done,I don’t know it’s never the same, it was your refusal to bleed on our wedding night that made me thought you were lying after telling me you were a virgin,I thought you lied

“Olamide,I swear,I never lied to you ,I was a virgin,I also don’t understand what was going on ,i thought all virgins bleeds”

Olamide: that was the same mistake I made but doctor sho enlighten me and made it cleared to me that not all virgins bleeds during first sex ,iremi am sorry ,forgive me ,I still want you

“Olamide,stand up,I never hold grudges with you ,I use to love you and I will forever love you”

Doctor: wonderful,ire has gotten a soft heart ,now Olamide ,move closer to her and apologize properly

Olamide felt reluctant to move close to me but I signaled with my hands and smiles

He moved closer to me and hug me tight with tears dripping from his eyes,I disengaged myself from the hug and tears were dripping from my eyes,he rubbed my stomach and kissed it

Olamide: i would do whatever to secure you and the baby iremide , even if it’s gonna cost my life,I wouldn’t hesitate to do it,I caused you all these and I am ready to bear the consequences alone

“No evil shall befall us Olami,I would deliver safely and you sha live to reap the fruit of your labour ”

Olamide:I love you “I love you more”

We locked our lips and kissed passionately

Doctor: hey, hey, am still here

We Fred ourselves from the kiss and laughed

The End