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Tied To A Beast (Synopsis)

:eye:Author Pov​:eye:

When Trisa’s sister Nancy runs away the night to her wedding, Trisa’s aunt forces her to take Nancy’s place in marrying the wicked, heartless human being named Ethan. She ends up marrying him but when he finds out he’d been deceived into marrying the wrong girl he gets infuriated and starts making her life miserable, things get worse as Nancy returns to join the party.

Trisa finally escapes and bumps into Jake an old friend back in high school. The two start off as friends and slowly start rekindling the flame the had died down long ago. He invites her for his friends birthday party but some unexpected guests show up too…

Tied To A Beast (Episode 1)

:purple_heart:Trisa POV​:purple_heart:

Time decides who you meet in your life, your heart decides who you want in your life and your behaviour decides who stays in your life.

I sat in the room crying. I remembered the day I married Ethan like it was yesterday.

FLASHBACK “Aunt please, please don’t make me marry that brute, he’s arrogant and cruel” I begged desperately.

“I don’t care your sister was supposed to marry him but she escaped at midnight, so now you have to fill in for her”. She stated sharply.

“Aunt, you’re saying fill in like it’s a chore, it’s not it’s a life time contract and I don’t want to make this mistake” I said crying.

She gave me a resounding slap across my face. “Ethan is a very rich man and ever since your parents died there hasn’t been enough money due to lack of progress of the company. So I’m willing to sell you off to Ethan for a price.” She said as she gave out a cruel smile. “Come along” she said pulling me and I could feel her claw like nails digging into my skin.

“Aunt please don’t make me do this I’m scared, we both know the kind of man Ethan is imagine what he’ll do to us when he finds out he’d been fooled. He’ll make us pay dearly for this act of deception.” I said trying to talk her out of this idea, but she simply ignored me. She pulled me till we reached the car that was to drive us to the church.

When we got to the church my aunt wiped away my tears. She got out powder and dabbed my face with some to wipe off the tear stains. “Don’t make a scene or you’ll regret it”. She threatened. My heart was pounding there was no way of escaping this horrible situation.

The church itself was beautifully decorated with drapes of white roses across each pew, large urns filled with blooms at the entrance. The aisle itself had white rose petals down the walkway and was lined with flickering candle lights and if I had been a proper bride about to get married to the man of my dreams, maybe I might have liked it or even appreciated the effort, but all I could think of right now was how I was going to be forced to spend the rest of my life with this monster. Everything was white, it’s beautiful I know whites the colour of peace or represents Godliness but I would have liked a little colour like red rose petals on the walkway instead.

The church had a peaceful, cool environment, everything was almost angelic which was ironic as I’m about to marry the devil himself. I started to sob silently, no one would suspect a thing because most brides out of sheer happiness of being finally united with the men of their dreams usually cry, so no one could help me. My heart felt very heavy, as we fully entered the church my aunt left me to take a seat beside my cousin but not without giving me what I call a warning pinch.

My uncle took my hand smiling proudly in the blue suit that I’m hundred percent sure Ethan bought for him. Pathetic, he couldn’t even buy his own suit, the only one he had at home looks like something that was sold in the eighties, which might have been handed down from his father.

I’ll never forgive Nancy for this. She and Ethan had been dating for a month now. The two of them haven’t actually met each other face to face yeah the dated on line, which I felt was foolish but my sister and I haven’t ever gotten along. So I couldn’t talk to her about this kind of stuff. When Ethan expressed his desire to marry Nancy, she became scared as she only wanted to extort money from him like she did to her other boyfriends before she broke up with them. She accepted the proposal but no one knew she had planned earlier on to escape the night to the wedding.

I had to wear the stupidly gorgeous/ outrageously expensive wedding gown he sent. He was leaving England for New York tomorrow and he wanted to take his wife with him, that’s why he decided on marrying Nancy today and I was forced by my relatives most especially my selfish aunt to take her place because she ran away. I sighed as I walked down the aisle with my uncle like a goat been taken to the slaughter house. My uncle being the farmer about to hand me to the butcher Ethan.

As I came in full view of Ethan I realized he was actually very good looking with his dark brown eyes matching the colour of his neatly brushed hair. He had a pointed nose and small pouting lips. He was wearing a white suit with black long sleeved shirt inside. He has a very nice physique making his suit look well fitted on him.

“You look very beautiful” he complemented. “Thanks” I replied coldly. He continued “I expected this as I always choose the best outfits” he stated proudly. I kept quiet and forced a smile. I’d expected him to be exactly like this, a good looking, cocky, rich, bastard.

Those were the kind of men my so called sister Nancy dated. She didn’t care as long as they had money.

The priest cleared his throat as we began the ceremony. We said our vows and when the priest asked if any one objected to the union I prayed silently for someone, anyone to raise their hands but unfortunately no one did.

We were married and when he kissed me I felt nauseous. He wanted to deepen the kiss but I pulled away not daring to meet his gaze as I searched amongst the crowd for my aunt and when our eyes met I shot her a look of sheer hate when she smirked with an evil glint in her eyes.


So there you have it that’s how I married the beast….